Fitmixer Boot Camp Giveaway


Good morning! Earlier this month I told you I would do one giveaway a week until the week of Christmas. Many of you already entered my Under Armour Giveaway and Oakley Sunglasses giveaway, and I thank you for your participation! Now you get another shot, with Fitmixer Boot Camp!


For those not familiar, let me explain. Fitmixer Boot Camp lasts eight weeks, and begins January 14th. They have had many participants have a lot of success with this, you can check out tons of testimonials and photos on their website.  Before I tell you a little more about WHY you should do this, let me get you excited about it by telling you what’s included:

  • $154.45 worth of fitmixer® product(at retail value):
  • A personalized nutrition plan created by our Registered Dietitian
  • 40 daily workouts created by a certified group fitness trainer
  • Eight (8) weekly webcasts lead by our Registered Dietitian and Fitness Expert
  • Lessons on healthy eating, healthy living, physical fitness, and mental fitness that will last you a lifetime
  • Support from fellow Boot Camp participants through and the private fitmixer® Boot Camp Facebook Group
  • Direct contact with our Registered Dietician, Fitness Expert, and fitmixer® staff
  • Access to write blogs and leave comments on the fitmixer® website

Heck ya! You can get all of that for FREE by entering below. But don’t go there just yet. Read on. No tonly is it a great time to join (hello, New Year’s resolutions to get fit anyone?!?) but it actually WORKS. Time and time again people have seen serious results, check out some quotes from actual participants.

“fitmixer Boot Camp was one of the best purchases I’ve made for me and my health.”

“As the Boot Camp came to an end, I have realized how valuable it was for me to bust me out of my rut and I’m so glad I was a part of it.”

“What I liked most was the Facebook group and the workouts themselves.”

“Overall, thefitmixer Boot Camp was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to feel challenged in their fitness regime, receive a good variety of great-tasting products, and want to work with a great team focused on helping achieve your personal health and wellness goals.”

“The best part of fitmixer Boot Camp, though, was the support. Candice and Alicia were always there to answer questions and offer advice. It was great to have a meal plan customized for me, and guidelines of what to eat, and when. I am still following my meal plan!”

“I was so blessed to win the opportunity to join the fitmixer Boot Camp and it came to me exactly when I needed it! I’d been struggling with baby weight for 2 years, but with fitmixer’s help and support I was able to take control of my health!”


YES there are real testimonials by real people, and there are a bunch more on the website. The gym “at least near me” has been near empty since Halloween. everyone is busy with kids, school, work, etc. But your health is SO IMPORTANT! How can you take care of your family if you are sick, run down and unhealthy? Helping YOURSELF helps your family. This could be the kick start you need to get 2013 started off right! What do you have to lose? ENTER BELOW for a free entry to Fitmixer Boot Camp!

Also be sure to check out the Fitmixer 6 days of Christmas sale!

Go “like” the Fitmixer Facebook page, and click on the app titled “6 Days of Christmas” to reveal the sale codes for each promotion.


How do you enter? It’s easy. There are three ways to enter, and you do NOT have to do all three, but it will better your chances of course. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry below.

1.) Tell me what your goal would be for boot camp if you won the entry.

2.) Follow Fitmixer on Twitter

3.) Tweet the following and tell me you did: “I want to win a @fitmixer boot camp entry from @runningwithsass

You have until Friday night the 21st at 8:00 CST to enter, and a winner will be announced Saturday on my blog. Good luck!

*If you KNOW you want to register and want to go ahead and do so, the registration form is here.

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  1. I followed fitmixer on twitter!

  2. My goal for boot camp would be to work on my core strength & my ability to resist dessert!

  3. I tweeted about the giveaway!!

  4. Sounds like a great bunch of products, and while I don’t use many supplements, I hope the tweet I sent out will bring you some new traffic!
    Have a great week!

  5. My goal would be to simply branch out and try something new!

  6. I tend to stick to the same type of workouts. One of my New Years resolutions is to try new workouts… so fit mixer bootcamp would be perfect!

  7. I also tweeted about the giveaway!

  8. I followed Fitmixer on twitter.

  9. This would be awesome! After Disney, I want to work on my strength – specifically core. This would help me so much!

  10. Audrey Adams says:

    My goal would be to do every thing the best I can and build up my strength!

  11. Audrey Adams says:

    I followed Fitmixer on twitter with my twitter name @AudreyRuns

  12. Audrey Adams says:
  13. My goal would be to learn new workout moves, tips, n’ tricks.

  14. My goal would be to shake up my strength training routine

  15. Good luck to all those who participate in this great giveaway!

  16. My goal would be to lose 5 lbs. unfortunately I gained 15 lbs in the last year and I’m not proud of it. I’ve let work dominate my life to the point where I don’t get me time (exercising) and allow myself to eat out more often because its a simple quick fix when I don’t have time to cook. I want to lose the 15 lbs and get back into shape, so my goal is to lose 15 lbs by the summer.

  17. I follow fitmixer on twitter

  18. My goal would be to tighten up my middle. Three kids and a recent c-section = Marshmallow Middle for this mama. 🙁

  19. Following fitmixer on twitter

  20. My goal is to lose weight and be better about nutrition!

  21. I followed on twitter.

  22. Gladys Spencer says:

    I would be working on my strength and flexiblity

  23. Gladys Spencer says:

    I followed on Twitter

  24. Gladys Spencer says:

    Gladys Spencer ‏@GladysSpencer
    “I want to win a @fitmixer boot camp entry from @runningwithsass …”

  25. My goal would be to supplement my running regiment with workouts that will keep me toned and improve my core strength – an essential component when marathon training!

  26. I follow Fitmixer on Twitter (@binthererunthat)

  27. And I tweeted about the giveaway! (@binthererunthat)

  28. My goal would be to get everything balanced. Muscularly, mentally, etc. I’m a little out of whack lately and would love to get…back in whack?

  29. My goal is to get lean!

  30. I followed Fitmixer on twitter (xokammie)

  31. My goal for boot camp is to lose the last stubborn 10lbs. I also want to get ready to run a marathon, in May.

  32. I just tweeted!

  33. I followed you on twitter and posted!

  34. I have been trying, and failing, to lose 40 pounds for several years now. I would definitely want to do this to help banish those pounds for GOOD!!

  35. Following FitMixer on Twitter!

  36. Christine R. says:

    Goal would be to tone up, and get in a bit of a more regimen! I go through very inconsistent cycles, and would love a little help!

  37. Christine R. says:

    following on twitter!

  38. Christine R. says:

    tweeted! *fingers crossed!*

  39. I would love to win boot camp because I could tone up some parts that don’t get toned up with running.

  40. Follow Fitmixer on Twitter – @runinboise

  41. My boot camp goal would be to lose 10lbs!

  42. i follow fitmixer on twitter

  43. Joe Raymond says:

    Fitmixer followed

  44. Joe Raymond says:

    Tweet posted

  45. Joe Raymond says:

    This would be the perfect to start my BQ goal for 2013. Knocking out 3:05:00 in Chicago!

  46. My boot camp goal would be to lose weight and eventually wean myself off the meal replacement shakes by relearning how to eat healthy.

  47. I followed fitmixer on twitter!

  48. I would love this package so I could learn more about nutrition. I’ve been more and more active lately, but my nutrition is not keeping up.

  49. I followed fitmixer on twitter.

  50. I’d love to branch out and try a new workout, and this looks like a great option!

  51. Steph Federer says:

    build stronger and leaner muscles!! 🙂

  52. Steph Federer says:

    I followed on Twitter!

  53. Tweeted about the giveaway

  54. My goal would be strong, buff arms and a little more definition in the legs!

  55. My goal would be to tone up before my April wedding

  56. My goal for bootcamp would be toning up all over!

  57. I would love to lose 5lbs.

  58. Following fit mixer.

  59. Trying to send tweet keeping getting an error.

  60. I would love to gain more muscle definition, especially in my abs. This giveaway is amazing!

  61. I already follow fitmixer on twitter

  62. I already follow fitmixer on twitter!

  63. I would love to gain more upper body strength and overall fitness!

  64. I want a new focus/challenge for 2013.

  65. If I won my goal would be to tone up overall. I never really know where to start with weights, and only ever do the basic moves, never really gaining any definition! I would love to have a plan to tell me exactly what to do.

  66. Tone up…my goal would be to tone up. I did a month of boot camp through my LRS and had jeans from high school fitting loose without dropping a pound!

  67. I tweeted!

  68. I am also following FitMixer on twitter.

  69. Lindsey A. says:

    If I win this boot camp opportunity, I’d love to keep working on sticking to a goal and following through with a program. I’d also love to keep learning better nutrition and have the help to stick with it.

  70. If I won this boot camp my goal would be to work on strength training and also sticking to a nutrition plan.

  71. My goal for the boot camp, if I am lucky enough to actually win, would be help me completely overhaul my lifestyle. Though I have been training for my first half marathon (in January!), I seem to have the hardest time changing my diet and sticking with it. I’m struggling to lose the few pounds I need to while still getting all the nutrients I need. I am eating better and working out regularly (and running a lot…), but I’m still lacking very much when it comes to protein and supplements.
    PS: I do follow fitmixer 🙂

  72. Laure Simms says:

    My goal for the boot camp is to learn better eating habits and really how to work out efficiently. Hopefully it will improve my running times.
    I also tweeted @simmsmouse

  73. Amy Cooper says:

    I following FitMixer on Twitter

  74. Amy Cooper says:

    I tweeted

  75. Amy Cooper says:

    I would love to win so that I could learn proper eating habits and use what I learn to help feed my family properly. We ran 2 races as a family last year (me, DH, DD9, and DS7 ) and I want to at least double, if not triple, that this year. We need to fuel our bodies properly, so we can perform as we should.

  76. My goal would be to improve my strength so that I would be well conditioned to start training for a half marathon.

  77. I follow FitMixer on Twitter as @ilovepool.

  78. Marketingdiva83 says:

    My goal would be to get fit for my first marathon! I am already running but my nutrition is lacking!

  79. Marketingdiva says:

    I folded fit oxen on Twitter @marketingdiva83

  80. Marketingdiva says:

    I followed fitmixer onTwitter @marketingdiva83

  81. Marketingdiva says:

    I tweeted about the fitmixer giveaway onTwitter @marketingdiva83

  82. To push my body (and mind) farther than I think I can go while changing up my workout.

  83. I would love to win this for the upcoming new year!

  84. I have just started looking into protein drinks and refueling after workouts-I would love to try Fixmixer! I’m also looking for a different work-out regime to jump start the rut I’m in!

  85. I tweeted it!!

  86. This would be a great way to mix up my workouts 🙂 WOuldn’t hurt to work with a nutrition coach

  87. My goal would be to learn how to effectively fuel for endurance running.

  88. Also, I follow them on twitter.

  89. I’d love to increase my core and upper body strength which, as a runner, I tend to neglect!

  90. Now following them on twitter.

  91. I tweeted!

  92. Hello, after reading this amazing post i am too happy to share my
    know-how here with mates.

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