Gear for Race Day

I have had several people ask me what they should bring to or run with at a shorter distance local race. I have done packing lists for destination races but don’t think I have done anything about local or shorter distance races, so I wanted to share some gear for race day that I use.

gear for race day

I feel like as the years go by I carry less and less with me when I race. Also keep in mind that things change depending on weather, so for the purpose of this let’s assume it’s not freezing cold and it’s not raining. I am breaking this into three parts: things I do the night before, things I bring to the race, and then things I actually carry with me when I run a local 5k or 10k.

The night before:

I like my sleep, so laying everything out the night before helps make race morning go way more smoothly. I put out the proper clothing/socks/shoes that I plan to wear based on the weather forecast, and make sure my GPS watch is fully charged.

Also, be sure you do your research on the race course. For instance, if they have adequate water stops, you shouldn’t have to carry your own for a 5k or 10k.


Bring to the race:

I have a mesh drawstring bag that I bring in the car with me to the race. It’s easy for me to just throw everything in there and not have it thrown all over my car. (I also keep safety pins in the zippered pouch just in case). As you can see in the photo below, these are items that pretty much stay in my bag at all times.

race day gear

  • KT tape
  • GPS watch
  • – hand towel
  • – sunscreen
  • – some form of fuel (clif shot, GU, etc)
  • – Yurbuds
  • BIC band and/or visor (love ASICS visors!)
  • – friction defense like Gold Bond
  • Shower Pill body wipe
  • -Photo ID for packet pickup

Carry while racing:

Things that I ACTUALLY take with me on my run, well that is a much shorter list.

  • – GU/Clif shot if it’s a 10k or longer
  • – headphones/Yurbuds
  • -GPS watch
  • – phone
  • -tissue if it’s windy or chilly
  • -sunglasses/headband/visor

2012-03-17 10.19.11

If I am at a big race that has a post race party after that I want to hang out at, I will sometimes bring a change of clothes and shoes or a jacket depending on the weather and if there is a bag check or easy access to my car. Also I may bring a water bottle or bottle of Gatorade with me in my car in case I am extra thirsty on my way home, or I want something to sip on when I am driving to the race.

Be sure not to overthink things and end up looking like a pack mule. Learn from your past experiences and don’t bring unnecessary things with you. If you didn’t train with it, then you don’t need it on race day! Above all else have fun and enjoy your race.

Don’t forget tomorrow is National Running day! Look for discounts from the Rock ‘n Roll Series, and don’t forget about the ASICS giveaway!

*I would love your vote for the Runner’s World cover search.

QOTD: What gear for race day must you have?

2014 Christmas Gift Guide for Runners

It’s almost Christmas! I can’t believe how fast this holiday season is flying by. If you are like me, you haven’t finished all of your shopping left. Maybe you have a runner to buy for and aren’t sure what to give them. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite products in hopes that it helps you in your gift search!

2014 Christmas Gift Guide for Runners:

gift guide for runners

1.) KT Tape

I have been using KT Tape for a few years, and it has really helped me to be able to run while dealing with minor aches and pains. I struggle with knee problems a good bit, and when I wear KT Tape, I can pretty much run pain free* so I am super thankful for this product! It’s a great stocking stuffer.

kt tape

2.) Workout apparel from Fabletics

This is my second time getting apparel from Fabletics, and I am REALLY happy with this outfit! Here I am wearing the Heather Grey Long sleeve and the Salar capri. The capri’s are thick and sturdy with a really fun print at the bottom, I love the fabric. I am really impressed with the top, too. I usually struggle with long sleeve tops being to short in arm length, but this one fit perfect and is a soft snuggly material with a really flattering neckline. I ran in this outfit yesterday and everything stayed in place with no rubbing, chafing, riding up or falling down. I would also feel comfortable wearing this out to the store as well.


I am aware this is a very dorky pose, but I wanted to show the arm sleeve length!


3.) Clothes from Janji

Janji is a great company that does a lot of good for the world! When you purchase clothing from their site, money goes to different people in other parts of the world who are not as fortunate as us to have clean drinking water. For example, the blue long sleeve shirt in the second picture, if you purchase it, a person in Peru will get four months of clean drinking water. How awesome it that? Both shirts are made of a very soft thin material that is very comfortable. I have been sleeping in the long sleeve top on cold nights! Janji makes clothing for men and women, and they are great for workouts and include a wicking fabric. The blue top is 65% polyester, 35% cotton. be sure to go to their site to read about their story.



4.) BIC bands

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a lot of hair. I cannot stand for the wind to blow my hair in my face/eyes, especially when I am running. These headbands have become a near daily essential for me, and there are some adorable colors and prints! BIC bands also gives to a different charity every month from the sale of their bands.

BIC bands

5.) Gone for a RUN medal hanger display

Every runner should be proud of their race achievements, and have somewhere to display all of their shiny, well deserved bling. I have several different medal hangers, but I must say I love the color options and prints available at Gone for a RUN. There are a ton of options to customize and personalize your hanger display, go check it out!

unnamed (3)

6.) Garmin 15

I was sent this GPS watch to test out back in July, and I prefer it to my Garmin 10 for a few reasons. I really like the step counter option, and the battery life is much longer. It’s small enough to wear every day but simple enough that you don’t have to be a tech geek to figure out. I want to gift my husband a watch from, he doesn’t really like the tech advanced stuff out there so a wooden watch should be his cup of tea.


garmin 15

7.) Runner’s World Subscription

I have had a subscription to Runner’s World magazine for years, and it all started with a gift subscription for Christmas! This makes a great stocking stuffer, just make sure the runner you are buying for doesn’t already subscribe. :0)

8.) Running compression socks

If you know me at all you know I am a huge fan of Running Skirts and even used to work for them. One of my favorite items of theirs is the selection of compression socks. I wear them during and after races, and I can really feel a difference in my legs when I do so. I don’t get nearly as sore, and if I am sore, it goes away much more quickly in these comfy and cute socks. (Use code SKIRTSASS at checkout for 15% off your order!)



9.) iTunes Giftcard

Most runners love to listen to music when we run, and the same songs can get really boring over and over again on long training runs. An iTunes giftcard would be a great stocking stuffer!

10.) Race entry

This is THE ultimate gift. Most runners love to race, so gifting an entry fee to a race is a great gift! Between all the clothing and gear, expensive race entry fees can add up, making runners have to plan out their race calendar very carefully. My two favorite race series? runDisney and Rock ‘n’ Roll. I will be running the runDisney Princess half in February, but first I will be making my comeback with the Run Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans half marathon in January. I cannot wait to get back out there! If you want to buy for a runner and they aren’t ready to run a half, that’s ok, you can gift them entry into a 5k or 10k! (If you use code LOOKINGGLASS at checkout you will get $10 off the entry into the half or full marathon, and LOOKINGGLASS10K gets you $5 off entry into the 10k for Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans.)


QOTD: Which of these gift ideas would YOU most like to receive? Anything else on your list I didn’t mention?

BIC Bands Giveaway

In honor of BIC Bands announcing their new ambassadors, they decided to host a big fun giveaway! They will be giving away $20 in BIC Bands store credit to 13 (number of ambassadors) lucky winners!


Wearing my first (and favorite) BIC Band when I raised money in honor of my mom for Team in Training.

There are two ways to enter:

No purchase necessary to enter.

-reply/leave a comment on one of our Ambassadors Blog posts (like mine, please comment below) with your favorite BIC Band (1 entry)
-Tweet or Instagram a pic of your best BIC Chick moment with ‪#‎bicchick‬and tag us too @bicbands! (Can tweet/instagram 1x/day, each post is good for 2 entries. You can tag me, too so I can follow along! @HeathersLG)

Contest open 5-22-14 through 6-1-14. Winners will be announced 6-4-14. Email [email protected] with any questions!


Did you know you can save 10% on your order by entering code HEATHERBIC at checkout?

I am so excited to be a part of such a great company that gives back to charity, it’s such a cool thing to me and I am honored to join these other lovely ladies!

Win More Stuff!


Hi everyone! I am SO excited today! I have been working for a couple weeks now with some companies who have graciously agreed to sponsor/send items for my blog raffle benefitting Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. If you will remember, Running Skirts was the awesome and generous headliner of my last raffle, as well as some amazing others, and it went really well! Well, I still am not quite to my goal, and would LOVE for you to help me raise money for cancer research. So, today, I present to you, round two! There will be TWO winners. A grand Prize/prize pack winner, and a runner up.

Here are the things that will be in the GRAND PRIZE winner’s prize pack:

Running Chics long sleeve shirt. This shirt is amazingly soft and comfy! I got a Medium, and it is a great length with a good sleeve length. It’s not thick and heavy which I like, and it has the great Running Chic’s logo on the front AND on the bottom of the back! I have a feeling I will be in this baby all fall and winter!

2011-08-31154105  2011-09-09155126


Sport Hook 5 medal display. Your choice of ANY 5 hook display! They sent me this Rock N Roll one, and I lllooovveee it! Now I can display my Rock n Roll medals proudly on their own hooks! It comes with the wall mount screws, easy peasy to install!


Go Sport ID has donated their Go Sport ID inspire AND ALL 8 colors of interchangeable bands to mix and match! (This is heaven for someone like me who likes to be color coordinated on my run!)



Go Sport ID T-shirt (I don’t have a picture but I am sure they are really cute!)

Attune foods has donated 2 boxes of their super yummy cereal (they were amazing sponsors at Healthy Living Summit!) AND their super cute go-bowl. The bowl is BPA-free, made of recycled yogurt cups, and has a screw top lid for easy closure and security.



Lift Your Sole was kind enough to donate this beautiful necklace that says “”focus on the journey, not the destination.” LOVE it! You will also get your necklace in this cute bag, and you will get a Lift Your Sole magnet.

*Also, exclusively for RWS readers, Lift Your Sole is offering FREE SHIPPING right now, for YOU! Simply enter the code  TNTfreeshipping when you check out! Sweet!

2011-09-10173743 2011-09-10173734

Team in Training reusable bag, pen, cup, and bracelet


(NO Bella, you can’t take that…you haven’t donated yet!)

BIC Bands has donated this leopard band. Not to mention, in the month of August they did an awesome thing by donating one dollar from every purchase to TNT!





-GO sport ID bracelet and 8 color bands (same as above)


GO sport ID t-shirt (same as above)

Lift Your Sole necklace of this cute runner girl. It has a metal clasp on the back.


-assortment of GU/fuel from ME!


-running warehouse reusable bag and sticker



Holy Prize packs!!! That is some serious awesomeness that you can win, for as little as                      FIVE DOLLARS! How do I enter you ask? here is how the “entries” will break down.                         Go to our team homepage to donate.

$5.00 = 1 entry

$10.00 = 3 entries

$15.00 = 5 entries

$20.00 = 7 entries

$25.00 = 10 entries

If you give anything above $25.00 I will give you an extra entry per dollar, so say you give $27.00 you would get a total of 12 entries. Also, PLEASE leave me a comment after you donate so I can keep track easier and match people up more efficiently. Thanks yall!

There are another couple of ways to get extra entries AFTER A MANDATORY $5.00 or more DONATION! You will not get entries if you do the following things but do not donate.

1.) retweet or post on your blog about my raffle ( on entry for each, link back here in your comment so I can check it out, please!) (@runningwithsass)

2.) become a follower of my blog (tell me so in a comment)

3.) Become a fan of my Facebook fan page.  (tell me so in a comment)

Once again, click on the link to go to my donation page and let the fun begin! This raffle will go until Sunday, September 25, at 8 pm central. I will pick winners using and will post winners on Monday morning, September 26th.

Please remember this money is going to cancer research. Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way, so let’s find a cure! (and win stuff in the process, right?) Thanks for having a giving spirit, EVERY little bit helps! Your donation matters and is important to me and to every person out there right now battling this disease.


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