Over the Rainbow Bridge

Last Monday, we had to say goodbye to a family member. My sweet 13 year old toy poodle, Sasafrass, went over the rainbow bridge on December 1.

Over the summer when we first moved back to central Mississippi, we were really excited that our dogs would get to go back to our old veterinarian. We love this place, and this vet is the one who saved Sassy after she almost died being attacked by a dog a few years ago. We took them for their yearly checkup in June, and everything looked great aside from Sassy just being old and needing her teeth cleaned.


In July, Sassy got really sick and we ended up having to board her at the vet for a few days so they could watch her. She made a full recovery, but the vet happened to notice a lump on her upper right gum. She was concerned because it was not there in June when she came for her checkup. We agreed to let her take it out surgically, and we would get her teeth cleaned while she was under, a win/win. Sassy did great, and the vet sent the growth off to be biopsied.


Keep in mind I was 8 month pregnant, we were in the middle of selling our house and buying a new one. We were trying to pack up and move, and everything was just really crazy. It didn’t even phase me when we never heard from the vet about the biopsy. They are very busy there, and I assumed no news was good news. I had Emma Kate, and in October I took the dogs to get haircuts and meant to ask about the biopsy but totally forgot.


We went on with life with a newborn, until mid November when one day Sassy started acting weird. She was shaking and panting and following me around the house which she never does, so I sent a video to Bobby telling him I was worried. She eventually calmed down, and that night, Bobby gave me the news. He told me that Sassy’s growth was malignant, and that she only had a short while left. The vet was actually surprised she had made it this long. I was in shock, and didn’t believe it. She was fine otherwise aside from walking a little slower, so I just didn’t understand.


Apparently, the biopsy came back soon after the tumor was removed, and the vet, knowing I was 8 months pregnant, had the foresight to call Bobby instead of me. They decided it was a good idea to not tell me just yet, and let me have the baby and only tell me when necessary. Bobby felt like it was getting close to time when I called him in a panic, and he was right. We got some pain pills form the vet and when she was on them, she acted fine, perfect, and happy…but I knew she couldn’t live on them forever.


The vet said the next thing to happen would be breathing difficulties, and I did not want that to happen, or Sassy to suffer one day while I wasn’t home. She was getting worse, so we asked the vet for enough pills to get us through Thanksgiving so we could have one more holiday with her, and take her to my parents house one more time. We had a great weekend, and on Monday morning, Bobby took Sassy to the vet. It was a very difficult day for me. I just wanted to crawl in the bed and cry but I had to take care of the baby, which I guess was good because it somewhat distracted me.


cheering on runners during a local triathlon in our neighborhood

Sassy truly was a member of the family. I had her longer than I have known Bobby. I got her in September of my junior year of high school, just before the September 11th attacks. We have been through a lot, and she has lived in a lot of places (my parents, my apartment in college, and four other houses with us since). I have a hard time remembering a time when I didn’t have her.


She loved going for walks, rolling on her back, playing under a blanket, “talking” to us, and showing us her toys (or a sock, or a scrap of paper, it didn’t matter.) She was so submissive, always wanting to please people, and was very obedient.

I am still not used to her being gone, and say things like “the girls” referring to Bella and Sassy, then I remember it’s just Bella, and it’s hard. This is a hard time of year for a loss, but I know she is not in pain anymore. She lived a good, long life where she never had to stay outside and be too hot or cold, never had to go hungry, and always had someone to pet her.


When you get a puppy, you don’t think about years down the road when you will have to say goodbye. I felt so guilty because I knew she didn’t understand. She didn’t understand why she was in pain, or what was happening when I watched Bobby drive away with her for the last time. I miss her so much, but am trying to hold on to all the good times and the fond memories of our first baby girl.


Sasafrass “Sassy” August 4, 2001 – December 1, 2014.




We love and miss you. Love, mom and dad.


unnamed (1)

Taken our last night together.


Granola, Baby Clothes, and Puppy Antics

I finally feel somewhat in the land of normalcy finally! We got internet Friday evening, so I have been playing catch up with work and still continuing to unpack boxes. We are by no means done, but the house is starting to look more like a home, even though I still have to flip every single light switch to remember which one is which! Today’s post is kind of a hodge podge of updates since I feel like I have been gone for so long and have a lot to share.

Cascadian Farm sent me an amazingly generous box full of their new granola, and Bobby and I have already eaten through several bags. This stuff is good, yall! One of my favorite breakfasts is granola and greek yogurt with fruit like strawberries and blueberries, but sometimes it’s just not filling enough. Enter this new granola that has 10 grams of PROTEIN in it, and it keeps me full a lot longer, plus, well…the flavors taste really, really good. If you are looking for a new breakfast or snack to rotate in (I put some in a ziploc in my purse for on the go!) I highly recommend.

cascadian granola

Flavors are dark chocolate coconut and apple crisp

In addition to doing some catch up with work this weekend, I also did a little shopping. We still have several items we need for the baby (yikes) so I went to Target to scout out some things since I have a couple gift cards, and I absolutely could not pass up this adorable onesie set. Can you blame me? Baby M is going to be all ready for football!

saints onesies


Now I just need LSU outfits and headbands for all!

Speaking of adorable, a couple of people have asked how the girls are adjusting to the new house. It’s funny how quickly dogs find their new “spots” in a house and settle in. We have been all over the place this summer so I am not sure if they just think this is another pit stop or what, but they seem happy.


Bella especially likes that the windows are long enough that she can see out of them and what is going on in the front and back yard. Unfortunately for me this has led to a lot of barking and trying to teach her she does not have to bark at every car that drives down the street. See, at our house house there was a huge park in our front yard THEN the street was beyond that, so poor baby is not used to seeing cars this close to her going by all day. Hopefully she learns. Sassy doesn’t like all the moving about and unpacking, but she is getting more used to things as well. I hope to have some photos of the house for you in the next couple weeks!

Do you eat granola? Favorite kind? Are you a sucker for baby clothes?

Bella’s World


Hi, my name is Bella and my mommy is Heather. She’s been a great mom, ever since she took me in when I was just five weeks old. I was barely bigger than a coke can!


I really hated when mom and dad went to work every day and left me at home with my sister, Sassy. I missed them a lot.


I would get bored and lonely and sleep most of the day.


Then we moved, and mom started working from home and it was really nice to get to sit by her all day.

Sometimes we do fun things like go for car rides


and golf cart rides


and we love getting to sit outside when the weather is nice.


photo (10)

I don’t think dad likes to hold me or walk me when I am wearing my sweaters. I always hear him say the words “prissy dog”, whatever that means.


I REALLY don’t like going to the vet, or bath time, but mom and dad keep saying it’s for my own good.

photo (2)

When we visit Grammy and Grandpa, we get lots of extra love…lots of extra people food…and lots of extra torture.




A lot of days mom and dad put on these shoes they have to tie and talk about going running. I’m not sure about all that, but they leave happy and come back all tired, sweaty, and out of breath. Who knows, apparently they really like it though because they keep doing it!

My life may not be glamorous, but I know my mom and dad love me, and they take really good care of me and my sissy. I can’t imagine not being with them.


I really can’t complain…after all, I’ve got it pretty easy.

photo (3)

QOTD: What would your pet say about their life?

Change of plans, hello Charlotte!


Hi all! I know I said I would be blogging today but there was a slight change of plans. My flight out of Charlotte to NOLA kept getting delayed, so Jen from www.runnerstrials.com picked me up and I spent the night with her! When we left my flight had been pushed back to 9 pm! So now we are eating breakfast and I am loving on sweet Nati dog before she brings me to the airport!  I will blog as soon as I can!

Oh and I found out my 6:25 flight ended up leaving at 9:40!

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Happy Birthday Stinky!


Two posts in one day?!? what is wrong with me? I hope you are having a great Friday. I just wanted to mention a couple of things I left out of my last post.

The first of which being Bobby and I ran again last night, 3 more hilly miles, followed by some coconut water drinking. I look sweaty because well…it was really hot and humid, and the sun wasn’t even out!


Second thing, today is my LAST DAY of 6 weeks to 6 pack and well…I don’t have a 6 pack. Not even close. More on that next week so stay tuned for all the deets….

third thing is, my Bella Stink turns THREE today! In case you are lost and wondering why I call my precious furball stinky, here it is: She is bad. I mean into everything, nonstop craziness bad. She gets into everything and anything and is so spunky. We started calling her a little stinker because she is so bad, and ten it evolved to calling her stinky and stink. I know, I know, it’s weird, but it fits her, trust me! (I have even been known to throw in a “stinker bell” or “bellzers” or embarrassing things like that)

Anyway, she is 3 now, but still acts like a crazy 6 week old puppy. I thought you may enjoy some of my favorite pictures of the stink. We got stinky at 5 weeks old.

Here she is the day we brought her home:


everyone say “aaawwwwww”


she was like a cotton ball with arms and legs


slightly bigger than a coke can

By June she had gotten a little bit bigger


and July


but she still looked tiny when she was wet


but eventually we had to start getting her groomed


Stinky loves people food


and is VERY MUCH a lap dog


She loves looking out the window


and likes Disney like her mama


Last winter we discovered her love for snow


as in, stick your face in it and run like you are going under a blanket


and, watch out if you are taking warm towels out of the dryer. She will be on top of them in a heartbeat


but apparently does NOT like hats


I have loved every minute of the three years we have had her (well…except when she pees on my carpet or digs in the trashcan…but anyway….) She is so much fun to have around and I always have a fun story to share about her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!

DSC_0475 DSC_0723



QOTD: Do you celebrate pet birthdays?

Pretty Girls

Happy hump day! It is clouding up here, supposed to rain later. Boo! I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I was planning on doing my last run before the race then. I am going to do the elliptical today. REALLy trying to force myself to cross train more.  Today was been a different day. My mom and I dropped my puppies off for LONG overdue haircuts, and we got the oil changed in my car and went to lunch and shopping. My babies look SO pretty! It’s fascinating to me how different they look before and after their haircuts! It’s like two different dogs. They are so precious though. Take a look!

Sassy before and after. We call her Eeyore for a reason. She always looks so depressed.

DSC_2076 DSC_2077

Bella Before and after.

DSC_2075 DSC_2079

Aren’t they CUTE?!? Here are a few I took with my phone in the car.

2011-02-09132859 2011-02-09132908

2011-02-09133010 2011-02-09133045

Also, I was honored the other day by Karen as a Stylish Blogger! Also, I was awarded this same award back in January and forgot to blog about it. That one was given by Sher. Thanks so much ladies! Yall are too sweet.


Here are the Rules for the Stylish Award:

-Make this a post and link back to the person who gave the award to you
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Award 5 great bloggers.
-Contact the bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

Ok 7 things about me…

1.) I am deathly afraid of snakes, lizzards and frogs. Even the little ones. You get near me with one, I may karate chop you.

2.) I really struggle with eating veggies. I just don’t like them! I have gotten a lot better than I used to be, but still can’t eat salad!

4.) I met my husband playing against him in a volleyball tournament in college. His team kicked our butts but I still let him take me out on a date.

5.) I require a lot of sleep. I try to get nine hours a night to function properly.

6.) My favorite store is Bed Bath and Beyond. I always say you could close your eyes and buy me anything from there and I would be happy!

7.) I have had mononucleosis, chicken pox, my wisdom teeth out, my tonsils and adnoids out, and had surgery to remove a fibroid, and the swine flu, but have never broken a bone other than possibly a toe in HS playing sports (but we aren’t sure.)

Sorry I am not all that interesting. That’s the best I can do!

There are so many bloggers that deserve this award I can’t just pick 5, so I am picking no one. Smile

QOTD: Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share with the class?