Emma Kate’s Birth Story: Part III

We left off  part II  of Emma Kate’s birth story with her getting cleaned up and me getting stitched up. I was very aware of the fact I was being stitched, but couldn’t feel anything. In an effort to not mentally psych myself off over what just happened and was currently happening, I kept looking over to the side at Bobby and the baby, trying to think of other things.

unnamed (7)

The stitching seemed to be taking a REALLY long time which made me nervous. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably, it was weird not being able to stop it. I still was able to snap pictures with my cell phone as I was being worked on though!

unnamed (10)

After a few minutes, the baby was given to me, but since I was shaking so badly I asked the nurses to stay by me and help me hold her because I was so scared I would drop her since I couldn’t control my arms.

unnamed (9)

We decided to try nursing, so they helped hold her for me while I kept shaking, still being stitched up. I kept hearing things like “bleeding a lot” and “more medicine” and they kept pressing down on my abdomen trying to get it to clamp down. Again, I tried not to pay attention, but at this point I was a bit too overwhelmed and I started to get nauseated. I told the nurse I felt like I was going to throw up, so they grabbed a tray and held it up for me, and they also held a towel up so I wouldn’t vomit on the baby. I was quite a site, laying there, getting stitched up, shaking uncontrollably, trying to feed the baby, all while dry heaving and having a towel held up over the baby. Bobby said my face went completely white while this was happening. I ended up dry heaving a few more times but didn’t actually throw up. They asked me if I wanted zofran I said it wasn’t working that I already had it, and they said they could give me a shot of Phenergan, but that it would make me sleepy. I said I DON’T CARE! GIVE IT TO ME! Thank goodness for that shot, it really helped me and I needed the sleep. Bobby took the baby down the hall to see our moms, and this was the picture Bobby’s mom snapped when he walked up, I love it.

unnamed (5)

They took the baby to the nursery for some tests and a bath, and my nurse was kind enough to shoo everyone out of my room so I could nap, and I was so thankful for her at that moment! I took the most glorious thirty minute nap, until the anesthesiologist came in to take the epidural stuff out of my back. I was slightly annoyed that he woke me up for that, and had forgotten about it even being there. I thought no big deal, he will take it out, take the tape off and back to sleep I go. Well, it’s comical now but was not at the moment….him taking all of the tape off of my back was WAY more painful than the epidural. I think I actually cried. Oh the irony.

Some sweet friends from church came by to see me and the baby, and it is all kind of a blur but I was so glad to see them. The nurse brought Emma Kate back so everyone could hold her, and soon the nurse said I would be heading to my recovery room I would be in for two nights. Well, an hour passed, and I was still not in my room, and I was starting to feel the pain from the delivery. I was so delirious from exhaustion and I just wanted to go to sleep. I fed the baby again, and I asked the nurse if I could eat. She said yes, so I sent Bobby to go get me some fast food. (It was 9:45 and everything closed at 10:00). He was supposed to meet me in my recovery room with all my stuff, but when he got back they still had not moved me and I was starving! At this point, I had not eaten in 23 hours and had slept for 30 minutes. Finally I was brought down to my new room, and given a shot of Demerol for the pain and more Phenergan just to be safe, which I was very thankful for.

I met my new nurse who was very sweet, and she helped me get situated and I was FINALLY able to eat at 11:00. Yes my chicken fingers and fries were freezing cold, but I scarfed them down and it was the best meal ever. I fed the baby again (we had the nursery keep her until it was time to eat so I could get some rest), and then I passed out for a couple of hours. I fed Emma Kate on and off all night, and even though it was broken sleep hooked up to an IV, it felt so nice to relax and rest. Apparently EK’s glucose was low, so they had to keep giving her heel sticks until it went back up the next day.

unnamed (14)


I’m not totally sure what I did the next day, I know my mom and some friends came to visit, and Bobby got us food a couple of times (the cafeteria food was NOT good), and I did some napping. It’s all kind of a blur to be honest.

unnamed (11)

unnamed (13)

I do remember taking this next photo, EK had her first poopy diaper and it took Bobby and my mom (and a really long time) to get her changed.

unnamed (12)

I was finally able to have my IV taken out and it felt great to be able to freely move again. However, I was so swollen from all of the fluids! I was then able to change into my own clothes which was nice.


Wearing my pretty pink BIC band!

That night was more of the same, and the next day (Friday) we were released around lunch time to go home! Homegirl does not like her car seat.



It was scary that they just let us walk out the door with this tiny human, and no instruction manual, but I’d say we are doing alright. A lot of it is trial and error, and some of it comes more naturally than I thought it would. Smile

QOTD: Was it scary to you going home with your baby for the first time? Who else hates being nauseated?

Emma Kate’s Birth Story: Part II

We left off part one of Emma Kate’s birth story with me getting ready to get my epidural. I apologize for the wordiness and lack of photos until the end. Again, if birth stores aren’t your thing, feel free to skip this one!

As I said before, I was really nervous about this but knew it would make me feel better so I was as ready as I was going to get. The anesthesiologist came in a few minutes later, and the nurse helped position me on the bed and had me hunch over. Honestly, the anticipation was the worst part. It took the doctor about five minutes to prep his stuff (and me), and so I just had to sit there bent over with the nurse holding my shoulders down while I waited. Finally it was time and it was almost comical how much it DIDN’T hurt. It felt the exact same as the IV I had put in my arm that morning. I could feel pressure in my spine after the initial insertion, which was more weird/creepy than anything, but then it was done and within a couple of minutes I felt amazingly better. However, I had started having some slight nausea, and the nurse gave me some zofran in my IV. It never totally went away but the medicine did help take the edge off.

I was all set to take a nap, and my mom and Bobby’s mom and her husband came in for a visit. We chatted for awhile which helped the time pass, and it was so odd to look at the monitor seeing these huge contractions, but not being able to feel anything. (This was around 9:45). At 10:00 I was checked again, and was at 5 cm. Progress! Bobby decided to go grab some lunch while I had other family there, and I really don’t remember what I did between 10:00 and 12:00. My intention was to nap, but it never happened. I am fairly certain I was just playing on my phone and texting back and forth with friends and family.

At noon I was checked again, 7 cm! They wanted me to progress a centimeter every hour to 1.5 hours, and so far I was right on track. They estimated I would have baby M by mid afternoon. About this time, they put the oxygen mask on me for a few minutes as a precaution because baby’s heart rate was jumping around just a bit.

At 1:45, I was checked again and at 8 cm. A little bit slower progress, but progress none the same. About this time, I noticed that I could feel my left leg more than my right leg. It was a very noticeable difference, and since I have heard stories of people feeling everything on one side and not the other because the epidural didn’t work right, I got a little nervous. We tried tilting my body to the side but I actually started to feel more as time went by. Soon, I was starting to feel contractions in me left side, and I got REALLY nervous.

At 3:00, I was checked again as we were trying to decide what was wrong with the epidural, and the nurse said “oh, no wonder you are feeling it on one side, you are complete! 10 cm, time to push!” Basically, the baby was RIGHT THERE and that’s why I was feeling it on one side, she said once we started pushing that the pain should go away and I shouldn’t be able to feel anything. Whew!

I had no idea how the pushing part was going to go, as my only frame of reference was movies and TV, super reliable I know. I was surprised that it was way more relaxed and calm than I was anticipating. The nurse told me since I was a first time mom I potentially could push for 2-3 hours but since I was more in shape, it hopefully wouldn’t take that long.

unnamed (3)

Time to push!

She lowered this huge light down from the ceiling, and she sat on one side of the bed while Bobby sat on the other. The nurse explained to me the muscles I needed to use to push, which was pretty funny because I couldn’t feel anything! She would tell me “good, yes!” and I’m thinking “I have NO idea what I am doing because I can’t feel anything!” I tried to imagine using certain muscles, and apparently I did a good job because I only had to push for about 45-50 minutes, and the nurse said “alright let’s call your doctor, it’s time to have a baby!”

Apparently baby M was very very close to coming out, because the nurse and everyone that walked in kept saying “oh my gosh that baby has a head full of hair!” I seriously must have heard it ten times before I ever saw the child!

Soon my doctor arrived and the room got really busy. Nurses coming in and out, prepping the area, putting down tarps, gathering instruments, etc. Looking back it all seems like a huge blur and seemed to go by so fast but at the same time so slow. My old nurse Laura showed up just in time to help and watch as well.

The nursery nurse arrived since I wanted her to stay in the room with me for awhile, and soon my doctor had on her gloves (along with some big rain boots, we later figured out why…the birth process is quite gross and messy!) It was then time to push again, and I remember waiting for a contraction and the doctor saying she has been known to “scare contractions away”.

Every contraction I would push three times, each time with a count to ten. Again, this part is all a blur, I tried to “push” without being able to feel a thing, and on the third contraction and the first push of that contraction, out came baby M! My body felt so weird when she came out, like an instant void in my stomach, it was so strange.

After a few seconds she was crying up a storm and my doctor held her up for us to see and then cut the cord. She was brought over to the nursery nurse to be weighted and measured and her APGAR scores were great, a 9 and a 10. Everyone talks about this instant overwhelming love they experience, and honestly I didn’t have that right away. There was a LOT going on in that room, and I was really, really overwhelmed by it all and had not had time to process things yet. I was physically and mentally exhausted and getting more nauseated. I knew she was my baby and I cared for her, but my feelings at the time were…weird? I’m really not sure how to explain it! I think I was in shock.

unnamed (8)

Baby M weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and was 21 and 1/4 inches long. Bobby stood in between me and her taking pictures as I got stitched up. However, it seemed to be taking a really long time…

unnamed (4)

Happy Birthday Emma Kate Montgomery!

The rest of the story will be in part III, with a lot more pictures, I promise!

QOTD: How did you feel right when your baby was born? Happy? overwhelmed? Anxious? Do you ever remember? How long did you push?

Emma Kate’s Birth Story: Part 1

We celebrated having Emma Kate for a week yesterday, so I thought it was high time to start her birth story before I forgot everything! If you don’t care about birth stories, sometimes icky medical details and the like, you may want to skip this post and any other birth story posts.

I told you all I had an induction date, but what I didn’t tell you is that it was at 39 weeks 1 day. I had kind of hinted at the fact that baby M was measuring big and I really wanted a vagnial birth and was ok with being induced, but I didn’t want to give an exact day, then I started the baby pool and REALLY didn’t want to give the date!

On the 23rd, I was super nervous all day. I had to go to the hospital for pre admissions and lab work, and I couldn’t believe I was going to be back the next day to have a baby. It was surreal and I didn’t feel like it was really happening. I was instructed to not eat or drink after midnight that night, and was worried about being hungry and weak during labor, so I stayed up until 11:00 and stuffed my face before going to bed. The bad thing about a scheduled induction is knowing the day you are going to have your baby. I slept for exactly one hour that night, and knew it was going to be bad going into the day already exhausted. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30, so I was up at 4:00 to shower and load the car. The poor dogs were so confused and I felt bad leaving them for a couple days.

I took one more belly shot for good measure, I can’t believe I looked like that just a week ago!

birth story

We made it to the hospital, checked in, and were brought back to a room by 6:00. At 6:15, I was given my IV, and then it was time for a not so fun enema. I had never had one before, and am glad I didn’t know all it entailed ahead of time because I would have been loathing it as well. Let’s just say it was REALLY not pleasant and not a fun experience, but after it was all over, I was glad it was done with and it was one less thing to worry about for the day (or the next several days!) The nurse was so sweet and made it as easy as possible and I was bummed she about to get off her shift for the day at 7:00!

At 7:00, I was introduced to my new nurse for the day, Laura. I was so excited when I saw her! She was the nurse who helped me when I had to go into the hospital for pre term labor, and she was super sweet and told me she hoped she got to help the day I had my baby, and here she was. Huge sigh of relief, because I know having a good nurse can really change your birthing experience, well, from what I have heard of course.

unnamed (2)

Before all the fun began

At 7:30, I was given antibiotics and Pitocin through an IV (I tested positive for group B strep). I had heard that once you get the Pitocin, you start having strong and fast contractions, so I was nervous about just how quickly things would progress as far as pain goes. (By the way, I had Bobby write down the times that things happened and I am SO glad I did because I can’t remember them all!)

At 7:40, my doctor came in to break my water. She checked me and I was already at 4 cm, so she said after she broke my water I could have an epidural whenever I wanted. I have to say, the water breaking and that last check were pretty painful, but luckily didn’t last long.

unnamed (3)

Last selfie before baby arrives!

After all of the commotion in such a short time, there was a lot of waiting around. I had my phone and had posted that I was being induced, so I had a lot of sweet well wishes and texts to read while we waited.

Poor Bobby was freezing cold, we didn’t think about bringing him a jacket or anything to the chilly hospital, but we were able to snag him a blanket while we waited.

unnamed (4)

I started being able to feel some contractions, like strong period cramps, They were about four minutes apart and strong enough I had to stop talking, but not strong enough that I was in a ton of pain for a long time, so very manageable. At 8:40, my mom arrived and the contractions were amping up a bit in intensity and getting closer together, but were still irregular.

unnamed (5)

At around 9:30, I decided it was time for the epidural. I was starting to have contractions every 2-3 minutes regularly, and they were getting stronger and harder to get through. I knew all along I was going to get an epidural, so I figured at this point, no reason to be a hero if I am getting one anyway. I told the nurse I was ready and come to find out the girl in the room next to me who checked in when I did had already called for one so I was going to have to wait a few minutes.

Around this time, my nurse Laura came in with another nurse, Athena. Laura told me she was also the nurse for the girl next door and apparently she needed some special attention so she would not be able to be my nurse as well. I was SO bummed out! Laura assured me Athena was great, and she told me she would come back when it was time for me to deliver if she could. She also told me today would have been her mother’s 82nd birthday and so I had to have the baby today. I was really sad I wouldn’t have Laura, but Athena ended up being terrific. I kept telling her how nervous I was for the epidural and how my whole life I had heard horror stories about it. She told me not to worry, that is wasn’t bad, she had one three times, with her three kids. She talked me through what would happen, how I would sit, etc. so we would be ready for when the doctor came in.

This is getting lengthy so I will save the next part for next week!

QOTD: If you were induced or had a scheduled section did you sleep the night before? Did you have a good nurse when you had your baby?

Anyone ever hear epidural horror stories growing up?

Unexpected Hospital Visit

So Tuesday definitely went differently than I expected! Yesterday I promised the details so here is what happened:

I woke up Tuesday with slight period-type cramps. I thought it was maybe just constipation so decided to wait it out. I had to bring Sassy to the vet for a surgery, so I dropped her off, went home, and the cramping was worse. I gave myself a time limit of 10:00, and said if it wasn’t better by then I was calling the doctor. I drank a bunch of water and sat down with my feet up, and it didn’t help.

I am not one to call my doctor unless absolutely necessary, so you know I was not feeling great if I actually called. I gave the nurse my symptoms and was quickly called back and told to come on into the office that morning. I jumped in the car and drove the 30 minutes to the office, and was seen pretty quickly. When the doctor came in, she told me based on my urine sample from 10 minutes ago, I had a UTI. Lovely. At that time I still had no idea what that had to do with my cramping, so for those unaware, you can learn what I learned:

A UTI during pregnancy can cause cramping and contractions and also can cause preterm labor if untreated. Apparently mine was pretty bad. I thought me going to the bathroom all the time was just because baby M was on my bladder! She also said they are very common in pregnant women, she even had one last year when she was pregnant, and it can be hard to decipher symptoms.

She then checked me, and told me my cervix was thinning out and I was 1-2 cm dilated. The problem was that we didn’t know if I was already like that, or if the UTI was causing me to actively dilate. To be safe (and to knock out the UTI faster), she had me go next door to the hospital to be admitted so they could monitor me and baby M for a couple hours, and give me fluids and antibiotics in an IV drip.


I was hooked up to monitors, and the doctor after a few minutes of looking, told me I was looking ok and could probably go home after the IV’s were finished. Well, about 50 minutes later, the nurse came in and said for the past 45 minutes I had been having contractions every eight minutes (I felt nothing!) and so the doctor wanted to give me a shot to stop labor, just in case. The shot made my heart race like crazy (which they warned me about) and I felt like I could go run a marathon.


Bobby stopped by to see me and give me a phone charger, but had to go back to work (well really, I shooed him back to work, no sense in him sitting there, this was before we knew I was having contractions though). Anyway, 30 minutes later the nurse comes back and said I only had one or two contractions so they wanted to give me a second shot just to be safe, so more jittering and heart racing, but after another 45 minutes  I was discharged. I was there in total from a little after noon until about 4:45.


I was given some antibiotics in pill form to take for a week, and I have another doctor appointment next Tuesday. It was quite the crazy day, and I am glad to be home and not at the hospital with a newborn! The good news is, since baby M was already measuring ahead and since girls seem to do better than boys, that even if I were to have her now she would more than likely be perfectly fine. However, my doctor preferred it if we could make it to 36 weeks (next Tuesday) but I could also not go into labor for another 4 weeks, so there is really no way of telling! I wasn’t put on bed rest, but was told no lifting, limit climbing stairs, no working out, etc. for a week until I go back to see the doctor. Some of you may have noticed I was wearing a hospital bracelet in my bump pics from yesterday’s post. Smile

QOTD: Anyone have experience with a UTI or preterm labor scare?

Who else is a bad patient like me? I kept asking when I could go home!

Baby Countdown: Preperations

I shared a little bit yesterday on my post about how unprepared I have been feeling concerning baby M’s arrival. With us moving two weeks ago I have been focusing on the house and not on baby related things.


I have a baby 411 book I read a few pages of every night, a few blogs I read, and friends I annoy all day with texts, but other than that I haven’t really done anything to get ready. The nursery is a mess, the HOUSE is a mess (still unpacking!) but the days keep ticking by and yall, time isn’t going to slow down as I get closer, so I need to get my rear in gear!

So, my question for your mamas or anyone who may know….what are the ESSENTIAL things I need to be doing to prepare, in what order should I do them in, and what do I REALLY need in my hospital bag? I don’t want to bring a 50 pound suitcase to the hospital, yall.

I know I need to….

-install car seat

-pack hospital bag

-tour hospital

-infant CPR

-put together crib

-learn how to use breast pump

-make a birth plan? (haha, I have none).

-Call a pediatrician

-make freezer meals

-figure out what to do with the dogs when I go into labor

-wash bedding and clothes (I have done a lot of this, just a few more things to wash).



QOTD: Help?

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Hospital Week

Oh boy. What a whirlwind the past few days have been. I will be sharing fun photos and video from our gender reveal party tomorrow, but I am just still too tired today to write all about it and edit photos!

So instead I will tell you what has been going on with my family the past few days. Wednesday night at 8:00, I got a frantic call (I mean FRANTIC) that my dad had passed out and the paramedics were there. I couldn’t understand anything else she was saying, except he was going to the hospital. I immediately sent out texts and tweets asking for prayers (thank you all so much by the way!)

I grabbed a few clothes, jumped in the car, and drove like you know what 1.5 hours to where my parents live. On the way there I was finally able to get some more info from a neighbor who drove mom to the hospital. Apparently my mom was in the bedroom and my dad was in the back of the house watching TV when he started feeling faint. He got up to go tell her and made it about ten feel before he passed out, fell backwards and hit his head on the hardwood floor.

My mom had gone to get a neighbor, and he helped my dad until the ambulance came. My dad tried to stand up again, passed out again, and we had no idea why.

When I got to the ER my dad looked awful and was having terrible stomach cramps, and other things that come along with that. We immediately thought some kind of stomach bug, especially since they had just been out of the country. They were able too get his blood pressure stabilized (it had plummeted when he passed out and was super low in the ambulance).

He was in a lot of pain and they were afraid too give him morphine because it would drop his pressure more. In the end, they did it anyway because he was in so much pain and just put him in the CCU instead of a regular room so they could monitor his pressure. He got to the CCU at 2:30 (I had gone home to my parents house to sleep).

The next day I spent the whole day at the hospital with my dad while they waited for results from a bunch of samples they did to see if he had a virus or C-Diff. We had to gown up and wear gloves in case it was C-Diff. They did a catscan the night before that was clear, and they had put five staples in his head from where he fell. He was feeling better, still not wonderful, but much better.

We spent all day waiting for dr.’s to come in (surgeon, regular dr. GI dr. Cardiologist, etc.) and were told around lunch it wasn’t C-diff (hooray!) so no more gowns/gloves. At 4:30 we saw the Gi dr. and his theory made the most sense. Between going overseas, jet lag, stress from his mother dying/funereal/estate stuff etc., dehydration, not eating well…it just all came together and caused this. (He had a couple fancy terms for it now I can’t remember!)

So basically, he wasn’t “sick”, didn’t have a virus, and needs to take better care of himself. He had to stay overnight again Thursday, and I spent all day Friday with him again at the hospital. He. was. going. stir. crazy. He was perfectly fine by then just a little weak because he was on a liquid diet, and the doctor didn’t come to discharge him until 4:00! It has been a long few days, but I am SO thankfully it wasn’t anything to do with his heart, a stroke, or something else. I am also glad he didn’t hit his head on the brick fireplace two feet away, or the corner or a piece of furniture.

Also, my mom normally would be at church choir practice at that time, but she was so tired that day she didn’t go, so she wouldn’t have even been home! I don’t even want to think about what would have happened then.

So, sorry to ramble on with the story, but up until Thursday afternoon we weren’t even sure if the gender party was still on for Saturday. I could tell he felt so bad about it all, but I wasn’t concerned about the party at that point. Luckily, all is well, we are taking my dad’s blood pressure several times a day, making sure he drinks a lot of water and gets some rest. Hopefully this hard lesson won’t have to be learned again. It was one of the scariest moments of my life!

QOTD: have your parents ever called you with a health scare?