Southwestern Egg Muffins

Hey friends! Today I wanted to share something a little different. I haven’t done a recipe in awhile, but this one I really wanted to share. I have been counting macros, and realized I have a hard time getting in protein. I don’t like to eat eggs by themselves, so I finally found an easy way to get in a little more protein by making egg muffins.

southwestern egg muffins

They are super simple to make, here are the ingredients:

– 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese (shredded)

– One carton of egg whites

-One bag of Birds Eye protein southwest blend from the freezer aisle

unnamed (5)


-spray bottom of a 12 cup muffin tin

-preheat oven to 350

-warm up protein blend in the microwave for 4 minutes

– spoon the blend into the cups evenly

-distribute cheese evenly into the 12 cups

-fill the cups with a carton of egg whites, use the whole carton

-Bake at 350 for 20 minutes


You could really use any veggie blend from the freezer aisle at the grocery store with this recipe, but I prefer the southwest blend because it has more protein, and it has a little kick to it which makes the muffin not taste to much like eggs.

egg muffins

I can eat two or three egg muffins at a time, so it’s a great protein source! Also, you can put them in a bag and freeze them, and pop in the microwave for a minute or so for an on the go breakfast with staying power. Here are the nutrition facts per muffin:

Calories: 83

Protein: 7.1 grams

Fat: 1.5 grams

Carbs: 9.5 grams

Enjoy! I would love to hear if you decide to make these, or what other blends/veggies you use instead.

QOTD: Are you a big egg eater? What is your go to breakfast food?

Friday Favorites: Fitmixer


I thought in honor of today being the last day to enter the my Fitmixer boot camp giveaway, I would take a little time to tell you about the products themselves (which you would receive as part of your prize pack should you win the boot camp entry!)


The two products I have been using are the protein and the aminos. I take the aminos before workouts, and usually drink the protein as a snack (I like the taste of the ones I get from, but typically not every day.

My favorite flavor protein is the vanilla, it seriously does taste like a milkshake, love! I like the grape and fruit punch aminos. Both taste very different but equally good! I am so hooked on them I take them with me when I travel.

I feel like they give me more energy and sustained energy for my workouts, which is so important in our on the go society. It’s easy to feel drained before you even get to the gym!


The protein gives you of course well, protein, but also vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber. It can help you increase your metabolism to burn fat faster, and also helps aid in recovery while reducing fatigue. The aminos can increase nitric oxide by 300%! (Increased nitric oxide may have a variety of benefits including increased oxygen delivery throughout the body to reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery.)

These products really do help, and I even have my husband hooked on them. If you want to learn more about what Fitmixer has to offer, check out their website.  I really love the company’s approach to health and fitness for you physically as well as mentally. I’m not just saying these things because I am an ambassador for them, I honestly believe in these products!

QOTD: Is there something specific you take or drink before/after a workout? Have you tried Fitmixer?

Goal Making


For the year or so, at the beginning of the month I usually set a few goals and then recap them at the end of the month and give my effort/achievement a “score” on each goal. Some months I really rock it and knock them all out, and some months I am way off my mark. Why? I feel like one of the main reasons is not having a plan.


A lot of times, we tend to make goals, and then forget about them until the next week/month/or year without doing “check ups” or without ever coming up with a plan of attack to begin with. You may have heard the old acronym about goals and being smart, but just in case you forgot, here it is again:

The SMART Goal Acronym

  • Specific  (what is your goal? who is involved? Location? reasons for this goal?)
  • Measurable  (can you measure the success of this goal? Will it “end” at a time or achievement?)
  • Attainable  (don’t set it too high that you could never achieve it)
  • Realistic  (Do you have faith in yourself that you can do this?)
  • Timely   (When will you see results? How long will it go on?)

With this in mind, here are a couple of goals I have for the month of September:

1.) Run 4 days a week

2.) Drink 8 glasses of water a day

3.) Stop negative thinking/pessimistic attitude

Looking at all three goals, I believe they all follow the SMART plan. Here’s how:

1.) Run 4 days a week: I will mark it in my planner/calendar as a to do item, it is measurable (I either do it or don’t) It is very attainable and realistic for me and I am putting a time on if for the end of September.

2.) Drink 8 glasses of water a day: I plan to use my cell phone app to track my water consumption, will try to do this every day until the end of the month, it is attainable and realistic, and timely.

3.) Stop negative thinking/pessimistic attitude: This one is a bit tricky. I have to force myself to STOP as soon as I realize I am doing this. I am going to try to change my thinking to something good and positive when I realize I am being negative. My measure for this goal is to try to stop negative thinking before it turns into a “bad attitude” for the day. It is realistic and attainable and my timetable is on a daily basis for the rest of the month.

This month’s fitmixer® giveaway topic is to help us realize our fitness/health goals and what steps we can take to achieve them.  I encourage you to head over to Fitmixer’s page and earn entries into their monthly giveaway.


You can win two pounds of your choice of Fitmixer product! It’s simple and quick, head on over! (Doing the extra entry for telling them which ambassador sent you would make me really happy!)

QOTD: No question, just please go over and enter to win! You can always leave a comment letting me know you did, just for brownie points. Smile

This post is part of my ambassadorship with Fitmixer, but the views and opinions expressed are my own.