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Best Husband Ever!

So it’s the end of a crappy week of me being sick. It’s gloomy and rainy outside, and I just wanted to get home. Bobby got home right before me, and I walked in and there was a trail of rose petals on the ground. We have rose bushes outside, which i love, because we can always have fresh flowers! I thought it was sweet he had put them out for me. I thought it was odd they were leading to the bedroom, but he never said “follow them” or “come see” and I didn’t want to make him feel bad by saying “do they lead to someting?” if they didn’t…so I just said thank you.

I wanted to change clothes before we went to eat, so I followed the rose petals into the bedroom, I opened the door, and this was in front of me!

A NEW KING SIZED BED! Those that know me know this is big. Since we got married 3 years and 4 months ago, I have wanted a king sized bed. We are tall people, and plus one of the dogs sleeps on the bed and she is very moody if you accidentally disturb her in the night, and I am SO TIRED of being stuck with a half a foot of room at the corner of the bed. Plus, we had no headboard…just a box spring and queen mattress. So i was SO EXCITED! He got me, he actually got me. Bobby has NEVER been able to surprise me, he always gives it away and I can read him so well, but he REALLY truly got me! I had no idea! I know I look weird but this is a true surprised face!

more rose petals

tomorrow we are going to pick out a comforter set, the one on it now is for a queen. He gets major points for this! It was such a bright spot in a very gloomy week! Some of you know but we are dealing with some family/health issues right now so it’s been stressful.
What a sweetie!! I love him!

QOTD: has your significant other ever done anything surprisingly sweet for you?

Hill Workout

So I am still sick. I FEEL better (not near as al over crummy feeling, just slightly) but my nose is a predicament. It is totally stopped up but at the same time running constantly. How is this possible? I can taste NO food, and my nose is so raw! I opened this tissue box at 7:30 and this is what it looked like at 2:30

RIDICULOUS! and, it’s still going! Nose spray offers some relief, but just temporarily. I haven’t run since Sunday, and I am becoming one of those people who gets really cranky when they don’t run for a few days. I have always read as long as your sickness isn’t in your chest and is just in your head you can run. So I set out. I had a plan of running very very easily out to a steep hill on my route, running up and down a few times, and having an easy run back. This plan worked out well but was hard! Very hard when you aren’t feeling well and can’t breathe. Something else I learned, when the area between your nose and top lip is VERY raw from blowing your nose, it tends to burn VERY BADLY when you sweat above your upper lip! OUCH!
It was a slow warm up .75 miles out to my hill.

I know it’s hard to tell from here, but this is a steep hill!
looking up

I ran up this bad boy 8 times! I kept it between a 6:00-6:30 minute per mile pace, I was booking it! I walked or slow jogged back down each time, then jogged back home, for a total of 2.6 miles. The last couple times up were so hard. I am sure I will be sore! I also came home and did some arm weights. I physically didn’t need to run as much as I did mentally. I feel much better!

My sweet puppies got haircuts yesterday!

they look so tiny! They are a lot happier in the heat without all that long hair!

Ok, so tomorrow is Friday, yay! I am off to get some things done before Grey’s comes on!

QOTD: do you do hill workouts for speed?

Glee has a message

So what did everyone think of the Glee message last night? While the episode as a whole was kind of boring, I did think it had a good message on body image. In case you missed it, Mercades, when joined the Cherios with Kurt, was told to lose ten pounds in a week. Apparently all the other cherios drink this “clense” that Cheer coach Sue created. It showed them in the cafeteria eating little or nothing, trying to be thin, to fit in, etc.
In the end, after failed attempts at losing the weight, the cherios go to do their routine in front of the whole school. Of course, singing must be involved, so instead of the cheer routine, Mercades belts out the song “Beautiful” a la Christiana Aguliera. She then invites the whole school to come stand up and join in the singing. While it was slightly cheesy (but hey, we are talking about GLEE) it was a great message. SO many girls, esp. those in those vunerable high school years (never mind the actors are in their mid 20’s…) struggle with this. So many girls sit in the cafeteria and push food around their plate pretending to eat, or some actually do eat, then rush to the bathroom immediately after. This frustrates me and makes me angry and sad all at the same time. The pressure we put on girls to be thin is ridiculous. The focus should be on being healthy, or on being toned, not on being skinny.
Sure it’s great to have goals, I have goals myself, but I would never push myself to the point of letting it overtake me mentally. I just, 20 minutes ago, ate a Wendy’s cheeseburger! *gasp* I know that’s a big no no in the clean eating blog world, but guess what? I am home sick, not feeling well at all, didn’t want to cook, and dang it, I wanted a cheeseburger!! Do I have one everyday? No, I haven’t had one from Wendy’s in years, but it IS ok to eat girls!!! It IS ok to splurge, and have dessert, and take a week off from running, and not be so obsessed with working out that you do it while sick, or injured, or mentally tired. I know way to many people who have eating disorders, obsessive exersice problems, and body image issues. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT! If you are not happy with the way you ate, didn’t eat, exercised, etc. today, it’s ok! Start over tomorrow! It is a new day and a new beginning. 🙂

Ok. Totally sorry to get on a soapbox but it hits close to home for me…

QOTD: Have you ever had body image/food issues or helped someone through them? How did they respond?

Still Sick

I hate being sick. I feel so behind on housework and running. Then i just get mad!! I was hoping I would feel well enough to run today…not so much. I am in bed if that says anything. So, once again HOPING to run tomorrow. What is also annoying is yesterday and today have been nice and cool, and of course, tomorrow it’s supposed to get hot again!

I picked up chicken noodle soup from chic fil a. I was impressed, it was pretty good! Still haven’t had a parfait, but the soup was definately something I would get again.

SO here is my stinky puppy, getting toys out of her toybox. Isn’t she sweet?!

I could just squeeze her! Ok so I don’t want to kill her, but I do love puppy cuddles.

Sorry this is pretty boring today, but today is pretty boring! On a happy note, less than a month of school left till summer! Hope everyone has a good night. Tomorrow is hump day!

QOTD:Have you ever had a really serious sickness? I had mono in High school and missed 2 weeks of school and half my basketball season and I was devestated. I had to take a break after I walked down stairs I would be so tired. It was awful!

Skirt review

I went to work today and felt awful so i came home sick, so this won’t be a very exciting post, as I do not feel good at all! I thought I would officially review the outfit I raced in yesterday. (I added the recap link on my races page)

I wore the new floral skirt in size 3 and the I love running pink tank in large, yes LARGE!
I normally wear a 2 in the skirts but heard they run small so i got a 3 and boy I am glad I did. the briefs in the 3’s are the same size if not smaller than the briefs in some of my 2’s! It fits me nicely in the hips/comes up higher which I like, but man those small briefs! It was still super cute and I enjoyed wearing it.
So as much as I love running skirts, I am a little disapointed in how much the sizing differs skirt to skirt from the same company. I wish they would use one manufacturer and they would all fit the same!
The tank I heard ran small too, so I got the large and am for sure glad I did. it was a little long which is perfect for me and my long torso. They are very skinny, I normally wear a small t-shirt and in tigher shirts a medium. I still have to upload the pics from my “regular” camera but that won’t be happening today, I am in bed 🙁

Hope everyone had a good Monday. I am really hoping I start feeling better so I can go to work tomorrow!

QOTD: If you wear running skirts, what do you think about the sizing?

March of Dimes (sort of) race recap

So the March of Dimes got cancelled as you know, and they offered for us to run a 5k today at First Baptist Church Brandon. Someone from March of Dimes was there to sign us in, give us our shirts/bags etc. It worked out well that we were able to do that. I was nervous though as I am a TERRIBLE afternoon runner and this race was at 2 pm, full on sun, no clouds. I am not familiar with this town so I had no idea if there would be hills or not. Boy was I in for a surprise!

It was a small race, it was the first time this church has done it, and it was to raise money for special needs kids. There were a good amout of March of Dimes people too, so I am glad they all got to come run. I was really nervous to start because I knew the conditions were rough and as I said, I didn’t know the course. The gun went off, and off we went! I started off really well. A little too fast, but really well. I was between a 7:20 and 8:15 pace for the first 8 or 9 tenths of the first mile, I felt great, I was happy, it was all good. Then, we turned a corner, and in front of me was the most giant, long, hill I have ever run up. I. wanted. to. cry. I knew my hopes were gone, because I knew the whole race would probably be like this…and it was. the last tenth of two slowed up my average of my first mile to an 8:45. Still great, but I knew with the heat and hills I couldn’t sustain it. I made it up the hill, grabbed some water at the water station, and kept going. I turned another corner….another hill. I pretty much gave up at this point. I mean, I knew I would finish the race, but I knew I wasnt going to ahve a good time, so it was kind of like what’s the point in killing myself. So I just putt putted along at a training pace, going up and down the hills. I later found out after plugging my garmin into my computer the two biggest hills had us going from a 300 ft. elevation to an over 700 ft elevation!!! there were about 3 other “minor” hills and a lot of ups and downs, but I finished.

I got to the end of the race, and there was this man a little ahead of me, but I had a prett good amount of kick. Well, this kid jumps on the course and starts running with him encouraging him. HE WAS RIGHT IN MY WAY! I couldn’t get around him, so I strted yelling “kid, move you ae in the way, get out of the way!” I felt bad, but I wanted to pass this dude! I did pas him at the last second, and then found out he wa the pastor of the churh we were running at, who was hosting the 5k HAHA. no wonder everyone was cheering so loudly! hehe

this is right after. I was NOT happy.

Bobby ran too, and while he did better than me, he also said it was the hardest race he has ever done and he felt bad for me as he was running b/c he knows how much I hate hills ha!

Just to give a smll taste of what we are dealing with. This was coming out of the parking lot, so this is the types of inclines we dealt with, just imagine this but concrete and much longer! One was so steep people were putting their hands on their knees and pushing off just to walk up, like we were hiking!

I have a few more pictures from my regular camera I will post at sme point, but I am too lazy to plug it up to the other computer right now haha! So basically, I am DONE with racing for this season. it’s just getting way too hot. (unless someone REALLY twists my arm!) So I chalked it up to a good hill workout and that was that!

QOTD: Have you ever run a crazy hot or hilly race that was miserable?


So we made it through last night, and then this morning we were in for more bad weather. Fortunately, it went just north of here, but you can bet I was petrifed, home by myself, waiting to see what happened. There was a touchdown of a huge tornado that flattened a bunch of houses about 25 miles north of here. I sat watching the path of it all day

see where it says Canton? I am just south of there

I wish I was as calm as the puppies

SO we think we have decided to run the race tomorrow afternoon even though I know I probably won’t PR. I HATE running in the afternoon, I get in such a tired slump. I do great in the mornings though, so this should be interesting! I will hopefully have a race recap tomorrow evening in my new running skirt and shirt!

QOTD: Do your pets freak out in bad weather?

New skirt!

SO my new running skirt and shirt came in yay! I am sad though, because I was HOPING to wear my cute new outfit in my race tomorrow, but it got CANCELLED. We are under some horrific weather right now. Tornado watch, and tornado warning a county over…and bad weather all tomorrow. They re saying golf ball sized hail or larger, 80 mph straightline winds, and tornados…AND I am home alone for awhile this evening. great. I HATE this!

There is a race Sunday they said we can run for free…but its at 2 pm! I run AWFUL in the afternoons…and it’s going to be so hot and sunny, so ug, I don’t know what to do!

My new clothes did cheer me up though!

QOTD: So should I run the race Sunday afternoon?


Sorry this is a really short boring post today, but today was a really long draining day for me, I came home and slept two hours. I just need to rest. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon comes quickly and I can have a nice weekend!

I did want to report Drew Brees is on the cover of the new Madden game! One would think tis is a great honor, but there is a Madden curse, whoever is on the cover always gets hurt, so now I am flipping out!!! AAAHH! Hopefully we can break the curse…

Football? Football!

So it’s NFL draft time! I am super excited! I know, I know, football season isn’t for another 4 months or so, but the draft is kind of like a glimmer of hope that yes, a new season is going to come!!! I can’t wait for my reigning world champs to play again! Found out opening game is a Thursday night game against the Vikings….speaking of Vikings…I have an announcement about something next Thursday….any ideas?!? Is the suspense killing you?!? I am hoping I have an announcement is more like it…but I won’t know till Thursday evening so you will have to wait till then!! This post has double meaning…but more on that in a week!

So is anyone going to watch the draft? Any hopefuls you want to get to a certain team or any team? I can’t wait to see where my boy Tim Tebow goes. What a great guy. I just want to give him a hug and tell him he’s cool in my book. I am also hoping Darren Sharper and Pierre Thomas stay Saints! I would be so sad…

I took the day off from running, i figured by this point rest will serve me better than 3 hard runs in a row, so rest today, run tomorrow, rest Friday RACE SATURDAY! Still trying to get rid of my sinus issues though, it really makes my breathing difficult!


ok sorry I had to…it’s been awhile…and it just comes out!!

QOTD: any thoughts on the draft? particular players or teams?