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S0 Much to do, So Little Time!


    Hola! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday-eve! I am currently suffering from information overload. We move TOMORROW and there is still so much to do! Despite the moving, Bobby and I stuck to our training plan and ran 6 miles this morning. We ran along the lake, it was nice, but warm. I took these on the golf cart the other day but this is the route we ran by the golf course before you get to the lake.




Must show this because it’s funny…Bella LOVES the golf cart, and leaning out as FAR as she can (we have saved her from near death several times now…) and she loves her ears blowing in the wind. Look how cute!


Ok, so we ran, and then Bobby took off to go lift weights and run several errands and he left me here to clean and pack. What am I doing? Blogging and drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie! I will get to the other stuff, I just needed a minute to chill….

It’s hard to think of what to pack…we will be back in two weeks, but, we also don’t want to leave valuables here since the house will probably be shown while we are gone. We are also trying to pack as much stuff into boxes so when our house does sell, it will be easy to get everything out and Bobby won’t have to take off work from his new job to pack up the house. We aren’t leaving until tomorrow afternoon so we have all day to load up the cars and make sure the house is clean. Whew!!!

Sorry this is so short but there is work to be done! Don’t worry, the next couple weeks will be crazy and I will have plenty of pictures to share! Hang in there! Off to Ice My leg then get to work!

QOTD: How many times have you moved? Do you enjoy doing it?

Mexican Baked Chicken


     Afternoon! Today has been a whirlwind! Bobby and I ran 3 easy miles this morning then went to the chiropractor and then cleaned out more of his dad’s house for two hours. Don’t I look excited to be doing more cleaning?



Then we came home and had a late lunch and Bobby is off again to run some errands and I have to go back to the chiropractor in a bit and then I have a coffee date with a fellow teacher from the school I taught at for two years.

So, in light of the crazy busy days I have been having, I thought I would share a quick and easy recipe that is yummy!

Mexican Baked Chicken

-2-3 boneless skinless chicken breasts

-1 can low sodium cream of chicken soup

-1 can rotel (I use mild)

-shredded cheddar or Mexican cheese

-multigrain tortilla chips

*Preheat oven to 350

*place chicken in casserole dish

*mix soup and rotel together and pour over chicken

*tops with crushed chips and cheese

*bake 30-40 minutes or until juices run clear

I forgot to take a picture until after I had already taken my piece out. oops.




We are officially on a 48 hour moving countdown!!! Things are about to get wild!

QOTD: What is your favorite quick meal?

Party Time


    Hello! Hope everyone had a great day! I had a not so fun yearly female doctor appointment this morning and I was there waiting an hour and forty five minutes. Glad I am moving and will be going to a new doctor, it gets frustrating using your whole day…30 minutes there, 30 minutes back, 1:45 there waiting…gah!

    Moving on, last night my sweet Bible study girls were nice enough to throw me a little going away party! We had food, fun, and an art project! I really do enjoy art projects, I am just not good at them and I am not creative, but I tried! Here are some pics from the fun!

This is Stephanie on the left holding baby Kate, who belongs to Lauren on the right.


Also in this picture is Gray, here and her husband are also our two of our Sunday School teachers.


Our fun art project involved Christmas, my favorite! Everyone painted ornaments for me to keep to remember them by. It was super fun, even though mine were not cute, haha!



We had a good time painting and talking and making fun of each other inability to paint. I joked that some of these ornaments were going on the back of the tree, hehe. Here is the finished product. Love them!



We said our goodbyes and took a few pictures. Paige, our wonderful hostess, asked I not put her photo in because she said she looked bad (which she didn’t by the way!) but, she was there, too!




it was fun, I am so going to miss these girls! Some of us have been together for a long time!

Must move on to happier things before I get sad again!!! So, running…I ran 2 miles yesterday to test out my knee, and it was ok…but on my long run it didn’t hurt till 3 miles in so I am not sure how it really is. I went to the chiropractor today and asked him about it and he did something to my leg, then he pushed on a few places and I screamed! He said I am really tight and knotted up in several places all the way from my hip across my knee, and I need a deep tissue massage or Bobby to rub the fire out of it to loosen it up, and to keep icing and foam rolling. So….I am icing right now and I am going to get Bobby to work on it tonight. Going to try to run 4-5 in the morning, hopefully that will be a better test of how it is doing.

We have also done more packing…the kitchen is mostly done except for a few dishes and things we are leaving here for when we come back up every other weekend. The laundry room is almost done, too. we are getting there!

Have a great night everyone!!!

P.S. you can start booking for the 4th Disney ship the Fantasy for April 2012 starting tomorrow! Contact me for a free quote, my services are free!

QOTD: Are you crafty? What have you made?

A Look Back in Time


      Ok, so I finally got around to doing it. Be prepared to laugh! I found a couple pictures from my high school track days… Bwahaha! Hilarious! I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say. First things first, a little background. I played 3 sports in High School, volleyball in the fall, which overlapped with Basketball in the winter, and track in the spring. Track was my least favorite (funny huh?) and, I was a SPRINTER. I ran the 100 and 200 meter dash, the 100 was my favorite. I also participated in the 4×100 meter relay which I anchored and the 4 x 200 meter relay.  I loved the adrenaline rush of the fast paced over with so quickly races. I gave it all I had and in less than 13 seconds, it was over.

    Back then, I thought a 400 was long distance. Not even joking. Generally I got to just run sprints and work on my speed, but sometimes I was forced to run *gasp* a mile or more at practice. This really makes me chuckle now as I prepare for my first full marathon and my fourth half marathon!

    I started running track in high school, and apparently I was a natural sprinter (I always knew I was fast but not by racing standards.) I got to run in high school varsity meets in 7th grade. I felt super cool running with 18 year olds and I was 12! I actually had a great 7th grade year and made it to state where I got to run at LSU in the 100 meter dash. It was so scary, but so awesome at the same time. I came in 6th, I was so excited to get to contribute some points to our girls team who went on to win state that year. (Yes I have a huge state championship ring!)


   Ok fast forward to 10th grade. Regionals. Must get 1st or 2nd to go to state. This first picture is from the 100 m dash. I honestly can’t remember if I made it to state in this event that year! (I ran fast and I ran hard if you can’t tell by my facial expression hehe)


I know, funny stuff right? Pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing so you can look at the next one. I love this next picture. This was the 4 x 100 meter relay that I anchored. I LOVED this event, and I loved anchoring. I remember waiting on my mark watching my teammates go around the track (my heart rate is elevating just thinking about this by the way.) We had to be in 1st or 2nd, and we were currently in 4th. Dang it. Going to have to make up some time. My exchange partner and I practiced all the time and we had a very smooth exchange. We moved into 3rd during the exchange and I had to catch a very well known very fast girl. I gave it everything I had and passed her right before the finish line. Seriously ranks in like my top 20 favorite moments in life. If you look in the background, you can see all my friends and teammates and the parents cheering for me…and then you see a lady in LIME GREEN with a video camera. yes, that would be my mother. Hehe. We ended up going on to state and getting 3rd and got to stand on the podium. We also set a new school record and I set a personal new split record at a time of 12.37 seconds. Love it.


Ok ok stop laughing now. Seriously. I will have to find out podium picture when I unpack after we move. It’s great.

Also, just to show you I did NOT walk around all of 10th grade making that face, here is a normal one. Me, 10th grade Homecoming dance, I was on homecoming court this year. Interesting I think. Who is digging my mermaid gown?


Ah, to be 15 again….


Ok, so, why did I post these pictures you ask? Not just because they are funny, but because of the irony of the situation. Here I am, eating, sleeping, breathing marathon training (I am sitting here icing my IT band as I type) and this is the girl who dreaded running 400 meters. Who am I? Well, I will tell you. I am the girl who wants to live up to her potential. I am the girl who loves a good challenge and is competitive to the core. I am the girl who wants to feel alive, have no regrets, and live life to the fullest. Sprinter no more….marathoner…..on my way!

QOTD: Would high school you ever think you would be where you are today?

Pictures from Run for Life Half Marathon


       Good evening! I hope everyone has had a fabulous day! We did some more cleaning out at Bobby’s dad’s house and packing at our own house! We just took the girls for a ride on the golf cart, they love it! Now watching more football and cooking dinner. My Saints played well today, I am proud of them. Ok, on to the pictures. Sorry the quality is bad, I took a picture of the pictures on the computer, but, you get the idea.

This is one a friend took so it is of good quality. My leg looks so weird!



This was around mile five. As you can see, I am still smiling and thinking this is a good idea!



I don’t even remember anyone taking this one


This was at the end, right before the finish. I was in pain!



Finish line!


Sorry about the quality once again!

I know I said this before but I have some old track pictures from High School I found…hilarious! Hopefully I will get them scanned this week and get them on the blog. I look like such a nerd.

Sorry for the short post today has been super busy, I have barely even been on the computer!

Knee update: I am pretty sure I am having IT band issues. I pronate, it hurts more going downhill, all the classic symptoms. I have been icing, elevating, and foam rolling (painful!) as well as some other things so hopefully I will be good to go!

QOTD: do you ever get good photos of yourself at races? If you have one on your blog, link it up in the comments so everyone can see!

14 Miles and a Party


    Afternoon all! I am feeling alive!!! We just ran 14 miles and I made some chili for lunch. It is a BEAUTIFUL day but started to get hot on the last four miles. Going into this run, we just wanted to cover the distance at an easy pace since we ran a half marathon a week ago today and have another on two weeks.  We got a late start, and had to drop off something to a friend first, but we finally got going about 9:00. The first four miles flew by, I was enjoying the run, and then, my knee started hurting just a LITTLE bit. Now, if you have been following along, you know I had no knee pain during my half marathon, but after, it hurt so bad and I could barely walk for two days. It stayed pretty stiff all week but didn’t hurt on my 3 or 4 milers this week.

      It wasn’t a bad pain so I kept going just at a slow pace, until we went down a hill. Crap! It hurt a lot more going down hill, so I started taking them slow and walking down some of them. I was mad because I was feeling GREAT otherwise. We kept on trucking and stopped at the car between eight and nine to get more gu, gatorade, and refill my water bottle. We took off again and Bobby was starting to hurt with 4 miles left. I was feeling good and wanted to go faster but being the nice wife I am I stopped and walked with him a good bit. 

    On the final two, I wanted to be done, it was getting hot, and Bobby was having a hard time so he gave me the car keys and told me to go ahead. OK! I picked up the pace and kept going, and he stayed close. I laughed because when we hit mile 13.1 we had beat our first half marathon race time in WDW! It made me feel good because we were NOT trying today so there is physical proof we are getting faster. Yay! We finished up the last mile and drove home feeling very accomplished. That is the furthest we have ever gone. Woot. I wore my compression socks and I felt great during the run so I guess they are helping? I finished feeling strong and I feel great right now! (I am sure I will be stiff later!)

     Last night, our Sunday School class tailgated at the local high school football game. it doubled as a going away party for Bobby and me. The weather was perfect and we had a great time!

Ready to go tailgate!



Yes I am wearing my hair down and yes that is rare!



Look what our sweet Sunday School teachers had made for us. They were chocolate and tasted as good as they looked. trust me! They know us all too well, don’t they?











Me and Leslie. She has been in my small group Bible study for YEARS. Going to miss her!





We had a lot of fun but it was over way too soon. Going to miss these guys. We have been in a class with most of them for 3.5 years. Super great folks!

Race photos are in from my half marathon, I will post some tomorrow, but now, time to ice my knee and watch some football! Have a great Saturday everyone!

QOTD: Have you ever had a knee injury? What did you do? Any idea what mine is? (outside of my right knee)

Compression Socks Review


    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great day! Tonight our Sunday school class at church is tailgating at the local High School Football game and it is doubling as a going away party for us. How fun! I will be sure to bring the camera.

On to the review!

Yesterday I wore my new Running Skirts compression socks on our 4 mile run. It was a little warmer out than expected so they made me hot quickly, but oh well!






BWAHAHA! I wore another one of my big racing shirts on purpose..and of course had to pair it with a pink skirt to match my pink socks and hat!!! In case you missed the shirt discussion, you can check it out  HERE.

So…my husband doesn’t like to count when he takes pictures, hence me having one eye open in this next one. Thanks, dear.


Let’s try that again!


So, it took me a few minutes to get these babies on. It would have been funny to videotape. Boy were they tight! (yes yes, I understand that’s the whole point but still!) It felt really weird at first when we started the run  but I got used to it. They actually felt really good on my legs! We only ran 4 miles so I didn’t really get to test them out long, and we had to shower right after so we could get to the fair so I didn’t wear them after my run as some do, But I definitely think they helped my legs to not feel as sluggish and heavy during my run. I am going to test them out again tomorrow when we do 14 miles (yikes!) and I will probably talk about them again.

QOTD: What is your favorite thing about compression socks?

State Fair and Funnel Cakes


    I am not sure if it is just MY state fair..or all state fairs…but, I feel like I need to take several showers now to be clean. Anyone with me? We decided to go because if you go on a weekday between 11-1 it’s free to get in and free parking. So, why not. We went to walk around and get something to eat. We didn’t go last year and since we are moving I figured this would be the last time we got to go.

Got my boots on ready to go to the fair!



We got there just before 1:00 so it was pretty deserted. Rides opened at 2:00 and it filled up pretty fast.






After walking up and down the street we decided to get some lunch. Fair food scares me for the most part though! We found a local place that had a stand there with an area to sit down if you bought some of their food. My feet were killing me in my boots so I was happy when Bobby said he wanted to eat here. He got a catfish basket and I got a slice of pizza from a stand’s can they mess it up? OH MY GOSH it was SO GROSS! Bobby even tried it and said it was disgusting. I was mad because it was $3.50 for a gross slice of pizza!!! I just decided to eat some of Bobby’s fries and save room for a dessert.



After we ate, we did my favorite thing, we went and looked at the animals there for all the livestock competitions etc. A couple years ago we saw a baby calf RIGHT after it was born and watched it take it’s first steps. It was so neat!

Why, hello there!



Eat more chicken


This was SO FUNNY.  It was a duck pond someone built. They climb the ramp and at the top see the blue part? it’s like a slide. They slide down and free fall into the water. It was so cute to watch!


After we had our fill of cow manure smell, we decided to get some dessert and go home. I played it safe, opting for Bop’s frozen custard with oreos mixed it. No random fair dessert for me. I know Bops!


Bobby, of course, had to get a funnel cake. With Bavarian cream. I had one bite and that was enough for me.

Bobby proceeded to eat almost the WHOLE THING by himself before he started feeling gross and threw it away.


We found a bench to sit on while we ate and I took a couple pictures. This ride was crazy. not only did it fling you back and forth but you spun round and round as you were flung back and forth!

This ride is called Freak Out for a reason!



It started getting hot and I was definitely ready to go! We saw quite a few strange characters at the fair…I am not sure I would go after dark!

Now I feel tired and gross from the bad food and want to take a nap but need to do laundry.  Meanwhile, Bobby feels SO sick to his stomach he had to lay down!!! That’s what we get I guess!

TOMORROW is running skirt compression sock review! So make sure you come back to see me rockin’ my socks!


QOTD: What is your favorite food to get at the fair?

I Heart Mexican Food


    If you really know me, it is no secret that I LOVE Mexican food. I love cheese. and salt. Ssssooo….queso dip, chips, chicken and cheese quesadillas, all right up my alley. (Plus, the place we go to usually has really good sweet tea and sometimes I get that as a treat!) I know some people say all Mexican food is the same, but I don’t think so. I REALLY am going to miss Papitos when we move to the coast!


Yesterday was a beautiful day and we finally got to eat outside! Last time we went it was too cold, and the time before that too hot. Gah!

I love our little town. Everything is brick!



Not really sure why Bobby is making this weird face.


This is Bobby’s mom (right) and her friend Margaret who joined us for lunch. Yes they matched, and yes we made fun of them.


We went home and decided it was time to do some heavy duty packing since we leave in a little more than a week.

We decided to organize some of the attic stuff (mainly Christmas decorations) and things like that. Then we went to the chiropractor, and after decided to tackle the kitchen. This made it feel more “real” for us! I was getting a little overwhelmed though. I found so many platters and gadgets I forgot I had. I MUST do a better job of organizing in the new house!

Also, look how dark it is out the window. It was like 4:00! We haven’t had rain in a MONTH and it got so dark and finally rained yesterday!


When I say it rained…it RAINED!


Me trying not to be overwhelmed in the kitchen.


Also, I got my swift socks in the mail from Running Skirts. I can’t wait to try these babies out! I have never worn compression socks before!



Aren’t they cute?

More packing today, more chiropractor today, hopefully the fair tomorrow after a good morning run! Have a great afternoon everyone!

QOTD: Do you wear compression socks? Thoughts?

Listen up, Race Directors


   Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day. We are dealing with some not so fun family issues, but other than that it’s been an ok day. I went for my first post-race run this morning by myself. I just did 3 miles, and my calves were SO TIGHT until almost the end of the run. But, all things considered, I had a good run and pushed hard. (More on that tomorrow hopefully!) In case you missed my race recap, you can check it out HERE.

   Anyway, I have a qualm. With races. Specifically with race shirts. WHY do most races NOT have gender specific shirts? I am not a tiny person, but I am not a big person. I wear a size small t-shirt. But, in these race tech shirts, a universal small is BIG and NOT very fun to run in. Case in point, here is my ace shirt from this past weekend. I ran in it this morning, and it just so happened to match my headband and running skirt, score! But…it’s huge! (I am holding it out for the purposes of this picture, I am not filling up all that space with my body!) it took me a couple tries. The first one you couldn’t really see well, (me and the self timer don’t get along)


ok here we go, this one is better.


It is so baggy, it’s frustrating and felt heavy and awkward to run in it. Oh well!

I do have good news though, my GU came in the mail! GU was having a special I posted about on my facebook fan page (you can join on the right sidebar) where if you bought any GU product, you got a 6 pack of the new, limited edition flavor, island nectar. I can’t wait to try it out!


I ordered the vanilla gingerbread with mine, yum! Look at the cute little package!



On the moving front, we cleaned up and boxed up the entire guest bedroom yesterday and put it in the garage, except for furniture. Look what I found! Bwahaha!


IT’S HUGE! It’s actually bigger than this, you can see the left panel isn’t out all the way…it wouldn’t fit on the floor of the office! Ok, story behind the Notebook poster…Back in college I was the cool 19 year old who had her own apartment Smile Bobby and I had a friend who worked at blockbuster. They were taking this huge poster down from the window display and said I could have it SCORE! I promptly hung it up in my bedroom over my bed. Seriously? I really did that? Hilarious! It was definitely time to throw it away!

I have more pictures to post but will save them for another post. I have to go! Have a great afternoon!


QOTD: What is something funny you did in college you look back on now and laugh about?