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Blogging Tips


   Hello all! Awhile back, I made a submission to  Healthy Living Blogs about my first week of blogging. I have almost been blogging a year, and do NOT in any way consider myself an expert, but I do learn new things everyday. I know new blogs are popping up all the time, so I thought I would share some words about things I wish I would have known my first week of blogging. Here goes:

“What do you wish someone would have told you in your first week of blogging?”
This is a great topic! I thought about it for awhile, because there is a lot to say! Blogging can be overwhelming, and there is so much more to it than I first thought there would be, but, I love doing it!
1.) Don’t compare yourself to other Bloggers!
-This is SO important. When I first started blogging, I would look at other blogs and think their layout was better than mine, they had more readers than me, they had a more exciting life to blog about, and the biggie, they are more health and/or a faster runner than me. That last one was particularly hard for me because I am so competitive, and I thought something was wrong with me for not being able to post the same times as some of the girls on other blogs I read. I finally learned to chill out, and that everyone has different gifts and abilities, and the only person I need to be competitive with is me!
2.) Download Windows Live Writer!
-I feel so silly knowing how long I went blogging in wordpress, which I find very difficult to use, and how many hours I could have saved if I would have used live writer!!! Go, do it now…seriously, now.
3.) Read other blogs and comment on them. If you want to get traffic, you have got to have exposure. Go start reading blogs and comment!!! Other people will read them, click your link to your site, etc. Its a great way to get traffic and get to know the other great bloggers out there!
4.) Don’t be a slave to the computer. When I first started blogging, it was a very busy time of year, and I felt like if I didn’t blog everyday I was letting people down, that I would lose readers, etc. Well it was a great way to stress myself out! Why do it if it’s not fun and if you feel pressured to get out a post at a certain time? If your readers don’t understand, well, they will just have to get over it, and if that makes someone stop reading, then it’s ok, readers will come and go!
5.) Don’t make people have to type in a series of letters to post a comment. It will make it that much more unlikely that people will comment. I had this feature at first because honestly, I was scared of what people would say about my blog, but I have gotten over that and think it helps when it comes to frequency of comments. I post comments on my friends blogs that have this feature, but if I am a new reader and have to jump through hoops to comment, I probably won’t.
Now, I am by NO means a blogging expert. I do it for fun, and really do enjoy it! I make mistakes even still, and feel like I am always learning new things! I love that the healthy blogging community is so supportive of each other, it makes making mistakes that much easier to swallow! Happy blogging! 

PS-we got our golf cart fixed finally, we have had a grand time running around the neighborhood in it!


QOTD: What do you wish someone would have told you your first week of blogging?

Open House


   Good evening! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was good until about 15 minutes ago when the Saints lost to the Cardinals. I am so unhappy with them right now!!! I know it’s hard to repeat as super bowl champs, but come on! Moving on…today was open house day at our house!





These signs were at the interstate and lead to our neighborhood


S0 we were homeless for a couple house, so we ran some errands, I got an iced pumpkin spice latte, and we showed Bobby’s dad’s house. We had the dogs with us so we couldn’t do a whole lot. While out running errands, I spotted a hidden mickey on the ground, and Bobby gave me a really hard time for taking a picture of it!


Apparently it was kind of a slow day, but we did have some people look at the house. We came back, watched the Saints game I had Tivoed, and now I am trying not th throw things in my anger!!!

Bobby and I are both so sore from our race. My knee still hurts but not as badly. I have general leg soreness, but it’s not terrible. We signed up for the Mardi Gras Rock n Roll half again for this year today. We used the 10-10-10 $20 code. It was hard to sign up for another half still in pain from this one though ha! So…I have the Jazz half, possibly another half, then the Disney full and Mardi Gras half. Going to be a busy next few months, but I am excited!

   I hope everyone had a great weekend, we have a LOT going on this week, we are on the countdown to moving!!! Goodnight!

QOTD: What did you do this weekend?

Run For Life Half Marathon


   This morning my alarm went off a little after 5:00. It was very dark, and I was very tired, but very excited! I was about to run my third half marathon. As with everything, I feel that I understand how to run the half a little better more after having run 2 previous ones. I know I will learn a little each time, so I was excited to get out there and enjoy the experience. My “plan” was to start off at a decent pace and see how I felt. If I felt good, I would push my pace a little and just run. But, I had already decided if something started hurting (like my nagging hip injury) or my back, ankles, etc. I would slow down. it’s not worth it to me when my ultimate goal is the full marathon in Disney. This was just a glorified training run, right?

I had put all my stuff out the night before so I wouldn’t be fumbling around in the dark and risk forgetting something.


Bobby was less than thrilled to be up this early!


The bags under my eyes say I am not awake either!


The race was set to start at 7 am. We only live 7-10 minutes away, so we decided to leave at 6 am. When we made the turn at the intersection we ran into this.


I know it’s blurry, but you get the idea. Lots of cars waiting to park, lots of cones (I later learned they had 1500 cones out!) Later I would be running down the street in between these cones in the picture right before the finish!

I decided NOT to run with my camera. I knew this would be a boring course with nothing exciting to take pictures of, so I just took some prerace pictures with my cell phone, so sorry for the quality!

Waiting in line for the potty. (This was my ONLY complaint of the race other than the hills! They only had 10 potties for about 800 people at the start line!)


They gave away the car, which we did not win, sang the Star Spangled Banner, said a prayer, and we were told to line up!


I turned around and took this of the people behind me


Not sure who that lady is or why she is smiling in my picture haha. Also, check it out, someone had a Disney half shirt on! I have that shirt! (Undoubtedly later she was regretting wearing long sleeves!)

The temperature at the start was right at about 60, and it was low 80’s when I finished the race. I was chilly at the start, but I remembered I stood and waited to start the Disney half in 23 degrees and sleet so I could handle this in a tank top for a few minutes!

I wasn’t really nervous, I just kind of realized I had not mentally prepared for this! I hadn’t rested or tapered, (I ran 12 miles a week ago today!) so I was just going to take it easy and go with the flow. I am going to give you a play by play of the miles as much as I can remember, so here we go!

Miles 1-3

I started off well but forced myself to not start off too fast. This is a fault of mine, and it’s so hard for me to slow down with everyone passing me! I tried to maintain about a 10 min. mile, and went over some and under some. We hit our first hill a mile in, and I laughed at how the race advertised a “relatively” flat course. Folks, relatively means they are trying to hide something!

2 and 3 were a breeze, I kept the same pace. Also, I found a guy in a bright gold shirt running 10 minute miles, so I hung out behind him. I hit the 5k mark at just over 30 minutes, which was pretty comical because this is not far off from my 5k PR from last season.

Mile 4

We made a turn past some houses and went down a hill, and I took it too fast and got an AWFUL cramp in my right side. It felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife. I got SO frustrated! I hydrated SO WELL yesterday, and it was way to early in the race for this to happen. I had to stop and walk about 2 minutes, and I kept praying it would go away, and it finally did, just in time to go up another hill! I took a GU about this time, hoping it would give me a boost.


Mile 5-8

I was feeling really good these miles, and maintained a very low 10:00 min per mile pace, and I was very happy with this. We turned onto the main road we would run most of the miles on. basically, it is a 4 lane service road with a big median in the middle, but with NOTHING on the sides of the road. They went ahead and put it in for future development, but guys…it’s just woods on one side, and the interstate in the distance on the other. BOR-ING! Nevertheless, I was still around a lot of people, and feeling good. The race had all of these cheer teams who had set up tents along the way, had signs, etc so that was fun. About mile six I felt a blister forming on the inside of my arch of my left foot, from that point on, every step was painful, but I was too happy at that point to let it bother me! This was a looped course so about mile 7.5 is when the leaders started coming back the other way. The sun started beating down, the temps rose, and with no clouds and trees I was starting to get hot. About mile 8 I started looking for Bobby, because I was about a mile from the turn around and I figured he was around somewhere. Sure enough, within a couple minutes I passed him, and I yelled out that I loved him and kept on my way. I wanted him to see me smiling and having a good time even though my blister was starting to kill!

Mile 9

I hit the turnaround, and told myself now I just have to get back to the car and I am done haha! I was headed in the direction of the finish which always makes me feel better! They were handing out GU’s here, so I took one and felt a little bit better. I powered though, still hitting 10 min miles, but I was starting to chafe under my arms, I could feel my blister with every step, and my legs were starting to ache. But, no worries, I was on pace to run a 2:15, so I was happy!

Mile 10-12

This is where it all fell apart! All of the sudden, it felt like my butt was going to fall off onto the pavement. My legs were screaming at me to stop, and my nose was all clogged so I couldn’t get a deep breath. I was very aware of every pain, every step, I was mentally losing it. By this point in the race, it had thinned out a lot, and I was literally by myself. No one for a good 300 yards ahead of me, and no one right behind me or passing me. I was alone. In the brutal sun. With my own thoughts. No one to motivate me, encourage me, tell me to keep going. I could walk, and no one would even know, right? SEVERAL times tears welled up in my eyes and I had to fight them back. I refused to be that girl who let it get to her. I could do this….No, I can’t, I need to stop…no, I can’t stop, I may not start again. Crap, my pace has slowed to 12:00…but I can’t go any faster.

I. was. crushed. I was angry. My body had betrayed me. It was giving up, and there wasn’t much I could do about it. I wanted to be done, I wanted to stop, I wanted to cry. These three miles were the most mentally tough thing I have ever gone through in my life. I knew I had blown the chance of running a 2:15, but I could still PR if I pushed it. Pushed what? I had nothing left. I tried not to think about it, but I kept checking my Garmin…it was going so slow! I started thinking about how running is SUCH a mental sport! I KNEW if I told my legs to run, they would, one would keep going in front of the other. But convincing my brain of that was a different story. Then, I remembered that this course was long. over 2 tenths of a mile to be exact. Crap. So when I “should” be done, I really won’t. This did not help matters.  I just kept praying that I could finish the race, and that it would be over and I would survive! I finally made it to mile 12, and turned a corner to the straightaway and saw it. A hill. CRAP! I was having a hard enough time running on flat ground let alone a hill! I ran walked it, and made it to the busiest intersection in town. Remember, I am all by myself. They had cops telling cars when to go, turn, etc. and I saw up ahead the cop was telling cars to turn left across in front of me. When he saw me coming, he told them to stop. Well…this one woman blaring he rap music with her windows down obviously didn’t care about running me down, so she kept going. The cop starts yelling LADY STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! and running towards me. I stop dead in my tracks, and YELL through her window WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOMAN!!! LOL! I was so tired, angry, and frustrated. I started up again thinking I am going to get run over in this intersection!

Mile 13 to end

My garmin beeped saying I hit mile 13, but the mile  marker was a ways away. UG! I turned the corner, hit the mile marker and could see the finish line. I thought to myself, “the faster you run the sooner you can stop!” So I started sprinting as hard as I could, giving it everything I had. I saw Bobby cheering for me, I kicked it into high gear. Where was this a mile ago when I thought I would die? I saw the clock and that I was going to PR. I was so happy! I crossed the line, was given water, a cold cloth, and my medal, and Bobby came over and I could barely stand up. I had to settle down and drink some water before I could go get anything to eat. I had run a 2:24:57 half, and Bobby PR’ed too, he ran a 2:02! He apparently almost threw up when he finished, so I didn’t feel so bad about how awful I felt. I came in 19th in my division and 144th overall (about 550 people ran the half I think) We sat for a minute in some shade behind a car, and then got a free smoothie sample, some Powerade, Honey Milk, a banana, and they had Chic-Fil-A sandwiches!


They had the results up really quick, I was really impressed with the whole end of the race experience for our little hometown!


Where they had some of the ffooddd


We sat for a few minutes, just hanging out watching people, then decided it was time to go! I felt SO BAD for the people running the full marathon, they had to go back and do the same loop again, and it was starting to get REALLY hot out. Oh, by the way, only a few minutes after I finished, the first full marathoner finished. Ya….

Here are some pics I took of us trying to get out of the parking lot!



They had guys riding bikes all along the course making sure everyone was safe


I told Bobby today is the day to rob a bank, all the cops were out! They even had some soldiers in full uniform at some of the turns helping direct traffic.


We did it!



Looking at my medal.


We made it home and took more pictures with no annoying sun on our faces.



In addition to the tech shirts we got at packet pickup, we got these cute finisher t shirts for free!



We got home, and while I was busy unpacking everything, Bobby did this.



While Bobby was uh….recovering, I decided to assess the damage. HUGE blister and chafing on the inside of my heel


I had bloody toes on both feet, like in my 2nd to smallest toe. (I know I need to repaint them, but I think some may fall off!)


Chafing under both arms. Weird, on one arm it was on the front side of my underarm, and one on the back side!


We took showers and naps. I could only sleep about 15 minutes, but Bobby slept 3 hours before I woke him up! He probably would have slept longer!

I feel ok right now except the outside of my right knee kills! I am just glad it didn’t hurt during the race. I am sure we will hurt tomorrow!

I know this was really long, thanks for following along. Since this race was SO hard for me, I am that much more proud of myself and my husband! We rocked it!


QOTD: Have you ever had to be mentally tough to get through something?

Yurbuds and Swag


   Good evening all! I hope you all had  a fabulous Friday! Today was a little crazy. We went to the chiropractor twice, showed Bobby’s dad’s house, had someone come look at our house, went to packet pickup, cleaned up our house for the showing…whew! We are finally getting to relax a bit and start thinking about our race tomorrow!

One of the biggest things I need to remember about this race is that it is a glorified training run. This half is NOT my ultimate goal. My goal is of course the full marathon in January, so I don’t want to push too hard and get injured for then. Easier said than done. This girl is competitive so it will be interesting to see how it goes!

I am also debating on brining my point and shoot camera. Honestly it’s a boring course…mostly I don’t know if I want to lug it around just for that. we will see how I feel tomorrow morning.

So, we went to packet pickup which was conveniently at my church in the lobby of the sanctuary. They had a couple of vendors there selling things, and they had the car out front one lucky runner will win! Score! It’s a tiny little thing!





Swag! Bobby was most excited about the Chic-Fil-A coupons, and I was most excited about the advertisement for this:


This, my friends, is an ad for Gigi’s cupcakes!!! Heavenly! I don’t usually go to the part of town where the store is, but I just HAPPEN to have an appointment there in a week or so, so I just MAY happen to stop by…hhmm…

Here is Bobby modeling the tech t-shirt we got.


The race starts at 7, we are going to get there about 6:15. (it’s only about 8 minutes from our house.) They are announcing the winner of the car at 6:30 (hey, we have 2 shots out of over 750 people!) and then we are off at 7:00, so hopefully I will be done before it gets to hot. Did I say hot? Oh yes, I forgot to mention. The high lately has been in the upper 70’s low 80’s….until tomorrow, when it spikes to a high of 95, then goes back down Sunday. I am not even kidding. WHY!?

Anyway, on to something not so depressing. Yurbuds! yes, yurbuds. I was the winner of Katye’s giveaway a while back, and I just got my own customized yurbuds in the mail yesterday! I opted for pink, a special edition color for breast cancer awareness.

You haven’t heard of Yurbuds? well, let me tell you! You send them a picture of your ear with a regular earbud in it or a quarter up next to your ear and they tell you what size you are. These things are soft, comfy, don’t make your ears ache and won’t fall out! Also, the sound is better so you don’t have to turn your ipod up as loud to hear the music, and therefore you don’t waste as much battery. I am so excited to wear mine for the first time in the race tomorrow!




I tried to take a self portrait of me with the yurbuds in, to show you all how they look in your ears. Not only was I not successful, but I look mean in my picture!


So I decided to take another one.


I guess that’s a little better!

Ok, I am off to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow so I don’t have to get up quite as early. If you are up early be thinking of me! I will try to twit
ter right before and right after the race!!

QOTD: What kind of earphones do you use?

Pronoun updates


   Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great day! Another beautiful cloudless one here. Our state is officially under a burn ban, we haven’t had rain in WEEKS. Let’s just hope it all doesn’t decide to start Saturday during my race! Speaking of burning, this is what I am burning right now. yum!


and this is snoozing on the floor in the sun.



next, this came in the mail yesterday! My all time favorite, I can’t wait to watch it! Any other fans out there? You know as a little girl you always pick the Disney princess you wanted to be? Well, I always (and still do!) wanted to be Belle.


I finally bought one of these at the store. yay! Now I can hopefully have some motivation to do more yoga.


Speaking of the store, we also bought these for packing because they were on sale at Wal Mart!


Speaking of packing, I had this all cleaned up until Bobby started looking for something and make it a mess!


So now, he is outside doing this while I blog and clean up his mess!


Later we go to the Chiropractor and dinner with a friend. I just wrapped up a 20 minutes yoga video and now I guess I will go clean up, pack more, and help with the washing of the vehicles. Have a great day all!

QOTD: I love English and History, what were your favorite subjects in school?

Easy Chili


Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great hump day! I have been pretty productive today. Bobby and I got up and ran 4 miles, our last run before the half. We were scheduled to do 5, and I even had my alarm set… can’t hear your alarm if your phone is on silent now can you? We were running late so we just did 4 miles then went to the chiropractor, cleaned out more stuff at Bobby’s dad’s ate lunch, and now we are waiting for the AT&T guy to come because our internet is acting up. Don’t you love how they give you those windows of time…”Someone will be there between 1-5.” Not cool! We have to go BACK to the chiropractor later and then dinner with friends.


Ok, here is the easy chili recipe I promised. I kind of made it up, so you can change things to your liking. I think it came out good! This amount was enough for 4 large bowls.


-1 .5 pounds meat (we used ground sirloin)

-1 can Busch’s beans in chili sauce

-3 tsp of chili powder

-1/4 of an onion chopped up (I am not a huge onion fan)

-1 small can of tomato sauce (like the little mini cans)

-water (I used two cans worth of the beans can)



-chop up onion

-brown meat, then add onion

-drain excess fat

-put into a pot with rest of ingredients, simmer for 45 minutes (the longer the better)


We served ours with crushed multigrain tortilla chips and cheese on top. and served with bread. It was great for the cold weather we had for a couple of days!



Have a great afternoon everyone! The next two weeks are really busy for us, so hang on for the ride!!!


QOTD: What is your favorite cold weather food?


aannnd a Disney picture thrown in for fun!



Light the Fire


Good Morning! It’s another beautiful sunny COLD day here! The high is in the mid 70’s and the low tonight is 39! wow! To think 2 weeks ago it was 95 degrees and I was in a swimsuit. I finally got yesterday’s pictures uploaded so sharing time!

Bobby came home from the gym at nine and brought me a Smoothie King smoothie. How sweet! We went for a quick 3 mile run, and I wore a long sleeved shirt! After that we decided to do some cleaning and reorganizing. See, since we decided to move, we have started packing up boxes of things we don’t need right now and putting them in the garage. Well, we didn’t plan properly and it was all very disorganized and random.

    We had inherited a broken golf cart almost 2 years ago and never had it fixed, and we kind of boxed it in with our packing. Bobby decided to get it fixed so we had to move all the boxes to get it out, so we just decided to repack everything correctly once we got it out.

This is what we started with.  yikes.


The puppies wanted to hang out outside with us.




We finally got the golf cart out of the garage!


Told ya I wore long sleeves!


My girls don’t get along too well, so the fact that they were laying this close to each other make me so happy!


It took awhile, but here is the finished product!



After we got all cleaned up we ran a couple errands including grocery shopping and came home where I made a new chili recipe! (I will post it at some point with a picture.)

After we ate, we decided to do some burning. In our packing and cleaning out we had a ton of old papers with personal info on them we didn’t want to throw away, so we decided it would be a good night to burn them in the fire pit.






I enjoyed it. it was nice because it wasn’t TOO cold outside, but the fire was nice and cozy! We stayed out for about an hour or so until all the paper had burned and it was dark and getting much colder!

Then, this morning, Bobby made us waffles!


They were quite delicious. I added a little pumpkin spice to mine. Yumm-o!

Today we were supposed to go to the gym and do more cleaning at Bobby’s dad’s, but he isn’t feeling well so we are going to stay here, wait for the golf cart people to come pick up the golf cart, and then we have a chiropractor appointment this evening to get together a “game plan”.” I am excited about this because I so want my running to improve!!!

Tomorrow will be 5 miles. Normally it’s a tempo run or speedwork, but since we have the half marathon Saturday it will just be 5 easy miles.

Have a good day all!

QOTD: What is your favorite breakfast food?

Marie Claire = Twisted Writings

Good morning! I had a nice 3 mile run today to formulate my thoughts for this blog post (and calm down a little) so before you read what i have to say, if you have not seen “The Hunger Diaries” Marie Claire Article in question, please go read it now, then come back and read my post. You can find it HERE.

Let me start by saying I LOVE the healthy living blogger community. Having been a part of it for almost a year, I have grown to love the blogs, the people, the tips, advice, and encouragement I recieve everyday on my blog, on twitter, and on facebook. Social media, and the media in general, CAN be a great thing….but it also has a very ugly, mean, finger pointing, take-things-out-of-context side. Of the 6 bloggers in question, 4 of them were some of the first I ever got to know through their blogs, and I still follow them today (as well as the other two, as of late.) All I have ever known form their blogs and from people I know in real life that have met them is that they are great people who love sharing about being healthy, how you don’t have to starve to be healthy, how you CAN be a runner, or get into yoga, or make a gormet meal. The message is extremly positive, and I love being a very small part of it.

As a former teacher and coach, it’s pretty obvious I love to share, help, encourage, and teach. One of my FAVORITE questions I get asked on my blog is “how do you get started running?” My face lights up, and I ramble on and on and the poor reader has no idea what they have gotten themselves into by asking me!

That being said, it hurts me so very deeply to read this poorly written article. I do not and have never struggled from an eating disorder or exercise disorder, but people close to me have, and obviously it is not soemthing to mees around with. I think twisting the words and blogs of these poor girls is in INSULT to the people who truly have a problem. Health is different for everyone, and each person needs to find what works for them personally.

I am sure the author would not appreciate us taking every bad day, negative thought, or word of doubt from her life and twisting it around to make a story. these girls don’t deserve it. it is so nit picky to say that if someone with an ED reads their blog, they could be triggered….come on now…If that is true, then every magazine stand, billboard, tv commerical, and movie is a trigger. What are they going to do, sit in a dark room forever as to not see a trigger? Yes, some things are inapropriate, yes, airbrushing models onto magazines is quite annoying, but these 6 girls are the picture of health!

I do not blog about my food. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1.)I eat a lot through the day and it would be way too time consuming for me to do so. 2.)I am a picky eater and eat much of the same foods over and over again. 3.) I don’t eat as healthy as I should (I am getting so much better though!) and don’t feel that posting about my 8 pieces of candy and bowl of ice cream is really going to benefit anything (let me be clear, I am fine with what I eat, not trying to HIDE it, just don’t see the point for me personally in sharing every meal.) That being said, I do post all of my exercise, and some people would say running so much is crazy, or that I have an exercise disorder for having exercise guilt, when in fact, my guilt comes from how bad my body feels when I don’t workout, because I feel so alive when I do! I realize I am not the BEST picture of health, no one is perfect, but what I am is honest, as are these 6 girls. To finger point when they are being honest and vunerable is wrong.

So, please, Marie Claire, screen your writers and articles more carefully, and stop picking on people who are trying to make a positive difference in this world. These girls work hard to help, not hurt, and I strive to do the same. Hopefully when I go out on a double digit training run, I won’t be blasted for having something wrong with me.

Viking Classic Golf Tournament


     Good evening! Today has been quite the busy one! This morning, Bobby and I went to the Viking Classic golf tournament, which is part of the PGA tour. Someone gave us free tickets, so we said “why not?” Sadly, I was told one of a bloggers most dreaded words..”no cameras allowed.” Bummer! So I took some pictures leading up to where we parked just to have something haha! (Also, no cell phones were allowed!)


On the way to the tournament at Annandale Golf club, which is about 5 minutes from our house.



These were taken through the windshield (which is very dirty) I even got a shot of some golfer haha!







I found this quite amusing, and those that love Disney will appreciate it. When we were leaving, a lady stopped and took our picture, then handed us a card and said we could go online and view/buy. I felt like it was Disney’s photopass service, too funny! Here is our picture.


We got back in the car, and had a voicemail from someone wanting to see our house. YIKES! We were starving and planning to stop for lunch, but our house was a MESS. So we ate Mexican really quickly, got home in time for Saints kickoff, and cleaned at commercials and in between plays! They came and went, then we left again because we got a call for someone wanting to look at Bobby’s dad’s house, so we went over there, showed the house, and did about an hours worth of more cleaning, and now we are home and tired, whew! All I can say is at least our house is really clean again!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am not really sore from our run which is good. We took a walk last night and walked a lot at the tournament this morning so I think that has helped. Tomorrow will be an easy recovery run, then 5 miles Wednesday then the half marathon Saturday!

New Training Run Distance Record



     Today Bobby and I ran our longest training run to date, 12 miles. We haven’t run that far since the Mardi Gras rock n roll half in February! It was an absolutely beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky! We ran through our favorite neighborhood to run in, on the trails, all over the place to complete our 12 miles.


Something new and interesting is happening to me…I am chafing!!! I have never had this problem before. I guess it’s because I am doing higher mileage, and it’s not hot/humid so I am not sweating as much? I am chafing on my legs, under my arms, on my sports bra line, and on the inside of my left heel. Huh? I am going to have to coat myself in body glide from now on I guess!! It felt pretty good despite that. I could breathe easier since my chiropractor appointment, and my hips felt a little smoother. I don’t at all feel completely “normal” as I know there is still work to be done on my back!


   We came home and ate lunch and I treated myself to a cream soda. Bobby and I both love cream soda, but we only buy it maybe twice a year, so this was a special treat!



Some fun news, we may be going to the Viking Classic tomorrow! It’s part of the PGA golf tour. Someone gave Bobby 2 free tickets and tomorrow is the last day, so I said..why not? We of course would go early so we could be back in time for the Saints game! I will bring my good camera if we go and try and get some good pictures! We also plan to do some more cleaning out at Bobby’s dad’s house tomorrow and the rest of the week. Bobby’s last day of work at the cheer gym was last night, so we are going to be doing some hardcore packing the next two weeks to prepare for our big move!!


I hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday and I hope it’s as beautiful at your house as it is here! (Oh, and go Tigers! LSU game comes on soon!)


 QOTD: What food/drink is considered a special treat that you don’t get that often?