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RWS Features #33


Good morning! It was a rainy dreary day yesterday, so I am hoping to get outside and do some work in the yard today. Seriously, how on earth do our bushes grow so fast? We just trimmed them back a month ago, and they are out of control! I need a more low maintenance yard yall, It does look nice thought when it’s all trimmed and cut.

photo (12)

Today I am featuring yet another blogger here on RWS, so please be sure to show some love for a BOY! That’s right, my first RWS feature on a guy blogger, I am stoked to share with you! Everyone need Matt form The Athlete’s Plate. Matt is a great runner but is also super tech savvy! He has a lot of insight about the technical aspect of blogging, hosting, etc.


1.) How/Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2009. I had been reading healthy living/running
blogs for about a year and one day I suddenly had the urge to start my

2.) Sum up your blog in a couple sentences

My blog can actually be summed up in a few words: Recent college grad
who runs (sometimes too much) and eats healthy.

3.)What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

I blog for a few different reasons:
1. To connect with other people that live a similar lifestyle. The
relationships that I’ve made through blogging has made it worth it 10x
2. I enjoy it. When I cook a delicious meal, I want to share it with
the world. When I have a great run, I want to tell everyone about it.

4.)What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

Finishing the Chicago Marathon (my first) in 2009.

5.) What is your blog URL and twitter handle – このドメインはお名前.comで取得されています。

No Description

Thanks so much Matt! Everyone be sure to stop by Matt’s blog and say hello.

QOTD: Do you enjoy yardwork? Do you have a high maintenance yard?

Round Two


For some reason, my body is not liking me right now. I alluded to it in some previous posts, but I am having foot trouble again. It started a couple weeks ago, very very dull small ache on the top of my foot. We went out of town to the beach and I decided not to run at all until I got back.  Well, we got back and I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. My foot didn’t “hurt”, and was by no means debilitating, but it ached a bit when I landed certain ways and I could “feel” my foot if that makes sense to anyone. I took a day off, then tried again yesterday, same thing. I am quite frustrated, at this point, and don’t think going back to the doctor will do anything for me.


I have decided to take 2 weeks off of running, and I am wearing my boot when I am at the house, and wearing running shoes when I leave the house. I am really hoping after two weeks I will feel better and be able to go again, because the Disneyland half is coming up so soon. Last time I hurt my foot, it was all out excruciating pain before I decided to go to the doctor, so hopefully I caught it early. I can jump up and down, bend my toes, etc. with no pain. I can’t quite explain it but it’s certain movements and sometimes just sitting still it will ache, and it hurts more barefoot then when I am in shoes (which I hardly notice in sneakers).

This is totally not what I had in mind to kick off my fall racing season, and I am really hoping it won’t put me behind the 8 ball to reach my race goals. For the next two weeks, I am going to lift weights, ride the bike, and try not to stress out.

2012-02-07 12.05.36

This leads me to my next concern, shoes. There are SO MANY different opinions. Some say you should wear minimalist shoes when you seem to get injuries like this, some say NOT to wear minimalist shoes and wear more supportive ones, and so on and so forth. I have been running happily in my Newtons for just under 300 miles.


One thing I did read is that overpronators tend to have issues with flattening out of feeling/falling arches, which can lead to pulling on the top of the foot and pain from it. Anyone have any issues with this where a change in footwear was all it took? I pronate big time and am wondering if that’s why barefoot hurts more than when wearing more supportive running shoes when walking around the house.  I don’t think it’s a stress fracture because it doesn’t hurt badly and I thought bones hear stronger and so it would be hard to get one in the same place?

QOTD: Anyone have experience with this? help!

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Sweat Pink


Some of you may have noticed an addition to my sidebar in the past week. No? Go look. Figured it out yet? Did my title give it away? Darn it. Ok ok, I am a new Sweat Pink ambassador! Sweat Pink is part of, co-founded by two cousins on a mission to help make the world a more healthy place, one pair of pink shoelaces at a time. I loved the idea ever since I saw it, and jumped at the chance to be an ambassador. I got my gear in the mail the other day and was so excited to see all the pink!


You may have seen the #SweatPink hashtag if you are on Twitter, and be sure to follow @fitapproach on twitter for the latest info and news, and also check out their Facebook fan page.

photo (28)

Now, I want to tell you what sweating pink means to me. As you may be able to tell from my blog name, I love running but I also love being girly, and you absolutely can be both! That’s what sweat pink is to me. working hard, having fun and sweating, but with a little bit of sass thrown in. Can I be hardcore lifting weights at the gym with my pink shoelaces? Heck yes!!! Or running a marathon, or going for a hike. All of the above! Do your thang girls and sweat pink!

photo (27)

Want to win a pair of pink shoelaces? I am giving away two pair! Just tell me what activity you would do in your shoes with sweat pink shoelaces and you will be entered to win!

Gain an additional entry by tweeting this: “I want to win #SweatPink shoelaces from @runningwithsass Please leave a separate comment telling me you tweeted and leave your twitter handle or a link to the tweet.

You have until Sunday night, July 22nd at 8:00 pm CST to enter and I will announce a winner in Monday’s post. Good luck and go sweat pink!

Beach Trip 2012 Part 2


If you missed part one of our beach trip, be sure to read it first then come back for today’s post.

I left off after our first night at the beach. We woke up Sunday morning excited for an entire day of fun in the sun and the sand. We ate breakfast out on the patio, and then lathered up the sunscreen, gathered up all our stuff, and headed down to the beach.  We got there early so we got a good spot in the sand with our trusty tent.


The water was so clear and beautiful, no seaweed or jellyfish in site! I have gone on beach trips before where I refuse to get in the water because of this. Also, can’t beat the sugar white sands of Florida. Aaaahhh.





I’m saying “I’m smiling but this water is freezing!”


We did the obligatory beach things like go for a walk, read, play in the water, etc. Bobby even took a nap in the shade of our tent.


After awhile, I looked around and realized the people were closing in. we started the day with no one around, but by lunchtime the beach was getting quite crowded.


Luckily, I brought turkey sandwiches, plenty of drinks and snacks with me in our cooler, so we were well fed and didn’t have to leave the beach. A bit after lunch, we saw some guys playing volleyball at one of the nets so we decided to go scope it out. The group of guys turned out to be super nice and were in town for a bachelor weekend. We picked up on the next game and ended up having a blast and then soon some others joined in with us and we ended up playing for FOUR HOURS! We played until I literally was so tired I couldn’t even get my serve over the net and we all called it a day. We were exhausted. It was one of those exhaustions where you just want a shower and a comfy bed and some ibuprofen because you just KNOW every muscle in your body is going to be sore the next day. it. was. glorious.

Instead of going out to dinner we decided to make this our cook in the condo night, we were way to tired to care. Poor Bobby was really sunburned, but I faired well and was just slightly pink in a couple spots. We cooked tacos and sat in front of the TV watching endless episodes of Law and Order: SVU for the rest of the night. Aren’t we an exciting young couple? Oh ya! But me, I loved it. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.


QOTD: Do you always eat out on vacation or do you try to do some of your own cooking as well?

runDisney: Special Guest for Marathon Weekend


This year’s Walt Disney World marathon weekend promises to be the best yet. With it being the 20th anniversary of the race, there are all kinds of changes and fun being added for 2013. The fun just keeps on rolling in, with the newest exciting announcement coming out yesterday. I am stoked about this one, because I am a hue fan of the Biggest Loser. Any guesses? Ok ok, I can’t hold it in any longer. Alison Sweeny, host of the Biggest loser, will be not only appearing at marathon weekend, but she will be running the half!

Alison is an avid runner who has competed in many previous marathons and half marathons, but this will be her first runDisney event. she is excited to bring her kids along and well, why don’t I just let Alison speak for herself:

Don’t forget about some of the other fun changes for this year’s marathon weekend:

· Enhanced entertainment at Mile 20 to celebrate the 20th anniversary

· A specially-designed 20th anniversary Mickey Mouse medal

·New course routes through the Walt Disney World Speedway and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

·A new post-race party at Downtown Disney

Spots for the weekend’s races are filling up fast, so be sure to get yours before they are all gone! You can register online, it’s quick and easy, so don’t miss out on the fun! I will be there running the goofy challenge, and cannot wait!


QOTD: What celebrity would you love to see at a marathon?

Remember, if you would like help or tips on booking your WDW vacation, contact me! 

Birthday Weekend 2012


Monday already! I was looking forward to last weekend for so long, and now it’s sadly over. It was however fantastic, and I had a great and relaxing birthday. Let’s backtrack to Friday.

My sweet husband had the kitchen/living room decorated when I woke up and had my gift ready. He left for work, and I got to work. I went to the gym, finished up work around 3:00, and started packing for the weekend. Bobby got home and we headed to my parents house in Louisiana. I couldn’t wait to get there, I hadn’t seen my pups in over a week! (They were being watched by my parents while we were at the beach.) When we went into the house my mom had decorated the dining room in pink!


even the cake plates, candles, and napkins were pink.



We told the dogs hello and were showered with kisses, then we headed out to eat dinner for my birthday, further confusing the poor animals. After dinner, we came home for presents, cake, and ice cream! Bobby got me some roses, too.







Then my mom had me leave while she “got the cake ready” oh boy.


My pretty cake! (Delicious, too!)





Bella wants some cake


Good times were had by all. Saturday my mom made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, then Bobby and I had a meeting to go to. After lunch my mom and I took a 35 minute walk, and my dad BBQ’ed for dinner. We went out and got a snowball (of course) after dinner, and then rented a movie. (We rented Gone with Amanda Seyfreid, it was really good!)

Sunday we went to church and had leftover BBQ’ed food for lunch, and then we headed back to Mississippi.

photo (10

It was relaxing and fun, a great way to spend my birthday! If only every day were this much fun. Smile

QOTD: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Did you know yesterday was national ice cream day?

Weekly Recap: July Week 2


Another day another post, another week. My birthday has come and gone, but I have had a fabulous weekend of celebrating, which I will share with you in tomorrow’s post. For today, it’s my weekly recap…but sadly there isn’t much to recap. I mentioned last week that I was having some foot pain which has really freaked me out, so I haven’t run in over a week. We left for the beach last Saturday, but on Sunday, I couldn’t resist sand volleyball. It’s how Bobby and I met, we can’t help it. We saw people playing a decent game, and joined in…for four hours. It was glorious, hot, sweaty, and fun.


We got back to the condo sunburned, sore, and happy. I have not been that sore in a REALLY long time. You know, the really good full body sore. I could barely move until Thursday, it was that bad. We hit the gym when we got back from the beach, so to further explain, here is my week broken down by day:

Sunday: 4 hours of sand volleyball

Monday: rest

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: chest, tri’s, ab’s, legs, and 113 jump ropes in one minute. Feel the burn!

Friday: back, bi’s and abs. 30 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: 35 minute walk with my mom around their neighborhood


Not the best week there ever was, but I managed what I could with being out of town, a very busy few days of work, and my paranoia over my foot. I may try a couple short runs this week to see how it does, but honestly I am a bit petrified. I really think it’s tendonitis, and I need to get back to stretching and yoga, but I have a huge fear in the back of my mind I am going to struggle through my fall racing season because of yet another injury. Fingers crossed I get this figured out for good.

QOTD: Have you ever had a reoccurring injury? Did you handle it differently to try to get to the bottom of it the second time around?

RWS Features #32


Good morning and happy weekend! A HUGE HUGE thank you for all of my birthday wishes! Between the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my fan pages, texts, and phone calls I was overwhelmed with the love from my family, friends, and readers. You guys sure know how to make a girl feel special. You are all amazing! The fun is continuing for us this weekend, so while I unplug a bit and enjoy my family, I wanted to share another blog with you!

I am sure you already know who she is, and she needs no introduction, but here she is! Amazing mother of 4, veteran YouTube-er, and all around awesome girl!


Bex from Bex Life (and baby Summer!)

1.) How/Why did you start blogging?

I’ve been blogging since I became a mom at 19-years-old. I was looking for a community that I could connect with. The internet was brand new and there was no such word as “blog”… the good old days!

2.) Sum up your blog in a couple sentences is all about family, fitness, and urban farming. In a lot of ways I’m just a ordinary Jersey girl who likes the mall and the beach, but I’ve made sustainable living and the politics of health my life.

3.)What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

I’m primarily a YouTuber, so my blog is more about revealing more of my personal views and an intimate look at my family life. is a community of devoted fans and respected health & fitness experts, all supporting each other. I hope that the community only grows larger and more dynamic with time.

4.)What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

My proudest and most triumphant physical accomplishment was delivering my fourth baby at home 16 months ago. I practiced and taught yoga up until two weeks before her birth to prepare for labor, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve never done something so difficult and rewarding in my life.

Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself Bex! To learn more about this awesome lady, be sure to check out her blog, find her on Twitter, and subscribe to her amazing YouTube channel. You will be glad you did!

QOTD: Do you vlog? Why or why not? Do you watch vlogs/You Tube channels? Why or why not?



Today, Friday July 13th, I celebrate another year of life. If I wear superstitious, I would be avoiding creepy cats and ladders today. Well, maybe I will anyway just to be safe. Each of my years have been vastly different from the others, growing a little older, and a little wiser (I hope!). Not all life experiences are fun, but I truly believe they each have a purpose in making me a stronger person. Experience really is the best teacher, and as I turn 27, I look back on all I have learned this past year. Saddle up, we are goin’ for a ride!

I learned that you should never take a strangers word on if a hotel is “nice” or not.

I learned that blogging conferences are so. much. fun.


I learned that running a half marathon tired and undertrained, in the rain, is very hard.

I learned that raising money and racing for charity is an awesome thing to do


I learned that you should listen to your body and be you own advocate

I learned that getting a stress fracture will really try your patience and determination


I learned what the inside of an ER looks like

I learned that being married to my soul mate for 5 years is a wonderful thing.


I learned that 6 girls in one van running 126.2 miles in 24 hours is a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work.

Photos of the Girls on the Geaux running the Mississippi River levee during the Rouge-Orleans ultramarathon relay on Feb. 11-12, 2012.

I learned that running in a tutu makes racing SO much more fun.


I learned that race volunteering can be almost as fun as participating

2012-03-31 08.16.06

I learned that food poisoning is the ultimate torture method and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone

I learned that encouraging and motivating others to be healthy is truly one of my passions.

It has been quite the year, with a lot of ups and downs. I feel as if some really good things are on the horizon for me and my family, and I can’t quite share with you yet, but hopefully soon (I say that a lot don’t I?) I try and remind myself we were never promised an EASY life, just that God would be with us every step of the way. I am trying to take a new approach on adversity as I turn 27. Instead of groaning about it, I am going to try and figure out what I can learn from it, and how it can make me a better person. It’s definitely not always easy but I know it will be worth it. So as I blow out the candles tonight and make a wish, I will be thinking about experience. Although not happy to be another year older, I am thrilled to be another year wiser. I know I have a long way to go, but I am growing every day, towards number 28.

QOTD: What is your favorite part about birthdays? cake? family? wisdom? Smile

Beach Trip 2012 Part 1


I’m bbaaaccckkk! Wow that trip flew by. Wasn’t I just packing? Did we just book it? So crazy to me! Anyway, I know I still have more to go on sharing photos from my Disney vacation, but I wanted to jump in and share a couple beach posts while it was still fresh in my mind. You know, since I’m getting older tomorrow and all.

We finally made it to Destin on Saturday after driving through more traffic than I think I have ever been in. I drove the whole way, and first we were stopped almost an hour in Mobile. After detouring in a bad part of town, getting lost, and almost running out of gas, we finally made it through the traffic. Just to find more the last hour into Destin…which should have taken 20 minutes. I was having some serious road rage issues by the time we got there and was ready to get out of the car and enjoy a pleasant vacation at the Sandestin resort. Well things didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. Check in was at 4:00, and we arrived a minute or so before 5:00 to be greeted with a line of people waiting at the front desk, seven people long!!! After waiting in traffic for hours I was not in the mood. We finally get to the front to discover our room was not ready. First impressions mean a LOT to me and so far this place that we heard awesome things about was not doing so hot. All I wanted to do was get to our room and relax! (Thankfully this was the only major thing that happened and we truly enjoyed our stay at Sandestin!)

About 15 minutes later we got a call our room was ready. We had to hunt down a luggage cart and finally made it up to our room. We usually stay at the complex next door right on the beach, but they only have two bedroom condos. Since it was just me and Bobby this year, we did need two bedrooms obviously, and since the conference was at Sandestin we decided to just stay on property a bit back from the beach in the Luau building. We were on the 12th floor, and when we got the cart up to the room, it wouldn’t fit through the door! So I am holding a ton of stuff in my hands and Bobby has the cart in the doorway trying to unload it so we can get our stuff inside. Let’s just say I was in a slightly foul mood by this point.

Our beautiful condo and panoramic views made up for it though, check it out.


We also had a view of the bay on the other side. Surrounded by water!


I spy the beach






The condo had two bathrooms, a full kitchen and washer and dryer



and a wrap around balcony



Lots of space! Luau is the newest condo at Sandestin, and it was built in 2006. There are two towers and they share a really nice pool, and a sunset observation deck which I will show you more of later.

By time we got settled in, I was starving. it was getting late and we knew most of the local places would be packed, so we opted for an old standby, the place where Bobby took me last year on my actual birthday, McAlisters. Winking smile We ate, went to the grocery store to stock up on a few items, and then headed back to the condo for bedtime. We had a full day at the beach ahead of us!

QOTD: How do you handle driving in traffic? Do you have road rage or do you stay calm?