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runDisney Excitement

Good morning! Sad day. Traveling home from the beach. I know I always say this but it went by so fast!!! It was a fun way to spend my birthday week. Still a bit spooked my birthday falls on Friday the 13th this year!


So how many of you signed up for the Disney Princess half yesterday?!? If you will remember, I had a blast running this years race and hope I am able to go back next year.

Did you know what Disney expects over 28,000 runners for this years event? It’s a great year to run, too. You see, it’s the fifth anniversary of the race. Disney loves doing special medals on anniversary years!

The 5k will be the Mickey and Minnie mouse royal 5k, what a fun theme! There will also be kids races and the fit for a princess health and fitness expo. You don’t want to miss this! Mark your calendars for February 22-24 2013 and register now to join in the fun!

Also don’t forget I have a discounted group rate available for booking! Email me at for details!

QOTD: who is your favorite Disney princess and why?

Reader’s Favorites: Race Bling


Good morning from Destin, FL!

The other day, I shared with you all my three favorite race medals, and why they were my favorites. Then, I asked you all to e mail me a photo of your favorite bling and tell me why it is your favorite. Today I am going to share all the bling emails I received, so be sure to check out the blogs of people who have blogs, and show some love! Who knows you may find a new race you want to run based on the bling!

Marcia from Travel Run Eat


It is from the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, 26.2 with Donna, here in Jacksonville, FL. About a year ago I decided I would run a full marathon (I had not yet even run a Half!!) and so began training. I chose this one because I believe in it’s cause and the founder, Donna Deegan, a 3 time breast cancer survivor, is such a local inspiration. During my training I got to run with her almost every Saturday! I earned this medal! It was tough. I couldn’t hang with my pace group and eventually ended walking the last few miles. But I ran the last 300 yards or so to get this beautiful medal!!!


Daryl from From the Bottom of my Sole

Rock N Roll San Diego Medal

This medal is from the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon that took place on June 3rd, 2012. It is my favorite because this was my first half marathon, I ran the marathon with Team in Training   after raising $2,961 to help find the cure for blood cancers which I’m very passionate about (it was my first Team in Training event), and the entire experience changed my life. It was the race that ultimately lead me to define myself (and see myself) as a runner. I’m hooked.


Lynda from Healthy Hoboken Girl

race bling 003

This medal is from a local 5K (It was to support people who have spinal cord injuries.)   My brother came in first in his age group and I came in 3rd place for my age group! It was my first time I ever medaled!  Next year, I’m going for 1st place!


Gina from Noshing on Asphalt

R-n-R Bling

mine from my first 1/2 and really is my favorite!  The medal represents a renewed commitment to myself and is the culmination of months of hard work getting ready for my first 1/2 marathon.  Plus it’s bright green and sparkly. 🙂


Melissa from 13 Going on Crazy


My absolute favorite medal is from the Tinker Bell Half Marathon January 28, 2012. Besides it being a RunDisney event, which are my favorite races, this race was right before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I was very sick the morning of the race. Despite being sick, I put on my tutu and laced up my running shoes and walked to the start line. I pushed through and accomplished my goal of finishing. Since being diagnosed this medals means even more to me as I learned a valuable life lesson: when life knocks you down, get up, brush yourself off and keep going!!


Paulette from Just Keep Running


I attached a photo of the really cool ceramic medal from Big Sur. I ran the 21 miler, but all of the events have similarly cool ceramic medals. The race itself was very cool too


Amanda from


It’s from the Broad Street Run 10-Miler in Philadelphia. It’s my favorite because it is from my first race ever, so it was the first time I felt that accomplishment from racing. I received it when I had a HUGE smile plastered across my face, so I can’t not smile when I look at it. 🙂


Melissa’s bling is from the Austin Half Marathon

Austin Half Marathon Medal

This medal from the Austin Half Marathon is one of my favorites! From the bats under Congress Bridge to the UT Tower and Capitol Building, it reminds me why I love this amazing city so much 🙂


Megan from Runner Megan


My favorite race bling is from my first half marathon — the first race that I truly trained for, put in the work for, and finished with a sense of pride and smile on my face. It’s from this past January, at the Callaway Gardens Half Marathon in Georgia. I had two friends at the end cheering me in, and got to celebrate with a friend who finished her first 5K ever. All in all, an amazing weekend, great race, and so excited to keep pushing from here!


Lindsey from Stories of a Slow Trier


These are my favorite race medals. They represent my first year of racing and really being in decent shape. In 2010, I started my journey to lose about 70 lbs (something I continue to struggle with) and started running. In February 2011, I ran my first real race — the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k in Baton Rouge (that’s the medal in the lower left. Above it is my medal from my first triathlon, RocketChix II in July 2011. On the bottom right is my Rouge Orleans medal from 2012, which Heather and I ran together and in the upper right is my 2012 RnR NOLA half medal, my first (of hopefully many) half marathon medals.
These medals represent how far I’ve come and that I have many, many more miles to run (and bike and swim) ahead of me! I put them in a shadow box as part of my gallery wall, but need to soon figure out a place to display my new medals!


Lauren from The Tiny Terror


Here’s a pic of me with the trophy I won for coming in First Place Overall at the Francis Marion University ROTC 5K on October 8, 2012. It’s special to me because it was my first official first place female finish, it was my birthday, and Francis Marion University is where my husband and I met, graduated from, and even got married there, so running around the campus was special in itself, even if I hadn’t won the award.


Megan from Running Toward the Prize


Considering I’ve gotten all my medals within 6 months of running my first half marathon – it’s exciting! So far my favorites are my first half (running in honor of my Grandfather that passed away) and the Princess half of course!


Christy from Mississippi ran her first 5k!


My first 5k. June 2012. I am so proud of this number. Only medals went to the kids for thier one miler.
I just started running this year. It has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. My time for this race was and still is horrible. I still have 60 pounds to lose so my speed is slowly climbing.
I am 43 years old and wish I had started this years ago!


Amy from Running Escapades


My favorite race bling: Rock n Roll Providence Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon. I never thought I would be able to run 13.1 miles, so this medal reminds me that I can reach my goals with hard work. Since then I’ve run three more and I’m currently training to run this one again!


Stephanie from 321 Delish



Emily from Travel with Emily


Medal from the 2006 Seattle Danskin Sprint Tri

It was hard to choose but this unassuming medal is my favorite because it was the first medal I received.  It was the race that really sent me on my journey to discover my inner athlete.


Abby from Abby’s Road to Amazingness

photo 2

Race: Expedition Everest 5k Challenge
It was ridiculously hard picking out my favorite race bling but I settled on this one because of who I got to experience it with. I knew getting into my relationship with B, running together was going to be out (bum knee due to an old injury). At an expo, we saw the medal and decided we had to do it. . even if we just walked. So that’s what we did! We spent the winter months training in Central Park for a 5k in May. It quickly became my favorite thing. The race happened to fall around our anniversary, so what better present is there than that? A great vacation topped with a medal that doubles as a compass (if it worked 😉


Malinda from Twins Run in our Family

photo (1)

I wore my Queen of Hearts costume during the ODDyssey Half Marathon in Philadelphia. My first race in costume that was not runDisney and it was super fun! The medal is a bottle opener & we got a beer glass, too! 🙂


Pam and Christine from We Run Disney

Our favorite race bling is from runDisney races.  Pam’s (on left) is the Chip ‘n Dale Marathon Relay.  It was the inaugural race, I ran a PR and I had a really good time doing the race, especially a relay!  Christine’s (on the right) is the 2012 Princess Half Marathon because I had a really good race, stayed healthy (unlike my first half marathon) and had a really good time running.  I even smiled crossing the finish line unlike the previous year.


Krissy from Shiawase Life


My most treasured piece of race bling is from the runDisney 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon. It was the race where I earned a 17 minute PR, my Coast-to-Coast Challenge Medal (also a favorite) and gleefully ran 13.1 magical miles through the Happiest Place on Earth! Although I’ve run several races since, my Disneyland experience stands out as my #1 best racing experiences to date 🙂



A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and shared their race memories! I hope you find new races you want to run, you know, for the bling, and also find some new blogs to check out as well!

QOTD: Which of these races/medals makes you want to run it?

My Adventure

My neighborhood is pretty new, so it is very small. It’s ok for a two or three mile run, but I get quite bored looping over and over again for long runs. Since my neighborhood is right off of a highway, my husband doesn’t like me running out on that busy road by myself. So, if I want to long run alone, I have to find new routes that are safe, and have people around.

Since we are still pretty new to the area, I had no idea where to go, so I enlisted the help of the Toyota RAV4 Adventure Club when I heard about this contest online. It has some great tools to help you find existing running routes or make one of your own.

I found several routes that looked interesting, but finally settled on one that ran along the beach. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful run. I ran over a big bridge, then along the beach, and was very surprised to find an awesome park along the route, Fort Maurepas park.

I took a detour up to the park to check it out. It has a covered pavilion with fans, a water fountain, bathrooms, picnic tables, fun water spouts, and a killer playground. I was so excited to make this discovery, it’s always good to have somewhere to take a water and bathroom break on a long run. Finding this route through the Toyota RAV4 Adventure Club helped spark a fun adventure. I just HAD to take my husband back there over the weekend. We packed a picnic lunch, ran our long run, then sat in the shade on the picnic tables and watched people enjoying the beach while we ate. It was beautiful and relaxing, and I am so glad I checked out the contest so I could find a new running route! I have since tweaked the route, so you can find my exact route here.

Why not create a new adventure for yourself?Check out the website and use Map My Run to help you find or create a new route.

Toyota motivated me to break out from the norm and discover a new route in my city. This experience taught me that there is an adventure waiting around every corner! Tell us about your unexpected adventure below for a chance to win a Tom Tom GO LIVE.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of the Toyota. The opinions and text are all mine. Sweepstakes Rules.

Weekly Update: July Week 1


Already halfway through the year! I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe my birthday is next week! I like being 26, and don’t want to move on to 27, thank you very much. This past week was an odd one workout wise. Not only was I out of town two of the days, but I started having a slight pain in the top of the foot I had my stress fracture…yeah…I have been in total panic mode, and not running for the last few days or the next few days. So, here is last week:

Sunday: 5.5 mile run, this was our “long run” from the past week, and since it was our cutback week it was only 5.5 miles long.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 2 mile easy run

Wednesday: weights and elliptical 30 minutes

Thursday: off

Friday: weights, 20 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: off (travel to beach)

The next few days I am going to do a lot of this


and hope my foot behaves by time I get back. If not, I am heading to a new doctor, and hopefully a physical therapist. My best guess is due to my scoliosis I have a leg length discrepancy and it is causing a lot of pounding on my left foot and altering my form.

Be sure you are following me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (the former two you can follow by clicking on the photos on the top right are of the sidebar, my instagram name is runningwithsass) I will be posting beach photos there and I will also blog about the trip probably starting Tuesday, as my race bling post will probably go up tomorrow!

QOTD: What is your favorite beach activity?

RWS Features #31


Good morning! We are loading up and will be ready to go soon! House sitter is coming, and beach, here we come! We have been dealing with a few stresses lately I am hoping I can share with you soon, and so this is a welcomed mental break for me and Bobby.

If you want to check out recaps from last year’s beach trip, check out the links below:

Beach Part 1

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Beach Part 3

Beach Part 4


While I am on the road to the beach, be sure to check out the newest installment of RWS Features. Meet Krysten from Darwinian Fail. Krysten has had quite an interesting journey, so read on!


1. When did you start blogging?

I am a new-ish blogger. I just started blogging in April 2011.

2. Describe your blog in a few sentences:

The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail is the story of my battle with my genetic suckiness. If Darwin were to look strictly at my genetic makeup married with my family tree I would expect that he would predict that I am already dead. I am, by all medical accounts, a Darwinian Fail. However, I believe Darwin also qualified his idea of genetic fitness to include more than just biology. Fitness is also defined by adaptability, perseverance, and strength – and this is the definition I want used to define me. I have not exactly been dealt a winning hand when it comes to genetics, but I am determined to lead a healthy happy life despite the setback. Maintaining a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine, and creating a balanced lifestyle is all part of my Genetic Battle Plan.

3. What do you wish to accomplish on your blog?

I want to encourage women (and men alike) to embrace a healthy lifestyle despite all the obstacles. Prevention is the key! I have experienced my own health struggles both with heart disease as a result of a rare arrhythmia and Breast Cancer as result of the BRCA genetic link. This year I will undergo a preventative mastectomy and reconstruction to ensure that I remain in control of my health. It so easy to say this is someone else’s story. It is someone else’s struggle. It is someone else’s problem. But the truth is Heart Disease is the #1 killer in North America. And according to CDC’s 2007 stats 27 million American’s are diagnosed with heart disease annually. Not to mention that there will be 178 thousand new cases of cancer diagnosed this year in Canada. And Breast Cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer among women of all ethnicities. The reality is that my situation is not that uncommon. I want to beat heart disease, breast cancer, and genetics with a healthy lifestyle and positivity.

4. What is your greatest healthy living accomplishment?

I ran my first half marathon! As a preventative treatment for my positive BRCA 1 (breast cancer gene) diagnosis I will undergo a double  bilateral mastectomy. My surgery date was March 5th. In preparation for my 2 month hiatus from exercise during recovery I decided to go out with a bang. I ran my very first half marathon Burlington’s Chilly Half Sunday March 4th.

Thanks so much for sharing! Be sure to stop by Krysten’s blog to learn more about her and be sure to follow her on Twitter: @darwinianfail

QOTD: What are you doing this weekend?

Friday Favorites: Motivational Quotes


Last Friday I did a vlog for my Friday favorites. I don’t have time to get that all set up for today’s post, but I do have a favorite to share with you. Some people say there are too many, but I am loving all the motivational images I have seen all over Facebook and Pinterest. I am definitely a mantra kind of girl, and tend to repeat them over and over during tough races. I am always on the lookout for new ones that spark my interest, so I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you today. Who knows, maybe you will find a new mantra of your own!

finish strong












my personal favorite….



I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I am headed to the beach with Bobby tomorrow morning. The girls and the house are being watched and taken care of,  and we are ready to go! I will be posting from the beach, don’t worry! Be sure to come back to see some fun in the sun beach updates!

QOTD: What is your favorite running or workout mantra or motivation?

*Don’t forget to e mail me your race bling for a post going up next week!

Favorite Race Bling


It’s no secret I love to race. I love the thrill of the start, the adrenaline of the home stretch, and the accomplishment of crossing the finish line. However, I am a girl, and I also really, really love the bling. I have collected a good bit of it in the past 3 years (and really really need a new rack to hang my medals on!)

photo (23)

I display my two medal racks proudly in our bonus room. What’s the point of throwing it in the closet in a box or displaying it somewhere no one ever goes? I love looking up from my desk and seeing them, side by side, my two full rows of accomplishments.


With five new races already on the schedule, a new place to hang medals is a must. Maybe I just need one of those extender bars to go underneath so I can have two rows of medals? Anyway, I am getting off topic here. While I love ALL my medals, a select few hold a special place in my heart. I thought about what I would do if I had to narrow it down to three medals, and this is what i came up with and why.

1.) Disney marathon 2011

This one is pretty obvious to anyone who knows me, I love runDisney and Disney in general. This was my first (and only so far) marathon, and I was so proud to get this baby! I worked my tail off to get there, and it felt so great to cross that finish line. Whenever I look at it and think about that fun day, it puts a smile on my face.

photo (26)


2.) Rouge Orleans Ultra Marathon Relay

This race was so hard. It was the first overnight relay (and only) I had ever done, and I had NO idea what to expect. it was fun, miserable, difficult and awesome all wrapped into one. I slept 1.5 hours during a 36 hour time slot, ran about 21 miles, biked about 10 miles, oh, and the temps overnight were on the teens, or and we were up high on a levee in the crazy wind and cold. I am so proud of this accomplishment, and even though in the middle of it I swore I would never do it again, I find myself saying “I can’t WAIT to do another one of these!”

photo (25)


3.) Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans half marathon 2012

I chose this one because I have run all three RnR NOLA races so it reminds me of three races! I love New Orleans, love that it is my roots, and love this race! Not to mention I am obsessed with Fleur de Lies and well, take a look at this beauty! This year’s race was a fun one for me because my husband ran it with me. (We always run the same races but he always takes off, he’s way faster than me!) We ran every step together and he coached and encouraged me to a PR. I will always remember this one!

photo (24)

**Ok friends, now it’s your turn! e-mail me at Send me a photo of your favorite race bling, what race it’s from, and tell me (briefly, please) why it is your favorite. If you have a blog put the URL in there as well, and once day next week I will write a post and share all of your photos and stories! Please send photos by this Saturday morning the 7th, 10:00 am CST to make it into the post. If you miss out I may do part 2 at a later date, maybe this fall when you can collect more race bling!

*You can check out race recaps from these races and more by clicking on my races tab above!

QOTD: How do you display your race medals? On the wall? In the attic? Hanging on your mirror in your bedroom like my mom’s are? (haha she may kill me for that one)

Cruise on the Magic Part 5: Castaway Cay

Happy 4th of July! I am so blessed and honored to live in America, and am thankful for those past and present who have fought to protect our freedoms!

Check out my earlier installments of the cruise before reading this one!


We woke up very excited about this day, we were going to Castaway Cay! For those of you who don’t know about my husband and I’s obsession with Castaway Cay, here are a few posts you may want to read:

Castaway Cay 5k Take Two

Castaway Cay 5k

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1st stop castaway cay

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Castaway Cay take 3

Get the idea? Anyway, because of our deep love the the island, we decided NOT to run the Castaway Cay 5k again. here’s why. I literally had just ran the race 5 weeks prior, and was totally cool not doing it again. Bobby didn’t care, he just wanted to be on the island. Also, it was very hot and I struggled 5 weeks prior due to my motion sickness patch, which I had on again and didn’t want to get dizzy like last time. We like to have as much time as possible and we love being the first ones out to the adult beach to get the best chairs and one of the coveted hammocks.

We watched us pull in from our verandah, it was really cool to see how everyone scurried around getting the boat tied off, and getting supplies on the island etc. before they let the passengers off.



As soon as we got the all clear to disembark, we headed to the gangway and were back in our favorite place on earth.



We hopped on the tram excited for a full day of relaxing fun in the sun. We switched trams to go to the adults only beach, serenity bay. I tell you no lie when I say we were LITERALLY the first people of the cruise to step foot on our beloved Serenity Bay, and it was fabulous. We have been the first one other time before and I just love those early morning few quiet minutes before it gets full of people.






DSC_0717 DSC_0718

DSC_0719 DSC_0720

This is the life



After awhile Bobby put on his goggles and headed out into the water, and I stole his hammock.



Bobby made a friend (don’t worry he put him back in the water!)



The sun was quite bright, so I found it necessary for my awesome hat to make a reappearance.


After lunch and more relaxing, we decided to head to the family beach so bobby could do some looking around underwater at some of the statues and things. We have never been to the family beach, and since it was about 2:30ish, it was already starting to empty out. We found some chairs/umbrellas in a quiet area and Bobby took off towards the water.




I may or may not have instantly fallen asleep for about 45 minutes. Bobby came back in from the water and we sat for a bit before decided to head back. Always the saddest part of the trip for me, walking back to the ship at the end of Castaway Cay day.








Pulling away from the island


bye bye. Sad smile


The best part of the cruise is over, but the trip was NOT over. We still have more of our vacation to go so I have plenty more to share with you!

QOTD: What is your favorite beach activity? Reading? sitting in the sun? playing in the water?

July Goals 2012


Happy 4th of July eve! There is excitement in this house since we get the day off tomorrow! A day off in the middle of the week is always interesting. While I would rather it be tacked onto a weekend, it’s better than nothing, amen?

So I am a couple days late, but I wanted to talk to you about my July goals, and how I did with my June goals. (Some good, some…major fail.) So let’s start with June then I will share July’s goals.

Drink more water (A-):  I did pretty good at this in June, however, I feel this is an area in which there is always need for improvement. I try to chug a glass first thing in the morning and then keep refilling during the day, and especially during and after workouts! of course, I am sure a few snow balls will be thrown in there somewhere!


Keep up with my training plan (B+): I have my training plan on my refrigerator, and I write on it and highlight it as I do my workouts. I have run the amount of days I a supposed to for every run, but I have cut some runs short due to heat and run a bit slower than I was supposed to again due to heat.


Read my Bible every day (A-): I have been reading every day during the weekdays, but some Saturdays I wasn’t home or forgot. I am very proud of my consistency on weekdays though and plan to keep this up forever! I have a routine now, after I run in the mornings I sit outside with the pups and read while I cool off.

Foam roll (D+): Oh boy. I am ashamed to say I haven’t been rolling like I should be. I keep the foam roller upstairs in the bonus room so honestly, if I don’t go up there I just plain forget. I am going to really try and do better with this one this month, I don’t want to get injured again!

Take more pictures with my DSLR camera (F): Oy. This was a major, major fail. I don’t think I picked up my camera at all this month. How embarrassing! My iPhone is just so convenient. We are going to the beach next week, and I am DEFINITELY going to take a bunch of photos with my good camera. This is another one I am determined to do better on!



July Goals

Foam Roll: See failed June goal above. Enough said.

Take more photos with my DSLR camera: ditto ditto ditto. I hang my head in shame.

Read 2 books: I truly love reading, and am hoping to accomplish part of this goal when I go to the beach next week. Should be a no brainer, right?

Unplug more on the weekends: I know I will never completely unplug for a whole day (I can’t since I work some on the weekends via the internet/email) but I would love to stay off social media more often on the weekends and enjoy life with my family. I will still blog and occasionally tweet etc. But I don’t want to sit in front of a computer on the weekends.

Cook 2 new recipes: I made a enchilada casserole with ground turkey last week and Bobby loved it, so now I want to explore some more new recipes. I get tired of eating the same stuff every week. I need to add meals to my arsenal!


QOTD: What is a goal you have for July?

4th of July Weekend Fun


Good morning! happy July 2! We are now officially in my BIRTHDAY MONTH! So who watched the Olympic Gymnastics team trials last night? I have been watching men’s and women’s since Thursday, I’m hooked! I think the selection committee got it right for ladies gymnastics. I loved seeing the girls come out with tears in their eyes, I was so excited for them and I know their families and friends must be so proud. I can’t wait for the Olympics and am so stoked to see all the athletes competing for the great USA!!! Can’t you tell I’m patriotic?!?

photo (4)

Ok, wait, let’s back up a bit before we get to my outfit! This weekend we went to my parents house because we had some business in town plus a wedding to go to. You may have seen a couple of photos I posted on yesterday’s post about the wedding. So we got into town Friday evening and the girls were thrilled as usual to see Grammy and Grandpa.


Saturday was the wedding in New Orleans. Hello NOLA!

photo (12)

The ceremony was very nice, but the heat was killing me just walking into the church!

photo (15)

and the reception was right next to the superdome where my beloved Saiints play football!

photo (8)

We ate plenty of food and listened to awesome cajun music with plenty of fun and dancing.

photo (14)

photo (13)

They even had a photo booth! When I saw the Minnie and Mickey ears we of course, had to take photos! I love how ours came out.

photo (10)

Sunday morning, we got up and ran 5.5 miles in this lovely heat wave. It was slow an steady, and I was so happy to be done! It was a cut back week for us, so we have ten miles next Saturday.

photo (9)

We showered and packed up and headed to my cousins house for a 4th of July BBQ.

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (5)

photo (6)

Yes my dad is wearing a headband

photo (18)

photo (16)

so. much. food.

photo (19)

photo (21)

my mom made cookies and these awesome cake ball type things, but better!

photo (7)

my cousin made these strawberries

photo (3)

my crafty mom put this together as well

photo (11)

We ate, we swam in the pool, good times were had by all, but now I need a weekend to recover from the weekend! Anyone else?

QOTD: What did you do this weekend? Any 4th of July celebrating?