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Weekly Recap: April Week 3 2013

Happy Sunday! It has been a nice relaxing weekend here at the Montgomery house. Yesterday, we had some guys come help us work in the yard. All the bushes were cut way back, yard was edged, etc. It looks really good, and since it was such a gorgeous day I spent most of it outside. I walked to the gym, walked the dogs, and spent time just sitting outside.

photo 77

Here is a look at last week’s workouts, broken down by day:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3.1 mile run

Tuesday: 30 minutes bike, back, biceps, abs

Wednesday: 4.09 mile run for Boston

Thursday: rest

Friday: 2 mile run, 20 minutes elliptical, chest, triceps, legs

Saturday: 30 minutes elliptical, biceps, abs

A much better week overall than last week, especially with the cross training and weights. I di however want to get my mileage back up, even if that means doing it on the treadmill to avoid the heat. I have to remember I have Dumbo in August so I can’t slack on my distance too much just because it’s getting hot! For this coming week, the focus goes back to running and still sticking with cross training for my cross train or remain the same challenge.  Have a fabulous Sunday everyone!

QOTD: Did you spend any time outside this weekend?

Running Skirts Spring Collection

The spring collection is out! You know how much I love my skirts, however I haven’t bought anything yet. It is all so cute, but I REALLY love the runbow skirt and the watermelon tops. So cute.



There are also new plaids, mums, and other solids. Very springy and bright. However, I must tell you about my favorite things that I have been wearing this winter that are super cozy. The yoga capris and the gathered long sleeve tops are amazingly comfortable. My favorite part of the tops are the thumbholes!

photo (1)

The capris have cute snow leaped ties at the bottom so you can vary the length. There is also a tie on the fold over waistband and a secret pocket.


Now that it’s warming up it’s time to purchase your spring workout wardrobe. What is your favorite skirt in their new collection?

*Don’t forget, as one of my readers, you can save 15% on your entire order by entering the code SKIRTSASS at checkout!

QOTD: What will you be wearing to workout this spring? Have you bought anything new lately?

We Love Boston

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who ran 4.09 miles this week for Boston. I got so many tweets, Facebook comments, and blog comments saying you ran, you prayed, you wished you could do more and I am so proud of each and every one of you.


My 4.09 miles was less than stellar, but I did it. I was dehydrated, hadn’t eaten enough, and it was 85 degrees outside with super high humidity. I was miserable, and grumpy. I finally realized, this run isn’t for ME, this run is for those who can’t. For those laying in hospital beds, or those who can never run again. It was an eye opener for me and just the smack I needed to set myself and my pains/frustrations aside and focus on someone else and their needs. I ran and I prayed. I prayed for the victims and their families. For the medical and rescue personnel. For everyone who witnessed the horrifying scene of that day, and for our country as a whole. I prayed for the evil in the world to be brought to justice, and for love to be shown among neighbors and fellow Americans. Now is not the time to fall apart, but the time to come together as one and fight. It wasn’t my fastest or prettiest run, but it had the most heart.


So again, a huge thanks to those that ran, walked, biked, or wore a race shirt sometime this week. You are all awesome, and I am sure the people of Boston appreciate you. <3

So many horrible things have been happening….we also need to pray for those in West Texas and what they are going through.

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Monstrous Summer

Walt Disney World is going to be hosting the “Monstrous Summer” press event on April 25-26, and I have been invited!


The theme is due to the new “Monsters University” movie coming out June 21st. It has been rumored that the event will include information on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Disney Cruise Line, and “new-for-summer attractions.” I will be flying out on the morning of Thursday, the 25th for trip. The event starts around lunchtime and will conclude the next afternoon. I can’t wait to learn about the new Disney news for summer and spend some time in my favorite place. Don’t worry, I will be live Tweeting and Instagramming from the event, so to be among the first to get news and photos, be sure to follow me on my social media platforms (right sidebar). I will let you know about new information regarding the trip as I receive it.

Also, speaking of Monsters, the voice cast for the movie came out! You will get to hear the voices of stars like Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, Dave Foley, Sean P. Hayes and More Join Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi in the film. I can’t wait to see the movie!


Be sure to like the Monsters University Facebook page for more info!

QOTD: Are you excited about the new film? Are you planning on going to see it?

Top 5 Walt Disney World Resort Restaurants

Recently, I wrote a post about my favorite Disneyland resort restaurants. It was such a hit, I had people asking me to do the same for Disney World resort restaurants. There are so many great places to eat in Disney World that I decided to break the post into my top five favorite places to dine in the resorts, and then another post with my top five favorite restaurants in the theme parks. Also, keep in mind these are all sit down or “table service” restaurants in this particular review. Enjoy!

Top 5 Walt Disney World Resort Restaurants

1.) Trails End Dinner Buffet

Trail’s End is one of those places I always knew existed but knew it didn’t get a lot of hype. Luckily, I went out on a limb and booked it, in an effort to try something new. This place is now a must go to for my family and a hidden gem among Disney World resort restaurants! It’s a good old fashioned country buffet with all the comfort foods you could imagine. Not to mention, the price point is great for a Disney buffet since there are no characters. For sweet tea drinkers: this is the real deal. It’s the only place on property that makes tried and true “homemade” sweet tea. They have Everything from pizza, to fried chicken, to mac and cheese, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. For dessert, there is red velvet cake, banana pudding, and soft serve ice cream with toppings like gummy bears and hot fudge, as well as some other southern favorites. You won’t leave here hungry and the servers are very friendly. *Please note there is NO PARKING at the restaurant. You have to park at the front of Fort Wilderness and take an internal bus to the back. We like to eat here on Magic Kingdom day and take the boat to Fort Wilderness from the park. They also have a full bar for those wondering! Another plus, they have a nice playground right outside of the restaurant that Emma Kate loves to play on after we eat. They also have rocking chairs on the big front porch. So relaxing!

2.) Citricos

This has been a long time favorite of mine at the Grand Floridian. Beautiful, elegant, and delicious are a few words I would use to describe Citricos. It has my favorite steak, as well as a great drink menu. The sweeping views of the grounds are relaxing, and the open kitchen is fun to watch. It is a great “fancier” meal while not being stuffy. It is on the second floor of the Grand Floridian, so you can stand at the railing and listen to the orchestra or pianist at night while you wait for your table, or grand a drink in the nearby lounge. So romantic!

3.) California Grill

Situated on the top floor of the Contemporary, California Grill is the place to be when the sun goes down to watch the fireworks show. There is even a private viewing deck outside for diners to visit. If you love sushi, you have to try the food here. I personally don’t eat sushi, but the husband loves this restaurant, and I enjoy the steak. It has a fun lively atmosphere, with wall to wall windows looking out over Bay Lake. It can get a little loud, but the food and views make up for it. If you dine before the fireworks begin, all you have to do is show your receipt at the desk and they will let you back up to view the fireworks.

*Check-in for the restaurant is not on the top floor, please follow directional signs to check in.

4.) Ohana Dinner

This place is pure fun, and we always leave so full! Ohana serves food family style at the Polynesian resort. They bring a huge portion of different menu items in big bowls or platters, and you can eat as much as you want. For the meats, food is brought around on giant skewers and then pieces are put onto your plate. The noodles are to die for, as are the views of the lake and castle. Be sure to save room for dessert, the bread pudding is delicious! For those with little mouseketeers, there are fun games going on during meal times, and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are always acknowledged with your “cousins”. Stay for fireworks (music piped in) or walk down to the beach for a great view after dinner.


5.) Cape May Café Breakfast

Cape May is a character buffet (at breakfast only) at the Beach Club resort and serves your standard breakfast fare, but plenty of it! I love that the characters come around to your table for photos, and really seem to take time with you, even if you are a “big kid” like me. The restaurant is beautiful and open, and the food is plentiful. Emma Kate loves the waffle toppings bar (I mean chocolate syrup and candy, yes please!). It’s a great way to start your day before heading off to the parks. We like to eat here on EPCOT day and just walk over to the park after we eat. I have seen Minnie, Goofy, and Donald in their adorable beach gear here.


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QOTD: What are your favorite Disney World resort restaurants?

4.09 For Boston

I spent my morning glued to the computer, watching this.

photo (26)

I jumped up and down and cheered as Shalane and Kara crossed the finish line. I did the same with the men’s race, not caring that I had just returned from the gym and could smell myself. I was on a runners high and I didn’t even race. I took the dogs for a walk, took a shower, and then we on the phone with a friend, a Boston area resident actually, when we heard about the explosions. I was sad, hurt, and very very angry. Runners and their families are great people. I can imagine the family members cheering wildly, waiting for a glimpse of their loved one approaching the finish line. How devastating of a day for all involved, and just a scary reminder that life is precious, and that there is evil in the world. The thing is, this could happen anywhere to any one of us on any given day. We are not promised tomorrow, so don’t take a single second for granted. Hug the neck of those you love, take a chance, face a fear. You only live once, so make the most of it.

Pray for the country, pray for the city of Boston, for the runners, and their families. Pray for the evil in the world, that those with bad intentions would have a change of hear.


Today, I will be running 4.09 miles in honor of the lives lost, people injured, and the hurting families. Four hours and nine minute was the time on the clock when the first bomb went off, so it seems fitting. Will you join me and do the same? I will be praying the whole way.

QOTD: Will you run for Boston today? Post below if you decide to do so. 

Men’s Saucony Virrata’s

Greetings everyone, this is Heather’s husband, Bobby, and this is my review of my Saucony Virratas. First a little background, though any of you who regularly read Heather’s Looking Glass will already know a bit about my physical activity. I have been working out with weights since 7th grade and took up running about five years ago when I graduated college and realized I needed something to help me stay in shape (at least a shape other than round) now that I am not regularly playing sports. Heather and I have worked up to half and full marathons, though I really prefer 5ks, and I recently ran my first triathlon.

On to the Saucony Virratas.


My favorite thing about them is that my feet do not feel cramped. I have larger than average feet and my feet usually feel cramped in shoes. I’m not just talking about width either. My feet often feel liked they are being squished from top to bottom and I have rough callouses across the tops of my toes because most shoes cramp down. The Saucony Virratas has a type of mesh that goes over the top of your foot and doesn’t make you feel as cramped. I’m the type of guy who would wear flip-flops at all times if not for sports and dressing up, so this great for me. The mesh also allows more airflow into the shoes and keeps your foot cooler.


Weight: I’m heavy enough on my own and don’t need any additional poundage (is that a word?) to lift. These shoes are lighter than any of my other running/workout shoes. I have had the chance to run in them several times now and I can honestly say I feel a significant difference in simply lifting my feet.

This is my second pair of minimalist shoes and I prefer the feeling of running barefoot to running in a shoe that alters my steps. I think the flexibility of the shoes also contributes to the sense of less confinement. Can you tell that I sometimes get a little claustrophobic?


I hope this review has given some useful information to any of you considering the Saucony Virratas as your next pair of running shoes. I also want to thank everyone who reads Heather’s Looking Glass and hope you keep following my amazing wife (/brownie-points).


QOTD: Do your feet ever feel cramped in certain shoes? Do you like shoes with more mesh/allowing for air flow?

Weekly Recap: April 2013 Week 2

Good morning! Yesterday I shared that Bobby and I are going on a Disney cruise in less than two weeks.


So, obviously I will be ramping up my workouts to prepare to be in a swimsuit for pretty much seven days straight. I have been taking it pretty easy the past couple of weeks which is needed sometimes, but it’s time to get back on track. Bobby and I were supposed to race a 5k yesterday at 5:00 but by 4:00 it was still SO hot and sunny (around 80 degrees) we decided to skip out, which honestly I have NEVER done for a race I have paid for. However, it was only $15 a person and proceeds go to the Make a Wish foundation. It was the fairy dust 5k, and while I was looking forward to running in my tutu again, I was exhausted after having my parents visit all day, and I knew it wouldn’t be a pretty race for me. Oh well. So this is what this past week of workouts looked like:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run, triceps

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 2 mile sprint workout

Thursday: rest

Friday: 35 minutes stationary bike, biceps

Saturday: rest

Definitely not my best week. With the weather warming up and half marathons season being over WAY too soon (jealous of everyone who still has months of half’s coming up! It’s hard to get faster when it’s hot most of the year!) I have slacked off a bit too much with my “non distance” running. August and the Dumbo double dare will be here before I know it, so I don’t need to completely lose all my fitness.


Disneyland half marathon 2012


For Earth Day, Cascadian Farm is hosting a sweepstakes.  They will be giving away 20 Picnic Baskets filled with eco-friendly products and items. Follow the link for details!

QOTD: Have you ever signed up for a race then not run it? Or any other sporting event?


*Lisa is trying to help raise money for My Team Triumph. They have chapters everywhere and give kids and adults with disabilities the chance to experience the thrill of the race (all inspired from Team Hoyt). They have decided to do a virtual race along with their actual race. The money raised will help with chair maintenance, t-shirts for team rider and their runner and travel expenses for trips out of town. Visit the link for more info. If you’re not in the area you can still support us by joining our Virtual race. Virtual participants will receive shirts, medals, and other race swag prior to race day. Virtual runners will get entered into their own raffle prizes! Thank you again for your support! To learn more about myTEAM TRIUMPH Cape Cod:

Mickey Boat Time

Fun news, Bobby and I are going on a CRUISE in two weeks! Yup, two weeks from today we will be setting sail on the Disney Fantasy for seven amazing nights in the Western Caribbean. We NEVER do anything last minute like this, but due to a few circumstances in our lives decided we needed to get away just the two of us. This week was the only one that worked for us, so yup, two weeks away, ah! I have been on the fantasy for a quick 3 night preview cruise, but Bobby has never been.


We will be staying in a Deluxe family oceanview stateroom with verandah.


We will be visiting Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.


Grand Cayman


Costa Maya




Castaway Cay

We have no big plans, no excursions, just a week of relaxing and hanging out, getting away from some crazy things going on.


Our awesome neighbors will be watching the house and the dogs, so all is taken care of. Don’t worry, I will have lots of great posts scheduled while I am gone so Through Heather’s Looking Glass will still be up and running!

Remember if you need help planning YOUR cruise on most cruise lines, contact me at for information and a free quote!

QOTD: Do you plan out vacations well in advance or with short notice?

Bobby’s First Triathlon


Last Saturday, Bobby raced in his very first sprint triathlon. Keep in mind he decided to do this ONE MONTH before the event, and got his bike then, and his wetsuit oh…three days prior to the race. (Drove me NUTS since I am such a planned out person!) Anyway, The race was in our neighborhood, which made life easy for us. Bobby got up and walked down to the lake to check in and brought down his bike. Then he came back up to the house for breakfast and the rest of his gear. I got down there a few minutes before the start and finally found him right before the swim. It was quite difficult to find him when everyone looks like a seal.


photo (4)

They lined people up in order that they registered, so Bobby was number 221 out of about 300 maybe. I was SO nervous for him because he had only done one open water swim and it wasn’t even in his new wetsuit. He made his way down the boardwalk and it was finally his turn.


He took off into the cold water (it was a chilly morning for us!) and I tried to keep up with him in the sea of orange swim caps. I followed him down the boardwalk and yelled encouragement which I am sure he couldn’t hear.



I lost him when he got way far away by the turn, so I headed back to the entry/exit point and waited for him to come back. he ran out of the water and towards T1


Transition time (which he NEVER practiced and took longer than expected oops.)


He finally got on the bike and was off for 17 miles in the country.



As I waited for him to come back, I spotted a guy RUNNING down the hill carrying his bike. Poor guy! But what determination!


I finally spotted Bobby heading towards me


Back into transition he went and got ready to run.



I ran to catch him up at the next street but wasn’t fast enough, oops.


So I cut a corner out in front of our house and waited. This next photo is funny because Bobby is actually pointing at our he wanted to go into it and stop racing. Haha.


I headed to the house, grabbed the dogs, and then waited with a neighbor near the finish line.

Here comes Bobby!



He did it!


The after party was great. They had sandwiches, iced tea from raisin’ canes, fruit, and sno-cones! All free. I MAY have had two…

photo (3)


We hung around and chatted for awhile and the girls had plenty of kids wanting to pet them.  Overall, Bobby had a really good time and says he wants to do another tri. He learned a lot in that first race, what to do and not do, and definitely needs to work on his transition times and his swim. He has no desire to do an ironman, but enjoyed the three sports together in one race. We will see what he signs up for next!

*PLEASE vote for my mom in the fit over 40 contest (Kathy Bridges) all you have to do is go here and check the box by her name, that’s it! So easy. Would really appreciate it! She deserves it!

QOTD: Do you tri? Do you want to?