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Blackberry Z10

I so so excited to be asked to be a Verizon Wireless Ambassador again, and was stoked when I found out we were getting the all new Blackberry Z10!


I am pretty stubborn and set in my ways, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this new phone. I have never owned a Blackberry before, but I can honestly say I really like this phone!

I have a ton I want to say about this device, but for today I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite features:

Blackberry Hub

The Blackberry Hub is where all of your notifications go for accounts you add to it such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. You can see all of your recent notifications with the swipe of a finger and decide who you need to respond to. Not only do you get to see your recent notifications, but you can respond to these notifications RIGHT FROM THE HUB without having to then go and open that app or e mail account. it’s pretty epic and makes my life so much easier.

photo (2)

Time shift camera mode:

This is by far my favorite feature. Basically the way it works is when you take a photo in this mode, it takes the photo over a period of a few seconds and then you can go back and pick the exact second where the photo is the best (no blinking, perfect smile) and save that as you final product. LOVE it especially for my husband Mr. blinky. It’s also great for those action shots of kids or pets.


QOTD: Would you ever part with your current phone? Ever had a Blackberry?

*Disclaimer: I was provided 3 months of free service as well as the Blackberry Z10 phone from Verizon, however all opinions are 100% my own.

Senses: A Disney Spa

When I was in Walt Disney World in February for the runDisney Princess half marathon, I had the opportunity to visit the recently re-opened Senses spa at the Grand Floridian Resort. I have been inside the building numerous times to use the gym, but had yet to visit the spa. I was excited to see the new interior, and hear about all of the new changes that came along with the grand re-opening.

senses spa at Disney's Grand Floridian resort and spa

Walking up to the spa has a very grand and serene feel.


When I went in, I was instantly greeted at the beautiful front desk. The mural on the wall is actually similar to a tattoo stuck up on the wall, and depicts old Florida.


I checked in and confirmed I was getting a massage, and then an attendant came out to greet me and explain what was going to happen. At the Senses spa, each guest goes on a “journey” when getting their treatment. The three journeys are relax, renew, and imagine. The journey I would be going on was the “relax” journey. You start your journey with a special fruit juice/smoothie designed specifically for your individual journey. They all looked amazing so I asked if I could try all three, so I did!


I was then led down the beautiful hall to the waiting area. I was greeted with comfy chairs, snacks, magazines, and refreshing cucumber infused water.



I was then shown into the area with the steam room and a Jacuzzi pool (be sure to bring a swimsuit if you would like to take advantage of this!) The room was beautiful and I immediately spotted the amazing heated tile loungers. Pure heaven.


The attendant explained that the tiles on the wall were imported from Italy, as were the beautiful chandeliers. She also told me to look out for the hidden mickeys in the tile on the walls! (I spotted one!)



There was also a steam room next to the heated lounge chairs.


After the tour, I was led into the locker room and shown how to create my own code for the lock. It was nice knowing my personal belongings would be secure in the locker room. Each locker held a robe and slippers to make us comfy as we enjoyed the spa amenities.


I think I look mighty stylish!


The locker room also had plenty of towels for our use in the steam room, Jacuzzi, and showers.


The bathroom is inside of the locker room, and it was just as beautiful as the rest of the facility. Complementary curling irons, blow dryers, and straighteners were such a nice touch (and much needed after my treatment!)



Before I knew it, it was time for my massage. I was led down a relaxing dim hallway with gorgeous light fixtures on the walls. I felt like I had stepped into the movie Alice in Wonderland.


We made it to the treatment room, and my masseuse explained that I would have the blue light as part of my relax journey, but if I wanted another color that was fine too. She asked me if there was anything specific I wanted her to know before she began. I told her my IT bands were very tight and that I was running the half marathon on Sunday so she focused a lot on my legs.


The massage itself was wonderful, and seemed to go by all too quickly. There was relaxing music, the scent of lavender, and the warmth of the heated bed. When the massage was over, I was given my robe back which was nice and warm and I was also given water and an antioxidant jelly.


My masseuse reminded me to drink lots of water, and walked me back to the locker room and told me to take my time enjoying the amenities. I said a sad goodbye to the beautiful relaxing area and headed outside to sit and chat with Ginger about the spa. I asked her a lot of questions, and here is some information I found interesting.

-The most popular treatments are manicures/pedicures as well as the Swedish massage.

-This summer Senses spa is coming to Saratoga Springs!

-The demographic at the spa is 90% female

-Your kids can get treatments as well but they request an adult stays in the room during the treatment

-Decoration inspiration was of course the Grand Floridian Resort. Disney wanted to tie in that whole immersive guest experience and theming for the guests.

-Ginger mentioned massages are great for runners all during their training, and that reflexology (also offered at the spa) is great for recovery.

A lot of people think of a Disney vacation as exhausting and that you just visit parks all day long, but it can be a relaxing time, too! Be sure to take a morning or afternoon for yourself and relax on your vacation by booking a treatment at the Senses spa. You can even book bridal packages, prenatal massages, couple packages, or pick something for your little mouseketeer from the kids menu.  Ginger recommended booking about two weeks in advance by calling 407-WDW-SPAS.

QOTD: Have you been to a Disney spa? What is your favorite spa treatment?

*I was offered a complimentary treatment at the Senses spa, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review, but it’s no secret I love all things Disney!



Zombie Run Recap

I was invited to the Gulfport, MS Zombie run which took place on Saturday. I couldn’t wait to go because I have never done anything other than regular road racing. No mud runs, color runs, or obstacle courses. This was my chance to do something different and be chased by zombies in the process. Not gonna lie, I HATE when things jump out at me. I was a bit apprehensive going into the race, but turns out I had nothing to fear. So let me stat by explaining how this race works. First off, it’s not really a race. It wasn’t timed, and waves went off every 15 minutes during the day. You ran a 3.1 mile obstacle course that just happened to have blood sucking zombies all over it. You wore a flag belt (think high school P.E. class) with three flags for each person. Your goal was to get to the end of the race and still have at least one flag. If so, you got a “survivor” medal. if not, you got an “infected” medal. Either way you finish the race and get a medal. Win/win for everyone. Well, no one really wants to get eaten but you get the point. There were also a couple of opportunities along the course to earn flags back, but more on that later.

I was supposed to do this race with some blogger friends. We were to be zombies in the morning, then run the course ourselves in the afternoon. However, Bobby decided to race his first triathlon that day which I of course had to see, so I skipped out on the zombie part and just showed up after lunch for the running portion. When I arrived, my blogger friends were just finishing up being zombies, and they were hungry for a snack. Me!


Ok so that was a joke, but they looked really creepy and it was hard to look them in the face and talk to them.


Mindy, me, Larisa, and Gina

Mindy and Larisa were tired and left after their zombie shift, but Gina stayed with me so we could run the course together. We were in the 1:15 wave, and it was just about time, so we headed to the start line and put on our flags.


It was about this time I realized I had rushed out of the house so quickly after Bobby’s triathlon that I had neglected to put on sunscreen. I would pay for this mistake later. The bagpipe zombie played a tune and it was time for our wave to go. We started off running through a field and hit our first obstacle (all obstacles were optional.)


The next one was right after and the one I wish I had photos of. It was just a giant tarp made to be a slip-n-slide going down a hill. Lots of fun diving and sliding on my stomach, but I didn’t really think it through because then I was soaking wet for the rest of the race. We soon encountered our first zombies, and our wave of about 20 people realized it was best to charge them all together and make it more confusing for them. Some zombies just stayed in place and would lunge left or right for a flag, but some would flat out chase you down! We made it through the first set unscathed (Gina and I at least) and then we headed into the woods and came across some dead bodies.


Then we had to climb a very steep hill.


We are brave girls in the woods!


This guy took one of my flags.


We had to go across a couple of mud pit type areas (no standing water just VERY muddy and sloshy) and encountered lots of zombies along the way. I was chased down by another zombie, and had one flag remaining at mile one and the water stop. Crap. At this point I realized I wasn’t going to make it with all my flags and would just try to earn one back later, so I just let a zombie have my third flag.


That one in front took my flag

There were some hay bails to climb which I decided to just walk around, and a bunch of zombies chased down our wave.

photo (1)

Gina and I kind of separated from the wave at this point, a few people got trapped up on the hay bales and I think people were trying to distract the zombies and we just kept going. Some friends we are right? We passed this yucky pit where you cold try to get a flag back but it looked gross and we decided to skip it. We soldiered on, passed a few more zombies, and made it to the place where Gina and the other girls had been zombies that morning. Basically it was a big raised platform ten feet or so off the ground and there were nerf darts scattered everywhere but zombies were guarding them. You had to try and get two darts, then climb the hay bales to get on top of the platform and shoot at the zombies. if you hit one, you got a flag back. Since I didn’t have a flag to lose, I just waltzed up and picked up two darts before making my way up the platform. My first shot was not so great, and I missed.


I took a little more time and concentrated on the next one, and actually hit a zombie square in the back of the head!


I went down to collect my flag but they had run out. Bummer! Luckily a fellow runner had extra and gave me one of his. We hit some hurdles and Gina got an action shot for me.


We knew we were close and we had one final obstacle which Gina tackled for us, crawling on the ground again through a tunnel. We turned the last corner and the finish line was in sight.


We crossed, grabbed our survivor medals, and took some pictures.



We went into the finishers area where they had a stage and a band playing. They also had beer (everyone got one free one) and food, which you had to pay for. I was a bit bummed by the lack of free food or drinks because we were hungry!


I knew I was frying in the sun (I ended up turning So red on my shoulders and back) so we took off soon after and headed home.


Overall thoughts:

The concept for the race is great, but being the first one here I felt it was a bit disorganized. When you asked volunteers or people wearing “race official” clothing on, they usually didn’t know the answers to our questions. The obstacles were fun and the Zombies looked awesome, but it just wasn’t very scary. Maybe hosting it early in the morning or at night would have been better? Loved that they had water stops along the course, and loved getting a medal at the end.  It was nice having a band and the little finishers area, but none of us realized we would have to pay for the food and were really confused about that part. My wave wasn’t until 1:15 and it was a lot smaller than the earlier waves and Gina said there were a lot less zombies. A lot of the zombies we did see were exhausted from being out there so long so they weren’t as fun/understandably didn’t want to keep playing the part (it was a hot day!) I laughed a lot during the run, and my muscles were sore the next day from climbing, darting, sprinting, etc. The fairgrounds were a great place to host the event, and I had a blast doing something new and fun while incorporating my love for running.

I think with a little feedback and tweaks for next year this event could be bigger and better. I would definitely run this race again if they made a few minor tweaks to how things were run. I would encourage you to do an event if they come to your area! I hate that I missed being a zombie because the girls said it was fun, but running was super fun as well! I also love that Zombie Run gives money to charity, and were here supporting Smile Train. If you live in Orlando, Chicago, Vermont, or Michigan be on the lookout because Zombie Run is coming to you!

QOTD: Have you ever done a zombie run? Would you ever run one?

*I was comped a free entry into this race however all thoughts and opinions are as always, my own.

runDisney Marathon Weekend Changes for 2014

I just got off the phone with Faron Kelley, director of marketing and communications for Disney sports to chat with him and some other bloggers about marathon weekend 2014, and some of the changes the runDisney folks are making to have the weekend be a great experience for all involved.


First of all, the obvious news, is the new Dopey challenge (Faron is running it, too!) He said he is super excited about the six medals, as well as the inaugural 10k race. In keeping with the theme of the classic Disney characters (Donald for the half, Mickey for the full, etc) they knew they wanted Minnie for the 10k. He was also excited about the fact that there are very few if any places where you can get a race experience like this one, and have the opportunity to earn so many medals and run so many races in four days.

He also wanted to be very clear in stating that runDisney listens to it’s runners. They read blogs, social media, (such as the runDisney Facebook page) and listen to feedback to get information from participants and to make changes to give everyone a great race experience. One of the main concerns folks have been having is crowding on the race course. Well friends, runDisney heard you loud and clear, and is making some big changes for 2014. Let’s take a look:

-There will be 2,000 less runners for marathon weekend distributed between the half and the full. Since the half is where they have seen the main course pinch points, most of the cutting down will come from that race. Faron mentioned that it’s a tough decision because there is so much demand to run these races, and they want to give as many people as possible the chance to run. However, they realize this is the right thing to do to make the run a better experience for everyone.

-There will be more corrals to spread out the runners a little more and to help even out the course.

-A proof of time will be required for 95% of runners, so pretty much everyone who has run before, all to make sure runners are in the right corrals. It can become a safety issue if participants are in the wrong place, and again it goes back to helping everyone to have a fun experience.

– Finally! Women’s fitted shirts! Faron said they have heard about the desire for the shirts for awhile, and since ladies made rundisney what it is and are driving the running boom in the country, we should get shirts that fit us. Hooray! Also, as far as he knows they will continue to be long sleeve shirts.

-The marathon course will be the same as this past year, the 20th anniversary course. The half course will remain the same as well, as will the 5k. The 10k course is yet to be released.

-There will be a new marathon medal. Faron knows people run for the bling and seeing the awesome medals is something he loves!

-Spots for Dopey: They have not officially decided on a number of spaces yet. They are watching the numbers for the presales, and don’t want to take all the 10k spots because runDisney wants to leave most of them for people wanting to run the 10k only. Faron said it is quite the balancing act, and that the presale numbers were very limited.

-An earlier start time is possible in order to add the new corrals, however, the main objective is to get to the Magic Kingdom as soon as possible and then clear it out so guests can go to the park for the day. For 2013 the loop around EPCOT was taken out, and we ran straight to the Magic Kingdom, clearing the park sooner than ever. runDisney is confident they can still accomplish this goal, even with more corrals. People in the back corrals will just start later and finish later in the day.

-The 16:00 per mile pace requirement is to remain the same

– They are working out the details for the kids races so they will hopefully not interfere with the runners participating in Dopey. runDisney knows the weekend is a family affair, and wants everyone to be able to participate in the races as well as their children.

-I asked Faron about people wanting to submit proof of time from Wine and Dine, but it’s after the November 1 proof of time cut off date. He said that was actually a really good idea and said he would check on that for me. So stay tuned for updates on this as the race gets closer.


We had a great call, and I am so thankful that Faron took the time to talk to us about the changes for 2014. I could sense the excitement in his voice, and I can’t wait for January! Don’t forget, registration opens to the general public TOMORROW. So be sure to visit to secure your spot. You won’t want to miss this fun weekend! (Don’t forget registration is still open for the Tower of Terror 10 miler and the Wine and Dine half as well!)

Monthly Goals: April 2013

Yes yes, I am a week behind with my goals for April and my review of my March goals. What can I say, I had a lot to talk about last week! First let’s take a look back and see how I did in March.

1.) PR in the 5k distance (officially): (A+) Done! Three times! I PRed in the Run for Relief, then again by one second on a hot day for the St. Patrick’s Day 5k, then again on a training run (27:30). Feels so great o get an A+ on a mini goal!

2.) Stretch: (D-) Oh boy. This one is ugly and starting to take it’s toll. My IT band has been really angry at me lately, and I am not as flexible as I would like to me. I know this one is so important though, so I must try again this month.

3.) Continue with Body Pump: (A+) Yes! I went every Monday in March, then followed it up by missing the first Monday in April. #fail. Oh well, I still went four times in March and am really proud I stuck with this new class. Will be back tonight!

4.) Update the races page on my blog: (F.) Hhhhmmm…..No was around this one folks, it just didn’t happen. With the re-launching of my blog in March and getting all the kinks worked out I just didn’t have time. However I did finally publish my runDisney tab on my blog. Check it out!


I also PR’ed in the 10k distance at the Crescent City Classic

Onward to my April goals. Let’s see….

1.) Stretch. I am putting this one at the TOP of the list because I really need to get back on top of this. I don’t want an injury.

2.) Cross train twice a week. You can join my Cross Train or Remain the Same challenge if this is an April goal for you! Like stretching, this is also important for my overall health and strength.

3.) Cut back on the sweets. I know myself well enough to not say “cut out sugar completely (hello, what’s the point of living?!?) But I DO need to get a handle on the Easter candy consumption. Especially since it’s almost swimsuit season here. Yikes!

4.) Run two more races. Sadly racing season is coming to an end down here, but I would love to get in a couple more short distances races before the heat really sets in. We will see what I can find locally!


Race I ran 2 years ago in May. May races are HOT here. I was not happy.

QOTD: What is one of your goals for April? Did you accomplish any March goals?

Weekly Recap: April Week 1 2013

What a weekend it’s been already! We took the workout week easy after running the Crescent City Classic 10k last weekend. Bobby had pulled his back and needed to rest since he was doing his first Triathlon this weekend, and I had a 5k yesterday, and after the 10k last weekend, my body was telling me it needed a break. I will be recapping Bobby’s first triathlon experience this week in a post, as well as my Zombie run experience, so be on the lookout. Let’s just say yesterday was a very long and full day for me! Here is a sneak peek photo of the tri and the Zombie Run.



Here is a look at my very easy and quiet workout week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 1 hour elliptical, upper body weights

Wednesday: 3.1 miles treadmill

Thursday: walked the dogs, stretched/yoga at home

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.1 mile zombie run


Like I said a nice restful easy week. I do want to get back into the gym and ramp up my weights again. I missed body pump for the first time in over a month last week, and I only lifted once. Yikes! I have been doing such a good job with cross training and want to continue it to keep me injury free. I’m off to have a relaxing Sunday with hubby, have a great day everyone.

QOTD: Do you ever have a week where you just slow down and back off your workouts?

Two Race Saturday

No no, I am not running two races on Saturday (today) However, Bobby is doing a race, and I am doing a different one! Bobby will be participating in his very first triathlon. I am super nervous for him! he has been injured, and didn’t sign up and get his bike until about 3 weeks ago, and he got his wetsuit two days ago! it will definitely be a learning experience for us. It’s funny, this is the third time we have been to this race (it’s in our neighborhood) and never would I have thought this year that Bobby would be a participant! (See posts from year one spectating, and year two volunteering).

2012-03-31 06.52.01

Volunteering for the race 2012

After I watch Bobby race, I have to hurry off to my own race, the Zombie Run! I will admit, I’m a little scared! I don’t like being scared or having things jump out at me, so this will be interesting. I was supposed to be a zombie, then go in a different wave as a runner, but when Bobby decided to register for the triathlon I backed out as a zombie but will be a runner in the 1:15 wave. I can’t wait to share photos with you from both events it’s going to be fun!


I will try to tweet and isntagram photos from Bobby’s race and my race as well so be on the lookout! Have a great day!

QOTD: Have you ever done a zombie run, mud run, or color run? Thoughts?

My Fitness Closet Part 2

Some of you may remember the recent post and vlog I did on my Fitness Closet. I only had time to do a quick overview of my fitness clothes, but decided I wanted to dive a little deeper and give some more details on my workout wear. I am aware I have a LOT of workout clothes, but oddly enough I didn’t pay for very many of them. Lots are race clothes, things I was given for review for the blog, etc. So, point being no I didn’t spend a fortune on all of these clothes and shoes!

SHOES: from top to bottom, left to right: Newtons, runDisney New Balance, Brooks trail, reebok flex, Mizuno, Asics, Saucony Virrata, Reebox flex, Asics, Zoot, Altra, Under Armour.


aaannddd I got these guys in the mail yesterday. The new Saucony Kinvara 4. Look for a review later!


I went upstairs and dumped all my dri fit shirts into a pile on the floor.


I sorted them into three piles. Short sleeve on the left, runDisney in the middle, tank top/sleeveless on the right. How sad my runDisney pile is almost as high as my regular short sleeve shirt pile?!?


PANTS: 3 pair, one pair not shown (in the wash) I don’t own a lot of pants b/c I run most of the time half naked (I kid) because it’s so darn hot here. Target C9, Russell athletic.


CAPRIS: 4 pair shown, 2 not shown (in the wash) I like to take fitness classes in these and lift weights. Under Armour, Target C9, Addidas


SHORTS: I totally just realized all my bottoms are BLACK! Well almost. I have 4 pair in the wash and one are blue and one brown. Brooks, Nike, Russell, Target C9.


SPORTS BRAS: Yay for color! Everything from Nike to Under Armour to Moving Comfort.


RUNNING SKIRT BRAS: missing 2, a pink and a white.


You probably saw this from my last post. All running skirt gear from capris, to dresses, running skirts, athletic skirts, strappy tanks, tank tops, long sleeves, and jackets. Missing a few items here in the wash as well.

photo (36)

QOTD: What brand appears most in you fitness closet?

I’m Dopey!

We did it. Bobby and I took the plunge and registered for the Dopey Challenge for the runDisney marathon weekend in January of 2014.


I know, I know. I kept saying after Goofy 2013 that I would never do Goofy again. Well…TECHNICALLY I’m not doing Goofy, right? I just can’t resist. Inaugural race, six medals. four days of fun runDisney races? Sign me up! Yes, it will be difficult, yes, I am petrified, but I said the same thing about Goofy and I ran that after being sick for months, and only running a max 18 mile long run, so I think I am up for the challenge. Of course, just like with goofy, my goal is to just FINISH the race, and not run any type of time goal. There will be so Galloway run-walk-run involved, and not as much park time as this past year so I can make sure I am well rested.


Why yes, I am thank you!

It looks like we will be arriving in Disney on Wednesday so we can go to the expo and get out packets since the first race is Thursday morning. We will run the 5k Thursday, 10k Friday, Half Saturday, and Full Sunday. I am hoping we will be able to spend a couple more days in Disney to relax and hit the parks and bask in the glory of our accomplishments.


Where will we stay? Who knows. How will we train? Not a clue. But we have plenty of time, and plenty of races between now and then, and it’s going to be an adventure. I probably won’t “officially” start training until after Dumbo.

I know it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of marathon weekend, but don’t forget there are TWO other races open for registration right now before marathon weekend. Sign up for the Tower of Terror ten miler or  the Wine and Dine half marathon before they sell out. (If you missed my interview with Faron Kelley from yesterday about the popularity of runDisney races be sure to check it out!)

QOTD: Are you signing up for any of the marathon weekend events? If not, what is the next race on your calendar?

Why are runDisney Races So Popular?

When I was in Walt Disney World for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon in February, I had the privilege of sitting down with Faron Kelley (director of marketing and communications for Disney sports), in his office to talk to him about the booming popularity of runDisney races.


At first it was hard to focus on the interview because his office is filled with fun runDisney and other Disney sports memorabilia and photos. I probably could have looked around forever, but thought that might be rude.


me and Faron

Disney has been hosting a series of endurance events for many years, but it seems the past couple of races in particular have really shown a sharp increase in participation. I had my suspicions as to the cause of this upwards trend, but I wanted to confirm them and who better to ask. As it turns out, there is no one particular reason that these events have become highly coveted, but instead a web of factors that keep people coming back for more. These are the main reasons for the boom Faron and I discussed in our interview:

The vacation component: Disney is the epitome of a destination race. What better place to bring the entire family to cheer you on as you run, then spend some time together playing in the parks? runDisney decided that the one overarching factor that makes a race an official runDisney event would be the fact that it runs through the theme parks. Some would think running would just be for adults, but runDisney does a fabulous job of including the kids, too. From the kids races to the 5k family fun run, these events are not just for mom and dad.

Social Media: Being a social media junkie, this factor is the one I was most interested in, and the one that I thought had a huge influence on runDisney’s popularity. Not only did runDisney create a beautiful website, but they also opened up a YouTube channel, Facebook Fan page, and Twitter account. Faron did agree that he thought social media was the most effective tool runDisney was using to reach its fans. He commented that it is so much easier to communicate and send out messages to runners through these mediums, and in a quick and effective way. It also allows runners to “talk” directly with runDisney as well as give feedback on its Facebook wall or by tagging it in a tweet. The website gives a lot of useful information from race tips to travel to registration. Having details readily available is no doubt driving the social media boom for the brand.

Faron loved when I mentioned the social media meet ups as a driving force behind race popularity. These social media events are held in conjunction with most races, and offer the most passionate runDisney fans a chance to have a back stage, up close and personal encounter with the brand. He loved it when I told him stories I have heard about the lengths people have gone to in order to try to secure a coveted spot at one of the meet ups. The amount of tweets and blogs posts that are brought about because of one of these special events shows just how loyal runDisney fans are.

What’s included: When you runDisney, you don’t just get a t-shirt and a boring medal. Instead, you are treated to a one of a kind entertainment experience that can only be described as magical. A big reason I run (as well as many others I am sure) is the amazing organization runDisney has at every race. You never hear about them not having enough bathrooms or running out of water. The races start on time, and have plenty of volunteers. They are constantly striving to make a better race experience for all. I have also been told runDisney is making strides to make sure the race course is not too crowded. I was so happy to hear this and love that they take feedback from fans seriously. On top of smoothly organized races there is of course the bling. Disney medals are heavy, and amazing. Their bling is well thought out and beautiful, and the perfect reward after a race. Runners also have access to a great health and fitness expo, tech shirts, and on course entertainment. runDisney merchandise that is sold at the expo is also very popular, and a tangible reminder of the race. Faron even told me that New Balance said runDisney races have a higher demand for merchandise than even races such as the Boston marathon! (Think: runDisney/new Balance shoes).

Pricing Structure: The pricing structure for races has changed in recent years, motivating people to sign up for the races more quickly. Tiered pricing is used and dates are given for price increases. Everyone loves to get the best value for their money possible, so this is part of the reason why the races are filling up more quickly than in years past.

Atmosphere: runDisney races are amazing races for beginners and running veterans alike. It’s a fast course so you can PR, and it’s also very non-intimidating for newer runners. Jeff Galloway, the official runDisney training consultant, teaches the run-walk-run method to help get beginners across the finish line. He is very supportive and encouraging, motivating people to give running a try. These events have a fun light atmosphere, and make for a great first big race.



With the Walt Disney World marathon weekend registration opening in a matter of days, there has been a lot of speculation as to just how quickly the events will sell out due to the factors mentioned above. Will there be another record sell out like for the Dumbo Double Dare? That is yet to be determined. However, I CAN give you some percentages, given to me straight from runDisney, about how they are pacing with Wine and Dine registration. These numbers are as of March 14th, when Wine and Dine registration had only been open for 72 hours:

-Registration for the Wine and Dine half was already pacing 71% ahead in number of registrants than at the same time last year.

-The 5k is pacing 130% ahead in number of registrants than at the same time last year.

-The kid’s races are pacing 37% ahead, for a grand total averaging out at 76% ahead for the whole weekend.

WOW! I would say runDisney gained some major popularity in the past year. Here are a couple of other numbers to knock your socks off:

-The post on runDisney’s Facebook Fan page announcing Dopey has been shared over 2,529 times, which runDisney believes is a record number of shares for the Facebook fan page.

-The runDisney YouTube video announcing Dopey’s Challenge has almost 65,600 views!

**If you are wanting to sign up for the currently open races such as the Tower of Terror 10 miler or the Wine and Dine Half, don’t wait! Sign up before the price increases and before these events are sold out due to popularity!

QOTD: Why do you think runDisney races are so popular? Will you be running one this year?