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Dumbo/Disneyland Half Medals 2014

How cute! runDisney Disneyland half weekend medals are out! I’m so sad I won’t be earning these this year. The Lilo and Stitch theme is super cute and I really like the ribbons on the Disneyland half and Dumbo medals.

disneyland medals

Here are last year’s medals if you want to compare


QOTD: Will you be earning any of these medals this year? Which one is your favorite?

Check out for more race weekend details!

Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Changes

Hey guys! Guess what? I will be helping spread the word about Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans marathon and 1/2 marathon that will be coming to Louisiana again January 25, 2015. I am so stoked about this race for a lot of reasons. It is my favorite local race, I have run it three times and have lots of good memories, AND, it will most likely be my FIRST HALF MARATHON AFTER BABY! Such a scary thought that I will have a child when I run this race. I am hoping that by signing up for something it will be a good motivator right out of the gate to get my rear in gear post delivery and back into running shape. I can’t wait to document my progress starting in October!

rock n blog

One of the great things about this race series is that they not only ask for feedback from participants, but they actually make changes and improvements based on the responses. Us runners love when races listen to us! Check out some things that will be different next year for the New Orleans race:

· Enhanced finish line festival – local food and unlimited beer

· More on course entertainment

· More porta potties!


All good things! Want to run this race? Enter code LOOKINGGLASS at check out for $10 the half or full marathon. Be sure to share the excitement on Twitter with the hashtag #RnRNOLA. Registration is OPEN so don’t wait for prices to go up!

I would love to see you at the race, it’s a really fun one. Super fast and flat course, with great local flare. Looking for a new PR? This is it!



Want some insight on what the race is like? You can read my race recaps below:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras 2010

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras 2011 Part 1 and Part 2

Rock ‘n’ Roll new Orleans 2012

QOTD: Are you running this race next year? Any other Rock ‘n’ roll races?

Pregnancy Update: Week 24

Hooray for a new milestone! I have been waiting to reach this week, because it means technically if baby were to be born now, she would have a chance at surviving. Of course, I want baby M to stay in and bake as long as possible, but it is a slight relief hitting 24 weeks.

24weeks bump

Sorry for the “different” picture this week, we are still at my parents dog sitting for some friends and my routine is thrown all out of whack.

Symptoms: Feeling good as far as OLD symptoms going away, but this week I am starting to really feel the extra weight. My back hurts pretty bad if I have to sit in the car for a long time, when I workout, etc. My tailbone also hurts when I sit on the floor. I get a little swelling when I’m up and about a lot, and am just generally speaking starting to slow down a bit. I can’t go go go like I used to, and it’s a bit frustrating for someone used to being so active without getting tired.

Face face has pretty much cleared up and my skin is doing well. I can’t believe how fast these weeks are flying and I’m still not used to my belly. Several times this week I went to squeeze behind a chair, by a pole, etc. and rammed my belly into something because I’m not used to not being able to fit!

Baby’s Size: Cantaloupe

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but I am planning to go get a maternity swimsuit later this week.

Stretch marks: same

Sleep: Ug. Not so great. Getting up to pee an average of three times a night, and laying awake for a long time once I get back into bed.

Miss Anything: Racing. I see everyone posting photos from races every weekend and I am slightly jealous. In a friendly way of course. Smile

Cravings: Eat all the carbs! Eat all the chocolate! We went to dinner and I ordered a plate of cheese fries. It was heavenly.

Aversions: Still can’t do big chunks of beef or chicken at a time. bleh.

Looking Forward to: Going to the beach in a couple of weeks. Bobby has to take continuing legal education classes every summer so me and my parents are tagging it along. It’s the only “babymoon” we will get but I’ll take it! We will be going to our favorite bed and breakfast right on the beach. It’s adults only, so I will definitely be enjoying that aspect while I can.


What I’m Loving: Lots and lots of baby kicks! Bobby can definitely feel (and see!) them now too, so we have fun laying still and watching her go to town.

Workouts: Oh boy. Not so good yall, and I hate it. I never thought I would be one of those pregnant women that had issues running, because I was in such good running shape when I got pregnant! It has gotten to where I have pelvic pain even when I am power walking for too long, so I am looking into over workouts like prenatal DVD’s etc. Anyone have recommendations?

QOTD: prenatal DVD recommendations?

Did you enter my giveaway yet? Tell your pregnant friends about it!

For Two Fitness Review and Giveaway

The following review and giveaway are sponsored by For Two Fitness®. I was provided with product for this post, however all opinions are my own.


I am sure you have seen me posting pictures of myself in my For Two Fitness® tanks. Yall, I love these shirts, hence why I wear them all. the. time. I am so happy to be an ambassador for them, it’s a product I truly love!

for two fitness 1

For Two Fitness® is the premiere maternity fitness apparel brand, offering performance apparel that functions and flatters like nothing else.  The fabrics are soft, moisture wicking, and made of quality material. There are so many colors to choose from, I especially love the eye catching bright ones! Living in the sweaty humid south, these tops have been a lifesaver and keep me cool while I workout outside.

for two fitness 2

The side ruching allows for a snug fit but then also stretches with you as your belly grows. I love how long these tanks are. I already have a long torso and was concerned about a top fitting over my bump, but there is still plenty of room! I wore a size small until I was about 18 weeks then switched over to the medium and should be able to wear these the remainder of my pregnancy.

for two fitness 4

The racerback style is very flattering and comfortable and also hides my sports bra lines.

for two fitness 3

My favorite feature of the tank is of course the writing on the front. Especially for someone in the first half of pregnancy when people are wondering if you are indeed pregnant, having it written right there on your shirt is a nice feature.

For Two Fitness® would love to give away one of their new spring colored tanks to a THLS reader! Please follow the Rafflecoptor instructions below, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway







Thanks to For Two Fitness for sponsoring this review and giveaway!

runDisney Star Wars Registration Day

Back at the end of May, a new Stars Wars themed runDisney race was announced. Well, registration day has arrived! Today at noon eastern time, anyone can register for the race weekend which will include kids races, a 5k, 10k, half marathon and the rebel challenge. The races will take place January 15-18 2015 at the Disneyland resort in California.

January is a great time to visit Disneyland. The weather was great when I was there this year for Tinkerbell. I didn’t feel that it was excessively crowded, and the weather for the actual race was perfect.

star wars race

Fair warning…..this race is going to sell out FAST, yall. I highly highly encourage you to be online and ready to register a couple minutes before noon eastern on I want everyone who wants to run to have the opportunity! Good luck to everyone registering, and may the force be with you!


***Other notable registration dates:

Princess half marathon on sale July 15, 2014

Tinkerbell half marathon on sale August 12, 2014

QOTD: Are you registering for this race?

Weekend, Weddings, and Doctors

Good morning friends! I am in Louisiana this week doing some dog sitting and spending time with the fam. He’s the sweetest little goldendoodle, and so soft and fluffy!

This weekend was a lot of fun, we went to my parent’s neighbor’s son’s (got that?) wedding, I used to babysit the groom, I can’t believe he is now married! Fun times were had by all.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (7)

Sunday we celebrated Bobby’s birthday with my parents. I know the actual day was Friday, but any excuse to have cake right? The baby wanted it. I can’t control it.

unnamed (10)

unnamed (11)

Now I have one month to make fun of Bobby for being 31 while I am still 28…before I turn 29. Yikes! My last time to turn a number in the 20’s. I may be in denial.

Oh, last Friday I had my first appointment with my new doctor and it went great. She’s really sweet and we got along well, so I feel good everything. I will be doing my glucose test in two weeks. I have heard so many things about it I am a BIT nervous.

unnamed (5)

She said I didn’t have to fast, just not to eat anything with a lot of sugar. But she said I could have something “you know, like bacon”. Did I mention I love my new doctor? Ordered to eat bacon? I’m on it.

QOTD: Glucose test tips? I just don’t want to be nauseated after!

What did you do this weekend? I’m totally jealousy of everyone who raced!

Bobby is 31!

Today my husband Bobby turns 31 years old. Not near as a “milestone” as last years big 3-0, but still important, it is a birthday after all!


I like to have fun with birthdays, and I made some signs for Bobby’s apartment that I snuck in and decorated with when he turned 21 I believe. We have a running joke and every year we “reuse” the signs and change the numbers (I had 21 written in puff paint on the corner and so every year we paper clip the new number over the original one). However, this year I am sad as I didn’t bring them up to the new place with us. We just had so much going on, but this is the first year we won’t be using them. I know it sounds silly, but I am all about tradition.


I am so glad I have gotten to share so many birthdays with Bobby, and can’t wait to share many many more!


He adds so much laughter and happiness to my life, I don’t know what I would do without him.


Happy birthday, Bobby! I love you!


(and the girls do, too).

QOTD: Do you have any birthday traditions?

Pregnancy Update: Week 23

Baby and I survived the craziness of moving last week, and are settling in back in our old hometown with Bobby and the pups. We are so happy to be back up here, and are now just waiting for a few key pieces to fall into place.

23weeks bump

Symptoms: Feeling good this week! Aside from the crazy stress of moving and getting settled, things have been going well. My acne has gotten a lot better, sleep was better this week, and compression socks have kept swelling to a minimum.  My biggest issue has been the round ligament pain when I run. It’s bad yall. I even tried the Gabrialla support belt everyone swears by and it did zero to help me during my running. Sad smile Not sure how much longer I will be able to keep up the running unfortunately.

Baby’s Size: Grapefruit

Maternity Clothes: Sadly had to retire some of the smaller sizes this week.

Stretch Marks: No new changes

Sleep: Better this week! I chalk it up to being SO exhausted at night from the moving/changes etc. But I do get up 1-2 times to pee, and have been waking up earlier than usual (6:00).

Miss Anything: We went to a Mexican restaurant and people got margaritas and I couldn’t. Sad times. Really missing non painful running right now, too.

Cravings: Nothing substantial, I just like to snack all. day. long.

Aversions: Large portions

Looking Forward To: My appointment with my new doctor is Friday! Hooray! Can’t wait to meet her, and sign up for classes at the hospital.

What I’m Loving: When I tell people I am due in September and they tell me I look too small to be due so soon. It’s a nice confidence boost that I haven’t gotten TOO big yet.


Workouts: End of last week was rough because of all the moving, I was way too tired to do anything else…but I have run twice in the past 3 days for a total of 5 miles, and we have walked the dogs twice….so trying to get back into the swing of things!

QOTD: Mamas, did a support belt work for you?

Who ran yesterday for national running day?

National Running Day Offers

Happy National Running Day! Yall, every year this day just creeps up on me! Has it really been a year? I feel like I say that a lot lately. Anyway, this year there are some great promos going on with companies I love and I wanted to share a couple with you so that you can enjoy as well!


obviously from a pre pregnancy run!

1.) Women’s Running magazine is hosting a great special offer on their magazine, where you can subscribe or renew, today only, for $1 an issue! That’s a freaking steal. I love this magazine and as a subscriber I myself am super excited about this offer!


2.) Competitor group (think Rock n roll series) is having promotional discounts today as well for their races:

o $20 off domestic Rock ‘n’ Roll full, half, relay & bike

o $5 off 5k, 10k, Mini

o €5 off Int’l RNR

o $5 off Carlsbad 5000

o $20 off Women’s Running Series

o $20 off TriRock (excluding Nations)

Also, check out this link to learn about virtual and fun runs going on today. You can even enter to win prizes for participating!

*Also, exciting news to announce, three lucky folks who entered the BIC Bands giveaway on my blog won $20 store credit!  Will these three ladies please email me at

Katie (5/23 @7:08)
Jen W (5/23 @ 9:31)
BrennaS (5/26 @6:54)
*More winners! The winner of the iTunes giveaway is Erica Schwab. Pleas email me at

QOTD: Will you be running today? How far?

*I know my weekly pregnancy updates usually come on Wednesday, but it will be up tomorrow instead.


Whew! Not being connected to the internet for nearly four days except via smartphone is tough when you work from home for a living! I am officially back, and hopefully now with no glitches. The last few days have been a whirlwind, and while I have a lot of work to catch up on, it was nice to have the weekend to unpack and spend some time with Bobby at the place we are staying at temporarily.


It’s on the lake, and we have really been enjoying it so far, as have the girls. Bobby has caught several fish, and Bella has a new love for riding in the kayak. She was terrified at first, but now she cried to get in it!

unnamed (15)

unnamed (4)

She barks for Bobby to catch fish, and when he does she freaks out and won’t get too close. Strange dog. Sassy is enjoying sitting outside watching us, but she could care less about fishing or getting in the kayak.

unnamed (1)

Sunday we went back to our old church, and it was SO GREAT to be back “home”. I think I smiled for two hours straight, all through Sunday school and the service.

unnamed (2)

Yesterday I went on a 2 mile run, my first one here, and it was nice to have a change of scenery. It felt good to sweat, but I am still having issues with round ligament pain so I don’t know how long my running will last. I was going to try the support belt today but since I haven’t run in over a week, thought I would try “just one more time” without it to see if I could, aaannddd, it’s painful, so, definitely going with the belt for my next run.

unnamed (3)

Tomorrow I will have my weekly pregnancy update on the blog, and then will hopefully be in the swing of things here. Thanks for hanging with me as we transition!

QOTD: What do you do when you don’t have the internet? Do you ever purposefully unplug?

**I updated my pregnancy page on the blog so now you can directly click on each weekly update, etc. without having to scroll through all the pregnancy posts. Check it out!