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Birthday Bash Day 4

Day four was our final day in Walt Disney World, and we still had a lot we wanted to do. Unfortunately we woke up to rain, but we didn’t let that stop us. We made it to the Magic Kingdom, and headed straight for Starbucks. Our late night on the Ferrytale Wishes cruise wore us out!


I tried the special for Halloween “frapula” and I think I was the first to ask for it because it took them awhile to make it and they were all conversing with each other trying to figure it out.


We had fastpasses for Pirates of the Caribbean so we headed that way first, and then to Enchanted Tales with Belle which I had seen but mom had not. SO cute. I can’t wait to take Emma Kate there!


We did a little shopping and grabbed pizza for lunch.


Mom and I really enjoy just walking around and looking at everything, so we just kind of “hung out” for awhile (Bobby would be so bored and never let’s me do that, so it was nice and relaxing!)



The rain was getting harder, so he headed to the monorail and ran over to EPCOT to get a couple of things and then went back to the hotel. I was able to make us last minute dinner reservations at California Grill that night, too!


Bye Magic Kingdom

I still had not done one thing I REALLY wanted to do, and that was get a Dole Whip at the Polynesian. So when we got back, we did just that, and it was delicious.


We got ready for dinner, had some appetizers in the lounge, and then took the monorail to the Grand Floridian because we had some time to kill. We went upstairs and visited one of my favorite Cast Members, Vonnie, and chatted with her for a bit before heading over to the Contemporary. We were seated right away, and I will have to say this was the most delicious meal of the trip. I got a margarita and the filet, and both were amazing.


They even gave mom a free birthday dessert, even though we were stuffed!


We got back to the resort and changed clothes and headed for Trader Sams. This was another one of those “research” things I needed to do for work. SO many clients have asked me about it so I knew I needed to go. The drinks were good and the décor was super cool, but it was pretty pricey and if you aren’t into loud environments I would say skip this one. We were so tired and left after one drink, but it was cool to see, and say hello to a fellow runDisney runner/bartender we went to see!



We went back to our room and called it a night. The next morning was very early and very sad. Departure day is always sad, but it was also rainy and dreary so it was even more depressing.


Four days is just not long enough! We had a blast but there was so much we didn’t get to do, like Hollywood Studios and most of EPCOT. That just means we have to go back, right?


I planned a lot for mom for her 60th, and I hope she enjoyed everything I put into the trip for her. It was so much fun and I will always remember it.

QOTD: Favorite Disney resort? Favorite drink in Disney?

Disney Ferrytale Wishes Cruise

During our recent Disney trip, I surprised my mom with a Disney Ferrytale Wishes cruise. This is something very new that had only been going on for about two weeks when we participated. I was very happy with this experience and would do it again for adults, but I don’t think it’s as worth it for kids. Here’s a quick recap of the fun!

Mom and I walked over from the Polynesian to the Transportation and Ticket center. Poor mom was clueless and had not idea what we were doing. I went over to the ferry dock and saw balloons and a sign that said “check in”, and even after we walked up she was confused, so I let the guy checking people in explain it to her.



We were given a pin and a menu, and he led us down towards the boat where others were gathered.


We were then given glow in the dark necklaces and a glowing champagne glass filled with cider and we were told to hang onto it. We waited around until 9:00 to board the ferry.


Once onboard we were given a plate, and told to have fun! We found coffee, alcohol (beer, wine, vodka punch, prosecco), and lots of desserts.


We watched the Electrical Water Parade and sailed around the Seven Seas Lagoon chowing down and watching the beautiful views.


Later they had mickey bars and ice cream sandwiches as well as some fruit flavored popsicles.




When it was time for Wishes at 10:00, the boat parked and everyone had a great view. The music was piped in and it was really beautiful with the reflection on the water.



When Wishes was over, the boat sailed back to the dock and we got off. They were handing out extra ice cream bars as we got off so of course we took one…and they were giving out all the balloons, SURE! Why not?


Oh, there was even a Photopass photographer onboard.

PhotoPass_Visiting_Walt_Disney_World_Resort_7499432442 (2)

PhotoPass_Visiting_Walt_Disney_World_Resort_7499434161 (2)

The staff was so friendly, and everyone seemed to be having a really good time. We met some very nice people and chatted with a bunch of different folks as we went. There were maybe only 10 kids onboard (remember, we didn’t get ON the boat till 9:00). The reason I say it is worth it for adults but not kids is because it was $100 for adults and $69 for kids. Adults get all you can drink alcohol and a really cool experience but the kids seemed bored and that’s an expensive ticket for an hour and a half boat ride. I will be doing a more detailed review on another blog at the end of the month, I will be sure to post a link on Facebook when it’s live.

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QOTD: Where have you seen your favorite fireworks show? Mickey bar or ice cream sandwich?

Virtual Race Recap + Holiday Shred

The Faster than Boo virtual 10k was over Halloween weekend. Since I was in Tennessee for Halloween weekend, I ran my race when I got back.

We have had a TON of rain and yucky humid weather the past week or two, so while I would like to say I had a nice pretty run, that wasn’t the case. It was slow from all the garbage I ate on my trip, but it’s the furthest I have run in awhile so I was happy with being able to complete the distance.

unnamed (62)

I was also really happy with the medal. How cute is this? Love the ghost, love the spinner, and it glows in the dark! I promptly hung it up on my medal rack with my others.


I also love the tank top that came with the race packet. Super cute and comfy.


Over 1,200 runners participated in this virtual run! The best thing about it, was that over $500 was donated to the friends of Jaclyn foundation. If you would like to read more about the foundation, click here. Thanks Gone for a RUN for the entry and for supporting great causes like Jaclyn’s foundation.


Something else fun that is going on for the holidays that I wanted to share with you about is my good friend Bobbi’s Holiday shred. I won an entry to the shred at Refresh Summit and I can’t wait to join in!


Bobbi has been hosting shreds for awhile and offers great workouts, meal plan ideas, videos, and a private Facebook group. It’s a great way to maintain our weight through the holidays and have a little accountability. Come join the fun!

QOTD: Did you do a Halloween themed run? Have you ever participated in an online workout/challenge group?

Birthday Bash Day 3

Even though we didn’t get to bed until well after midnight after the Halloween party, there was no rest for the weary, because Debbie had to leave that next afternoon and we had to see as much of EPCOT as possible in a few short hours. We ate breakfast and walked over to the transportation and ticket center where we hopped on the monorail to EPCOT.


We had fastpasses for Spaceship Earth and Soarin’, and at 11:00 we headed to the World Showcase for lunch.


We ran into this lady on the way and she had a very short line so we jumped in for a photo opp. I told her all about how I wore her yellow dress with lights in it to the Halloween party, and she didn’t seem all that impressed. I must have not explained the lights and the tutus correctly, because clearly it was an awesome costume.


By the way, anyone else think her eyebrows are a bit much? Something just didn’t look right? (In my own little world I am convinced I would play the best Belle, so maybe that’s why.) We hit up a couple of food booths and headed back towards France because I really wanted my favorite drink and they don’t open until noon.

Hello Grand Marnier Slush, we meet again.


I didn’t eat lunch with the others because I had plans with this fellow. Haven’t seen him since February and it was great to catch up!


My mom and Debbie had already headed back to the resort to catch Debbie’s magical express bus, and judging by the time I figured I could make it back to see her off, so I hustled to the monorail and made it back to the Polynesian just in time to say farewell.


Now it was just me and mom for a day and a half. Mom wanted to organize her things and shower before our dinner at Citrico’s, so I spent some time with another favorite family of mine at the pool.


After catching up, I got ready for dinner and mom and I hopped on the monorail once again. No way she looks 60, right? (This hopefully means I won’t look 60 when I am 60!)



Dinner was just “ok”. We have ebbs and flows with Disney signature restaurants, and there were a lot of screaming small children running circles around the tables this time around. (Note this is a white tablecloth restaurant, we were just a little surprised at the Chef Mickey’s level of chaos.)

It was here that I told my mom I had another SURPRISE for her after dinner, but we weren’t leaving until 8:30. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling great and was SO tired, and kind of wishing I HADN’T planned said surprise, but I would later end up being SO GLAD I didn’t bail because it was one of the highlights of the trip, and it deserves it’s own blog post!

QOTD: Favorite food and wine festival food? Favorite signature restaurant in WDW? Favorite menu item at a fancy restaurant?

Baby Eats and Dealing with Spit-Up

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I received product and compensation from Mead Johnson Nutrition to create this post written by me. All experiences and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of Mead Johnson Nutrition. Consult your pediatrician before making changes to your baby’s diet or if you have concerns related to your baby’s digestive health. Please see the product label/website for acceptable use and benefits. You can contact Mead Johnson Nutrition with product related questions or comments toll free at 1-800-BABY 123 or through the Contact Us link on Enfamil A.R. or

I have had a couple of people ask me what Emma Kate is eating these days, and if she is still having trouble with spit up. As some of you may remember, my daughter has had some serious issues with spit up since she was a newborn. We would go through 7-10 bibs and 3-5 burp cloths a day. We tried several different things, and so I wanted to talk about the timeline, what worked, and what didn’t as far as food and formula goes.


As you can see, poor Emma Kate lived in a bib and we always had burp cloths in front of her!

It’s important to note that it is very common for babies to spit-up as their digestive systems are developing. About two thirds of healthy infants may have uncomplicated reflux (as opposed to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The difference between the two is something a lot of people are unsure about, so be sure to talk to your doctor!

When I first took Emma Kate to the doctor for her frequent spit-up, it was hard for me to know what was a “normal” amount and what was not. My advice… go with your gut. I actually waited too long to do anything because I wasn’t sure what “normal” spit-up was. Looking back, I wish I would have taken action sooner, but as a first time mom, I had no idea. I highly encourage you to talk to your doctor about things you can do to help your baby.

We first tried things that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends such as using thickened feedings like Enfamil A.R., sitting baby up after feedings, giving her smaller feedings, and burping more frequently as a first line management option for infants with uncomplicated reflux.


Enfamil A.R. formula is thickened with added rice starch to help reduce the frequency of spit-up. It meets the AAP recommendations on reflux management. While she still experienced some spit-up, it was MUCH less frequent, and she didn’t seem to be in pain like she was before. Switching formulas didn’t bother Emma Kate at all, and it made me feel better to know I was doing something that was helping my baby.


As far as solid food goes, Emma Kate is eating pretty much anything! She is in this great adventurous stage where she will eat anything we give her. We give her pieces of what we are eating, and she usually asks for more, even broccoli! She eats a lot of chicken, veggies, and of course snacks. We are trying to get her used to eating three “meals” a day with some snacks in between, but lately with our schedules it has been hard. We are doing the best we can, and Emma Kate is thriving and hardly spitting up at ALL anymore! Each month it got less and less, and I am very thankful.


I would venture to say the spit-up peaked around six months, then went away some, until Emma Kate got mobile, and it came back. Now that she is thirteen months, the only time she spits up is if she eats too much and then does a lot of moving around. When I was in the thick of things, I felt like it was never going to end and she would spit-up forever, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Be sure to check out the Enfamil A.R. website for more information. Always be sure to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your baby’s diet.

QOTD: Did your baby suffer from spit-up issues? What did you do?

Birthday Bash Day 2

Day two of our birthday bash trip for my mom was a fun one. (if you missed day one, go here). It was Sunday, and we were going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that night, so we decided to chill during the day and not goo to a park. My mom took her friend Debbie over to the Grand Floridian to shop, while I went for a run and did some work on my laptop.


I ran all around the Polynesian and to the Grand Floridian where I stopped and facetimed with Bobby and Emma Kate, then I ran back. It was humid and gross (it had just rained), but I LOVE running in Disney!


We headed over to the Wilderness Lodge for lunch (another surprise for mom) at Whispering Canyon Café. Even though my Saints aren’t having the best season, I still proudly wore my team colors! (We won by the way!)



We had a really fun waiter at Whispering Canyon, and my mom got a birthday cupcake while the whole restaurant sang to her. Luckily, we don’t embarrass easily.


We went back to the resort to hang out and get ready for the Halloween party. We had fun costumes prepared, and everyone LOVED our lights in our tutus. They actually really came in handy when walking through crowds.



My mom nor her friend had ever been to the party, so it was fun to show them around. However, I will say I was a bit disappointed in the crowd levels. In years past, we were able to walk onto rides and walk through trick or treat lines with no wait. This night was INSANE. Treat lines 100 people long, 45 minute waits for rides, people EVERYWHERE. I am pretty certain they have upped the cap for ticket numbers and it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, we still had fun, but it was just different.



We made it through one semi-short treat line then skipped the rest because they were ridiculously long. They moved the parade times back from the last time I went to the party two years ago, and the first one wasn’t until 8:35. Since we weren’t sure if we would be up at 11:35 for the second one, we decided to go to the first even though it’s more crowded (which it was) but it was still cute. The gravediggers are still my favorite!



After the parade, we headed towards the castle for the one thing I was REALLY wanting to see, the Sanderson Sisters stage show. This show was SO cute and did not disappoint. The actors were spot on to portray the sisters, and any Hocus Pocus fan would have loved it!


They sand songs, hung out with other villains, and ran AMUCK! (amuck, amuck, amuck).


The show was soon followed by Hallowishes, which is my favorite fireworks show! Mom and Debbie were super impressed by the finale, it never gets old.


After the fireworks were over, we were starving (we never really had dinner except for some appetizers in the lounge) so we ran over to Cosmic Rays for a snack which re-energized us. The crowds thinned out and we were able to do some trick-or-treating and ride the people mover and Buzz lightyear.


My mom and Debbie also decided to join in a dance party to a dance they did NOT know the moves to. it was sad but funny.


We were JUST getting started and enjoying the lower crowds when I realized t was almost midnight. Sad times! We made our sad slow walk towards the front and said good night to the Magic Kingdom.




We definitely had fun, I just wish every hour was an crowd-free as the last hour. I am glad we went to the Sunday night one, because it rained on Tuesday for the next party and I felt so bad for those people.

We were very happy to be staying on the monorail and crashed shortly after 12:30. The next day would be EPCOT and also the day Debbie had to leave to go home. Sad smile More soon!

QOTD: have you been to MNSSHP?

Birthday Bash Day 1

Time to play catch up! I know I recapped Refresh Summit before Disney, but I wanted to go ahead and write about the conference while it was fresh on my mind. Now back to my mom’s 60th birthday bash in Disney World!

Keep in mind, she knew about the trip but had no idea where we were staying or what we were doing. Her friend drove down with us but had to fly back after the first two days in Disney. On Friday morning, I drove down to Louisiana and at lunch we started our journey to Florida. We stopped in Gainesville to spend the night so we would have a full day in Disney Saturday. When we got to Disney’s gates, I made my mom wear a blindfold. I didn’t want her to know where we were staying until we got there.

I had to make sure the folks at the guard gate when we checked in didn’t give anything away, so I’m sure it was quite comical to see me waving my hands around telling them not to talk or give anything away!

We pulled up to the front of the Polynesian and I told my mom to take off her blindfold, she had NO idea and was super excited! Then I told her not only were we staying at the Polynesian, but that we were staying club level/concierge. She was stoked! We checked in, and our room was ready! We grabbed some food from the lounge then headed out to Animal Kingdom.



We did a few rides, ate lunch, then headed back to the resort to get ready for dinner at Narcoossees.


Oh and I took a few shots of our room before we messed it all up.




Also, here are a couple of pictures from the concierge lounge:




At Narcoossees, we had chocolate martinis,


and I surprised my mom with a Cinderella cake….and she cried. I guess that’s a good thing? I would post the video, but she may take me out of her will, so I won’t.



It was a fun night, and we walked back to the Polynesian instead of taking the monorail which was a nice change. mom had two gifts in her room, a real flower lei (which she wore to dinner) with a card, and some helium balloons with a card. The birthday bash was off to a great start!


QOTD: Have you ever surprised anyone with a cake?

5 Top Moments from Refresh Summit

Hello friends! I am back! I had every intention of having a blog post written Sunday night to go up Monday, but I did NOT intend to catch a bad cold and feel like crap when I got home Sunday night! I think I am getting better thankfully. What timing, huh? The sickness didn’t stop me form having a great time in Tennessee for Refresh Summit.


We spent the weekend at the beautiful Deer Run retreat center just outside of Nashville.

unnamed (47)

unnamed (48)

Instead of recapping everything we did, I just wanted to share my 5 favorite moments:

1.) 80’s glow in the dark Zumba party: OH MY GOSH so much fun. Zumba has never really been my “thing”, but this was a BLAST. Since it was Halloween, we had an 80’s theme. We turned out the lights, donned a ton of glow in the dark jewelry, and danced our booties off to 80’s music. It. was. amazing.

unnamed (52)

unnamed (60)

2.) Sharing my heart in my workshop: I had the privilege of leading a workshop twice, sharing my heart about social media, the negative side of things, the comparison trap, and having a healthy view of social media. (I fully intend to make this into a blog post at some point, so hang tight.) I had forgotten how much I enjoyed speaking and sharing what God is and has done in my life, and it lit a fire in me to do it more often, so hopefully I will have the opportunity!


3.) Chatting with friends: Old friends and new alike, I enjoyed each and every woman I met at the summit. Everyone had such a unique story, and I am so happy to have met them all. I will admit, at first I felt a bit like the odd man out since a large portion of the people there had attended last year and all knew each other, but it didn’t take long to jump right in and get to know everyone. That’s one thing I loved about this particular retreat, we got to have some down time to get to know each other instead of just GO GO GO non stop.

unnamed (44)

unnamed (58)

4.) Meals: Ah, the food. We had some amazing meals at Deer Run put on by the staff, then we also had a breakfast sponsored by Love Grown, and a lunch sponsored by Chipotle! Both were delicious. So many good eats all weekend long.

unnamed (49)

unnamed (56)

5.) Worship time: We have several times where we sat and sang/worshiped. and we had the privilege of being led by the wonderful Rhyan Shirley. She wrote the song “You Are” that you may have heard Colton Dixon sing on the radio. She did a great job and I truly enjoyed her music and guitar playing. unnamed (55)

All in All, Refresh Summit was amazing, and the hosts put in so much hard work to make sure it was a great experience for all, and I was grateful for their hard work, and blessed in so many different ways. If you have a chance to go next year I highly recommend it! There will also be one out in California in April if you live on the west coast.


QOTD: have you ever gone on a fitness or women’s retreat?