5 Things Friday XVIII

Happy Fri-yay! It’s a hot one here. Going to get up to 94! Lots to do today, but I wanted to pop in and share a few pieces of information with you. Have a great weekend!



2.) Dessert or protein shake?: I found an amazing recipe on Pinterest for a delicious protein shake/smoothie that, I confess, I have been drinking 4-5 times a week for the past three weeks. It’s that good. It’s super easy to make (did anyone else know butter extract was a thing?) and it tastes delicious!

3.) Relight: I like nice and bright photos, but sometimes my iPhone pictures come out less than desirable, and some of the filters that look brighter also distort color in a way I don’t like, so I started using a free app called Relight and have had great results! Of course using my “big girl” camera would be better, but this is the next best thing for a quick touch up.

4.) WOW week: I’m old school and still call it VBS (vacation Bible school), but our church is hosting over 1200 kids this week and I have been volunteering some and having a blast! I’m so happy to be a part of a special church with an amazing children’s program. Emma Kate has been enjoying it too (she gets to come since I am a volunteer) and I can’t wait for her to be old enough to attend the “real thing”.


5.) Bible Study: My small group at church will be doing a women’s Bible study in July and I have been trying to figure out what book we should use. I have a few that seem good I have been looking at but thought I would ask y’all if you have done anything lately you really liked? Looking for something a little on the short/light side for summer. Thanks for any suggestions you have!

QOTD: Did you attend VBS/WOW week as a kid? Any Bible study book ideas?

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  1. Yup, we Called it VBS too! I would love to get some photo editing apps on my phone since it seems (sadly) I no longer use my Real camera for pictures anymore. The phone is just so convenient, right?

  2. I’m going to look at that app for sure, because I have the same problem with photos. I loved VBS as a kid and I will always call it that. 1200 kids is insane! Our church is so small that we would never have that number.

  3. I LOVED VBS as a kid!

  4. Glad VBS is going well! We still call it VBS here! Maybe we are behind the times….hahah! That smoothie looks delicious!

  5. The website (and app!) She Reads Truth has GREAT Bible studies. Some paid, some free and they also offer some great materials for their studies. My sister and her husband are about to start a study of the book of Acts (they have a He Reads Truth for the men!) and I have done a dozen on their app. You can find them on their website (shereadstruth.com) or on Instagram shereadstruth =)

    • Thanks! I have done a few of Those before. We are looking for something a little more lighthearted for summer without a lot of homework and usually those encompass more of that (at least the ones I have seen) but I will go look again!

  6. Kelsey @ The Wolfepack Write Ups says:

    We are doing She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice. LOVE IT!

  7. Jeannie Adams says:

    I just read the book “Looking for Lovely” which has a corresponding bible study – it was an awesome book and I think the bible study would be perfect for a light, summer study! Highly recommend the book by Annie F. Downs.

    • That’s actually one we considered! Those who read it said it had a little more heaviness to it they thought (I haven’t read it) so we may do that one in the fall

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