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Ah, weekends, you go by so quickly. How is it Monday already? We had rain and thunderstorms/flash flooding all day Friday, and part of Saturday. Saturday afternoon and Sunday were both beautiful though! As I went through the weekend, I decided for today I just wanted to share a few things that have been on my mind:

1.) I have yet to see Divergent. is it good? I loved the book!

2.) You may have noticed I didn’t write a blog post about the SELF Magazine/Tutu controversy.

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I did post a few things on Instagram and Facebook, but I feel like everyone has already said great things, and if you have read my blog for awhile you already know how I feel about tutus! It did remind me of this video I was in for the Orlando Sentinel, and how funny that I was pregnant here but wouldn’t know for a few more days!

3.) Disney cruise like itineraries came out for more of 2015, and it has really made me itch to go on a cruise again. Obviously it will be awhile, but I have realized they really are my favorite form of vacation, and I enjoy Disney cruises more than Walt Disney World *gasp!* I can give you a quote for your family! (Free for me to do all the work!) heather@travelwiththemagic.com


4.) Any other pregnant ladies out there (or mamas) had your fingernails grow LIKE CRAZY when you were pregnant? I swear I have to cut them every few days just so I can type. They are nice and strong and pretty but not very practical for my job.

QOTD: Thoughts on any of these? Have you seen Divergent?

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  1. Megan Evans says:

    I’m in suspense waiting for thought #5!!

  2. Even though I’m still mad about the ending of the series, I’m excited to see Divergent this weekend — assuming I’m still pregnant!

  3. Tutu Pride!! I definitely plan on getting a tutu from Monika. I haven’t run in a tutu yet but I will now!

    I’d love to go on a Disney cruise. My husband and I are planning on doing one for our 5 year anniversary…3.5 years to go (if we can wait that long) lol!

  4. Divergent looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it.
    I’m 17 weeks, and my nails are growing like crazy! Wait until the hair on your legs stops growing so fast. That’s a pregnancy symptom I didn’t know about until my first. Although, then the hair on my belly grew (or it seemed that way). Pregnancy is amazing! Hope you’re feeling well.

  5. I want to see Divergent so bad!!!!

  6. Kelly in Oregon says:

    I’m not pregnant, but it is common that your hair and nails grow really quickly and strong when you are pregnant! A friend actually figured out that another friend of ours was pregnant because she noticed the change in her hair in nails – that’s crazy! Some people think it’s from the pre-natal vitamins and take them even if they’re not pregnant to help their hair and nails.

  7. My hair and nails always grew crazy fast during my pregnancies. I’m not sure if it was the pregnancy itself or the prenatal vitamins!

  8. Erika Whitney says:

    I’m guessing thought #5 was a victim of pregnancy brain? 🙂

  9. The Disney Cruise is my absolute favorite vacation, too! I’m going through serious DCL withdrawals!

    I don’t run in tutus, but more power to you all who do! Just skirts for me…lots and lots of skirts… 😉

  10. Nicole Glass says:

    My nails are growing like mad too. I just cut them super short, but it won’t last.
    Now, was there actually a 5th thought or is pregnancy brain getting to you too? =)

  11. My hair and nails grew really fast during my pregnancy, and I still take them because I want to have another full term pregnancy and I noticed that my hair stopped growing super fast but my nails did not.

  12. We saw Divergent this past weekend and really liked it! Jason liked it, too!! Tutus are definitely a fav…and so is DCL! 😀

  13. #5 pregnancy brain exists?

    We had to cancel our Dec 2014 cruise when I found out I was expecting our twins. Bummed but cannot wait to reschedule for Spring 2016 as a family of 5! It’s the best way to vacay and you’ll love it with a little one. Our daughter never wanted to leave the kid’s area.

  14. I just saw divergent tonight and it was so good!! Most of the movie was true to the book some parts were not but overall I loved it!

  15. Loved Divergent! And yes, my fingernails and hair are growing like crazy — I just chopped my hair off because I couldn’t handle how long and thick it was getting!

  16. Hair and nail growth are from the pre-natal vitamins. I never did my nails during my pregnancy because they grew so fast. Wait till thr dreaded post pardum hair loss. Enjoy it now!

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    5 Thoughts

    Ah, weekends, you go by so quickly. How is it Monday already? We had rain and thunderstorms/flash flooding

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