Beach Trip 2013: Monday

Good morning! We made it home from the beach yesterday evening and came home to lots of rain! We are so fortunate we had fabulous weather while we were in Destin, and I can’t wait to share more of our trip with you! In case you missed part one go read it first.

photo (20)

Monday morning, we got up early to go to the amazing breakfast buffet then Bobby had to leave to be at his conference for 8:00. I went up to the room to get some work done then grabbed my stuff and headed down to the beach.

I took a walk, read a book, and just relaxed and enjoyed the quiet until Bobby got back at 12:30


We ate our lunches then headed back down to the beach for an afternoon of more reading and relaxing. Pure bliss….until someone saw a SHARK! I was watching a couple go out into the water then start backing away and pointing. They were waving people nearby out of the water so of course we got up to go see and sure enough, about a five foot shark, CLOSE to the shore….As in I had waded out further than that just a few minutes before! It was kind of eerie to see it like that and a good reminder that we are vulnerable bobbing around in the ocean! I snapped a picture with my phone but it was so bright I wasn’t sure where to aim so I don’t think you can see the shark in the photo. It was right past where that first cresting wave is. Bobby is standing on a sandbar.

photo (19)

I did not get back in the water.

That night we had dinner at the fine dining restaurant at the place we were staying (it gets it’s own post, coming soon!) It was an amazing dinner and so nice to just walk back to our room later!

photo (21)

We watched another movie before going to bed so we could get up and do it all over again.

QOTD: Are you one that stays at the beach all day or just a little while?

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  1. Love beach vacations, but must admit that I have a fear of the ocean despite being a strong swimmer. I would have headed to the pool after seeing what you and Bobby saw in the ocean!

  2. i used to go to destin over spring break when i was in high school! such a lovely beach. looks like you had an awesome time!

  3. alllllllllll day.
    all day.

  4. I fry very easily so the most I stay at the pool or beach is just a couple hours. After hearing about/seeing a shark, I wouldn’t set foot in the water.

  5. I LOVE the beach! I would definitely stay all day but my little ones get tired after a few hours. Yikes! A shark??? Me and my hubby were walking on the pier at Pensacola Beach a couple of years ago and about halfway down the pier we spotted a hammerhead shark in the water! Super close to some people that were swimming. So scary how sharks are out there so close to us! That’s why I never go too deep in the Gulf…I’m scared lol!

  6. A few friends were in Destin at the same time and saw a few sharks close to shore during their visit! Even posted some pics on Facebook–about 4 footers.

  7. Looks like a great time!

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