Beach Trip 2013: Saturday and Sunday

Good morning! Yesterday turned out to be a much better day than expected! It was supposed to be rainy and cloudy a good portion of the day, but it only rained for about five minutes and we had clouds for about thirty minutes on and off, so we lucked out! It rained on and off all the day we arrived (Saturday) but that didn’t stop us from going out to dinner at a cute little local place called Camille’s that was really good!


Bobby ordered sushi and said it was very very good. I had a pasta and chicken dish which was excellent. We were tired from our long travel day, so we grabbed a movie from the lobby and watch it before going to bed. (It was Contagion. AWFUL movie. Can I have two hours of my life back please?)

We woke up and headed down to the most DELICIOUS breakfast ever. I was very impressed and can’t wait to go down and eat again today. It’s all you can eat, too. I had cheese grits, a made to order omelet, bacon, potatoes, and the biggest blackberries and strawberries ever! They also had yummy mini waffles, ham, sausage, yogurt, and pastries.

photo (7)

Stuffed to the max, we walked down to the beach and claimed some chairs, We were delighted to see the sun was actually out!

photo (8)

It was very windy, so it was actually cool out, I didn’t sweat at all! Anyone who knows anything about Destin in July knows this is unheard of. I even had Bobby go get me a latte so I could warm up!

photo (9)

My view for the day we fabulous.

We did lots of reading, relaxing, and Bobby did some napping.

photo (11)

I am already halfway through the second book after Divergent (Insurgent) I made myself stop so I would have something to read tomorrow!)

photo (10)

At lunchtime we walked up to the main building where they had boxed lunches for us that we had ordered the day before. We sat outside under the patio and ate as we watched the waves.

photo (12)

We even sat on a swing for a little while before heading back to our beach chairs for the afternoon.

photo (13)

photo (14)

Around 3:00 we went in for showers before happy hour. I had a pina colada and margarita.

photo (18)

We then headed to Mcguires Irish Pub for dinner. I had heard so many great things about this place and it was very good. My best tip to give here is this: the portion sizes are HUGE. I wish our waitress would have warned us….We split this massive appetizer plus bread and were full before our food came.

photo (15)

Bobby got the Shepards pie

photo (16)

aaannnddd I ordered the nachos…..oh…my…goodness….

photo (17)

Bahaha look at my face! I ate maybe 1/8th of that. Ridiculous. A warning would have been nice. We rolled ourselves out of the restaurant and watched another movie in the room before calling it a night. A great first day!

QOTD: Pina Colada or margarita?

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    is that awkward? ;0)

  2. I can only take coconut in small doses, so margaritas 🙂

  3. What a wonderful day! Gorgeous pictures of the beach and so, so, so many yummy things!

    Margarita! On the rocks, with salt, please. 😉

  4. Oh my gosh–the beach looks amazing! Hope you enjoy your trip. I saw Contagion–didn’t think it was bad but it freaked me out a little bit and I’m not even a germ-a-phobe.

  5. Oh my goodness those NACHOS! What the heck?! Looks like a fabulous time…I hope you are wearing sunscreen! :0)

  6. Britt @ BrittsRunningStyle says

    Maragarita on the rocks with salt and a float of chambord. So good!

  7. beach trips are always awesome!! that’s always where we opt to go when planning vacations!! and pina coladas for sure! i HATE anything with tequila. sometimes i try and order a margarita because they look and sound good and i can’t have more than a sip ugh!

  8. Oh my gosh! Those portions!!!! That’s insane! I’ll take a margarita on the rocks with salt, please. 😉

  9. I will be on the beach very soon! Yippppeeee!

  10. Margarita!

  11. Looks like so much fun!

  12. Margarita (preferably a strawberry one)!

  13. Depends on my mood, but both are good! I love McGuire’s…we frequent the one in Pensacola when we go down for our anniversary trip 🙂

  14. OH MY GOODNESS! Those portion sizes are out of control 🙂 The pictures are definitely making me hungry for a second lunch though, haha. Yum!

  15. Christal says

    You trip looks so fun! Can I just have one of each….I do have two hands 🙂

  16. Our annual family vacation is in Destin but we haven’t been able to go the last couple of years. We usually go the week before or after Memorial Day. That seems to be our best bet even though it’s pretty crowded. Our breakfasts look similar to yours and they are by far our favorite meal of the day :):)

  17. Oops, I forgot Pina Colada!!! 🙂

  18. Strawberry Colada. It is a Pina Colada and a Daquiri together and delicious.

  19. OMG! 😀 You look so great in that two piece! I wish I could wear mine without hesitations. I guess I have to double time my workout. Soon, I will enjoy the beach like you do. 🙂

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