Beach Trip 2014 Part 1

Our annual beach trip to Destin was a success! We only went three nights this year though so it seemed REALLY fast. I think I could stay there for weeks and never get tired of it. Bobby had class every day from 8-12 to keep his law license active for another year, but we still had a blast!

We left in the morning so we could get into Destin by lunchtime. Of course we had to stop at the rest stop at the Florida state line and get some orange juice.

unnamed (17)

I happened to see Disney signs everywhere and of course had to take a picture with one.

unnamed (18)

We made it to Destin in time for lunch, and stopped at the Destin Commons outdoor mall to eat at Panera Bread and do some shopping. For a couple weeks now Godiva has been posting these delicious chocolaty frozen drinks on Instagram and I have been craving one but have no idea where a Godiva store is located. So….when I saw one…well, you know what happens next.

unnamed (19)

It was absolutely delicious. Bobby and I split the milk chocolate flavor. We walked around for a bit then headed to Henderson Park Inn to check in for three nights. It’s an adults only bed and breakfast with 36 rooms and it’s the most relaxing place on the beach I have ever stayed.

unnamed (20)

Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we sat outside on the deck in some rocking chairs looking at the ocean. Beautiful and relaxing!

Finally our room was ready (we snagged the only 4 person room in the place!) and unloaded before heading down to walk on the beach.

unnamed (21)





Our room was on the first floor right on the main deck. Honestly, at first I was a little nervous about it’s location with foot traffic and all, but we ended up loving it. The bathroom was way too small for four people (our bathroom last year for a two person room was huge) but we made it work.


When you stepped out the double doors this is what you saw (excuse the chairs all tossed about, they were redoing the tiki hut which took FOREVER. I was bummed we only got to enjoy it one night, but oh well.)


We changed into our swimsuits, and headed out for a walk on the beach and to play in the water for a bit before dinner.

unnamed (22)

unnamed (23)

Bumpin on the beach

unnamed (24)

I love that the inn borders the state park. Nice and quiet on this part of the beach! You can see the inn in the background on the left.

unnamed (25)

The boys played in the water and mom and I hung out under an umbrella. A great way to spend an hour or so before dinner time!

unnamed (26)


Every night the inn has happy hour from 4-5, free wine, beer, and margaritas/pina colodas/strawberry daiquiris. Because the tiki hut was being refurbished they had happy hour inside, and therefore said they couldn’t make me a non-alcoholic drink, so I was pretty bummed to just sit there while everyone else had drinks. I am NOT really a drinker, but fruity drinks at the beach are a must, right?

I have no pictures, but we ate dinner at McGuire’s then headed back and were asleep by 9:00! Travel days always get to me. But we needed our sleep for a day on the beach the next day!

QOTD: When you go to the beach do you stay in a hotel, condo, bed and breakfast, rent a house, etc?

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  1. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says:

    Oh, I seriously miss those white sandy beaches of Destin!

  2. I’ve not seen the ads for Godiva but that drink looks like heaven!

  3. Sounds so fun! That inn looks precious! When we go to the beach to stay (we do a lot of day trips around here) we stay at a condo.

  4. That beach and resort look so gorgeous! I could definitely go for a beach vacay right now!

  5. It looks so beautiful there! But super lame they couldn’t make you a mocktail!

  6. I love that it was the middle of the summer and we didnt have to deal with crowds! If you go down just a bit further to where all the condos and hotels are, it’s a madhouse.

    I have to comment on McGuires: They have a running gag there (stop reading if you dont like spoilers) whereby they trick people into going into the wrong gender restroom. The signs tell you that if you are looking for the “Men’s” room, this is not it. The “Men’s” part of the sign is huge, so people just glance up, see the “Men’s” or “Women’s” and go in. Heather got me with this last year and so now I wanted to see her dad make the same mistake. He got up to go to the restroom and i followed him with my camera rolling. He raised his hand and placed it upon the Women’s restroom door and right as he was going in, a stranger told me he was going into the wrong one! NOOO…almost had him!

  7. Looks like you had a great time! I love Destin. It’s beautiful there 🙂

  8. Looks and sounds like paradise! Love the room! Glad y’all had a good time!! :0)

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