Beach Trip 2014 Part 3

Tuesday morning we woke up to gloom and rain, booo! We ate our amazing breakfast again, and Bobby headed off to class. Me, mom and dad just hung out and read books until about 9:00 when the sun came out! We headed to the beach until lunch.

unnamed (8)

After we ate we went back down to enjoy the afternoon, I was so glad Bobby got to enjoy some sunshine on the beach. He and dad threw the Frisbee a good bit and chilled in the water, while mom and I stayed under our umbrellas.

unnamed (9)

unnamed (10)

unnamed (11)

Action shot! I really did want to get out and play but was worried about my ability to balance, jump, and catch a Frisbee. I’m sure I would have been great entertainment for the other beach goers.

unnamed (12)

As we were heading back up to the inn for happy hour and dinner, we saw this set up:

unnamed (13)

Apparently, through the restaurant at the inn, you can pay to set up a private dinner on the beach. Super romantic and fun, but not sure I would like all the people walking up and down the beach catching crabs and running around my table. But, good idea in theory!

We ended up walking down the street to a restaurant Bobby and I had tried last year called Camille’s. Bobby got sushi and was a happy boy!

unnamed (14)

The boys went to look for crabs when we got back while mom and I stayed on the deck watching the water. I was really starting to not feel great and feel all the bad food, walking around, and general tiredness of a trip when you are pregnant. I however was sad it was our last night, 3 nights is just so short for a vacation!

The next morning we had breakfast, Bobby headed to class, and we checked out of the inn before heading to the outlet mall and picking up Bobby at lunch. What a whirlwind! SO glad we went, but hopefully next year can go for longer.

Goodbye Henderson Park Inn, until next time.

unnamed (15)

Check out part 1 and part 2 of our trip, too.

QOTD: Have you ever had dinner on the beach?

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  1. Joy Hargraves says

    We have had dinner on the beach many, many times! When we lived in FL and HI we would often either camp or eat on the beach. The only restaurant-style eating on the beach was in Roatan with friends. It was pretty cool. You should try it sometime!!!

  2. Looks so beautiful! So glad the weather cleared up!

  3. agh- this has me itching to go to the beach again! I think this might be the first summer in years that I won’t be on the beach at all, and I’m a little sad about it!

  4. I’ve never had dinner on the beach but would love to sometime! If I’m going to pay a ton for a beach dinner though I want it to be somewhere secluded!

  5. I have never had dinner on the beach before, but I totally would as long as it was a private area and people weren’t running around constantly!

  6. Stacie@SimplySouthernStacie says

    Does eating a sub sandwich on my beach towel count? Yeah, probably not haha.

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    Beach Trip 2014 Part 3

    Tuesday morning we woke up to gloom and rain, booo! We ate our amazing breakfast again, and Bobby headed

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