Body After Baby: 6 Months

If you will remember in my 4 month update, I said I was skipping the 5 month update and would re-visit this at 6 months. Well, time sure is flying, I realized this weekend I was a week late with my post! So, here is what has been going on with me since I last checked in. (Side note, I know these types of posts are not loved by everyone and can be a trigger for some, so feel free to come back tomorrow if this isn’t your thing.).

When I found out I would be running the ASICS LA marathon, I was super excited about the opportunity, but also a little worried because I always gain 3-4 pounds when I train for a full marathon. One reason is because I spend all my time running and don’t cross train or lift weights because I have NO TIME (especially this go around with the baby!) and the other reason is because I admittedly eat all the things when I am training for a full. I expected this though, so it didn’t shock me when the scale went up instead of down. However, I am happy to report that two weeks post marathon,I have already lost 3 of the 4 pounds I gained while training for said race. So I am a pound or so away from the lowest I have been since the baby, and about 6-7 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight.

Honestly, all I have done differently is stop eating as much junk food. I have been drinking a lot of smoothies and have reigned in the night time snacking.

IMG_4033 (2)

The main difference I can still tell is in my stomach. I haven’t really been doing ab work so I’m not sure why this surprises me, but I still have this bulge that seems to be the last thing to go away. It seems most of the other spots have shrunk down except this one.

IMG_4036 (2)

Another big thing I have noticed is that my hair has FINALLY stopped coming out in huge clumps. This has a down side though…it has started to grow again and now all around my forehead I have these short little “sprouts” of hair coming up that are driving me insane. Mamas, please tell me I’m not the only one and that you know exactly what I am talking about!

I am still drinking Advocare Spark, and taking Fibo-trim before most dinners and Catalyst before I workout for extra endurance. FullSizeRender (16)

Since I ran the marathon, I have only run three times. I have a 10k this weekend and have just been trying to let me body recover from such a hot and difficult race, and I’m not concerning myself with my time at the 10k and am just going to have fun.

I have however started cross training again and weight lifting! I lifted twice last week, and hope to lift twice again this week. I am going super slow and taking it easy because I don’t want to be so sore all of the time that I don’t want to do it anymore. Easing back in has been good for me so far.

I am also still doing my PT exercises and stretches. Admittedly I am not doing them daily, but 3-4 times a week would be a safe bet. Knock on wood no knee or hip pain yet, and hopefully the addition of more lifting will further remedy the problem. That’s pretty much it, nothing too exciting I know, but hopefully I will have more good news in 2 month at my 8 month update!

QOTD: If you are a runner, are you diligent about cross training and strength training?

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  1. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    I am still in shock you ran a full marathon less than 6 months after having a baby – wonder woman!

  2. You look great! I use a tiny bit of hair gel for my sprouts… I put a teeny tiny amount in thee Palm of my hand and mix with a tin bit of water then smooth over my head – it seems to hold down the sprouts without making my hair hard or look gelled.

  3. a full marathon 6 months after baby is pretty kick ass my dear!!! You are a rockstar! And that body is strong!

  4. I run only twice a week because I know my body appreciates the weight lifting and cross training. I’ve tried the whole running 3 times a week thing and I just run out of time to do everything else.

  5. Looking good mama! You’re doing awesome – and I am in awe of your marathon!

  6. You look great Heather! The one thing I noticed after being pregnant is that things don’t go back to the same places they were before lol! I still have that little tummy pooch…hate it! And the new hair thing…YES! I so remember that! My hair has never been the same since having babies. Anyway I know you will lose those last few pounds soon! If you want some extra motivation, I’m starting a new DietBet on April 13th!

  7. You look great! I still have the belly, and I’m not sure it ever goes away. Then again, I’d rather eat dessert than have a flat stomach so… 😉

  8. Girl you look good!

  9. You’re doing awesome! We all get those little hairs for a year or two after baby. I would spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and run it over them to keep them in check :). The tummy will be hard to get rid of, I stretched out my skin so mine is permanent unless I go for surgery :(. The side abdominal exercises seem to work best for the mommy pooch fat though :). You’ll get there soon!

  10. You looked fabulous at LA, btw. I’ve decided I need to dump 10 lbs, so I’m going to have to cut back the junk, too, and start strength training. Fun stuff.

  11. it is so hard to keep up strength training while training for a full marathon especially because I always worry about being sore. I am also turning my focus to strength training, particularly core work

  12. My hair is still falling out. I’m really overdue for a hair cut so I keep telling myself that’s why, but I might be kidding myself.
    I hate to tell you, but the belly bulge can take a while. I didn’t loose mine from the first pregnancy until about a year PP. But on the brighter side, you look great and should be thrilled!

  13. Great job! You look strong which is SO important!

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    Body After Baby: 6 Months

    If you will remember in my 4 month update, I said I was skipping the 5 month update and would re-visit

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