Body After Baby: Four Months

Hey guys! Sorry this month’s update is a little late, but I wanted to get it written. After this month’s post, I will skip month 5 and do a 6, 9, and 12 month update. Progress is much slower month to month now, so there isn’t as much to say, but here we go!

I am now 4 months postpartum, and January was a tough one. Coming off of the holidays not really losing any weight, and the cold made for slow progress. Also, I dove head first into marathon training, and when I do lots of long runs, I eat. When I marathon train I typically gain a little weight because I am hungry ALL THE TIME, so this has been a tricky balance.

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I joined the gym, but am not happy with their childcare situation, so I’m not sure what to do about that one. So, because of this, I haven’t gone as often as I would like. I have been going on Tuesday and Thursday when Emma Kate is at daycare for part of the day, but then that cuts into my time to work so it has been difficult. I try to make it at least one more time, whether it be when Bobby comes home from work or on Saturday when Bobby can watch EK, but, I also need to long run on Saturday so again, haven’t really found a balance yet.

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My weight fluctuates a lot, but I am pretty sure I only lost .5-1 pound this past month. I’m not sure what to think of it, except hopefully it will be easier once the marathon is over and I’m not running so many miles. Since I have such limited time to workout, I have really only been running. I run 5 days a week as opposed to my ideal which is to run 3 days a week, and cross train/strength train 2-3 days a week.

I still feel much “thicker” in the middle, and have about 9-9.5 pounds to go to be where I would like to be. I feel like my body has shifted where my weight is held, and I am just shaped differently now. I would be lying if I said looking back on old photos didn’t irritate me a bit.

I successfully ran my first post baby half marathon, and am looking forward to running the runDisney Princess half marathon at the end of this month. I am running with Jen, and we are running for fun/stopping to take lots of character photos etc., so thankfully there is no pressure.

IMG_0237 (2)

I am still taking my Advocare products, the Catalyst and Spark seem to give me an extra boost in my workouts so I don’t feel as tired, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to eat all the things after. I have recently started taking another one of their products, called Fibo-trim, that will hopefully help with my portion control.

I FEEL good which is really important to me, and I have been sleeping well, but I know if I can get a few more pounds off it will help my running and my confidence. I can finally fit into my old athletic skirts (they are cut a bit bigger than the running skirts) so that was a nice surprise, I was able to wear one under my tutu at my race in New Orleans. I have a ton of cute workout clothes I am dying to get back into, so hopefully soon!

Be looking for another update at the end of March for my 6 month progress, and hopefully I will have more to report by then!

QOTD: When you train for a race and log a lot of miles do you eat more/feel more hungry?

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  1. Hi Heather,

    I’ve been following you for awhile now and my family lovingly refers to you as the “runner, Disney lady”!

    Anyway, I wanted you to know that I think you look great since having your daughter! It takes time to get our bodies back after growing a little one for almost a year and, sometimes, our bodies are just different after baby too, so don’t get too frustrated. 🙂

    I know you do Advocare, but have you ever considered trying an It Works wrap? I am a distributor and have seen first-hand on myself and others how they can tighten, tone and firm up your skin. With a healthy lifestyle, like you already have, these results are permanent. Of course, they also offer other products too like Greens, that I think you would love!

    Check out my website:

    If you decide against it, no hard feelings! I will still follow your journey!!! If you have any questions, just let me know!!!! 🙂

    Hugs to you and your family,
    Andrea Linneburg

    • thanks so much for thinking of me. my cousin sells something like this so if I did do it I would have to get it from her. Thanks though!

  2. I get very hungry training. Princess is my second half, and I’m hungry all the time. I know it’ll be worse with the full. I try very hard to make sure what I eat is a good choice…not that it necessarily works (says the brownie I ate last night…). But I find it pretty easy to take off a few pounds right after the race. Maybe you will find you easily drop 3-5 pounds in the weeks after you drop mileage.

    You do look good. I also feel like my shape changed after kids. Cest la vie!

  3. You look amazing Heather! And yes…it’s totally normal after pregnancy for your body to be shaped differently. I have the same problem and I think most women do. Yay for fitting back into your skirts!!!

  4. You look great! But it is so, so frustrating. I’m not sure the new body shape ever goes away after having a baby. Especially when you’re like me and your favorite food group is m&ms. You really do look amazing, though!

  5. You look great girl. It takes a lot of patience with the pp weight loss. I’m right there with Ya.
    And I completely understand the gym childcare issue. I struggled for so long with my gym’s child care center. I ended up closing my membership and working out at home instead when they nap. It’s easier and I don’t worry about them in the care of teenagers anymore. If I can just buy a treadmill, all will be perfect.

  6. I have a foolproof way of not stressing over pp weight loss. I just don’t weigh myself! My last time on a scale was at my 6 week checkup and ignorance is bliss. I feel good and haven’t had to buy new clothes yet so that’s enough for me.

    Working out with a baby is definitely a huge challenge! My (male) friend was like “can’t you just work out while he naps?”. Ohhh….if only it were that easy! I get up at 4:45am just to get in a 20-30 minute workout at home now (about to start, just finishing up pumping first!). I’ve just accepted I can sleep while he’s in college ;).

  7. Girl you look GREAT!!! And hello, you ran a half marathon 4 months post-partum! That is outstanding mama!! Don’t belittle your progress just because of the number on the scale. You are doing an amazing job!

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    Body After Baby: Four Months

    Hey guys! Sorry this month’s update is a little late, but I wanted to get it written. After this month

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