Weekly Recap November Week 4


The start of a new week, I love it! Clean slates all around, a chance to start over and make it a great week! This past week was a little crazy with getting back into town after being gone for two weeks and feeling sick. Then, on the drive to the doctor Tuesday we got a call that my appointment was cancelled, so now I go tomorrow. Anyway, despite all that, we had a great Thanksgiving and a nice relaxing time hanging out with Bobby family and my family. The workout highlight of the week was out 15 mile run yesterday. Here I am before we got started!

photo (111

We decided to break the mileage up into three five mile segments to make it not seem so daunting. I haven’t run over 13.1 miles since marathon training two years ago. We were at my parents house and luckily had plenty of room in their huge neighborhood, not to mention it was a gorgeous day! Not a cloud in the sky and cold at the start but perfect temperature during the run.

We ran five at an easy pace not wanting to be too ambitious with so many miles to go, then headed back to the house to get water and take some GU. We then headed back out in a different direction, and felt good for another five miles before hitting up the house again. This time we jumped in the car and drove to a parking lot on the other side of the neighborhood so we could run the remaining five over there. This is where it started to hurt. My hips and hip flexors started aching/burning pretty good at mile 11, but we kept on going. My lungs felt great but my body was starting to rebel.

We hit 13.1 in 2:24, which made me happy considering we weren’t trying very hard. We finished it out strong and I even sprinted the remaining two tenths which felt really good. We are mighty sore and the top of my right foot hurts (shoe tied too tight?) but other than that we will recover. Smile

photo (47)

So, here is the week broken down by workouts. Now that the holiday is over I am ready to get back into a routine!

Sunday: rest

Monday: back and bi’s, 3 mile run

Tuesday: chest and tri’s, 30 minutes ellipcital

Wednesday: Thanksgiving #1

Thursday: Thanksgiving #2

Friday: Black Friday Shopping and more eating

Saturday: 15 mile run

2 runs, 2 weights workouts and 1 cross training workout is not ideal, but we made the best of it while balancing time with both out families. I hope you ate well but also worked out well this weekend!

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QOTD: Who ran a turkey trot or other race this weekend? How was it? Any good black Friday deals?

Thanksgiving In Pictures 2012


Happy Saturday! Today Bobby and I are headed out on a long run, hopefully 14-15 miles, and then hopefully decorating our Christmas tree! My camera cord is still at home but I wanted to share some phone photos I took on Thanksgiving day.

We drove to my parents Thursday morning and then my cousin and her family arrived for lunch!

photo (45)

photo (46)

We ate a great spread prepared by mom and dad, and enjoyed some awesome desserts as well (hello pumpkin pie!)

photo (44)

Bella was very aware of the turkey carving going on and stayed close to my dad as he got the bird ready. She was being so funny, growling and barking at him to get some scraps (which she of course did get).

photo (43)

Bobby and I took some Christmas card photos outside and I tried to take a photo of the picture on my camera to show you one but they are coming out blurry.

photo 665

I will post some “real” ones later on, so sorry.

Then later in the evening my aunt and her boyfriend came over to hang out and watch football….and we ate some more. Friday morning mom and I went shopping and got a lot done/gifts bought, and we brought pizza back to the house which we ate while watching LSU beat Arkansas! I would say we have had a great weekend so far and it’s only halfway over! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend, see you tomorrow.

QOTD: Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Happy Thanksgiving 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! I will be spending the day with my family today and hope you are doing the same, so there won’t be a “real” blog post today. These moments with family are precious and important to me, I’m sure you understand. See you all tomorrow, and don’t forget we all have SO much to be thankful for today.


Now, go eat some turkey! Gobble gobble!

Psalm 107:1

    “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

QOTD: What is something you are thankful for today?

Happy Halloween, and Costume Look Back

*If you participated in the ZOOMA virtual run, in order to be eligible for prizes you must either post a photo to ZOOMA’s Facebook page (mention RWS!) or blog about your virtual run and post it to the ZOOMA blog post about the FL kickoff run!

October could possibly go on record for being the quickest month ever, even through it is 31 days long. I feel like I blinked my eyes, and today is Halloween! I don’t think I am as “in tune” with this kind of ting anymore. When I was in school or was teaching I was very aware of holidays, parties, etc….but not having kids and working from home….not so much. Either way, we will hand out candy, we will watch Hocus Pocus (MY FAVORITE!), carve a pumpkin, and light my fall candles.

I have never been a huge Halloween costume fan. I rarely went to parties growing up, and never have I once donned a…err…”revealing” Halloween costume (no offense to those who do, just never interested me, nor did I want to spend money on a costume.) We always just wore things we had around the house. Totally boring right? I think I have been a football player 3 times.

Last year, we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with some friends, and since she was very pregnant at the time and needed a wheelchair, we decided to go as Dr.’s/nurses bringing her into labor and delivery. So much fun!


In 2010, we were back at Mickey’s Not So Scary, hangin’ 10


In 2008, I was the football player and Bobby was a cheerleader


Halloween 2007, yup. Same scrubs. My family went as the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, with name tags mind you.


Creative no? We just can’t help it. By the way, how totally young does Bobby look in the 2007 photo? My, my, how we have aged in five years. I totally envy people who come up with cool and creative costumes every year, but it is just not my gift. Maybe one day I will be that awesome mom who makes her kids Halloween costumes. We can dream, right?

Be sure to check out last year’s Halloween post:

Halloween in Pictures

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

QOTD: Favorite costume you have ever had?