Cleaning Your Computer and Mobile Devices

It’s spring cleaning time! While sprucing up your yard and house are great things that need to be done, what about cleaning your computer/cell phone/tablet? If you are anything like me, you use your phone and computer a lot. While this is great for my job and my blog, it’s not so great when it comes to wear, tear and well…germs.


I am guilty as charged to a lot of things that contribute to a dirty computer/phone. I eat at my computer, I get makeup on my phone, I get smudges on my laptop screen, and dirt on my mouse and I use an extra large gaming mousepad, meaning I have to defend a much larger area from dirty invaders. I also run with my phone so I get sweat all over it. Sometimes the dust and grime is hard to see, but trust me it’s there. These un-cleaned devices can be contributing factors to sickness and germy messes, so be sure to clean regularly with these easy tips:

1.) Buy some canned air.

This will help you get dust, food particles, and other dirt out from underneath the keys of your keyboard. Be sure to bring the laptop or desktop keyboard outside to clean, and power off your equipment. I turn my laptop on it’s side and use the canned air. Aim for once every other week, or whenever you do your regular dusting of your home.

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2.) Buy an electronics cleaning cloth

I wouldn’t use anything other than a cloth made specifically for cleaning electronics, but some people use old t-shirts to clean with as well. Power off the computer and dip cloth in a tiny bit of water (distilled works best) and wipe down the computer and screen (or other device). Be especially careful with the pressure you put on the screen, and do not spray water directly onto the screen of a computer or phone from a squirt bottle.

3.) Get a screen protector for tablets and cell phones

My iPhone is in a life proof case, and my tablet has a film/screen on it for protection, so for cleaning I just wipe down the cover/screen and don’t have to worry about the actual screen itself getting dirty or damaged. Worth it in my option! If you still have dirt or grime on certain spots of your phone or computer use a toothpick to get into small spaces. Since I do have a waterproof life proof case, I feel safe wiping my phone down with an antibacterial wipe.

4.) Wash your hands before you get on the computer

This will cut down on the amount of dirt that gets on your keys and under them, as well as on the mouse/mouse pad. This can also save you from getting sick!

5.) Clean your mouse and mouse pad

Your mouse is constantly rolling over the mouse pad, so whenever dust and dirt get on the mouse pad it can cake up on the bottom of your mouse. If you have a ball on your mouse take it out and clean it. Also be sure your hands are clean when using the mouse so you don’t cake up dirt on the buttons on top.

So, take this post as your reminder and motivation to clean your devices!

*Don’t ever spray harsh chemicals onto your screen. You can use wipes to clean the keyboard but not the scree itself.

QOTD: How often do you clean your computer or cell phone?

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  1. I thought this article, when I saw the title, was going to be about keeping your computer/phone files organized–sometimes my virtual desktop can be get as cluttered as my real desktop! 😉

  2. This may be one of the reasons I always have phone problems — I’m constantly wiping it down w/ clorox wipes b/c someone w/ sticky fingers is always grabbing my phone!

  3. Good reminder. I should prob clean my work computer today. I always forget to!

  4. great tips! I never think of this stuff!

  5. NEVER.
    I need to get me some canned air STAT.

  6. I am more diligent with cleaning my cell phone than with my keyboard and mouse on my work computer – thanks for the reminder!!

  7. I douse my iPhone in antibacterial gel almost daily. It’s in either an Otterbox or a Mophie case at all times and both cases are water resistant so I feel comfortable using the gel or Clorox wipes. I also use Clorox wipes on our Mini iPad daily, little grimy 4yo hands constantly swiping and not at all bothered by the smudges she creates.

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