Disney Fantasy April 2013: Part 4

I last left off on part 3 with Bobby wearing my bra. Smile

Did I get your attention? Hehe. The next day, we docked in Costa Maya. We decided to not get off the ship and spend the day taking advantage of the ship with less people. When we sailed here in October, we did the jeep excursion with my parents and had a BLAST, but really there was nothing else on the island we “had” to do and didn’t want to pay for an excursion. We ate breakfast at the buffet then went to the adult pool area/Satellite falls and found some chairs to relax and read in.


We stayed here all morning, and even got to ride the Aqua Duck with about a 10 minute wait. We ate lunch at the buffet and headed back to our chairs for a nice nap. It was a glorious morning!

In the afternoon, we went on the top deck with my stalker camera lens to get some photos of Costa Maya






We then went to the gym for the second time of the trip. We grabbed a snack around 6:00, then relaxed in our room watching movies before getting ready for dinner at PALO! We have done brunch several times but never dinner so we were very excited.



I know this is a short post, but I want to stop here because Palo deserves it’s own post!

QOTD: Thoughts on staying on the ship when it’s in port?

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  1. I stayed on the ship one day when the family did a European cruise. I took advantage of the spa and got a much-needed pedicure 🙂

  2. How fun! I cant wait to see the restaurant recap!

  3. Great idea to stay on board a ship while it’s at port. I’m sure most people get off the boat. It’s a great day to go to the spa because it will not be as busy.

  4. Laure Simms says

    Love staying on the ship when it is in a port I have visited already.

  5. That’s the great thing about repeating itineraries on ships like the fantasy that has so many things to do onboard. You can stay in and take advantage of less crowded ship or just relax.

  6. Staying onboard while everyone else is at port is the best!

  7. Love reading these cruise posts! Can’t wait to hear about dinner at Palo!!!

  8. Glad y’all had a nice relaxing day! :0)

  9. I haven’t been on a cruise before but would love to someday! I think if you are totally content and enjoying yourself on the boat then not getting off at port is fine! Relax & enjoy right?!

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    I last left off on part 3 with Bobby wearing my bra. Did I get your attention? Hehe. The next day, we…

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