Disney Fantasy: Palo Dinner

I cut part 4 short because I wanted Palo dinner to have it’s own post.


I am glad I am writing this one after dinner, or I would be dying to eat all of the delicious food! If you have been on a Disney cruise and have not dined at Palo you are missing out on a great experience. I can’t believe we waited this long to do it!

We checked in and waited in the waiting area for only about 3-4 minutes, when Ivan, the server we had for Palo brunch appeared! I was so happy we had him again, it felt more comfortable since we had already seen him before and he knew what we liked.

We had a great table facing outward towards the ocean, it was nice and cozy. Just like at brunch, I loved how we didn’t feel rushed at all. We ordered our drinks and enjoyed the view while Ivan brought us some antipasti (I have no idea why I don’t have photos of this!) Ivan did a great job of explaining everything, and I tried some things I have never had before.

Ivan also did a great job of explaining everything on the menu to us. After appetizers we were also brought a lemon sorbet palate cleanser.

Bobby ordered some kind of shrimp






I had white bean soup (not pictured) and  Beef tenderloin. I can only speak for what I ordered, but the soup and beef were both excellent! There were two sauces for the beef and I liked them both, so delicious!


Of course soufflé with vanilla gelato and chocolate and vanilla sauce. Holy yum. So rich but so delicious.


Ivan prepared mine for me. It was amazing. I am so glad I left room for this dessert. My hands down favorite of the whole week.



Again, we were never rushed, and loved how our waiter only had one maybe two other tables so we got taken care of very well. We will definitely be back!

Here are a few things to remember about Palo:

– Palo is an adults only restaurant. That’s why God made kid’s clubs. Smile

-Reservations for Palo can be made online for cruise guests:   Concierge Guests: 120 days in advance
Platinum Castaways: 120 days in advance
Gold Castaways: 105 days in advance
Silver Castaways: 90 days in advance
First Time Cruiser: 75 days in advance

-It costs a little extra to eat at Palo, but SO worth it! Brunch and dinner are both $20* per person.

(*price has since gone up to $30 per person but still worth it!)

– There is a dress code to dine at Palo. We like to dress up anyway so it was no problem, but make sure you pack something appropriate if you plan to dine here!

-Palo holds back some reservations on the boat for when you embark, so if you couldn’t get a reservation online be sure to visit Palo asap to try to snag a reservation once you get on the ship.

QOTD: Are you more likely to try a food you have never liked before at home or at a restaurant, like me?

*I would love to get you a cruise quote! Email heather@travelwiththemagic.com for details

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  1. That dessert looks incredible!

    With the food trial thing it depends how confident I feel with making it. If it seems complex I’m more likely to have it first at a restaurant.

  2. i’m more likely to try it at a restaurant…. chances are, if i don’t like it i wouldn’t buy it for home, but if itz available at a restaurant then maybe!

  3. That looks fantastic! And the price is very reasonable for the quality of food you’re getting. Maybe one of these days I can convince the hubby to do a Disney cruise 🙂

  4. Michelle says

    $20 sounds like a great deal to me and when you mentioned it’s adults only–that sealed the deal. This is definitely going to be a must do when we take a Disney cruise!

  5. Looks delicious!! I will definitely try this restaurant whenever I get the chance to go on a Disney cruise!

  6. LOL, I quickly read your title to say “Paleo” . . . . lots of it was . . . well, maybe not the desserts! Looks like you had a fabulous, fancy time!

  7. Disney does a GREAT job working around food preferences! Kris was able to get gluten free goodies at Be our Guest!

  8. Omg that white sauce that goes on that dessert is the BEST thing ever. Yum.

  9. This looks amazing!

  10. Ohmygoodness, that looks incredible!!

  11. I love specialty restaurants on cruise ships! That dinner looks delicious 🙂 Since my better half works for Royal Caribbean we go on their ships and always book a dinner at Chops, their steakhouse. It’s $30/person and well worth every penny! I know I should order their petite filet mignon but always go with the full filet because it’s so mouthwateringly good – and the price is the same no matter what haha.

  12. WTH??? How can you post amazing awesome photos like that. It looks so freakin good that I almost grabbed my screen and tried to eat it.


  13. All of those dishes look so yummy. I definitely try foods that are new to me when I’m out, but not usually at home. I figure the chef knows how to prepare and pair flavors to make it delicious!

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    Disney Fantasy: Palo Dinner…

    I cut part 4 short because I wanted Palo dinner to have it’s own post. I am glad I am writing this one…

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