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This past week while I was in Walt Disney World for the #DisneySportsFestival, I had the opportunity to participate in the runDisney fun run that was held one morning.


Me, Jen, and Carissa before the run

We got up bright and early (although not as early as a runDisney race!) and met up at Sea Breeze Point on the Boardwalk between our hotel and EPCOT. Darrell Fry, sports media director, welcomed us and gave introductions.


We also heard from our friends at New Balance who were joining us that morning. After our .8 mile loop if we wanted to we had the chance to keep running along the path that they are calling the “New Balance trails”.  Mention of the new runDisney shoes for next year also came up, and I can’t wait to see what they came up with this time! They also said they will start rolling out teasers during Wine and Dine weekend. cannot. wait.


We started up on the bridge before going into EPCOT. We spotted a friend before we started, and took a group picture. She promised we could take pictures with her after the run, it was a good incentive to hurry and get back.


We made it into EPCOT and weaved our way around the World Showcase. It’s so much fun running through the empty park listening to the music and enjoying the surroundings. An amazing way to start the day.


I can’t remember what was so funny but there are several pictures of us looking at each other and laughing!

We made a pit stop in Germany for some water, and some of my favorite pals came out to cheer us on. Of course, picture taking was in order.

photo (36)

I spoke to Dopey, and told him that I would soon start training for his race in January. I asked him if he could tell me about the finishers medal, but he just acted well…Dopey and pretended like he didn’t understand. Oh well, I tried.


photo (37)

photo (39)

I wanted to stay and chat, Rapunzel was just getting to the good stuff, but sadly we had to continue on our run.



We made it back to the exit of EPCOT, and as promised Princess Minnie was there waiting for a photo op.

photo (38)

I hadn’t seen Minnie since the Princess half marathon, so we had a lot to discuss. But first, we worked on my posing.


Some people decided to go back to Sea Breeze Point for refreshments like bananas and Powerade, and some continued on the New Balance trails to get in some more mileage.



As a runDisney runner, it was a great reminder of why I love this brand and their races so much. The fun run was just what it was named: fun. I smiled the whole time! It was a great behind the scenes look at the spirit of runDisney. I got to speak with several folks after who have never participated in a runDisney event before, and they all said they couldn’t wait to try one out after experiencing the fun run!

QOTD: If you could have a photo with any Disney character on a race course who would it be?

You can runDisney too! Spots are still open for the Happy Haunted 5k trail run, Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5k, The Disney marathon, Goofy’s Challenge, and The Tinkerbell 5k and 10k! (as of 7/22/2013)

*Disclosure: I was a guest of Disney sports for this event. They provided me with accommodations, flight, meals, and park tickets. However, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Such a fun way to start the morning! So sad it’s over!

  2. The Disney runs are on my bucket list for sure!! I’m starting a training program in August and will branch out some as soon as I get some structure under my belt 🙂

  3. I love the World Showcase, I can’t wait to run through it for the Family 5k in February! I’m still on the fence about stopping for pics when I do the Princess Half but I’ll definitely be stopping for Belle. She’s always been my favorite!

  4. Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness says

    Looks like you had a great run! Do you suppose the New Balance trail will be the route of the Enchanted 10K in Feb? Just wondering since it looks like you ran through the Boardwalk ( and possibly Epcot resort area).

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  5. Fun runs are so underrated!! I love that you are smiling ear to ear in every pic!! Sounds like a great time!!

    … and I would love to meet Cinderella …. we have much to discuss about finding me a Prince Charming 😉

  6. You clearly had fun during your run! Look forward to reading more about your trip to Florida!

  7. Looks like you had a blast on your fun run! Your post today is a great reminder that not every run has to be a PR, but that sometimes getting out there with a couple of girlfriends can be just as rewarding as achieving a new PR. I can’t wait until January for the 10K and half, and am hoping to get a picture with Belle then!

  8. That is awesome!! We’re staying at the beach club right now! I took a nice 5 mile run around the little lake this morning. Where are the new balance trails? Are thy opened to the public yet?

  9. Natasha McCarson says

    I’m running the ToT in October and I’m hoping to get a pic with Darth Vader! I cannot wait!!! And can I tell you how jealous am I that you can run in so many different kinds of shoes. You seem to always be running in different shoes! Injury and screwed up feet prevent me from doing that. I’d like a little variety every once in a while! 🙂

    • that’s the only pic my hubby wanted last year at wine and dine haha! Actually I don’t do well running in a lot of shoes, those are just the only ones I had haha!

  10. Minnie Mouse for sure!!

  11. Looks like SO much fun!! :0)

  12. Gretchen @ A Fit Fashionista says

    That looks like so much fun! I think there is a Disneyland marathon coming up next year!

  13. QOTD answer: Princess Leia

  14. Do you mind me asking how can someone find the black runDisney t-shirts? I”ll be running in ToT this October. Can’t wait!!

    • You can only get one of those shirts if you get into one of the special meet ups, then they give one to you. So sorry!

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