Don’t Be Like That

Eagle Creek so graciously sent some packing essentials my way, which I was very grateful for. I have always packed for races with garbage and grocery bags, so this was a real treat! Check out my short video below for more info and a fun little way of sharing about their products.

Here is the Eagle Creek website where you can find all of their cool gear! Remember, no one wants to sit next to a smelly person’s stuff on an airplane. So just don’t be like that, ok?

QOTD: How do you pack your stinky race day gear and shoes?

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  1. This one made me laugh out loud, literally! I’ve never tried their pack it cubes or sports cubes but they look and sound really nice! 🙂

  2. I think I shoved everything into plastic bags, like you said you used to do, and then it went straight to the washer when I got home. Super classy haha!

  3. I love using wet bags, made originally for cloth diapering for races, the pool… Really anytime there are wet clothes. So same kind of idea and washable, just have to be careful when the lining starts to wear out be issue then they are pointless. So maybe these are better for that.

  4. OMG!!!! TOO CUTE!!! I needed your comic relief today!!! Thank you! Will go check these out.

  5. funnily enough I was reusing my rock n roll bag drop bags for my races! Those bags are RIPE!!

    Super cool video!

  6. Oh my stars, I laughed so hard at this Heather. Great review and I’ve been enjoying my Eaglecreek bags as well.

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