Four Year Blogiversary

WOW! On November 15th 2009, I wrote my first blog post. Back then, I was still Running With Sass, and not only starting out on my blogging journey, but also on my running journey.


January 2010, my first race expo!

I say this a lot, but if you had told me four years ago I would blog nearly every day for the next four years, or that I would run over twenty half marathons, 2 full marathons, and a multitude of other race distances….I don’t know if I would have believed you!

I am so thankful for my blog and the opportunities it has given me off and online. I have met some amazing people I now consider close friends, and have gotten to see so many new places and do new and exciting things.

I have grown up in so many ways, and have also made plenty of mistakes and learned things the hard way. I love having a recording of my life, I can’t tell you how many times I forgot when or how something happened and I just go back and check my archives for the answer! it’s also great to have people hold me accountable and keep me in check. It is so therapeutic for me to write down my thoughts, frustrations, and realizations, and I do hope along the way something I have said has helped at least one person.


November 2013, my most recent race expo

I am grateful not only for the blog itself, but to my amazing readers. I love getting comments and emails from you, it brightens my day and makes me want to be a better blogger. So, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, whether you have been on this journey with me for four weeks, or four years from the very beginning…you are all amazing! You inspire me daily, and I wish I could hug you all and thank you! I hope you continue to journey with me for years to come, I can’t wait to see what happens next, and am hoping this next year is a big one!

QOTD: How long have you been a reader of my blog? What would you like to see in my next year of blogging?

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  1. Happy anniversary 😉

  2. Happy blogiversary! Congrats on all your accomplishments! And if only we knew how cold it was going to be for the actual race in 2010 — brrr!

  3. Jennifer Lefforge says:

    Happy Anniversary, Heather!! That’s a huge milestone! Love the blog and love running “with you” virtually (and when I’m blessed, in real life!). You should buy yourself a present to celebrate!!:)

  4. Happy Blogiversary 🙂 I have been reading your blog for about a year now! I love following along your journeys 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  6. Happy Blogiversary friend! :0)

  7. Happy blogiversary! The first post I read was your Princess 2012 recap since that was my first race, and I’ve been reading ever since 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  8. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been following you since late January. Your journey is truly inspirational, and your blog inspired me to start my own blog in order to keep myself accountable and document my own running progress. I can’t wait to keep reading about your running journey (and would love to meet you in person during the upcoming Marathon Weekend!).

  9. Congrats, Heather!!

    I remember reading your TR on the Dis years ago. Then when I became interested in running and, of course, runDisney, I was so excited to find your blog! I spent some time going through the archives and related to your journey so much. You made me want to runDisney even more! I just ran my first runDisney race and it was every bit as amazing as you said. (I ran into you at the meet-up so briefly, but hopefully we’ll bump into each other again!)

    Congrats, girl, and keep blogging! You’ve inspired lots of people, me included!

  10. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean says:

    congrats girl! 4 years is a major accomplishment

  11. Wow, so inspiring for me, both as a runner and as a new blogger! Congrats!!!

  12. Congratulations! I’ve been reading for 2 of those 4 years, started running and I’m on my way to my first marathon in January because of it. It’s all your fault! LOL

  13. Happy Blogiversary! I started reading last year before I ran my first half, the Princess half. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with runDisney and their races so I like to follow along and see what you’re up to there 🙂

  14. Happy Blogiversary. My blog’s 1 year anniversary is next month. I started reading yours right about the time I started blogging (so almost a year). I never really loved Disney that much until I became a parent. And now I really love your passion for all things Disney related so that’s one of the reasons why I keep reading. Keep it up girly!

  15. congratulations on your blogiversary! I have been following your blog for a couple years now and love hearing about your running adventures! I still think we need to do another relay event – just not on that evil levee! Have a great week 🙂

  16. Congrats on yor 4 year blogiversary! I started running in late 2010, and only out of mother guilt and agreeing to run the Princess 2011 half marathon. Little did I know….haha! Kinda like your story!

  17. Congrats on FOUR years! WOW! What an accomplishment. I’ve been reading your blog for a year or so. Keep doing what you are doing!

  18. Happy blogiversary! I just found your blog (thanks to Jennifer Lefforge) a couple of months ago and I’m so glad I did! I love following your journey (running and otherwise) and look forward to continuing to do so!

  19. Happy Blogiversary!! I think I’ve been following most of your journey! I don’t always comment, but I enjoy reading your blog! (I seem to be living a busy life nowadays) … lack of blogging on my part is proof! haha!

  20. Aw, happy anniversary Heather! I have been reading your blog for just about as long as I’ve been writing mine – 3 months!! And I don’t want you to change a thing in the next year. I love reading about your journey and your race recaps! All very exciting stuff!
    Hope you have some cake tonight to celebrate 🙂

  21. Happy Blogiversary Heather! I started reading your blog around February of this year. Reading your blog on the 2013 WDW Marathon is part of the reason I signed up for the 2014 WDW Marathon (my first full marathon). I’ve even gone back to read some of your first posts. You’ve come a long ways in the past 4 years. Not only as a runner, but as a blogger. I feel like I’ve come along at a great time for you and your blog. You’ve really found your voice. Keep up the great work you do here. Hope to see you and your husband at WDW this January.

  22. Happy blogiversary!!! I’ve been reading for about two years…I started right after I met you at the Gulf Coast Half in Mandeville! I even bought a running skirt from you that day! 😉

  23. Congrats, Heather!! I had my 4-year blogiversary in October. Never dreamed what would come of it. Here’s to many more years and running adventures!

  24. Happy Blog Birthday to you!!! Here’s to many more successful years of running and blogging (and everything else)

  25. Electra @ says:

    Congratulations beautiful! You’re a GREAT blogger! 😀

  26. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been reading since July/August-ish of this year.

  27. Congratulations on your anniversary. I’ve been reading your blog for about two months in preparation for my first RunDisney trip in February. Keep up the great posts, I look forward to the next one.

  28. Happy Blogiversary!

  29. Happy blogiversary! I’ve been reading since January of this year. Your blog inspired me to convince my family to run the Disneyland Half Marathon! I love reading your blog every day and seeing the fun Disney related things you’re up to. Thanks for being one of my favorite bloggers!

  30. Happy Blogiversary! So neat to be able to look back at how far you’ve come, I’m sure. I love that perk as a blogger! I’ve been reading for a year or so and enjoy the blog!

  31. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been reading for approx a year and a half now. You keep me motivated! Now that I am out with a stress fracture after running the Tower of Terror 10 miler I’m going to have to go back to some on your injury posts 🙁 Thanks! 🙂

  32. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long. That means it will be that long in January for me. Cuh-razy! Congrats on the anniversary and four years of one of my favorite blogs. 🙂

  33. Happy blogiversary!! I love reading your blog and trying to absorb all your tips for my future races. I discovered your blog shortly after I ran my first race, the 2013 Princess half marathon, and have been hooked since. I was always standoff-ish when it came to commenting, but as you can see I have come out of my shell. 🙂

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