What I’m loving: Three month old addition

I did a what I’m loving post when Emma Kate was still a tiny newborn. Now that she is three months old and much more of a little person I thought it would be fun to share what out favorite things are currently.

Rainforest Friends Jumparoo: I bought this for Emma Kate for Christmas. Her feet don’t touch the ground so we have a thick book under it, but she LOVES all the toys, lights and sounds on this. I can’t wait until she is a little bigger and can really jump in it!

IMG_2045 (2)

Sound machine: We have a fan in EK’s room that we run for noise, but since our house has a very open floor plan, we wanted something louder to drown out everyday noises (and the barking dog!) so I got a cheap sound machine for the white noise feature. It has been the best thing! It’s portable, and nice and loud! We use it every night and during naps.

Lil Helper: I saw this in a magazine but didn’t buy it until a friend of mine swore by it. Emma Kate can’t hold her bottle on her own yet, but with the lil helper she can, and it gives me a few minutes to get my coffee or breakfast, etc. while she eats. Life saver!

IMG_1959 (2)

Baby Breeza formula maker: Best invention ever. When it’s early in the morning and the baby is screaming to eat, and you are half asleep….waiting to warm up a bottle and trying to measure out scoops of formula can take forever (and be very messy!) When a friend told me about this invention, I had no idea it even existed. The original reason I made the purchase is because you don’t have to shake the bottle, which was causing lots of bubbles which then were causing baby EK lots of tummy troubles. We fell in love and this thing even travels with us. So easy to measure out different amounts. It’s like a baby Keurig!

HALO Sleepsack Swaddle: We have been using these since day one, and we still use it every day. We tried going a day without it, and Emma Kate kept waking herself up with her arm reflexes so it was back in the sleep sack. She sometimes fights it at first but in the end likes the security of it I think. We call her a baby burrito when she is in it. She has been sleeping 12 hours straight through the night since she was nine weeks old, so I attribute it to the sleep sack and sound machine!

IMG_0823 (2)

QOTD: What was your baby loving at three months? What is something I should get for EK for the next phase?

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  1. No help here, but it all sounds like great help!! That jumparoo looks so cute!

  2. Wow! That Lil Helper is AWESOME! I wish they’d had those when my two were babies! I remember both of mine loved their swing at 3 months old! It was a lifesaver!

  3. Megan Evans says

    How long does the Baby Brezza take to make a bottle? You had me interested when you mentioned there being no bubbles in her bottles!

    • If you leave it on it takes 5 seconds. If you have to wait for it to heat up, 3-4 minutes.

      • Megan Evans says

        Any issues with clumping or not mixing right? I have a two week old and I’m trying to decide if I should get this!

        • nope no clumping. Only time it didn’t mix right was when I didn’t put the wheel back down correctly, but total user error!

  4. For the next three months, I highly recommend Sophie the Giraffe for teething. It was a lifesaver.

  5. My very favorite baby item ever for both kids is the Timy Love Mobile. It has lights and plays music for 20 minutes. We used it for well over a year with both kids.

  6. Yes…the sleep sack! I don’t know what we would do without the sleep sack and the swaddleMe blankets. I dread the day we have to take the away. And you just reminded me I need to get our jumparoo down from the attic! And I’m totally jealous that you get to use the Breeza. Those things just look so cool. Ha! Great post.

  7. Oh my goodness that pic of her in the jumper with the big bow….that could not be any cuter!! Those are definitely great products! I think my favorite baby accessory at that age was the Ergo baby carrier as I wore my daughter on my back while I did housework, dishes, etc. She loved it.

  8. Oh no! Please stop using that bottle stand! There are evolutionary and developmental reasons why babies can not hold their own bottles and need human contact as they eat. It’s not something that can be healthily overcome by inventions and technology! It may be convenient for you, but it’s no good for your little one.

    • I agree. As a neonatal and pediatric nurse I cringe when I see stands and blankets and such used. Babies need to have the ability to take a breath without having milk come pouring out of the bottle. Plus, if she coughs or chokes(even with you sitting next to her) it’s not a good idea.

      I make it a policy to never tell a parent how to parent. But when I see a safety concern I will say something.

      • She knows how to pull the bottle out of her mouth and put it back in as she pleases, so there is no milk pouring out of the bottle nor do I see it as a safety concern.

        • Even if it’s not a safety concern it is certainly denying your child a critical bonding experience. Babies are meant (biologically) to be held when they are fed. Human contact is vital to building attachment and emotional development. I know as a mom you are only trying your best, but please look into the validity of the comments warning against this item.

          • You are certainly entitled to your opinion but i am home with my child all day long and she gets held a LOT and gets plenty of human contact. I dont use it for every feeding either, probably 65% of the time. I think we are doing just fine 🙂

  9. You comment back was very gracious considering my initial post was overly harsh and should have been worded more carefully. As moms we should be building each other up not tearing down. I can see you love your daughter very much. I have stayed at home with two breastfed babies for the last 3.5 years and I understand that need to grab a couple minutes whenever you can. What I’m trying to get at is that items like this may seem like they are a big help in the moment but they inhibit infant/parent bonding. They are only little enough to not feed themselves for such a short, short period of time. You’ll never regret taking the time that first year to stop and hold your baby for each and every feeding. If babies were supposed to feed themselves at that age they would have been designed to do so.

    • It’s really ok, I promise I’m not mad! I have gotten a LOT worse comments over the years so have learned to roll with the punches. I should have been more clear on my use with it. I always use it in the morning b/c EK sleeps 12 hours at night so when she wakes up, she is HUNGRY and flipping out. But I also have the dog who is crying to go out (please don’t pee on my carpet!) who also wants to be bed, and I need to make coffee and my breakfast b/c I’m hypoglycemic and if I don’t eat right away I get really lightheaded, so mornings are super chaotic when everyone needs something at the same time! I also use it in the evenings when I am cooking dinner so I can be by the stove/cooking and she can eat. But we spend lots of time snuggling, too. 🙂

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    What I’m loving: Three month old addition

    I did a what I’m loving post when Emma Kate was still a tiny newborn. Now that she is three months old

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