Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

This post is sponsored by Mizuno and Fitfluential, however all opinions are my own.

I am pretty picky about my running shoes. I have tried a lot of different brands and models, but only a few actually “stick” with me long term. Mizuno is one of very few brands I have bought multiple pair of shoes from because they do ok with my oh so picky feet. I was really excited to try the new Wave Rider 18’s, and went for a walk the first day I got them.

mizuno wave rider

The colors are really cool, and not something you typically see.The official colors are Black/Silver/Florida Keys (Who else loves really unique color names?)

The shoe weights 7.8 oz with a 12 mm drop and provides a stable ride for an everyday running shoe. It is a neutral shoe, which means it can work for a wide range of runners. The Wave Rider 18 has a good blend of guidance and flexibility.


Typically when a shoe has a bit of guidance and support, they are really heavy and clunky, but that’s not the case here. The Wave technology is really responsive and has just enough cushion for logging some serious miles.

This shoe retails for a reasonable $119.99, and comes in men’s and women’s styles.


I found the Wave Rider 18 to be true to size. I have high arches and require a large toebox, so I did find the front area a bit more snug than other models, but it would be fine for most people (I have morton’s neuroma so need the extra wiggle room”).

If you would like more information be sure to visit Mizuno’s website, or follow along with #WaveRider18

QOTD: Do you run in a neutral or stability shoe? What do you look for in a running shoe? Are colors important?

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  1. I run in a stability shoe, usually Brooks but I do love how light Mizunos are and how the wave plate technology makes your foot feel like it’s springing off the ground. Just an FYI, from someone who spent two years fitting people for shoes in a running store, neutral shoes are designed for runners who exhibit very little pronation. About 80% of runners usually require more support (and Mizuno has tons of options). There are tons of running stores throughout the country that do gait analysis for free so I always recommend getting one and making sure people are in the right shoes to avoid injuries!

    • I was in the wave inspires and liked those so was curious about these. I won’t run high mileage in them but I have been good so fr for short distances.

  2. The colors are super cute! I like choosing cute colors but only in the shoe that works for me.

  3. I wear support shoes but really try to get ones that aren’t clunky. I have high arches and I pronate so neutral shoes aren’t enough for me. I even have to have inserts in my stability shoes to keep my feet in place.

  4. I had never worn Mizunos before I received the wave rider 18’s so I didn’t know how they ran size wise. I agree, they are a little more snug than I am use to. I’m glad they work for you. Finding the right shoe is so important. Especially when you have a foot issue!

  5. Cute! I’ve never tried Mizunos!

  6. I love these shoes!

  7. I try to focus on the fit, form, function but great colors are always a bonus!

  8. We must have the same feet 🙂 I also have a high arch and super wide toe box. I loved the color of these. They are going to be my new 5K shoe. Hope all is well!!! Miss you.

  9. I’ve been running in the Wave Rider for a few years and I love them. I think version 18 is the best (and I love the colors too 🙂 ).

  10. Great review! I too have been running in and loving the Mizuno WaveRider 18! 🙂

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    Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

    This post is sponsored by Mizuno and Fitfluential, however all opinions are my own. I am pretty picky

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