Pregnancy Update: Week 16

16 weeks already, and more of my blogger friends are announcing pregnancies! I love it! So many babies coming this fall. I am now wearing maternity clothes full time when I am wearing “real” clothes, aside from some larger t-shirts and things. I have a long torso, so shirts are already almost too short on me, so add in a baby belly and it doesn’t take long for them to REALLY be too short on me.

16weeks bump

Definitely some new/different developments this week. I felt great all week the wham, Monday I felt like I was back in my first tri. Didn’t want to eat, felt yucky, and was exhausted. Like, spent ten hours plus a 1.5 hour nap exhausted. That was depressing, but I am feeling a little better today. A lot has been going on in my family so it could be stress related as well. I’m also having some different symptoms, so let’s move on and take a look.

Symptoms: occasional headaches, acne, forgetfulness, emotional, and now dealing with low blood sugar or possibly low iron. I get really weak and shaky/dizzy (always dizzy when I stand up too fast) so trying to eat more balanced meals, iron, etc. and get this under control. Still experiencing round ligament pain some, but I only ran once last week and that seemed to be when it was the worst, so I didn’t run anymore (Well, I did a run walk once). Also slight swelling in my feet when I stand too long.

Baby’s Size: Avocado

Maternity Clothes: Life savers on bottom. Loving maxi dresses and flowy skirts in particular!

Stretch Marks: nada

Sleep: Not getting up to pee as much, usually once a night, had a decent week!

Miss Anything?: A hard sweaty workout. I just haven’t felt up to it.

Cravings: Same. Anything frozen or really cold. And chocolate.

Aversions: eh. A lot of things, and some things I can eat just not in large quantities. I can eat grilled chicken but just a few bites then I can’t handle it, for example.

Looking Forward To: Planning our gender reveal BBQ with my mom and hashing out all the details this weekend. (Date is set for Mother’s Day weekend!)

What I’m Loving: That I finally am starting to look pregnant and not just chubby.

Workouts: One run, one run/walk, and 3 other walks. Also a 30 minute circuit in my living room of various exercises and stretches. Not a great week, but it was a little out of whack with going to my parents and up to the hospital to see my grandmother etc.

QOTD: Anyone else suffer from dizziness/low blood sugar or low iron when pregnant?

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  1. SpaTone is really good for getting your iron levels up during pregnancy. It’s 100% natural and really helped me a lot – without the awful consequences of other “manmade” iron supplements.

  2. Bridie Rist says

    Is your blood pressure okay? I have hypertension and it was out of whack when I was pregnant and I’d get dizzy when I stood (passed out at 35 weeks and got put on bed rest). I also had gestational diabetes. Just be careful getting up from siting or standing, give yourself an extra second or two.

  3. You look great! Pregnancy can be such a roller coaster. I’m 31 weeks and had a really rough one week 29 and I was all “I don’t want to go back to the first tri! Nooooo!” Thankfully it was just a rough week. I have low blood sugar, so eating small meals throughout the day helps (I’ll eat eggs for breakfast, yogurt or bar for snack, a decent lunch, yogurt or bar for snack, dinner and then something small around 7/8). I do wake up hungry and know I can’t fudge it like I would not pregnant and wait a bit before eating. Listen to your body! Hope you continue to feel better.

  4. When I was pregnant with Jordan, I was anemic from the very start. I had to take iron supplements and colace. By the end I was taking iron 4 times a day and was STILL anemic. It was awful (and I’m used to being anemic without the pregnancies). I had gestational diabetes with Allison so I have had sugar issues too. Hopefully you can figure out what’s causing your dizziness and get it under control!

  5. Tis the season for baby announcements! I’ve heard maxi dresses are the perfect pregnancy outfit. You look fantastic!

  6. 16 weeks already!?! Wow it is going by so fast!!! Did you ever try the pina colada recipe?? Also I’m at the point that my maternity shirts are getting too short for my full term belly now. Time for long tanks to layer under the shirts! I am starting to raid the hubs closet for t-shirts when around the house now too.

  7. I agree with Birdie, the dizzyness may be blood pressure related, especially if you are seeing swelling. Make sure you are keeping up with your water intake and laying down when you can to help with circulation. Sitting can cause the swelling too. I have an office job and still had a lot of swelling and blood pressure issues with my first. I figured since I was sitting I should be ok, but nope, had to be reclining to get any relief.

    • It’s not blood pressure, when I nearly fainted they took my pressure an dit was normal, we think it’s blood sugar, i have been eating more and it’s been better!

  8. hehe there is definitely a HUGE wave of bloggers who are pregnant / just had babies! i love it! 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness look how cute you are!!!! I had to take iron pills when I was pregnant with my first one. Your doctor will test your iron at one of your appointments (can’t remember which one) and will prescribe the pills if you need them. 🙂

  10. Heather,
    I haven’t had any blood sugar issues and minimal dizziness but OH MY GOODNESS am I ever emotional! I had such a moody day yesterday that my doc let us have an early ultrasound. Baby is so sweet. I tried on maternity clothes last night and am NOT a fan. Maybe I just need to go shopping for my own rather than borrowing! 🙂

  11. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant but I was in the exact situation you were. I am a runner and I eat super clean. A lot of vegetables and fruits with lean meats. I had low blood sugar and would think I was going to pass out at times. But I met with a nutritionist friend of mine and she said it wasn’t consuming enough food daily. It’s important that you eat more than what you are used to pre-pregnancy. I never changed what I ate, only increased the amount I ate. Never had that problem again. 6 small meals a day keeps your blood sugar regular. Hope this helps!

  12. I get dizzy if I stand up too fast, but that is normal when you’re pregnant. When you sit or lie down, blood pools in your feet and lower legs, so try to stand up slowly so that the blood gets back to your heart. You won’t get dizzy because your blood pressure won’t drop.
    Lots to learn….. you look great btw.

    • I do get dizzy when I stand up too fast, but this was like, fainting spells even just sititng down. But I think we have it pegged to low blood sugar!

  13. So fun that so many are pregnant! I loved having a baby in the Fall (last fall). It’s the best time!

  14. Isn’t it so nice when you start to feel like you’re more obviously pregnant? 🙂 Sorry about the low blood sugar issues… I didn’t deal with that, but my sister often did. I think more frequent meals/snacks was helpful. Hope it passes!

  15. I always have low blood pressure so I think I am used to being careful when I get up – but now I am having round ligament pain when I stand too quickly. Could you share the other blogs that announced pregnancies? I’m 17 weeks and would love to find some others that are similar – so far the ones I follow are all due very soon, which is cool to see too, but I want to follow other women in their pregnancy journeys!

  16. With my second pregnancy I would get really dizzy and I actually fainted at work once. My blood work was fine other than a slight vitamin d deficiency. It sucked because I was really stubborn and hate taking it slow but I guess they say dizziness is normal. My doctor did recommend compression socks though!

  17. Victoria L Jones says

    I has to take iron pills while preggers with my son. I had dizzy spells l the time! My doctor thought I might have gestational diabities so she had me tested… Twice! Thank goodness I wasn’t, but having a pregnant woman fast two days in a row is just not nice. It was all due to the fact that my little boy decided he would turn his red meat-BBQ lovin’-southern mamma into a vegetarian for a trimester (and some change). Even the smell of ANY meat would make me sick, & and the thought of a meat-like substitute made it worse! Once I started to take the pills I felt much better! I was me again. Then the little one decided to stop depriving mommy of meat and all was well in the universe, lol. It will get better, Promise! Then the fun part will start. Wink wink

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