Pregnancy Update: Week 32

No lie, the weeks are running together so much now I had to check my blog before I started writing to see what week I was in! I used to think women who couldn’t remember were crazy, I mean, how can you forget something so monumental, but it happens!

So, here we are, week 32, and my baby is due NEXT MONTH! mind blowing. I still laugh at how at week 20 I thought I was “huge” heh.

32weeks bump

I went to my doctor’s appointment yesterday, (my mom came too) and we heard baby M’s heartbeat and everything is looking good and still on track. I actually lost two pounds, but the doctor didn’t seem worried.

Symptoms: Most of the same, sorry I am not very exciting. I’m very tired and have had a few days where nausea has crept back in again. Overly emotional, peeing all the time, not sleeping well. My low pelvic pain shifted for a few days from straight across my lower pelvis to just on my right side/around my hip and shooting down the top of my right thigh. Not sure if I have pinched a nerve or something but just walking is quite painful so I have been sitting a lot. I have been feeling very overwhelmed a lot lately since we move into our new house tomorrow, but hoping once we get settled I will feel better and more prepared.

Baby’s Size: Squash

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, although I will admit I now have to sleep in Bobby’s size large t-shirts as the mediums don’t cover my belly anymore! Mediums used to be my “big” sleep shirts. I have a lot of tops that still do fit, but not very many bottoms, so you will see the same things over and over. My apologies.

Stretch marks: Still doing ok!

Sleep: Still getting up to potty 2-4 times a night and randomly waking up. I try to limit my naps to earlier in the day and to 45 minutes or so, in hopes I will sleep better at night.

32weeks bump2

Miss anything: At this point I just miss being able to roll over in bed without hurting! It’s the little things.

Cravings: Sweets sweets and more sweets.

Aversions: Spices, anything with a really full flavor, too much protein.

Looking Forward to: MOVING TOMORROW! Painting the nursery this weekend (thanks dad).

What I’m loving: Knowing that this is not forever!

Workouts: Pretty non existent with my new hip pain. However I know tomorrow and the days to follow I will get plenty of workouts in unpacking boxes.

QOTD: Did you ever have pain going down the top of one of your thighs while pregnant?

This heat is killing me…who is ready for fall?

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  1. I had some hip/ back pain and going to my chiropractor helped a ton. Your alignment is being tested, you’re growing a human! I hope you feel better and best wishes while moving! Thanks for posting in the early am for breast feeding entertainment!

  2. You look great! You’ll be so distracted with getting settled that time will fly!

  3. The heat is so tough when pregnant! Not much better while breast feeding, either. 🙂 You’re getting so close! Hope the aches/pains get better.

  4. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    I am so ready fall, but I bet you are even more so! I can’t imagine being in your 3rd trimester during the summer heat. You’re strong, girl!

  5. At least you will be able to settle into your new house BEFORE the baby arrives! Don’t rush to get everything unpacked and in its place, you still need your rest. And you look beautiful pregnant, enjoy the last few weeks with the baby in your belly. I loved the feeling that I was the only one connected to the baby and savored those weeks before I had to share with the world.

  6. Yes, I am so ready for Fall. I know this summer hasn’t been too bad but I just can’t get excited for the summer months anymore. All that fun went out the door when I no longer got a summer break.

  7. You look great Heather!!! Hope the hip pain gets better. Be sure to mention it to your doctor. So exciting that she will be here next month!!!!

  8. oh yes it is the little things!! I sometimes forget what week I am at too 🙂 pregnancy brain haha
    you are looking great!! it’s crazy to think how big the belly is and how much bigger it’s going to get, to be honest I am nervous 😉
    I am peeing more and more too! fun times. I am always have asleep when I go during the night, I am surprised I don’t fall more haha


  9. You are looking great! I hope your hip pain goes away soon. And good luck with you unpacking in your new house!!

  10. I’m so excited for fall! And excited for you to meet your little one!

  11. Congrats on the new house! You look great and hopefully getting the new house in order will be a nice distraction. Congrats! Can’t wait to see what the fall brings you 🙂

  12. You look great! I remember having some leg and groin pain, sometimes it was really bad (mostly the groin) but most of the time I could just manage through it

    I also remember the sleepless nights and waking up a million times to go to the bathroom 🙂 9 months later, I still don’t get any sleep, haha (but baby is SO worth it!!!)

  13. Oh, I hear you on the rolling over without pain! Now, when I wake up within, say, 40 minutes of my alarm clock, I make sure I go back to sleep FACING it so I don’t have to roll myself over to turn it off. The little things, lol.

    You look great! Hope you start feeling better once you’re settled into your new home.

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    No lie, the weeks are running together so much now I had to check my blog before I started writing to

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