Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Whew what a week! I have kind of an…interesting story to tell you, but I am going to save it for it’s own post tomorrow, but yes it has to deal with the pregnancy, and a trip to the hospital, ssoooo stay tuned.

35weeks bump

Symptoms: Things are progressing people! Baby M has definitely dropped, I can breathe a lot better than I have been able to, but I have had to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. Also feeling pressure “down there”, lots of nesting instincts, and I have slowed wwaayyy down. I’m not as achy in my hips or back as I have been, I think her dropping has changed the pressure points she had on my body for so long. Uptick in gas and slight constipation this week as well. I have been trying to stay off my feet to keep swelling to a minimum. It’s SO dang hot here, I don’t feel like moving much or even venturing outside anyway. I have been getting up at night every two hours (getting used to it for when baby comes?) and have been wide awake around 4:00 every morning this week. Weird.

Baby’s Size: Coconut!

Maternity Clothes: I bought a dress on sale last week without trying it on (fail) and it looks awful on me, so it will be going back.

Stretch Marks: nothing new

Sleep: very broken, taken a couple of naps this week

Miss anything: My sanity. Oh, it counts.

Cravings: popsicles.

Aversions: A lot of stuff. Hot food. It’s so hot here I don’t want to eat much.

35 weeks vs. 31 weeks, you can see how much I have dropped! I used to just stick straight out.

35weeks bump3 31weeks bump2

Looking forward to: Honestly, getting this baby on the OUTSIDE of me. I want her to bake another couple weeks, but I am ready for this stage to be over.

What I’m loving: EVERYONE things I’m “about to pop” at “anytime” and I love the looks on their faces when I tell them I’m only 35 weeks. I think they feel sorry for me.

Workouts: Yeah, about that….

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the “story” I have to tell.

QOTD: When did you drop when you were pregnant?

Who has had less of an appetite because of the heat?

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  1. Glowing as usual! Not too much longer until your little one makes her arrival into the world <3

  2. You look great! She better stay put for another few weeks!

  3. I never dropped with my first. She was planned cesarean at 39 weeks. And I’ve heard from girlfriends that most moms don’t drop with their second kid until they go into active labor. So there’s another thing I’m looking forward to happening soon.

  4. Stephanie (@FitMomTraining) says

    Baby 3.0 has definitely dropped here too over the last week or so. MUCH less heart burn, thank goodness and much easier to breath. I’m getting so anxious for this baby to come. Hard to believe we’ve come all this way and in the next month, we’ll be posting pics of the little ones!

  5. Good luck! You look great. These last weeks will go so fast and soon you’ll be holding that little gal and missing her being inside you. I know weird, huh? But you do! Take care.

  6. I can’t believe you are already 35 weeks!!! Not much longer! I used to hate it when people said I looked like I was about to pop…especially when I still had several more weeks to go! I don’t remember exactly when I dropped but I remember it felt like my belly was sitting on my legs when I was sitting down.

  7. You look great! You are in the home stretch for sure! I hope everything is ok and anxious to hear your story about the hospital!

  8. I dropped literally the day before he was due !

  9. The home stretch!! Time has flown so fast…

  10. ChristineB says

    You are in the home stretch! I always carried my babies really low, so it was hard for me to tell when they had dropped. I always got MORE sleep after they were born than before, too, because I wasn’t up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. And my biggest tip for you is go to a swimming pool. It really helps with the heat, and the buoyancy of the water gives your joints a break. It’s awesome. It also helps a little with swelling (if you’re having issues with that). My third was born Sept 15, and it was a scorching hot summer that year. I LOVED going to the pool – I wished I could stay there all day.

  11. I feel the same way, I want this baby to be healthy, but I want it out. So close!

  12. Wow you can tell a difference in the baby position. It’s crazy how that works.

  13. You’re so close! I dropped around 35 weeks, and delivered at 38 (naturally, not induced). Even though I know how much you want this part to be over….my biggest advice at this stage is to really try and enjoy the last couple weeks of having her in there. Because soon, you have to SHARE her with the rest of the world. And you will miss her movements and kicks and rolls. Right now, she’s like your own little secret. You feel her all day and no one else gets to experience that, just you!

  14. Oh, and to help with the pressure down on your pelvic floor wall sit on an exercise ball! The counter pressure feels really good. And eventually, will help you start to dilate and efface because it helps your pelvis relax and open.

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    Pregnancy Update: Week 35

    Whew what a week! I have kind of an…interesting story to tell you, but I am going to save it for it’s

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