runDisney Princess Half Runner Meet and Greet

Since I posted a photo on Instagram about some tips for the runDisney Princess half marathon yesterday, I have had several people ask me if I would be hosting a meet up like I have done before.


The thought has crossed my mind but honestly, I have been so busy with the baby and work that I haven’t had time to put much thought into it. I know that not only is it a race, but a lot of people’s vacation, so taking time out to go to a meet up can be hard, so I am actually planning on two things, hoping to get to meet some of you! You can of course come to both, but I wanted to give a couple of options where you can meet some other bloggers or just other runDisney lovers and we can chat, take some photos and get excited about the race! I may have a couple of giveaways at the meet up as well. Smile

Here is what I am thinking:

Saturday, February 21st

Downtown Disney, outside of Ghirardelli Ice Cream 6:15ish.

I figure this is a good spot since there is no park ticket required, and it’s early enough that you can still get to sleep early for the half the next day. Besides, who doesn’t love a little pre race ice cream? Delicious! I will wait outside until 6:30 to give everyone a chance to get there, then we can head in and get some pre race fuel.

2009 DisBrides Meet (2)

Karen and I getting ice cream in 2009. We look so young! She will be at the meet up, too!

Sunday, February 22nd

Pre race 4:15/4:30 am, outside of the Race Retreat tent

I will be there at 4:00 (hopefully haha) to take a team runDisney photo with my friends from the Facebook group, and I will be hanging around afterwards in the area in front of the race retreat tent until time to go to the corrals. I would love to see everyone’s costumes before the race and say good luck to some new friends!

If you have always wanted to meet some like minded runners and Disney fans, this could be a great way to get to know some folks in a small, non intimidating setting. (If you are nervous you can stand back and watch and see that I don’t bite, then come join the fun when you are ready!)


Also I will be at the expo Friday afternoon (not sure on exact time) if anyone wants to meet up for a quick hi! I will be posting to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook during the week so I will post when I get to the expo and the other meet ups!

QOTD: Have you ever been to a meet up with other bloggers or runners? How did it go?

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  1. Can’t wait! I’ll be at the meet-up Sunday morning — obviously! 🙂

  2. I’d love to go to Ghiradelli! But we have reservations at Portobello at 6:30. Maybe if you’re still there by the time we finish, or I can stop by and say high right at 6:15. But I’ll definitely try to meet up with people before the race. It’s great of you to do this!

  3. What a great idea! I’m going to plan to make it to the meet up Sunday morning, especially because I’ll be running alone for the first time at a Disney race.

  4. i’m in that race retreat tent picture! i remember meeting you that morning and thinking “it’s heather from the looking glass blog!” i remember you weren’t feeling well and then a bit later you announced on your blog you were pregnant! i think the best meetup i’ve done before a race was a small gathering for drinks the night before the rock n roll las vegas half this past november – it was so (for vegas) low key, we just sat around getting to know each other. i always say when you’re a runner with an online presence you always have friends at a race 🙂 have fun at princess weekend!

  5. What a fun race idea!

  6. Hi Heather! My sister and I met quite a few bloggers at Marathon weekend this year and it was really nice getting to know the people behind the blogs. We also make a tradition of going to Ghiradelli during race weekend so perhaps we will meet you there. 6:15 is a little late for us…lol But we will be staying at a DTD resort where we can just hop on the boat so it will for sure be doable.

  7. I hope to be able to do this in the future! It’s such a cool idea! Thank you for doing it!

  8. We are going to try to join the Saturday meet up! Otherwise, we’ll find you Sunday 🙂

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    runDisney Princess Half Runner Meet and Greet

    Since I posted a photo on Instagram about some tips for the runDisney Princess half marathon yesterday

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