Saucony Triumph Review

Disclosure: I was provided product from Saucony through Fitfluential for this review, however all opinions are my own.

Hey everyone.  This is Heather’s husband, Bobby, and you are in for a real treat today, because I am guest posting!  …Okay, well it may not be that exciting, but here we go.  I’m going to be talking about running shoes, and to be more specific, the Saucony Triumph ISO.

saucony triumph ISO

Saucony was kind enough to send me a pair of shoes in exchange for my review.  I was very willing to take them up on the offer since I have been running in Saucony shoes for a couple of years now.  My wonderful wife got me my first pair after I told her I wanted to run in more minimal shoes but the brand I had made my feet hurt.  She got me the Virratas and I loved them.  I’ve put a good few hundred miles on the Virratas and she recently got me a second pair from the same line.



Saucony Virrata’s

Now that I’ve put some backstory in, you will understand that I am comparing the Triumphs to many miles in a similar shoe.  First, I’ll distinguish the two lines by saying that the Triumphs are not a minimal shoe; they have a good bit more stability than the Virrata and are considered a neutral shoe.  I had my first run in them about a week ago and the run felt good.  I don’t know about you, but just knowing that I’m wearing new high-end running shoes makes me feel faster, which makes me say WHOA!

My favorite part about the Triumphs is also my favorite thing about the Virratas, and that is the mesh on top rather than a hard and constricting plastic.  I have big feet and I’m not exactly light, so my feet take a pounding.  Anything I can do to make them feel less restricted is a good thing.  If you look closely you can see that the laces go into a part of the shoes that is not attached to the mesh directly, which contributes to the feeling of not being confined.  After writing this paragraph my wife pointed out that one of the main features of the shoe is the “ISOFIT” which is responsible for the comfort I was just discussing, while still making the shoe feel flexible and not bulky.


Saucony focuses on one other aspect of the shoe, and that is the cushion of the platform (POWERGRID cushioning).  Thinking back on the workouts that I have done so far I would agree that they have delivered.  Like I said earlier, I felt good on the run and it was more than the new shoe high.


Lastly, let’s not forget that they look awesome.  As I looked around the gym I saw a lot of grey and black shoes and even the gym was dully colored.  These shoes stand out! Not to mention, so does the shoe BOX!


I appreciate the chance to try out the new shoes and I know I’m going to wear down the Triumphs to nubs like I did my Virratas. Be sure to follow #WHOAface on Twitter to get other blogger’s opinions on the shoe. Also you can follow Saucony on Twitter and Instagram @Saucony.


My WHOA face

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QOTD: Do these shoes make you say WHOA! Do you like the colors? What do you look for in a running shoe?

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  1. Great review, Bobby — and nice legs! 😉

  2. Great review Bobby! And I LOVE the bright colors of the shoe!

  3. Awesome review!! Sounds like a great shoe!! The cushioning in Saucony is really so comfortable!

  4. I actually just bought these last night! I tried them on at the Wine & Dine expo and immediately felt like they were my glass slipper! LOVE THEM!

  5. These shoes are awesome! Josh is really excited for his too. Great review!

  6. Hi, thanks for the review. I’m also about to buy a pair of these online but I’m not sure about sizing and there is no chance to try them first. In kinvaras and ignition I wear a 42 but in triumph10 size 42 is really short. What is your opinion about sizes?

  7. SeaDragon12 says

    Thanks for the excellent review. By coincidence, I just ordered a pair yesterday (Slime Green/Black/Vizi Orange) thanks to a successful 2014 race season wearing Saucony Triumph 11s.

    Notable differences between the two models — and one’s that caught my attention/interest — is (1) the ISO’s floating support cage and lacing system, which is advertised as cradling the foot while adapting to foot size, shape, and movement, and (2) they weigh in at .5 ounces lighter than the Triumph 11’s while offering a bit more cushioning. Fortunately, the ISO’s heel-to-toe offset remains the same at 8mm.

    All-in-all, it seems that an excellent shoe just got better. That’s just too good for me to pass-up.

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    Saucony Triumph Review

    Disclosure: I was provided product from Saucony through Fitfluential for this review, however all opinions

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