Lorna Jane Fit Challenge: February Update

It has now been a month since I started the Lorna Jane fit challenge. I will admit I didn’t have my whole heart in it this month because 1.) I am marathon training and 2.) I went on a much needed vacation.

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My marathon is in two weeks and I plan to go big or go home after that with the challenge, but I did manage to make some small changes this month thanks to the fit challenge.

I did several of the workouts included in my guide, and even tried a couple of new meals from the “nourish” portion. Something I definitely did a good job of this month is just getting outside. Even when it was cold out, I made it my goal to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. When I was on vacation I spent a ton of time outside, and I think in the winter months I forget just how much I enjoy it!

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Because of my hip injury and physical therapy, I have been focusing a lot on not only the PT exercises given to me for my hip, but also the strength moves from the challenge and am already seeing an improvement in my stability and balance.

I am excited for March, I know once my race is over I can focus more on this instead of logging so many miles. I plan to keep up the strength work and hopefully add in some new recipes this month!

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QOTD: Do you work on stability and balance?

Run Towards A Balanced Stress-Free Life

Last guest post! Show some love for my fellow runDisney runner who ran in Disneyland as well this past weekend!

Everyone’s life is different. That’s one thing that makes being alive so exciting. No two people are alike. We share similarities, heritages, and personality traits, but everyone is responsible for shaping the way their life turns out.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 6.24.22 PM

Well, of course we know there are external influences that can put a roadblock in our dreams, so of course it is silly to think that a Utopian life is just out there waiting to be discovered. I personally wouldn’t want that…I enjoy the excitement in my life.

Running wasn’t always a part of my life. Running is something that has embraced me over the past year and three months and truthfully it has given me more than I could ever repay. Running isn’t just a sport. Running is a lifestyle. Running is a community. Running is a living, breathing, energy that is able to transport your mind to planes of clear thought, clarity, and understanding. Running is a connection.

Whenever you feel stressed, anxious, or things aren’t going the way you would have liked…go for a run. Running has been proven to lower stress-levels. For me, I use this time to be alone. I tune out and focus on my stride, and my destination or goal. Usually what may happen is while you are out, you will encounter some new thoughts you may not have had before, that may lend some clarity or answers to your dilemma. Sometimes, all we need is just a good run to clear our heads and bring balance back to our spirits. If you don’t want to run, try yoga. Yoga stretches are specifically designed to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is a form of art, use the techniques to stretch and upon your exhale release all of that harmful energy back into the universe.

Stress is a killer. Don’t let it get the best of you. Run, stretch, relate, relax, and release. We all make choices about how we feel. If something doesn’t feel good, evaluate what the root-cause is and make a different choice. Your life can be amazing, but it is up to you to find and achieve that balance in your life. Running has done than for me. I hope it can do that for you as well.


By: ‘Captain’ Linz Starr

Blog: SeeSharpRun.blogspot.com

Twitter: @SeeSharpRun

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QOTD: How have you found balance lately?

Finding a Holiday Balance


I don’t know about you, but in my house, December may as well be renamed “the month of indulgence.” I eat everything in the name of “it’s only available during Christmas” or “I worked hard all year I deserved this” or “I will start over in January” and before I know it, I feel tired, sluggish, puffy, and heavier than usual.


I believe it is important to find balance during the holidays so you don’t end December feeling frustrated, guilt and defeated. So what can you do? Here are five tips that have helped me survive December:

Don’t make any one food “off limits”

In my experience, when you make a food “off limits” it makes you want it that much more, and if/when you do happen to get your hands on it, you are very likely to binge and eat way more of said food than if you would have allowed yourself to eat it in the first place.


Write workouts into your schedule

This is a good year round practice, but it is even more imperative during the holidays when Christmas party’s, school plays, and Christmas shopping demand your time. Do not let your workout be the first thing to go. Stay strong and you will feel better physically and feel better ABOUT yourself.



Make time to enjoy yourself and your loved ones

I don’t mean stressful Christmas day with 35 of your closest family members. I mean take some time to chill by the fire and the Christmas tree, reading books to your kids, or watching Home Alone, or baking cookies with your spouse while you listen to Christmas music. Something relaxing and enjoyable, you deserve it!


Get in the “good stuff”

It’s tempting to ONLY eat junk during the holidays especially if it’s free. I don’t know about you, but I jump at free food all the time even if it’s unhealthy. Why do we do this? Please tell me I’m not the only one. The worst was Christmas time when I was a teacher. Baked good in the teachers lounge every. single. day. It’s ok to indulge, but balance it out with some veggies, fruit, etc. you know, the REAL food!


Remember to do what’s best for your family

Just because grandma makes five pies and aunt Linda gives three gifts to each child does NOT mean you have to follow suit or keep pace with anyone. It’s Christmas! It’s a season of love, joy, and hope. Start your own traditions, drop ones you feel obligated to do but don’t like. It’s NOT worth you losing your mind to have the most beautiful wrapping paper or the most lights on you house if you sacrifice your sanity.


QOTD: What is your best tip for achieving balance during the Holidays?