Bobby is 28!


Today is Bobby’s 28th birthday. We met when he was 21. I am starting to feel old. I am sad today, because this is the first time I have not spent Bobby’s birthday with him! We celebrated a little before the trip and for sure during, and I bet more birthday fun will ensue when I get back home!


Baby Bobby and siblings


yes! he had blonde curly hair, no lie!


with his sister Amy


high school. heh.


college, out to eat for my birthday. I was turning 20, he was freshly 22.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY! I hope you had a great 27, and that 28 is even better. I am so happy I get to share the years with you. There isn’t anyone I would rather share life with. You make me so happy, and make me feel so special. I love you and will see you on Thursday!!!

Be sure to Wish Bobby a good day, especially since I won’t be with him. Sad smile

May Mini Goals


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Also, Happy National Day of Prayer! It’s another cool day today, I think I am about to go for a run before it warms up, then head to Target, where all of my money will magically disappear!


So yesterday I did a review of the results of my April mini goals, and told you I would come back today with May goals. (I am totally aware we are already 5 days into May, I am slacking a bit this month. Do as I say, not as I do, mkay?)

1.) Sell our dang house!!! As stated before, this REALLY needs to be done. We lowered the price again, and it has been on the market since September, and we really really would love to be free of this burden. Hopefully this is our month!

2.) PR in the 5k. As much as I hate May 5k’s because of the heat, this seems to be the official 5k month around here, so we are forced to race this month if we want to race at all. We will be running two 5k’s, one the 14th and one the 21st. I am excited about the one on the 21st because it starts and finishes at a waterpark and then after the race you get free admission to the park. FUN! To top it off, entry fee is only $13 including the race, t-shirt, and waterpark entry!

3.) Do more stretching. Right before the marathon, I was stretching a lot. I have been doing research and inflexible hips are apparently causing me a lot of problems. They lead to more injury (been there…) and because they are so tight my stride is SO SHORT. I have been trying to focus on stretching out my stride when I run and it makes me run faster and with less energy required, but I have to focus hard on every step in order to do this.

4.) Raise 1/3 of my TNT goal. I mentioned a couple weeks ago Bobby and I are running a fall race with Team in Training. I would love to get as much fundraising completed as quickly as possible so I can focus on training. You can donate HERE. I promise you EVERY LITTLE BIT helps and is SO appreciated! Please consider donating to the cause.

As I have stated in months past, I prefer to make small, very attainable goals as to not set myself up for failure and to boost my confidence in knowing I can “scratch something off my list.”

Just for fun….Here is Bobby hitting golf balls in the park in front of our house.


…and Bobby sitting on the fence in the backyard. It’s like having a 5 year old boy I tell you!


*A few things to mention…I added and updated some of my tabs on my blog yesterday! Take a look, I added an “articles” tab, and a “workout log” tab. I also updated my “about me” section.

*Still looking for a couple of guest bloggers for the end of May. Please e mail me if you are interested!

*Don’t forget, Disney has announced discounts for summer if you have an annual pass, and free dining for anyone from end of August to September 24. E mail me for a free quote at heather AT travelwiththemagic DOT com.

QOTD: Have you set any may goals? share!

5 Years ago today….


5 Years ago today, my husband got down on one knee (the night I had finished my last final exam for the semester!)


He asked me to be his wife


After we had eaten mac and cheese and hot dogs


and watched an episode of Friends (which we did every time we ate, we went through all 10 seasons more than once!)


In my college apartment (which I loved and miss by the way!)


I haven’t looked at our engagement pictures in years (except for the one or two in frames around the house.) It’s really fun to look back! My how we have changed. Bobby looks like a little boy to me in these pictures!

Here are a few from our engagement party at my parents house:




This is the day after we got engaged:



I was trying to figure out how I was thinner than I am now because I only worked out once a week or so…then I remembered, I HATED our college cafeteria food so I didn’t eat a lot those days. HA! Totally unhealthy, I know, but it’s what happened!

I cannot believe it has been five years that I have been “spoken for” I guess you could say. Most days I still feel like a college kid. (I get in trouble when I call people mam or sir….I forget I am not 15 anymore! Southern habit!) I can say that I am so happy to be married to the man of my dreams. He is an amazing man and I am so blessed to be married to him! Our anniversary is Jan 6 so more sappiness to come! Smile 

QOTD: Do you still feel 14? Are you 14? haha!

Is that…the SUN?!?

So I have been suffering from the winter blues lately. It has been so darn cold and overcast here. If you are form up north, like, Seattle or something (or FORKS maybe, for all you twilight fans?!?) please, explain to me, how you get ANYTHING done?! This weather is so depressing, and it makes me feel tired and sluggish and I just want to snuggle up with my puppies and a book and do nothing.
I have heard of those lights that are supposed to help with your mood, do people really use those? Someone please enlighten this southern girl!!! Well, point being, well, two points actually…the first, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 60 YAY! I just may get to run outside!!! Second point, I thought, since the weather was so depressing, I would think of a list of things that make me happy and share them with you. so, here are a few in no particular order.

1. Disneyworld. I am obssessed with the place. wanna get me in a good mood, take me. now.

2. puppies. I LOVE puppies. how can you not smile when you see a puppy yawn?

3. a good run. I love the endorphins and feeling after a really great run, I feel great all day!

4. sweet tea. This is a must at least once every weekend. not only do I love it but it makes me bounce off the walls which is fun.

5. My husband. he is so silly. he makes me smile.

6. smoothie king smoothies. esp. slim n trim strawberry. its the

7.a clean house. WHEW do I feel so much better and happier when my house is clean. anyone wanna come do it for me?

8. sleeping. I love to sleep. My dad says I get it from my mom’s side of the family. I could sleep 10 hours every night and not wake up once.

9. Christmas. Ok now I am sad….because it’s over for the year..wait! this list is supposed to make me happy! defeating the purpose here…ok moving on!

10. The color pink. It’s just so cheery! If someone gives you anything pink (well, maybe not ANYTHING…) you have to be happy! It’s a rule that I just made up.

So, with that being said, on this gloomy day, give someone something pink, (a smoothie maybe? a Christmas ornament? a puppy..wait…) go for a run, or sleep 10 hours, and be happy!!!! Life could be so much worse.