Morning Commute Made Easier + Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Contigo®, however there is a GIVEAWAY at the end, and I truly think this product is really cool and something many of my readers can relate to/find helpful in your daily lives, so read on!

My morning “commute” looks different than it may for some people, but I rush around getting everyone ready and in the car just those people that are heading to the office, except first I am usually headed to the gym, and then back home to my home office.


I am a believer in the power of coffee, and am not coherent or of any help to anyone until I have had at least a few sips. A lot of mornings I don’t have time to finish my coffee before it’s time to go, so I have to drink it on the run. This is always a problem, because I cannot stand cold coffee, and with my other travel mugs, cold coffee is what you get.

contigo travel mug

Not only cold coffee, but coffee that sloshes all over you and your pants as you try to get your bags and your child’s bag into the car. I started using the Contigo® Meta travel mug, and things have gotten way less stressful around my house when it comes to my morning commute.

meta travel mug

The first thing that drew me to this mug is the length of time it will keep your drinks hot or cold. This bad boy has double-wall vacuum insulated Thermalock™ technology, so drinks stay hot for up to five hours, and chilled for up to TWELVE hours!

My other favorite feature is the fact that it is pretty much impossible to spill my drink on myself while juggling bags plus the baby. The  AUTOSEAL® patented technology seals up the drinking spout in between sips when you press one button, so no spilling!

For those of you who commute daily on public transportation, the Meta travel mug would be perfect because you can seal your drink in between sips to keep debris, dust, people’s sneezes, and the like with the commuter-inspired CleanGuard™ spout cover that rotates to close off the drinking area when not being used.

In addition to Contigo’s AUTOSEAL® Metra Travel Mug, I was also sent the AUTOSEAL® West Loop Travel Mug. to try out, and I love it, too!


The awesome folks at Contigo® have offered to host a GIVEAWAY so you can win one of these amazing travel mugs for yourself! Simply follow the Rafflecoptor directions below. Good luck! (Please note, the giveaway will be open from November 30th to December 8th and is sponsored by Sway Group. One winner will be selected to receive a Contigo® AUTOSEAL® Metra Travel Mug. Sway Group will select a winner on December 10th which will be highlighted in the Rafflecopter.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Oh, another fun side note: There will be a Twitter Party on Tuesday, December 1 at 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST. I hope you will join me (@heatherslg) for the chat!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contigo®.

Natural Bliss Giveaway

Here in the deep south, we don’t have too many freezing cold days, so when we do, I am grateful for a hot cup of coffee. However, ask anyone who knows me well…I am very picky about my coffee. I have to have lots of creamer, and more specifically, I prefer flavored creamer when possible.

My fridge is always stocked with Natural Bliss (I love vanilla and sweet cream!) and ready for a cool morning. So, I was very excited when I was asked to do a giveaway centered around simple moments and Natural Bliss creamer. I was sent this cute gift pack:


A coffee travel cup, a candle, biscotti, Natural Bliss coupons, and a $5.00 Target gift card to purchase your own creamer. The candle smells amazing by the way!

unnamed (1)

So I wanted to share my simple moments with you, things that make me happy that can be enjoyed with Natural Bliss creamer:

-Reading my favorite blogs in the morning

-Watching TV by the fire on a cold day

-Catching up with a friend

-Reading a good book

-Doing my morning devotional

All of these things are great, but made even better with coffee and Natural Bliss. Check out the NEW special edition flavor:


A little about Natural Bliss:

· Indulge in the rich, natural flavors of Natural Bliss made with only four natural ingredients; it’s as delicious as it is smooth.

· Simply designed to enhance the coffee flavor you love, our all-natural dairy creamer adds a touch of sweetness and a hint of flavor for a perfect cup every time.

· Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss comes in five delicious varieties that allow you to add your flavor, naturally: Vanilla, Sweet Cream,NEW! Cinnamon Cream, Low-Fat Chocolate and Low-Fat Vanilla.


*****I would love to hear YOUR simple moments. Share with me below on the Rafflecoptor widget and you can win a prize pack just like mine. If you choose to tweet about the giveaway for an entry, you MUST use #NaturalBliss in your tweet in order for it to be eligible*****

a Rafflecopter giveaway



*This prize pack and mine as well were both provided by Coffee-mate Natural Bliss. All opinions are my own.

Speaking of Which…

Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer. I love it. I will buy bottles of the stuff so I have plenty even after the holidays are over. It’s quite sad, but it literally starts my day off great and I am in such a better mood in the mornings in the fall! Not to mention drinking coffee when it’s 100 degrees outside is not as fun. Speaking of which…


mmmmmm coffee

Cooler weather. Where did it go? Last week we had mornings in the FORTIES! I was ecstatic. Now? The high today is 82. Yeah. Isn’t it almost November? Speaking of almost November, that means it’s almost Halloween…

photo 55

Want to buy cold weather

Halloween Candy. Bane of my existence. After 10/31, I am making the hubby hide it from me. Seriously, if he doesn’t, I will eat all the things. This is not good. I am trying to eat healthy and BE more healthy especially since I have been sick. Speaking of which…

photo (34)

Mickey pumpkin = Halloween

Antibiotics. I haven’t taken any in YEARS. I am still on my round of Amoxicillin, which thankfully is in pill form. Does anyone remember taking the liquid as a kid? I do, and that stuff was gross. Tasting the pill a little brings back bad memories so I have to swallow quickly. However, I am SO glad I am feeling better, because I have a ton to do since getting back in town, like cleaning my house. Speaking of which…


Taking lots of this, too.

House cleaning. It was mostly clean when I got home yesterday, so what the heck happened? It’s amazing how quickly we can trash things, it has literally only been 24 hours. How does this happen? I think I need to do some spring cleaning this fall so I don’t have as much stuff to clutter up.


I don’t have a picture to go with house cleaning, so how ‘bout one of Bella instead, hhmmm?

QOTD: Thoughts on any of these things? Are you ready for the candy to be gone and do you wish little elves came in and cleaned your house at night so you can drink pumpkin spice coffee in the mornings?

Winner of my Thirty-One bags cinch sack giveaway is: sarah_solomons! Please email me at [email protected] With your color and personalization for your cinch sack!

Friday Favorites: Keurig


TGIF! My days have been so mixed up here lately. I realized in my last Thursday’s post I thought it was Friday…I’m really not crazy, so sorry about that! Let’s rewind to yesterday. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, some stretching, arm weights, and a couple of planks. I purchased Jillian’s 6 weeks to 6 pack abs DVD yesterday on amazon and hope to incorporate it into my workout to get ready for swimsuit season! I will try and remember to post some before and after pictures when I am done. I love a good before and after photo! This weekend my workouts will consist of moving into my house. YAY! I am heading out of here in a couple of hours to head up to our old house. Movers come tomorrow! EEEKK! it’s REALLY happening this time!

Because I will be up to my eyeballs in boxes, I have arranged another guest post for everyone for tomorrow! So be sure to stop by and show some love. I promise to take lots of pictures of the house for you though! The guy is supposed to come set up our new awesome fiber optics on Saturday afternoon so hopefully I will be up and running Sunday.

Ok, onto today’s favorite! I have yet again decided to do a non running or fitness Friday favorite because well, I just want to! So, my new favorite thing is my parent’s Keurig. I. am. obsessed. Before I moved in with my parents, I didn’t drink hot coffee. I drank the occasional Frappuccino or iced coffee, but never hot coffee. One day I slept horribly and my mom suggested I try one of her flavored K-cups. That mixed with some hazelnut creamer and oh my goodness I was in heaven! I started out only drinking it every few days…then every other day…now it’s every morning! Granted, I still don’t like the flavor of coffee all that much so I use truvia and flavored creamer, but still. It makes me happy.  My favorites are hazelnut, the Kona blend, and vanilla biscotti. I love that you can also do hot chocolate and tea. I plan to do iced tea in the summer. How fun! Now I am sad that I am moving and will not have access to said Keurig anymore. wwaaahhh!

Sorry for the lack of photos. I am pretty sure you know what a Keurig looks like and if not click on the link to their website above. Instead, I will leave you with pictures of the cutest puppy I know, Bella! If you are wondering why I don’t have more pictures of Sassy it’s because they don’t come out well since her fur is black! Also she is a loner and never hangs out around me when I have my camera.

Mom, I am trying to sleep, please stop!


Seriously lady, get the camera outta my face!

and for your viewing pleasure, here is a blast from the past from 1988 ish? My sister, me, and my dad. He’s such a stud!


Oh yes, before I forget, two things.

1.) go HERE and look at how stinkin’ cute Jess looks in the hat I sent her for winning my giveaway!

2.) I was nominated for another blogger award! This one is from Holley at Smart Snacking. I am way too lazy to nominate other bloggers, I have a house to get moved into, but I so appreciate the thought from sweet Holley, so go check out her blog. she just ran the Disney Princess Half!

QOTD: Do you drink coffee? what kind? Do you have a Keurig or want one?