Friday Favorites: Food Edition


Good morning! Another weekend is upon us! We have some fun plans including a wedding to go to so I am stoked! What are you doing this weekend? I haven’t done Friday Favorites in awhile so I thought it would be fun to bring it back with a bang, vlog style! Enjoy my rambling!


In case you are curious about any of the products I mentioned in the video, here are the links:

Wild Harvest <—— Healthy Living Summit sponsors, you won’t want to miss them, so get a ticket while you still can!


Cascadian Farm: Great company, sweet people, yummy food.

photo (17)

Archer Farms: I love Target. Enough said.

Swanson Health Products*: The prices on this website are amazing yall, on everything! They also have so so many different products. Go check it out.

photo (16)

Fit Frappe: easy and convenient and packed with protein!

*I was provided free product in exchange for my thoughts and opinions expressed on my blog, however, they are my own.

QOTD: What foods are you loving this summer?

Friday Favorites: Hulu


Happy Friday friends! I spend all day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday, so it’s a pleasant surprise that today is Friday. I spent yesterday doing some work, house cleaning, and I also did some ab work and arm work, you know, things I can do in the boot. Today I plan to do more of the same, and finish hanging our outside Christmas lights so I can have some picture for yall this weekend. Since I don’t have them yet, here is a fun picture of frozen Bella in her evil sweater. Yes friends, she stayed frozen like this for a minute or two until I fixed it. Poor baby.


I haven’t done Friday Favorites in a couple weeks so I figured it was time for another round! So what am I loving this week? Hulu! Well, actually, I love Hulu every week, but since I have been in the boot, I have tried to stay on the couch a bit more because it’s so cumbersome. When I need a break from work I can’t go run, so instead I watch reruns of Desperate housewives (my new addiction. Why have I never watched this before?) Today I caught up on last week’s Biggest Loser, which really made me miss running!



You can even pay for Hulu plus and watch even more shows, on more devices, in HD with no advertisements. I have been tempted to pay for Hulu plus for awhile but haven’t taken the plunge. Has anyone done this? What do you think? I may try the one week free trial.

Hulu will even recommend new shows for you based on what you watch, and it also will tell you what the most recent and most popular episodes are for any given day.

Hulu is especially great in the summer when all of my favorite shows are on hiatus until fall comes, and there is no football to watch (sad times for Heather and Bobby!)


But not anymore, since I discovered Hulu a year of so ago. Happiness!!!


I have some mad ups, yo.

QOYD: Do you watch television online? Do you use Hulu or another site? which one?

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Friday Favorites: New Bedding


Good morning, I am so happy it’s Friday!  Not to mention it’s 11/11/11. How weird is THAT? I am dorky and want to write on something like a check or a bill just so I can write the date. I know, I know…strange.  I have a fun weekend planned with my family and am excited to see my parents tonight. My foot still hurts so I am basically doing a whole not of nothing and it is starting to drive me crazy. Bummer.

I mentioned a few days ago that I bought a new comforter set for our bed. The set that was on our bed was really for a queen bed (not the sheets, obviously) and we have had that since we were married almost 5 years ago and we have had one king bed for 1.5 years so it was definitely time for a comforter that actually fit the bed. When I got the go ahead, I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything I liked. I looked for two weeks to no avail, then I saw the perfect set at TARGET! So, my Friday favorite is my new comforter set that I am obsessed with:


Now, I think a little differently than some…when I saw how cheap it was instead of getting excited I thought “how long is this cheap crap going to hold up” but decided to take a chance so we will see how long until I am kicking myself for buying something cheap. But for now I really really love it!


Ignore the fact that one of the shams doesn’t have a King pillow in it, I have yet to buy one to swap it out with.  Target also had this set with green instead of blue for those who like the pattern but not the color. Personally I love brown and blue, they were my wedding colors!


Holy moly I can’t believe that was almost five years ago!


Now we just need some curtains on the windows and we will be all set! (I HATE when there is a full moon, it’s ssooo bright in there! I am thinking either brown or white curtains. Thoughts? I am not the interior decorator type.  Any other tips?

Ok I have to do some dusting and vacuuming before my parents get here. One thing I love about having company over, it forces me to really clean my house. Have a great day everyone!

QOTD: What color/pattern is on your comforter set? Any tips for me for my bedroom?

Friday Favorites: Operation Christmas Child


Today’s Friday Favorite is something very near and dear to my heart: Operation Christmas Child. If you are not familiar, I encourage you to check out the link above, it is a great, great ministry. Just in a nutshell, OCC is a part of Samaritans purse, a ministry of Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son. Basically how it works, is every November they collect a bunch of shoeboxes packed with toys, hygiene products, etc. for underprivileged girls and boys all over the world.  They deliver said boxes to these kids, and it may be the only gift (especially Christmas gift) they every receive. Here is a short video to help illustrate:

These boxes, while seeming simple to us, give kids in over 100 countries hope for a better day and a brighter future. If you go to the website and click on “videos and multimedia” there are tons of videos with stories of kids who had their lives forever changed all because of a simple gift.

I have participated in Operation Christmas Child since I was in the third grade. Our class at school packed boxes and I still remember going and picking out gifts for a girl my age, and I imagined her getting her shoebox. I always included a letter and picture, but never heard back, although I do know people who have. There is a cool feature now where you can even track your box and see what country it is going to!

Each box also includes a copy of the gospel message in their own language so they can read and understand. Also, if you don’t want to pack a box yourself, there are many other ways you can give, like by sponsoring a shoebox. You can also volunteer during national collection week. All over the world there are churches and Christian schools set up for a week in mid November to collect boxes from all over their area to be shipped to these children and they are always in need of volunteers. If anything at all, please pray for Operation Christmas Child during this season, that lives will be forever changed! So, I encourage you to get involved I know with Christmas coming it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what WE want for Christmas and what WE are getting our friends or family for Christmas, but let’s not forget the children around the world that will be getting nothing, and it will just be another hard day for them. Check out the website for ways in which you can get involved! National collection week is in mid November, there is still plenty of time!

QOTD: Do you do anything special around Christmas time for a charity of ministry?

Friday Favorites: Football


TGIF again! I am still in St. Louis selling Running Skirts at the Rock n Roll expo. I hope you all have a great weekend! I wanted to leave you with a fun (for me) little Friday Favorites post about my favorite football teams

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you know here on RWS I am obsessed with football. It just so happens that my college team I cheer for (the LSU tigers) have been number one in the nation the past few weeks. I am HOPING this trend continues, and that I didn’t just jinx my poor team.


I will be wearing something purple or gold today while skirt selling for sure! I am so happy Jarrett Lee is getting the chance to play QB again, he deserves it a lot more than Jordan Jefferson (and no I do not condone what he did and am mad at Les Miles for even playing him.)

My other favorite team is of course the New Orleans Saints. We had quite the craptastic game last Sunday, but we play the colts this Sunday night, who haven’t won a game. (Sorry Colts fans, but lets be realistic here.) So I am crossing my fingers we can redeem ourselves!


I am also a big fan of Tim Tebow, and am so proud of him that he was named the new starter for the Broncos, and I hope he does really really well so they will continue to let him play! (Bobby had picked him for his fantasy team and now people are wanting to trade him for Tim, HA!) So, I hope everyone has a fun, football filled weekend. Sadly I won’t get to watch Saturday, but the Saints don’t play until Sunday night so I don’t have to miss it woo hoo!

QOTD: Do you watch football on the weekends? Who is your fantasy team Quarterback, or if you aren’t playing, who would you pick to be your QB?

Friday Favorites: Strappy tanks


Happy Friday! Who has exciting weekend plans? I am currently gearing up for an expo and half marathon! I am really excited about this one because it is my Team in Training race that I have been raising money for all spring and summer. I will be working a Running Skirts booth at the expo, and selling one of my favorite things….strappy tanks!


These tanks are not only cute, but comfortable and functional. Living in the south. for 9 months out of the year it is H-O-T. I don’t have a TON of need for long sleeved tops, so strappy tanks are the most ideal for me. They have a built in bra, with removable pads. So if you need a little help in that department, great, if not, just take ‘em out!


The tank has double straps, which helps distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders so you don’t get that dig in strap look that we all hate! Not to mention, the criss-cross back is really cute.


There is also a pocket in the back towards the bottom to hold a key, extra gels, a phone, etc. I stick my cell phone back there when I am working expos, it fits perfect! I also like that the tanks are long enough. I have a long torso and hate, hate, hate, when shirts are too short on me! These tanks come in a lot of great colors as well, and of course match all the different skirts, and are sweat wicking!



If you are in south Louisiana this weekend come by Varsity Sports in Mandeville to check out the Running Skirts booth Friday and Saturday.

QOTD: What qualities do you look for in a good running top?

Friday Favorites: Running Skirts Performance Tank


Hellllooooo. It’s almost the weekend again! That means it’s time for another Friday Favorites post from yours truly. This week, I am talking Running Skirts (again) what’s new right? I just can’t get enough of this stuff. I am sure you have seem me wearing these tops in many many pictures on RWS. Here are a few:


2011-08-07063016 2011-08-04100434 2011-07-05093841

I looovvveeee this tank. It is SUPER light weight, and sweat wicking. I like that it is a little bit looser, it is very freeing feeling when you are running in it. Not to mention, they come in a ton of super cute colors.  These tops are great for any sport, no just running. You could easy play basketball, do yoga, or go biking in this versatile top!

You can check out all the tank colors HERE.

This top hips at your hips, is very breathable,  and keeps me cool and comfy. I wear a medium in the top because I have a long torso. They are especially great for women who want to wear the cute coordinating colors with their running skirt, but they want a little more modesty and coverage with their shirt/top. I love the Running skirts Strappy tank as well, but that’s for another post. Smile


Oh and by the way, the new fall line is NOW AVAILABLE at! Its beautiful, go check it out!

QOTD: Have you tried the Running Skirts Performance tank? What tank do you run in?

*Go check out my raffle, you can win some great running gear prizes for only $5 an entry!

Friday Favorites: CWX Tights


Finally Friday again friends! My week felt super short since I was out of town until Wednesday afternoon. I am enjoying the beautiful weather while I can because it’s supposed to get hot again Saturday, nnnooo! What a tease fall, what. a. tease.  Oh, good news, I officially am running Rock N Roll Savannah, and working the Running Skirts booth. SO EXCITED! I love working expos!

I know I have been sporadic with with my Friday favorite’s posts, but sometimes I just have other things I want to say on Fridays. Smile with tongue outOh, not to mention, I am still hosting a TNT raffle, just getting everything lined up before it goes live, hopefully next week, so stay tuned. Lots of amazing things donated for it!

Ok, so this Friday favorite is something I am totally and completely obsessed with. I was made a believer, and now I want to share with you guys! I first heard about CWX tights this summer when fellow running skirts rep Paige told me they were necessary for getting through working long expo hours and then attempting to run the half or full marathon after the expo. When I ran Rock N Roll Providence my legs ached SO BADLY, so I knew I had to remedy this ASAP if I was to ever have a semi-decent race while working.


Me and Paige in San Diego

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the running skirts run love compression socks. They are awesome for racing and recovery, and I wear them for both, but when I need something for my upper legs and hips, I have to use something else since the socks only come up to my knees.


Me and Nola love running skirts compression socks!

I honestly didn’t see how a pair of full length tights were going to make THAT much of a difference in recovery but they really, really, do! I wore them last weekend after Bobby and I ran a hard ten miles. I wore them all day long and took them off right before bed. The next morning, Bobby was moaning and groaning about how sore he was, and I, other than a SLIGHT soreness in my right hammie, felt GREAT and refreshed!

The only downsides to these babies are that they are difficult to get on because they are SO tight, and they make me look like a dolphin trainer. Put a whistle around my neck and send me to Sea World, I would totally fit in!


I speak dolphin. and Whale. Dorrie taught me.

Another downside I didn’t mention is the price. These babies are NOT cheap, but in my opinion they are totally worth it. They retail for anywhere from $65-$100 dollars, (they have different styles) and the ones I got were $65. (now $70 on the website.)

I plan to sleep in these babies every night when I am working expos, and before races after working expos…and after long runs….and basically I want to wear them all the time, and since I work from home, I just might do it.

If you have questions about the benefits of compression drop me an e mail or check out this compression socks post!

QOTD: Do you wear compression socks or tight? Do you like them? What kind/brand do you wear?

Friday Favorites: Rok Bands


TGIF! What better way to kick off a Friday than with a giveaway? Also, it doubles as the return of my “Friday Favorites” posts. If you want to look back at some of my other faves, just type “Friday Favorites” into the search box on the right side bar. Easy peasy!

Today’s favorite/giveaway is courtesy of Gone For A Run. When I was working the Running Skirts booth at Rock ‘N’ Roll Providence, I had the pleasure of being across from the one for a run booth and meeting these sweet people! We got to talking, and I told them I was a blogger and they asked if I wanted to do some product reviews/giveaways. Um, of COURSE! Up first is the Rok Band! I will admit, I had never heard of such an animal until I saw it at the expo.

The thing I like about these babies is they are more versatile than your average performance headband. Check out the ways you can wear it in the picture below:

I also love that guys can wear them too, unlike some of the other performance headband brands. (No stealing husband!) I opted to try out the cute paisley one, so it will go with a lot of my outfits.


At first I wasn’t exactly sure the best way to handle this one! I ended up folding it over twice, and it worked like a charm. I like that its thin enough that even doubled up, it wasn’t super thick on my head. Also, it was tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight that it gave me a headache as some tend to do. I can’t wait to try wearing it a different way!

check out these before and after shots from my run. I didn’t touch the Rok Band once the entire run and it didn’t move an inch!

2011-08-23084010 2011-08-23092013

(Please ignore the gross sweatiness, I live in the south, people, it’s hot and humid here!)

Also, there are a multitude of great colors and patterns to choose from, and guess what? YOU can win one!! Yahoo! You can pick your very own color/pattern also. How sweet is that? Ok, so here is how you enter (please leave a SEPARATE comment for each!)

1.) MANDATORY: “Like” Gone for a Run on Facebook

2.) Tweet (use @runningwithsass in tweet) about my giveaway, repost on FB, or post on your blog (one entry for each) and link back here for blog posts.

3.) “Like” Running with Sass on Facebook

4.) Go to Gone for a Run’s Website and tell me which Rok Band you would choose if you win.

You have until Tuesday, August 30 at 8 pm central to enter, I will post the winner on Wednesday, August 31.

*I was provided with a free product to review for this giveaway

Friday Favorites: Running Warehouse


WOW. Didn’t I just do a Friday Favorites post? Not that I am complaining or anything, I like Fridays. Holidays that fall on Mondays are the because the work week seems so short after that. Today I will be super busy working, grocery shopping, doing laundry, packing, and the like. Where am I going some of you inquiring minds have asked….to the BEACH! I haven’t been on a beach vacation in almost two years (I think….I just had a brain fart) and my parents are coming too so we are super excited.


Sept. 2009 flashback beach pic. Maybe I should recreate this pose for the next trip, no?

As most of you know, Bobby has his license to practice law (makes him sound important, eh?) and to keep up his license he has to take classes/credit hours every year and well…he has ZERO. Way to go, Bobby, Way. to. go. SSOOOO he is going to summer school for lawyers. No lie. it’s what they call it.

He will be able to get all his hours in 3 mornings, and then can hang on the beach with us the rest of the time. We are staying at the condos my family used to stay at every summer growing up, so I am super excited to go back. I haven’t been there in TEN YEARS. Wow I feel old. Speaking of old, my birthday is on WEDNESDAY. Am I rambling? I feel like I’m rambling…I had 2 glasses of sweet tea so that’s probably why. ANY—WAY, moving on to my Friday favorite of the week…..RUNNING WAREHOUSE!

I have talked about this store before, back when I bought my current running shoes (please oh please don’t look at the date, YIKES!) and I of course used them again to buy my new shoes. Why do you ask? Well, fist of all, they are cheap. You can usually find a good deal on shoes. I highly recommend getting fitted for shoes and buying them at your local running store, of course, but if you know what shoe you wear, you may be able to find it for a good deal on the website.


Secondly, they have FREE shipping and returns. No lie. If you get your stuff and don’t like it or if it doesn’t fit, you can return it with the enclosed label.


Thirdly, they have fun freebies. This time I got a free reusable bag and a car decal. heck yes!


usually when I buy shoes I get a couple boxes of GU’s as well. usually get them a little cheaper plus the free shipping. Also, there are usually 10-15% off discount codes floating around you can add to your already cheap order. Shoes and GU are pretty much all I buy here. I like to buy my apparel from an actual store to try it on, and support my local stores, I just go through shoes multiple times a year and they aren’t cheap, let’s face it.

I have always had great customer service, and I love how FAST my stuff gets to me! I can’t wait to try these shoes out today. Fingers crossed that this will solve my knee problem!


yesterday I cross trained and lifted weights at the gym to give my knee one more day “off”.” I wore shorts and a gold Running Skirt performance tank (no pic sorry) BUT, I did go on a sales call and this is what I wore:


skirted up in: Midnight RS, sparkle hearts strappy tank, and white run love long sleeve. I also have on white RS compression (swift) sox.

I spy with my little eye….a puppy laying on some dirty towels (told you I needed to do laundry…)

QOTD: What kind of running shoes do you wear? Do you like them?

PS: someone was asking me about foam rolling techniques…check out this post I did awhile back on foam rolling.