Things You May Have Missed

Happy Monday guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It wasn’t as warm and beautiful outside as it was last weekend, but everything is turning green and the pollen is out! Our whole family has been suffering from seasonal allergies, so that’s when I know it’s officially spring. Today I just wanted to chat about a few things that don’t really warrant a whole blog post, but were worth mentioning, and have nothing to do with “stuff”/items. Here we go!

1.) Rock ‘N’ Blogger: I was asked to be on the Rock ‘N’ Roll blogger team again this year, which I love! So far I have run RnR New Orleans, and would love to make it to Nashville next month. Just trying to find a place to stay, anyone up for a road trip?!?


2.) I heart boot camp…but time for a break: The way my gym does their boot camp classes are in 2-3 month cycles. This one started in January and it ends this week. We will take a two week break and then get going again. I think it’s good to take these short breaks so I don’t get tired of it, but now I need to figure out what to do besides run for the next two weeks!


3.) Busy froyo season: Spring and Summer are obviously the busiest times of year at the frozen yogurt shop Bobby and I own. We are so thankful for the warm weather, because winter is tough in the frozen treats business! This means working more shifts and helping out more, but I don’t mind. This also means my blogging may get a little inconsistent depending on hours at work, so hang in there with me!

unnamed (21)

4.) It’s Getting’ Hot in Here: As I mentioned above, spring has definitely sprung in central Mississippi. We had an 87 degree day last week! This means the wind-down of half marathon season and into 10k/5k season. I am running a 10k next weekend and hope to run at least two 5k’s before it gets TOO hot outside.

unnamed (60)

5.) Half birthday: Emma Kate will me ONE AND A HALF on the 24th. How crazy is that? It seems like we just had her first birthday party. We go for her checkout Wednesday, so be looking for her 18 month recap on the blog later this week. I haven’t done a recap since 15 months so there is a lot to say!


Five Things Friday VIII

1.) This may have happened this week. My parents are coming into town next week so this week was the only time we could find to get it together enough to get the tree up…sooo…yay!

IMG_9433 (2)

2.) I may have had frozen yogurt for dinner last night. I had to go get a filling replaced because it cracked (ugh) and my mouth was still so numb by dinnertime. It’s times like this owning a frozen yogurt shop comes in handy. Hopefully “times like this” don’t happen too often.


3.) Only a few days left to get your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to a collection center! Here is mine, it is being dropped off tomorrow!


4.) My Christmas tree has a baby gate around it. I did some research as the best way to approach this. (Note to all of you: do NOT go on Pinterest. You will find super cute crafty moms who wrapped up large heavy boxes in adorable wrapping paper with huge bows to “block” the tree from the kids. Aint nobody got time for that.) So we found the most economical 6-panel baby gate we could find and wa-la! So far so good. No needles have been eaten and no ornaments smashed…yet.

IMG_9434 (2)

5.) I ordered our Christmas cards with a Groupon and I think they came out really cute. I will show you all what ours looks like on Christmas. Smile Does anyone else think sending cards is a lost art? I’m not sure if it’s a southern/traditional thing or I am just old fashioned, but I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards. Best mail ever! Thoughts? Comments?

QOTD: Do you send out Christmas cards? Thoughts on the whole thing?

10 Confessions


Confession: I have eaten way more frozen yogurt in the past two weeks than any one person should eat.

unnamed (21)

But it’s blackberry greek with fruit, nuts, and granola!

Confession: I tend to over commit and then can’t do my best work because I am rushed.

Confession: I watched all the seasons of Nashville in a span of a month.

Confession: I have gotten jealous of people getting to run so many fun destination races that I have been missing out on.

runDisney star wars

Did you see the new runDisney announcement yesterday here on THLG?

Confession: I made a new year’s resolution to walk my dog more, and I am not doing so great with it (it’s SO HOT outside!)

Confession: I am in denial that my little baby will be one in less than a month


Confession: In the past two weeks we have eaten out and eaten frozen dinners on most nights.

Confession: I let my baby do things I swore I would never allow before I had kids.

Confession: I’m still obsessed with Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Did I really just type that?

Confession: I have an alert on my phone for when The Walking Dead comes back on for the fall. (Thoughts on the companion series?)

QOTD: Ok, spill it. Give me a confession!

Starting Off Right


Hola! Did you see yesterday’s post about my plans for the month of March? I would say I started off right and had a good day yesterday! My mom and I went to Target, where thanks to Kelly and her couponing advice, I will be shopping a lot more often! We then went to Lee’s Hamburgers. YUM! if you are from the NOLA area, you know what I am talking about. if you aren’t….then sorry you are missing out! Lee’s makes the best hamburgers ever and they have been around forever (like, since my parents were little, now that’s a LONG time! Smile)

It was so beautiful out we ate outside!



A burger, fries, and root beer later…you would think I would be too full for froyo. But, you would be wrong! We thought it was comical since Menchies is in the same shopping center, all we did was move down the building and eat outside there, too!


This my friends is NY style cheesecake with cherries, strawberries, and almonds! Heavenly goodness in a cup.


I seriously have terrible posture. I need to learn to sit up straight.

After the gloriousness of feeling so full I had to change my pants, I had the bright idea to go on a run. I WANTED to run, but my rock hard full of food stomach thought otherwise….but I did it anyway. it was so beautiful outside, the prettiness of the day was just calling out to me! I decided to run a quick three and see what kind of speed I had. I did great mile one, right at 9:00. Mile two is when my stomach started rebelling against the motion and I got a super sick feeling but still managed to run it in under 10:00. The third mile I was able to pick up the pace a bit. I even tried to throw up but couldn’t, I knew I would have felt better. oh well. Anyway, I managed to finish in 28:00! For someone on the verge of vomit, I was incredibly proud of myself!


After my run, I went inside to discover my dad was home, so my mom and I made him walk with us. they even jogged a little! We ended up doing 1.35 miles total. We ate dinner, watched American Idol (well, mom and I did!) and I went to bed! I would call that  successful March day in more ways that one. Go me! Hopefully today will be a success as well, because tomorrow all the fun begins!

Bobby got the keys to the new house yesterday FINALLY, so tomorrow I meet him there and unload my car, then we will take one car up to our old house and the movers come Saturday morning! it will be a wild weekend for sure! I will take plenty of pictures for you though. I can’t wait to unpack in my new home!  I am off to enjoy the day, have a great one!

QOTD: What are you doing this weekend?

An Ode to Froyo

Froyo how I love thee, I cannot believe I have not seen you all winter because I am a wimp who hates being cold. I am sorry and did not realize how much I was depriving myself these past two months. Please forgive me, I promise to visit you more often and be a better friend.

Especially to you, red velvet cake


Oh Menchies, you do indeed make me smile, thank you.


So I finally got some froyo yesterday. What are my reasons for not getting it the past two months?

1.) It was cold outside and I hate being cold/eating cold things at the same time.

2.)It’s on the other side of town, about 15 minutes away.

Sad and pathetic excuses? I think so. I am ashamed. It will not happen again. I also filled my car up with gas so I wouldn’t feel like the loser who got dressed and drove 15 minutes JUST to get froyo…yeah…I also got WAY to much and had a stomach ache after. Like a five year old.

It is a BEAUTIFUL 73 degrees outside today! I sat outside with the dogs and read my book (more on that later!) Then I just couldn’t stand it and went for a one mile run. I wanted to loosen up and see how my hip and knee felt (on the opposite legs, mind you.) The knee was tight at first but ok after I warmed up, and the hip was a little sore but nothing too serious. I didn’t want to push it so I just did a mile. I have been stretching every day, which if you know me, then you know this is hard for me. I am not flexible or a good stretcher, I feel like my time is better spent elsewhere. I also looked up some strength exercises for IT band and hip bursitis and have been doing those as well.

So where the heck is the rest of my race recap? I know, I’m sorry, it is coming in the next couple of days. my sweet friend Karen has the pictures because my camera broke (my small point and shoot I run with) and she is kind enough to let me use hers and she is popular and has a demanding social life. This just means you have to keep coming back to my blog, right? SmileIt will be up when it’s up, how bout THEM apples? I am off to find something to eat for lunch. I am making myself tacos for dinner! (By the way, cooking for one person kinda sucks.)

To hold you over, here is a picture of Bella, looking evil as usual and shooting laser beams out of her eyeballs.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

QOTD: What is your favorite Froyo combo?