New Hair and a Texting Question

Good morning my friends and happy hump day. (Said the camel way, of course). Yesterday I did something some would consider drastic….I chopped off my hair. COLLECTIVE GASP! I know, right? It was seriously time. My hair told me it was time. (What, your hair doesn’t talk to you?) Anyway, I had a ponytail holder break on me, and since I haven’t had a haircut in oh…8 months…back when I was pregnant….I knew it was time. I know, I know. I hang my head in shame.

Something you may or may not know about me…I am THE most low maintenance hair person. It’s in a ponytail nine times out of ten because well…I’m lazy, and can think of 100 other things to do with my time besides straighten my long thick hair. I don’t even own a blow dryer. I’m not even kidding. My last one broke a year or two ago and I just never replaced it. Anyway, I was hoping by chopping my hair off, the summer heat would be more bearable for running and, maybe I would take the time to actually straighten it if it wasn’t halfway down my back. We will see. Don’t hold your breathe.

unnamed (20)

Do you chop off your hair as the seasons change? Just curious. I stood my ground though and said no to bangs. EVERY TIME I cut my bangs I immediately, like as in ten minutes later, regret it. You should have to sign a mental health waiver to get bangs cut. It’s that traumatizing. Let’s move on shall we?

I was chatting with a friend the other day about texting, and realized something pretty funny. I am the type of person that texts back IMMEDIATELY. I always have my phone next to me or in my hand, so I will reply as long as I’m not on the phone or changing a diaper or something fun like that. Seriously, if you text me and I don’t respond within ten minutes, call the cops, because I may be dead. I have friends that I text with daily, and some are like me and respond instantly (and I in turn get worried if I don’t hear back within a few minutes), and then I have some that may go hours or even days without texting me back. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!? Someone please help me. Is this a blogger/social media thing? Because I am always on social media due to the nature of my work, am I just more prone to responding quickly to texts?


It’s honestly something I never really thought about until now. Someone please enlighten me? Am I a freak? (Bobby, you are not allowed to answer, k thanks.) I’m not saying there is anything wrong with any particular way or timeframe, I just find it fascinating.

Oh, on that note, my husband will be sitting on the couch and get a text and just ignore it. I’m all like AREN’T YOU GOING TO READ THAT? It seriously makes me twitch. Ok, so maybe I do have a problem. Also, don’t leave me a voicemail. There is a good chance you will never hear from me. If you call and I don’t answer, text me and tell me what you want me to do (call you back, etc.) I’m not sure why but I really dislike listening to voicemail. Oh, also if I don’t have your number in my phone and you call me, I probably won’t answer. I refuse to talk to solicitors and that’s usually who the no-name calls are from. So now that you know ALL of my “phone quirks,” I think it’s time for me to be quiet before you never come back to my blog again. if you need me, text, don’t call. Smile

QOTD: What is your texting style? Do you like voicemail? How often do you cut your hair?

Questions for You


1.) Should I cut my hair? It’s getting way long and it’s getting way hot outside, and I never ever feel like fixing it b/c it takes too long to blow dry and straighten. Is a mom cut in my future? (***Edited to add, chopping off hair to me = shoulder length, so yes I could still put it in a ponytail!)

2.) Have you ever fed a stray cat? If so, you know that once you feed them, they don’t leave. We have had a visitor in our backyard the past few days. We think kitty lives under the dumpster next to our house (temporarily there for construction on the home being built next door) so I named said kitty “Oscar” since it lives under the dumpster/trash. Smile


3.) What are some things you have had good luck selling on ebay? Trying to make a little extra cash and wondering what I could get rid of that someone else may want. As they say, one man’s trash…

4.) Anyone know how to get rid of carpenter bees? You know the ones that bore holes in your wooden deck? Yeah….

5.) How many times have you seen the movie Frozen? I have seen it twice but have yet to force Bobby to watch. It is my mission for the week. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Bumpdate on the blog tomorrow!

QOTD: Answer one of the above 5 questions (or more!)

Pretty Girls

Happy hump day! It is clouding up here, supposed to rain later. Boo! I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I was planning on doing my last run before the race then. I am going to do the elliptical today. REALLy trying to force myself to cross train more.  Today was been a different day. My mom and I dropped my puppies off for LONG overdue haircuts, and we got the oil changed in my car and went to lunch and shopping. My babies look SO pretty! It’s fascinating to me how different they look before and after their haircuts! It’s like two different dogs. They are so precious though. Take a look!

Sassy before and after. We call her Eeyore for a reason. She always looks so depressed.

DSC_2076 DSC_2077

Bella Before and after.

DSC_2075 DSC_2079

Aren’t they CUTE?!? Here are a few I took with my phone in the car.

2011-02-09132859 2011-02-09132908

2011-02-09133010 2011-02-09133045

Also, I was honored the other day by Karen as a Stylish Blogger! Also, I was awarded this same award back in January and forgot to blog about it. That one was given by Sher. Thanks so much ladies! Yall are too sweet.


Here are the Rules for the Stylish Award:

-Make this a post and link back to the person who gave the award to you
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Award 5 great bloggers.
-Contact the bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

Ok 7 things about me…

1.) I am deathly afraid of snakes, lizzards and frogs. Even the little ones. You get near me with one, I may karate chop you.

2.) I really struggle with eating veggies. I just don’t like them! I have gotten a lot better than I used to be, but still can’t eat salad!

4.) I met my husband playing against him in a volleyball tournament in college. His team kicked our butts but I still let him take me out on a date.

5.) I require a lot of sleep. I try to get nine hours a night to function properly.

6.) My favorite store is Bed Bath and Beyond. I always say you could close your eyes and buy me anything from there and I would be happy!

7.) I have had mononucleosis, chicken pox, my wisdom teeth out, my tonsils and adnoids out, and had surgery to remove a fibroid, and the swine flu, but have never broken a bone other than possibly a toe in HS playing sports (but we aren’t sure.)

Sorry I am not all that interesting. That’s the best I can do!

There are so many bloggers that deserve this award I can’t just pick 5, so I am picking no one. Smile

QOTD: Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share with the class?