10 Tips for Running in the Heat

*10 Tips for running in the heat originally published in 2016, updated June 2019*

As the weather warms up, it’s wise to take a few minutes to think about how this will change your runs. (because newsflash: it will change them, especially if you live in the south like me!)  If you don’t plan ahead, you may be setting yourself up for failure (or heat stroke!) so be careful and make sure you are prepared. Here are my 10 best tips for running in the heat.

running in the heat

10 tips for running in the heat

1.) Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! Also, for really long runs, I reapply after an hour. I try to find more “sweatproof” ones, or ones made specifically for my face or body etc. as I am more prone to breakouts. Not only is not wearing sunscreen setting yourself up for skin cancer, but it sure will make you miserable for a few days!

2.) Wear a running hat or visor. I always feel so much cooler not having the sun directly on my face. Plus it will help fight against wrinkles and sun damage and can help keep sweat out of your eyes.

3.)Hydrate ahead of time, and bring water with you. Don’t wait until you are already thirsty to start drinking water. Begin hydrating the night before and the morning of your run. I have a small insulated cooler I pack my drinks in with an ice pack so I can grab them at the car as needed. I also like Gatorade/Powerade because I sweat a lot and need to replace some electrolytes. Nuun and coconut water will do the trick as well. I occasionally take gels or Gu’s or straight salt packs.

4.) Wear loose-fitting moisture-wicking fabrics. Cotton is never your friend as a runner, but particularly when you are sweating a lot. Your shirt will get really heavy and may cause chaffing and rubbing. Quite frankly, in the summer I prefer to just wear a sports bra and no shirt, then I can feel the breeze directly on my skin. Don’t worry about who is looking at you, when you feel like you are running on the surface of the sun, who cares right?

photo (64)

5.) Try to run early in the morning or after the sun goes down at night. Between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM is when the suns rays are the worst, so avoid those times if possible. It will still be very warm in the evening, especially with heat coming up from the pavement warmed all day, but when the sun is down it feels nicer!

2011-07-26 20.14.56

6.) Pace yourself. Don’t expect to have an awesome training run in which you PR at noon in July. Stop or slow down if you need to. Be realistic about your expectations, and live to fight another day. Remember, winter PR’s are made in the summer, so just keep going and don’t stress about running slower!

7.) This goes with number 6, listen to your body! If you start to feel overheated or dizzy/lightheaded, walk, or find some shade and take a break/sit down. One run is not worth your health.


8.) If you must run in the heat of the day, run short. I know some people may not have an option due to childcare, work, or other obligations, but if you must run in the middle of the day keep it short, or use those days for slower easier runs.

9.) Washcloth trick: Put a wet washcloth in the freezer, then carry it with you on your run. It will keep you nice and cool if you put it on your neck or wipe your face with it.

10.) Keep drinking water after your run. Sometimes if I don’t drink enough during a really hot run, I get a bad headache and am more exhausted later in the day. Be sure to take care of your body AFTER you run, and not just during!

running in the heat

10 tips for running in the heat

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QOTD: Any tips I forgot for running in the heat? What has helped you?

Hot Run Cool Down


Is it really Thursday? That means Healthy Living Summit starts TOMORROW?! GAH! I can’t believe it’s finally here. If you are going I can’t wait to meet you, so don’t be shy, and if you aren’t, now is a great time to subscribe to my blog o follow me on twitter on the right sidebar so you can stay up to the minute with all the action!


Yesterday morning I was hoping it would be cool outside again, but I was terribly mistaken. The heat and humidity was pretty much back, and my 3 mile speed session turned into two. Guys, trust me, two miles of sprinting on and off is all I can take before I get lightheaded in this heat.

As I was lying on the floor in the middle of my living room, I started thinking about my “cool down” routine. What on earth am I talking about? Well, living where it’s hot and humid 9 months out of the year, I have gotten the post-run-cool down routine down to a science. Allow me to explain. Here are the “steps” I have to take to cool down after a run in south Mississippi. So, I have completed my run….

First, I come inside, pet my freaking out puppies, and immediately head for the refrigerator and grab coconut water, Gatorade, water, or all three. Just kidding….but sometimes at least two different things….I chug a good bit, knowing I need to cool down my INSIDES even though it feels good/better to cool down my outside.

Then I usually go take a post run sweaty picture for you all to see. Aren’t I kind? Just the way you wanted to see me, right?


Then, on the verge of collapse I grab a towel, wipe off as best I can, turn on the ceiling fan, then lay on said towel in the middle of the floor. I mean, I have to sit somewhere and I don’t want to get my furniture all gross, right? If it is a long run I will also get ice to ice my knee/hip.


Most people ask why I don’t just jump in the shower. Oh, no no no my friends. If I took a shower, I would sweat right through it and after it. I think I sweat more after a run then during it trying to cool down my body. The below picture was taken several minutes after I had already dried myself off once or twice. As I was laying on the floor, of course.


eeewwww. See, I wasn’t kidding about the sweat. After enough time has passed that I think I can stand on my own, I got get another towel and wipe down my now sweaty and disgusting floor. Sweaty butt prints are so attractive, no?


After that I make myself drink more water, stretch, then I got sit outside in the shade, still trying to regulate my body temperature and dry off. I do my quiet time outside a lot of mornings, or check work e mails on my tablet. Of course, with a big glass of water, and the pups in tow.


THEN after thirty minutes to an hour, I feel cooled off enough that I could take a shower and actually feel clean afterwards and not still sweaty. Yes it’s a long process, yes it can up the better part of my morning, but it’s the only way I can get through summer runs safely (and without ruining all my furniture or taking 5 showers a day. Conserving water, right?)

QOTD: What do you do to cool off during or after a hot run?

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The Inferno


Are you having a super Sunday? I hope so! I am going to church and then a baby shower/lunch. Fun! We southerners revolve everything around food in case you haven’t noticed.

So, let me tell you a little bit about the inferno that was a part of my run yesterday….SO….I wanted to get up at 6 and be running our ten miles by 7 am. Well, SOMEBODY refused to get up until about 7:30…so we didn’t start running until about 8:45 at the beach. Oh….my…gosh. Our plan was to run in one direction two miles, then back to the car for fuel, then go the other way two and back, then back in the first direction one mile and then back to the car for a total of ten miles. Heh. We started….and were drenched by the second mile. not to mention there were NO CLOUDS and the sun was beating down. It was a pretty day though.


We made it back to the car the first time, took a GU and drank some water, and then headed out again. We made it back the second time and I checked the weather on my phone…..94 degrees with a REAL FEEL OF 116!!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly!!! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I knew it was really really hot, but WOW! Folks, I cannot even begin to describe how hot it was. My lungs felt good, my legs felt good, but I was just WILTING in the heat. It was a real mental battle from miles 5 on, but I won the battle!


It was SO HARD to force myself back out for the final two miles. We were shuffling along, but we made it, and gatorade has never tasted so good! Luckily, right where we parked at the beach, I spotted a Snow ball stand! Of course, I got Wedding Cake.


I at least now feel a little more confident about running a half marathon in 8 days after completing ten miles. HOPEFULLY it won’t be near this hot in Providence!

I also would like to note something about my “training” plan. I am totally aware that I am breaking the don’t raise your mileage by 10% rule, which I usually follow. BUT 1.) Having already run many long distance races, I knew what to expect/how to pace myself, and 2.) We took it REALLY slow, lots of walk breaks and water. The heat kind of forced us to take it slow which was good. Also, I have been doing a lot of stretching, foam rolling, and icing all week, and feel confident I knew when to stop/how much I could handle.


Skirted up in sparkle hearts running skirt and Gold performance tank

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, my hair is getting REALLY long. I am having to put an extra ponytail holder in about halfway down my ponytail to stop my hair from whipping me in the face when I run!

Rock N Roll Providence here I come!

QOTD: How do you beat the summer heat?