10 Easy Tips for De-cluttering Your Home

When we moved, I came to the conclusion that we have too much stuff. The things we have aren’t particularly expensive or fancy…just…STUFF we have accumulated over the past 14ish years of knowing each other. Also, when we unpacked the house, I found things still in boxes from when we moved last time! If I haven’t needed it in a year, there is a good chance it should be tossed anyway.

It’s kind of overwhelming when I think about purging things from my home, and to be honest, I have to be in a particular “mood” to get this done, if that even makes sense (hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about so I don’t feel crazy? Well, at least not crazy in this instance.)

I decided to just do a little at a time as I felt like it, and start where I felt I could do the most damage…I hit up our office and guest bedroom closets and just started pulling things out. I ended up with a couple of huge piles of things and I already feel better and cleaner. I wanted to share a few tips that I used to help me decide what stays and what goes.

What Stays and What Goes:

1.) Pick a room: Pick a room and focus on it until it’s completely done instead of hopping all around your house. This will help you feel more accomplished once you get a complete room done. (I know this TOTALLY goes against what Marie Kondo says but it works for me.)

2.) Make multiple piles: I like to make a “donate”, “sell” and “maybe” pile as I sift through my stuff.  Sometimes I end up going through a room and will have a huge maybe pile of things I’m just not quite sure I want to part with. At the end of it after going through everything and having some time to think about the contents of the maybe pile, I can usually go back through and get rid of a large portion of it.

3.) Pick a price: I sell a lot of things locally on Facebook yard sale groups. My rule is if it’s going to sell for under $10, it gets donated. I am not going to sell an item and then spend an hour conversing back and forth with someone about a time and a location to meet, then wasting my gas and money to go meet someone in the Wal-Mart parking lot to sell a stapler for $2. I sell a lot of baby clothes to the local consignment shop so I don’t have to waste as much time handling it myself. Also, my parents have a used bookstore by their house that you can trade in books for money to use in the store to buy other books. I love it, so I always send my mom books I don’t want so she can go get some different ones. Search around and see what you can find!

4.) Pick a good cause: If you do some searching, you will find lots of places that will take donated items that you may not have even thought of. Find somewhere you really want to help, and that you believe in. It may soften your heart and make you more willing to give up some of your possessions for those truly in need if you know where it is going.

5.) Do the wear test with clothes: Turn all your hangers facing a certain way. Then, as you wear an outfit and hang it back in your closet, turn the hanger facing the other way. At the end of the season, anything with a hanger turned the first way (meaning you haven’t worn it all season) pull out of your closet and sell or donate.

6.) Get rid of multiples: Yes you may need more than one ink pen in your house, but do you REALLY need 50? (guilty.) Do you have 5 of the exact same sized pot? Are you really going to be using those pots all at once to cook, wanna-be Martha Stewart? Consider maybe keeping 2. What about your cups/water bottles/glassware? Yall, I had so many water bottles before we moved last time, it was a sin. I got rid of about 10 and still have too many. I do dishes constantly, so it’s not like I run out of clean ones. Go through your house, especially your kitchen, and consider ditching things you have multiples of.

7.) Get a file cabinet: If you don’t have one already, get one. Yes you, the one with five different stacks of mail, magazines and papers you don’t know what to do with sitting on your kitchen counter. Sit by your file cabinet with a trash can, and make folders for bills, receipts, and other important paperwork, and trash anything you will never read again (or won’t read once!)

8.) Clean out that pantry: When we moved, I was embarrassed at some of the things I found in my pantry that had been expired for a YEAR. A year yall…just let that sink in. The truth is we probably all have food in our pantry that is expired, we didn’t like and never threw out, or we just plain forgot about. Clean out your pantry and stop hiding things in layers behind each other so you can SEE everything in there. The same rule goes for your medicine cabinet. Get rid of expired meds and get a basket for each person in your house to put their medicine in so it’s easy to grab when needed.

9.) Buy some bins: You know those big storage bins with lids? We have a bunch of them in our attic. I prefer the clear ones so I can see the contents, but any will do. Anything in my house that I want to keep but I haven’t necessarily used in the past year like photo albums, keepsakes, etc. go into the bins and into the attic so they don’t junk up the rest of the house. You can even keep an inventory sheet of what is in each container in case you forget or are looking for something. (Keep the sheet in your file cabinet, NOT on your kitchen counter. Smile)

10.) Get rid of excess toys: Kids rooms can quickly become a breeding ground for toys. I don’t know where they come from…they just kind of…appear… I think a great rule is that when it is Christmas or birthday time, she has to get rid of a few toys before she can get more. We just did this at Easter actually. It makes sense really because a lot of the things they were playing with last Christmas they will have outgrown or will be too “babyish” the next year. If you are saving toys for a younger sibling, put them in a bin in the attic, and get them out of your child’s room. Less mess for mom and dad to have to “help” clean up when there aren’t as many toys to make a mess with! I would involve your kids in this and not just take toys from their room if they are old enough to understand. If you are donating, explain that there are other kids who don’t have toys that would so enjoy the ones that they don’t even play with anymore. A great learning experience and a lesson on giving! 

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QOTD: What is your best tip for de-cluttering your house? Ok I’m off to put some of my tips into practice!

How to Afford Your First Home

I was recently reflecting on the fact that in just a few days, we will have been back in Madison, Mississippi for a YEAR! It has flown by for sure.


Our current home

We went from owning our home in Biloxi (which was our second house) to moving into a friends boathouse up here in Madison, to finally selling our Biloxi house and being able to buy a home up here.


Our Biloxi home when it was still being built

Even though this is our third home, the home buying process was still special and the financial part of it is still a huge factor and something we worked hard towards. Even though we were very young when we got married, we were still able to purchase our own home as newlyweds. Make sure when buying a new home you have air testing done to make sure the air in the house doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.


Our first home after we made an offer!

We rented apartments before then, and saved up our money from our jobs for a down payment. It wasn’t a glamorous house but it was ours (well, the banks!) Since we are now on our third house I feel like I am pretty knowledgeable of the home buying process and what it takes to make your dream of owning a home a reality, so here are my best tips.

afford a home

1.) Save save save: This one is kind of a given, but in an age where people want everything RIGHT NOW and they aren’t willing to wait to get what they want, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture. You can start with something as simple as a jar in your kitchen, or you can even set up a separate account at the bank and have a certain percent of your money you make go into that account. Set up a timeline, and work backwards to see how much you will need to save before a select date arrives. You will probably need to make some sacrifices along the way, so decide right now how important this is to you. Lunch out every day and Starbucks seven days a week may need to be cut down in order to make your dream a reality. It really adds up!

2.) Eliminate debt: I know this may seem contradictory to the previous point of saving, but by simply not purchasing things you cannot pay for RIGHT NOW, you will save yourself a lot of heartache when it comes to purchasing your first home. My husband and I have always had a rule with the credit card: If we can’t pay it off IN FULL at the end of the month, we don’t buy it. The exception to this for us has been a mortgage and student loans, and some people lump car payments into this as well. I’m talking about vacations, that cute new handbag, or that new couch you just “HAD to have”. Friends, we used TV trays as nightstands for the first few years of our marriage. Trust me, you do not “have” to have a brand new expensive couch. The less interest you have to pay on things you own, the more money that can to towards your new home. Even if you have already made mistakes in this department, you can start TODAY by not buying more stuff, and paying off the things you owe on. Baby steps, you can do this!

3.) Do research: There are a lot of other costs to think about when buying a home aside from the cost of the actual house. You need to think about closing costs, moving costs, and things you will of course want to buy like blinds or curtains, lawn equipment, etc. Be sure to include these things in your overall price so you don’t get surprised by them later on. Also, be sure to research locations and neighborhoods. Think about the value of a home location for resale purposes, it does matter!

4.) Get prequalified: So let’s say you have been saving, eliminating our debt, doing research, and you think you are ready to start looking at homes. You will need to know how much of a house you can afford, so be sure to get prequalified. Also, just because you are told you can spend up to X number of dollars, doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD spend that much.

5.) Be realistic: Everything around us today tells us we need a big fancy house with beautiful décor from the day we get married. TV shows and the like paint a very unrealistic picture of what most young couples can afford in a first home. Most people can’t afford their “dream home” for their first home, and that is NORMAL! You have to start somewhere, and having a smaller house and smaller mortgage to start with can help you save for a nicer and bigger house later on. (Also, ideally, your monthly housing payment shouldn’t be more than 28 percent of your gross household monthly income). For instance, if you don’t plan to have kids for 5-7 years, don’t buy a house with five bedrooms! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and think ahead to the future and what your current need is, and match it to your price point. No one wants to be “house poor”. I know you have seen them, people who have a huge fancy house with minimal furniture and they can’t afford anything else because of their mortgage? Don’t be that couple! There is plenty of time for another purchase.

6.) Learn about home loans: CapitalOne is a great place to start! Their goal is to help first-time homebuyers understand how the home loan process works, which is why they have launched a new online learning center that features the know-how you’ll need to become the savviest homeowners on the block. The Capital One Home Loans Online Neighborhood is a free online resource where you can learn all about home buying. Buying a home is an important process, but certainly not a simple one – Capital One’s new online resource lays the groundwork with a glossary of terms you should know, an overview of the loans available and more. You can visit their website for more info.

Happy Buying!

QOTD: What was the hardest part of saving for or buying a home for you and your family?

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House Photos Part 1

I have been getting questions about the house, and because I can’t do a lot at once it is taking a long time to get unpacked. Things still aren’t exactly like I want them, but the main rooms are presentable enough to give you a peek at the space with some house photos.

The thing that drew me to this house was the big open space that is the living room/kitchen/dining room. We like to entertain so choppy rooms don’t really work well for us. Also, I want to be able to have line of sight now that we will have a kiddo in the mix! It will be so easy for me to be in the kitchen while baby M is well, pretty much anywhere in the big space. We downsized homes when we moved, but with the big open space it feels a lot bigger. There are also a ton of windows so lots of natural light!

The master bedroom is through the hallway on the right of the photo. I am standing next to the counter/bar in the kitchen and the dining room and front door are on the left.

House photos

Front door is next to that blue table on the left. (I also really like that I can see the TV from the kitchen!)


Below, the kitchen is to the left, and back behind that wall where our wedding photo is, is a hallway that has stairs going upstairs to the bonus room, and the laundry room. There is also a mudroom and a desk, and a door to the garage. Out that blindingly bright window is the garage. My next project is that ugly kitchen table. My parents had it when I was a child! The table isn’t in bad shape so I want to paint it, and just find some new chairs I can paint as well and re-upholster maybe. Haven’t found anything I like just get on Craigslist. Also as you can see baby stuff is already taking over!


Next to the Kitchen is the keeping room area, which could have also been  breakfast nook, but we already have a dining table plus the bar stools so we thought it silly to have a third eating area and opted to make a cozy sitting space instead. That hallway leads to the other two bedrooms and the second bathroom.


I’m not showing the whole kitchen because well, I didn’t feel like cleaning it up. But there is a big bar that goes across the room and the refrigerator is on the left of the microwave and stove. hallway to mudroom/garage is on the right.


If you will remember from my move in day post, this will give you an idea of what the kitchen space looks like from the living room area.


My next set of pictures will be bedrooms/bonus room etc, that one may take a little longer to do because those rooms are what I have saved for last as far as unpacking goes since no one really sees them. Smile

QOTD: When you move, how long does it take you to unpack? Do you prefer an open floor plan or closed off rooms?

On The Move

Hey guys! We are actually down in Biloxi today. The movers are here picking up all of our stuff, although we won’t be moving into the new house until next week. The closing on our old house got pushed back (NOT our doing!) but we still decided to come down and get everything moved on the original date. So, here I am, at the house I lived in since February 2010, for the very last day.


Not going to lie, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I have wanted out of this town since the day we moved in, but on the other hand I still have a lot of good memories in this house. Bobby and I designed/built it together, and it was home during some of the most difficult parts of our married life. We dealt with job and family crisis, loneliness, and confusion about where we were supposed to be. But, we made it through, learned a lot of valuable lessons, and I am more than happy to close this chapter and open a new one back in “our town”.

It’s hard to believe we packed up our first home together in Madison, MS nearly four years ago, and now we are coming back! That move was quite stressful because we ended up getting ripped off by the moving company (another lesson learned, always get a guaranteed price!) and our closing had been moved back twice on that house before we finally got to move in. I was living with my parents while Bobby lived with some friends in our new town as we waited for our home to be complete.



Ooohhh the boxes. Not looking forward to that again! We eventually got settled in, and truly enjoyed a lot of the aspects of our home and neighborhood.


In the end, the area wasn’t a great fit for us and we longed to be back in Madison. We were very thankful to have a beautiful home, but I learned a very valuable lesson during our time in Biloxi: You can’t make up for lack of friends and relationships or a good church home just because you really love your house. The newness will fade and you will still feel very lonely.


Our years in that house may have been very trying, but I believe it taught us the importance of relationships, being plugged into a great church, and that “things”, while nice, won’t keep you happy for long. We have already started to invest ourselves in our church and community, and cannot wait to raise baby M here! Now, we are praying that the closing goes through on the 31st, then I think it will feel more real and official once it is all done, and then I will share more about our new home and some other things going on with us! I just don’t want to jinx anything until papers are actually signed. Smile


I will be back this afternoon, but doubt I will have time to blog, so just hang with me as things may be a bit sporadic as we go through this process.

QOTD: Do you have bittersweet feelings when you move out of a house? How important is the area in which you live in comparison to the home itself?

Weird Proposals, Baby Names, and Peanut Butter

Random blog post title no? Those are the most fun! So a few little tidbits I wanted to share that are going on around here.

First off, we got the most RANDOM phone call a week or so ago, that we thought was a scam at first. As most of you know, our home in Biloxi is for sale. Well, this woman from Los Angeles we on the phone, a producer for the TV network CMT. Apparently, there is going to be a reality show being filmed in the area, and they were looking for a house to film at for seven weeks. At first I was really against it….until I found out they wanted to pay us $30,000!!! HOLY MOLY! Unfortunately, it will not come to pass, once they found out we have an HOA they said they can’t work with us. Would have been pretty awesome and kind of cool! I bet our house would sell faster for one thing.


reality house?

People keep asking us if we have decided on a baby name. The answer is yes. People keep asking us if we are going to tell them said baby name. The answer is no. Bobby made the mistake of sharing a few names on our short list with some people and we immediately had people coming up to us saying “oh, I don’t like this one” or “I would take that off the list first” etc. etc. This was slightly irritating for many reasons, and it took every fiber of my being not to say back to them “well, I am SO glad it’s not your baby to decide about!” I’m not sure why but it just really, really rubbed me the wrong way. If it’s on our short list we obviously really like the name so to slam it and tell us not to use it (you know, since It’s your decision anyway someone who is NOT the baby’s mom or dad) got pretty frustrating. We figured out if you wait until baby is born, it’s already on the birth certificate, etc. People aren’t (or shouldn’t, that would be awful!) Come up to you and say they don’t like the name of your hours old child. Opinions seem to be more kept to themselves after the fact and I like that much better. So I am really sorry but barring a slip of the tongue, little bit will remain “baby M” until she makes her entrance in September.


Girl baby M’s name will remain a mystery. At least I let you in on the gender!

I have been having weird peanut butter cravings lately. I have always liked the stuff, don’t get me wrong, but I have been eating peanut butter sandwiches, reses pieces, and peanut butter filled pretzels like they are going out of style. On the other hand, I am really struggling with meat. I didn’t think I would have aversions at this point in pregnancy, but after a couple bites of chicken or beef I just cannot stomach anymore. Did this happen to anyone else?

QOTD: Thoughts on people giving name opinions unsolicited? Did you share you child’s name? Would you ever let someone use your house for a reality TV show?

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My Home is Organized Chaos


prof shot

Piles of paper, magazines, clothes and fitness gear are nearly everywhere. Sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for, but typically I know where most needed items live.

Husband’s missing belt?

Last I saw it, on the dresser.

Flashlight? No, the backup flashlight. The good one’s broken.

On top of the roll top desk.

Cable bill?

On top of the microwave, next to our theater tickets.

My husband calls me regularly questions like these.(Today he asked where the Windex is kept.) You see, he works from home, which means we have piles of stuff everywhere in our 189-year old farmhouse in upstate New York. Plus, he’s taken over the kitchen and dining room tables as his workspace.

Like I said, piles everywhere.

As a result, I’ve needed to hone my organizational skills. I added shelving and bins to our spare room and his office, I reworked the pantry and laundry room. I introduced underbed bins to make up for the lack of closet space. (We have one closet for 3 bedrooms. And like 6 pegs, thanks 1824 ancestors.)

In the process, I also learned what types of messes I can handle, and more importantly, what I can’t handle.

Using all available dining room chairs as auxiliary tables- for printers, filing systems and laptops? No problem.

Playing an ongoing game of kitchen sink Jenga? Absolutely! I’m all about moving dirty dishes around the sink so I can use the faucet…without washing the dishes.

But ask me to clear off the sofa before I can sit on it and its all over.

Here are a few more tips to save your sanity.

Keep a basket near the bottom and top of the stairs. Toss items in rather than walking them upstairs each time or leaving them on the step (a huge pet peeve of mine and unsafe to boot.) When you DO head up, take the basket with you. When you head back down, don’t forget the upstairs basket

Have specific tasks assigned to each day. Clean off the counters on Sunday, scrub the toilets on Saturday, clean the stove on Tuesday. It’s not as overwhelming if the dreaded tasks are already part of your daily routine. They’re less likely to back up and take over.

Sift through drawers while watching television or on the phone. I often empty desk and kitchen drawers and wade through the contents while catching up on my favorite DVRed show or chatting with my mom. You’d be surprised what builds up when you’re not looking. I also use this tactic on the pantry, where I tend to stockpile canned foods.

Put small trash cans in every room. You’re less likely to leave trash lying around if you have a place to immediately toss it. This goes double for paper trash. Junk mail in our house goes directly into the recycling bin.

Stop by my blog and say hello! http://scootadoot.com/about/meet-vic/

QOTD: What’s your favorite not-traditional tip for clearing clutter and organizing your home?

Virtual Christmas Tour


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is ONE WEEK from Today! Blows my mind. I just want to grab hold or it and enjoy every second before it’s gone.

A few weeks ago I shared my Christmas Tree and outside lights pictures.



and then I asked you to share your pictures with me so it would be light a virtual tour of everyone’s lights or trees! So let’s take a look.

First up we have Jenn and Danielle



Next we head over to Whitney’s house.


Victoria did something interesting with lights…

“ I wrapped 10 feet of LEDs on me for a 6 mile bridge run the other day with my group.” Too funny! very festive. Smile


Nicole’s tree is up next


Then we head over to Sara ‘s


Megan Did a great job with her lights!


We wrap up the tour with Karen and her cute lights.


Thanks to all who participated! Now be sure to go check out the blogs of these lovely ladies and tell them you like their decorations. Have a relaxing Sunday, Back to normal blogging tomorrow!

QOTD: Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights? Did you growing up?

When the World Stopped Turning


Growing up, I always heard my parents and people their age (you know, old. Just kidding!) talk about where they were when Kennedy got shot. Obviously, I wasn’t born yet, and so I couldn’t really share in the conversations. However, I vividly remember where I was on September 11, 2001.


I was a Junior in High school, and I think I was in 2nd hour. We were in the middle of a lecture, when another teacher came in and pulled my teacher aside and whispered something in his ear. Our teacher then told us a plane had crashed into the WTC, and at first we thought it was a joke and didn’t believe him. Then, he pulled out the TV and I think later went home to find some rabbit ears so we could watch the news.

I just remember sitting in my desk being in shock, a little scared, and wanting to call and talk to my family. Here we were, just going about our morning routine, while our fellow Americans were dying in awful and scary ways. I prayed a lot that day, for the families, for President Bush, for the nation. I cannot believe it has been ten years since that awful day.


I am very patriotic, and so proud to be an American. It angers me beyond belief that this happened on our soil. It was a scary wake up call that no one is truly ever “safe” in your home, at work, on a plane, etc. In my opinion, the only TRUE safety and security is found in my relationship with the Lord. I believe HE is in control, and though tragedy may happen, He already knows how it all turns out, and whatever happens to me today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now, I don’t have to live in fear or anxiety. It is SUCH a freeing feeling!

I get choked up thinking about that sad day, and about all of the innocent lives lost, the families that lost their loved ones. I pray they have found hope and comfort over the years, and will remember that we have not forgotten about them, or their loved ones.

Ok, I need to move on or I am going to turn into an emotional wreck.Smile


Yesterday morning, Bobby and I were up at the crazy hour of 4:45 so we could meet with our Team in Training group for an 8 mile long run along the beach boardwalk and out and back over the crazy steep Ocean Springs Bridge.

It was nice having low humidity and temps in the upper 60’s to start, even though later the sun was beating down and it got well into the 70’s. we actually had a good run, completing 8 miles in 1:20:00. We came home, and immediately got to work staining our back fence. We have had the stain since we moved in 6 months ago (can you BELIEVE it’s been 6 months?!) but it has been way too hot to get out there and do it. It will take weeks to get it done, but we got a good start today!


I’m ready to paint, yall!


I made Bobby paint with the Disney paint brush. Because of this, I got a hidden Mickey from him. I guess the brush has a mind of it’s own?


do you see it?


So apparently, I paint too slow. My side on the left, Bobby’s on the right. I thought I was going fast!


Apparently I am also very sloppy. Oops. I look like I have chicken pox!

(fun fact: I got chicken pox when I was 5 or 6, a day or two before I was supposed to get my tonsils out. I was so happy b/c I thought this meant my tonsils could stay in….well…not so much. Also, I have a bunch of chicken pox scars, mainly on my hands/arms.)


Look how great it looks now!


THAT took over 2 hours…yeah…we have a long way to go. (We have to paint the inside, and other 3 sides, too!)

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QOTD: Where were you on September 11, 2001 when you heard the news?



Good morning friends! Aren’t you glad Monday is over? Who has a 4 day work week? I think I shall declare one for myself, HA yeah right. I work 7 days a week. Just not all day. Smile So, I have been holding in some news that I didn’t want to say out loud until it was finalized, but we signed the papers this afternoon so I can FINALLY say, we sold our old house in Madison, MS! After being on the market since September, after many price drops, open houses, and a realtor switch, it finally sold!


So, I must be honest, it is bittersweet. WHAT? bittersweet you say? I know I know, I have been complaining about trying to sell this thing for almost a YEAR. I just happen to be one of those really sentimental people and well, this sounds SO dumb, but I didn’t get to say goodbye. The last time I was there was March, my mom and I went to deep clean it after all the furniture was moved out. I didn’t think twice about it because I knew I would be back…but I haven’t been. YES my new house is awesome and I feel so blessed, but there is something special about a first house as a married person. It was small, but it was ours. We had SO many great memories in that house. (I am so totally going to start crying!)

I can still remember when it was being built, the first time we got to see it when it really looked like a house. We were SO excited, pure bliss, taking pictures, looking around, not believing it was going to be ours.


don’t I look excited? this was about July 2006, so 5 years ago!




I know this is so random, but the day we moved in, I remember our first night, my parents were there, and my dad was helping Bobby set the floodlights to point the right ways. I was so excited to unpack all my things where I wanted them to go in MY house!


and I also remember how well we kept up our yard in the beginning. It was beginning of October, so it was nice and cool. We would go into the yard every evening and walk around, pulling up EVERY single weed. Smile That didn’t last but a few months though ha!


ours trees and bushes look so small!

One other reason why it is bittersweet is because well, we technically lost money on the house. We got to the point where we were ready to be done with it so we could get a mortgage on our new home, so we kept dropping the price, something others for sale were not as willing to do. So, the new owners got it for a steal, but at least it is sold, right? Could have been a LOT worse for sure.

I guess in a way it is a good thing I didn’t get to go back and say goodbye, because I think it would have been harder. I guess it’s better this way. I will always look back fondly on our four years on Kenzie drive, and am so glad I have a ton of pictures to help me remember. I pray that the new owners have their own new, special memories in her that they can one day look back on with fondness.


enough sappiness ok? Yesterday I went to the gym and did 5 leg machines, then proceeded to run 3.1 “easy” miles. I was very impressed that my “easy” pace after working my legs out until they were jello was still just above a 10:15 pace. very exciting!

Today I am not sure what I will do for a workout, my OTHER knee has been hurting (not IT band hurting though just started a couple days ago) so I am icing and may just do arm weights and cross training today.

QOTD: Are you in your first home? If not do you remember your first owned home? I hope you have great memories like mine!

More House Tour


Gooooodddd morning! another work week is close to being over. You can make it! Speaking of working, I have some more house photos to share with you all. I still have to do photos of our extra bedrooms and a couple other places that still aren’t clean or unpacked, but this should hold you over for now!

This is where I blog and work from! My desk is in the bonus room which we made huge on purpose. I love that I decided to face my desk this way. I can see the TV and look out the windows! Yes, I have two computers. Is it necessary? No. But I like it. Ignore the mess. Paperwork attacks me most days, and I try to keep it as minimal as possible.


I think I need a new battery in my clock.


Bobby’s side is not near as messy as mine. he broke the chair so he is sitting on a folding one for now.


The other side of the room. my desk is in the bottom left area of the room according to this picture, just to give you an idea.


I can’t remember if I showed the upstairs guest bathroom…So here it is again! We wanted to put a door on the bonus room so it could be a “4th bedroom” for resale purposes, so we added in a 3rd bathroom as well since the only other bathroom upstairs is the master. This is right outside the bonus room door.


This is standing in the bonus room doorway looking down the hall. Our bedroom is the door on the left. Stairs are at the end of the hall. overlook into living room is on the right past the windows.


looking down into living room….and Bobby’s clean socks he forgot to take upstairs.


I know I have posted the dining room before, but we added the leaf in the table so now it’s bigger!


I spy Heather


looking down the other hallway where the other 2 bedrooms, laundry room, guest bathroom, back door, and garage are.


and looking back towards the front door. I guess I could have turned some lights on?


at the end of the hall looking towards the backdoor. If you walk into that little area the guest bathroom is on the left. garage door is the solid door you see, laundry room is on the right.


That’s all for now!

*Anyone notice the large amount of puppies in these pics?

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Hoping to finally get a run in today! I hope everyone has a great one! Make it count, be joyful, and do something productive!

QOTD: Would you rather have it rain for a week straight or snow for a week straight?