Quad and Knee Running Injury Update and Info

Hola friends! If you have been following along, you may have noticed a lack of running social media posts. Or maybe you watch my Instagram stories talking about how I have been injured since the runDisney Princess half. I wanted to share an update with you on my progress in case anyone is going through the same or similar thing.


Honestly, I’m still not 100% sure what happened. I was running really well leading up to Princess, and getting faster over short distances due to Orange Theory Fitness. I had run up to a 10 mile training run, which is not out of the ordinary for me leading up to a half marathon, especially one I am not running all out/am running for fun like Princess.

I haven’t had a running injury in a LONG time, so you can imagine my frustration when leg pain I had at the very end of the half and then the few days after….never fully went away. Let me back up. I noticed the last mile or two of the Princess half that my upper middle portion of my quad was hurting as I lifted that leg to pull it forward for a stride. I chalked it up to a tweak and sore muscles from running 13.1 miles and went on my way. I had a hard time walking that night, but thought after a good night’s sleep I would feel better the next day.


Interestingly enough, the next day my quad pain had subsided by about half, but the pain had shifted down to the inside of my kneecap. So strange I know. I took some Motrin, stretched a bit, and continued on walking around the parks for two days. The pain would get progressively worse during the day, then feel much better (but still there) by morning. I got home on Wednesday, and took two full days off before going back to Orange Theory on Friday. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the inside of my knee, and my quad hurt when I rowed. I was dumb and ran through it. I took the whole weekend off, stretching and foam rolling and tried again Monday. The pain continued, but this time I was (a bit ) smarter about it and did the elliptical instead of the treadmill in class. After that class I was still having issues and knew I needed to make a decision.

Fortunately, OTF allows you to freeze your account for a month for $15 instead of paying the monthly fee and not using it. I started foam rolling and stretching every day, and did zero cardio. After another week of this, I started slowly adding in some strengthing exercises I found online. After 3.5 weeks, I decided to try going for a walk/run with some KT Tape on. while my leg definitely felt better than it had been, I was still having tightness and pain. After talking to a couple of doctor friends, the consensus was as long as it was getting better and not staying at the same pain level, it was probably a tear that needed more time to heal. Apparently 3.5 weeks is not enough. They told me to try walking but STOP if it hurts, and then eventually move to running, but never running through pain. Also to keep stretching etc.


I followed their advice, and after another week tried walking a mile, then slowly went up to 1.5 miles throwing in a few short runs, and now I am up to 2 miles run walking with no pain. I am also still foam rolling and stretching daily like it’s my job, and wearing KT tape. so my timeline was as follows:

Sunday February  26: Injury occurs.

Monday-Tuesday 27/28: Walking all day at Disney parks

Wednesday/Thursday 1/2: rest completely and stretch/foam roll

Friday 3: OTF…lots of knee pain, some quad pain

Saturday and Sunday 4/5: complete rest, with stretching/rolling

Monday 6: OTF, still pain even on elliptical

Tuesday 7: Freeze OTF account, stretch and roll rest of this week and the next plus a few days.

Thursday 23rd: Tried to go for a run, got frustrated because I still had pain and tightness. Talked to doctor friends.

Friday 24-April 5: Walk while slowly building up to adding in runs, now up to 2 miles run/walking. Still foam rolling and stretching daily. Doing PT exercises 3/4 times a week.

Of course, every injury is different, so if you have the same one as me it may take you more or less time to heal, or you may have done some sort of damage that requires surgery. I think the key for me was that the more I stayed off of it, it slowly got better. If it had stayed at the same pain level for a month, I for sure would have gone to get an MRI. This is the same leg that I have had IT band issues with in the past, so I’m not surprised that it’s giving me fits again. I know if I had incorporated daily stretching and rolling into my routine to begin with, I could have potentially saved myself 6 weeks of frustration.


I know I am not totally out of the woods yet, but I do plan to run/walk the Star Wars half at the end of this month. Fingers crossed I can do it pain free!

QOTD: Have you had a running injury before? What did you do?

IT Band Stretches and Photos

IT band pain is a topic I am quite well versed in (unfortunately…) and so I wanted to share some of my favorite stretches. Here are six things I try to do several times a week. My IT band is currently behaving, but that can change so quickly, so I choose to be proactive. I hope these IT band stretches help some of you who have been struggling!

IT Band Stretches:

Stretch 1: If your RIGHT IT band is the problem, stand with your right foot crossed behind your left and lean towards your left with either your arm in the air or your hands on your hips. Hold for 15-20 seconds, repeat. (follow this rule for all stretches mentioned)

IT band stretch 4

Stretch 2: If your LEFT IT band is the problem, sit on the floor with your right leg straight. cross your left leg over your right, and twist your body to the left, pushing against your left leg for resistance.

IT band stretches 3

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Stretch 3: Yoga has really helped me, especially the pigeon pose. If your RIGHT IT band is bothering you, put your right leg underneath your body with your left leg out straight behind you. use your arms to balance, and try to sink down as far as you can. Hurts so good! (By the way, I am finally getting slightly visible triceps, which is hard for my long muscles, yay!)

IT band stretch 2

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Stretch 4: Find something sturdy you can lean against, and put your hands on it. if your RIGHT IT band is bothering you, use your left leg as the stabilizer leg, and slide your right leg out to the left behind your left leg and push/sink as far as you can.

IT band stretch 1

Stretch 5: this involves a Foam Roller (and if you have IT band pain you DEFINITELY should own one of these anyway!) Lay your hip/leg on the side of the pain, put your other leg out in front to stabilize, and ROLL until you find a sore spot, then sit on that spot for several seconds.

IT band stretch


Stretch 6: lay on the floor on your left side if your RIGHT IT band is bothering you. Put your right leg behind your body and hold your foot. Put your left foot/heel by your right knee, you should feel a deep stretch.

band stretches


A few key things to keep in mind if you are suffering with IT band pain and looking to do IT band stretches. (This is based on my own personal experience, if you are having pain go see a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.)

1.) REST. I took 6 full weeks off of running when mine was at it’s worst. It won’t get better if you keep running through the pain. Trust me on this, I tried, and it wasn’t until I took some time off that I truly felt better.

2.) Foam roll like it’s your job. It hurts, it sucks, but it will help loosen you up. Or, be proactive and use it a few times a week to keep problems at bay. A tennis ball works, too.

3.) Ice. Icing helped alleviate my swelling, especially at first when I was not being smart and was still running.

4.) Massage. I know actual sports massages are expensive, but if you can swing it, do it.

5.) Of course, stretch. A good stretching routine is something you should be doing anyway! (As I look in the mirror and tell myself…)

6.) Use resistance bands. < —- These are the resistance bands I personally use to help strengthen my hips and glutes to prevent a flare up from occurring again. They are inexpensive and totally worth it! I use them while I watch TV.

*I have also used this brace for my knee and feel that it did help to an extent for shorter runs.

If you are looking for a way to track your daily fitness routine and goals, check out my FREE set of printables! 

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QOTD: Have you ever suffered with IT band pain? Do you do IT band stretches? Any other helpful hints you can think of?

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Road Trippin’


Hi friends! Today starts a fun but busy week for me! But first let’s catch up.

Beach Trip Part 2

Beach Trip Part 3

Beach Trip Part 4

I will be doing quite a bit of traveling this week. I am headed out this morning on a week long road trip to visit some stores selling Running Skirts. My mom is tagging along with me to keep me company. I am hitting 13 stores in 5 days in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma! Let’s just say there will be lots of driving! I am hoping to have free WiFi in the hotels so I can still blog about my adventures.

Fingers crossed Bobby keeps the dogs alive and doesn’t burn the house down!


wwweeee I like to play in the waves. I won’t burn the house down!

Yesterday, we went to church and lunch with our Sunday School class. bobby had a board meeting for work, and I packed up and then headed to my mom and dad’s for the night before the road trip. I wore one of the dresses I got from Ann Taylor LOFT to church. it’s so comfy!


Good news! I think my knee is getting better. It was a tiny bit stiff when I woke up this morning but I can walk normally today. I am so excited that it’s not getting worse or staying the same. Hopefully in a couple more days I can try and easy run at a hotel gym and won’t have any problems. I am really hoping this is the case, because I want to chat with yall about my half marathon training plans and hopefully get some feedback.

Some of you were asking where on my knee it hurts, so here is a picture to give you an idea. It’s right in the bend and sometimes feels behind and in front of my knee when I straighten or bend my knee and tuck it up into my chest. Where my thumb is, that is the general area of pain. It is tender to the touch if I push hard on that bone there I guess? (Is it a bone? This shows my incompetence.)


gotta drive!

QOTD: What is your favorite road trip snack?

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Chocolate Éclair Pie


Hola! The week is just movin right along eh? Fine by me, I am gearing up for vacation! I have been busy working all day, and making a vaca packing list. oy. It is a long one. Going to a condo makes you pack all this kitchen stuff, but hey, it’s worth it!


Sassy says “nnoooo, take me with yoooouuuu! I promise to not whine in the car.” yeah right Sassy. Like you would EVER not whine in the car. It’s just not possible.

But first, I wanted to share an awesome, EASY dessert recipe with you all. I make this for Thanksgiving, and a lot in the summers because I like nice cool desserts in summer. It’s SO simple but delicious. You will eat all of it. Really.

Chocolate Éclair Pie:


2 small packs French Vanilla Instant Pudding

3 cups milk

1 8oz. cool whip

1 box Graham crackers


-Mix vanilla pudding and milk.

-Then spoon cool whip into pudding and mix together.

– Put a layer of graham crackers in a pan (I do a 13 x 0 or two glass dishes, one 8 x 8 and one 9 x 7 maybe?), a layer of pudding over the crackers, another laoer of graham crackers, then remainder of pudding, then yet another layer of graham crackers on top.

–  Top with chocolate sauce and keep cold in refrigerator.


2 cups powdered sugar

2 and 1/2 tablespoons cocoa

2 tablespoons melted butter


Then add enough HOT water to make is spreadable.   Be very careful when adding the water…it only takes a little….if you make a mistake and pour too much water you can add more powdered sugar to make thick again.  You don’t want the sauce “soupy” but instead just barely spreadable.

-pour over graham cracker top and spread evenly.



It will be a big hit, I promise. We ate the square one at the BBQ and Bobby brought the other one to work where it was devoured like a fat kid eating cake. Holy yum. This has been one of my favorites my mom makes back from when I was a little girl.


On the running front, I took an unscheduled rest day yesterday. I felt fine except for my knee, so decided it could use a day of rest. I will cross train and lift today and then my shoes should be here this afternoon, then I will try a run tomorrow and of course Saturday. I will keep you posted! Oh some of you were asking more specifically about the knee pain…it’s the inside of my knee, right above where I bend my knee, but below the knee cap and more inside from the knee cap. it is tender to the touch and after sitting for a long period is VERY stiff upon standing. Hmmpph.

QOTD: Did your mom or dad make a favorite dessert of yours growing up?