Football, Running, and Miss America

Morning! We had a wild but good weekend visiting my family down in Louisiana. The drive down was fine, and Emma Kate did great. My dad grilled steaks for dinner, and we just hung out at the house. Saturday morning, I went for an eight mile run in my parents neighborhood. I got started around 7:45, and the run felt more like a swim. Someone needs to tell the weather that it’s post labor day and we are supposed to have cooler temps now, mmk?

IMG_8857 (2)

After the run, I went with my dad to run a few errands and I took a quick nap when Emma Kate napped. That run just zapped all my energy! How adorable is my little LSU fan?!?

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

That afternoon, my buddy Jen and her family came over to eat dinner and hang out. The guys watched football and us girls hung at the kiddie pool.

unnamed (3)

My sweet friend also brought me a daiquiri. One thing Louisiana does right is drive thru daiquiri stores. She got me pineapple and amaretto and it was amazing.

unnamed (4)

We also watched the LSU game that night (they won!)

Sunday morning we took Emma Kate for a walk, and just hung out at the house. We left right after lunch so Emma Kate would hopefully nap on the way home (she did, praise the Lord!) I was super excited about Sunday night, because it was the Miss America pageant! My sweet friend Laura Lee is Miss Mississippi. She took boot camp with me this summer, but I have known her almost ten years. her big sister was my sorority little sis, we were in each others weddings, and our girls are just a couple weeks apart in age. Our boot camp class decided to have a watch party and it was a blast! We had food, wine, and lots of fun.

unnamed (5)

They started the show by announcing the top 15, and we were all SO nervous. Laura Lee was announced LAST and we all lost it when her name was called.

unnamed (6)

She did amazing and ended up getting 5th place! I think she deserved higher, but we are so, so proud of our sweet friend. She represented our state so well and I know she will go on to do amazing things.

Emma Kate spent the night at Bobby’s sisters house, so it was nice not having to be “on alert” for the night listening for a crying toddler (moms I know you know what I mean!) Overall a great weekend with family and friends. Is it Friday yet?

QOTD: Do you watch pageants? Who did you want to win Miss America? Did your football team win?

Five Things Friday IV

Friday again? Already? This week flew by! We are insanely boring so we have no plans for the weekend but football and church, however the next three weekends will be crazy so this will be a nice rest before the madness! Here are this week’s five things Friday:

1.) I went back to the outlet mall with a friend yesterday thanks to a huge sale at Banana Republic and bought another pair of jeans. I need more than one pair, right? I may or may not have also bought some other things….but 70% off, come on!

unnamed (13)

The shorts we $4.50. Seriously.

2.) Today we are taking Emma Kate’s one year old pictures. It’s our same sweet friend that took her 6 month photos, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!


3.) LSU was supposed to play South Carolina at SC this weekend, but due to the recent hurricane madness the game will be played in Baton Rouge. The LSU band decided they wanted to learn to play the SC Alma Mater and fight song so they could play it at the came since the SC band cannot come. Love my Tigers.

4.) Bella got a haircut yesterday. It was getting bad, poor girl couldn’t even see her hair was getting so long. I love that she doesn’t shed, but wow grooming is definitely expensive. It’s a good thing I get my hair cut maybe once a year to offset the cost. I’m hair-low maintenance like that.

unnamed (12)

5.) Two weeks from today until we start the trek to Disney for my mom’s girls trip for her 60th birthday. I’m glad her one birthday request included me. Excited for the surprises I have planned for her while we are there.


QOTD: How often do you get your hair cut? Do you shop at outlet malls?

September Weekend Happenings

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine had some stressful moments but had some fun ones as well.

Bobby surprised me with a new iPhone 6 on Friday. We were eligible for the upgrade and cheaper price, and with the trade in of my 4s it was free! I have never had the “newest” device so it’s kind of fun.


Since this was potentially our last weekend EVER without a child, (whoa) I wanted to hang out a lot with Bobby, and do some of my favorite things. I worked hard last week to get most of my work done, but ended up with some last minute work that took up a huge chunk of time Friday-Sunday, but we still managed to go on a date on Saturday and I got to watch football.

We went to lunch on Saturday and then Bobby took me to see The Maze Runner. I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies. It was really good! They did a great job. Of course, the book was better (when isn’t it, really?) but I didn’t feel cheated like I do with a lot of other book-to-movies.

Saturday night we watched some football, and after church on Sunday we watched the Saints FINALLY get a win for the season. They still made me nervous, but whew! I was starting to really wonder.


Bella was getting quite skeptical of the Saints, too.

Sunday night I did some cleaning up around the house, and just relaxing watching more football and hanging out with Bobby. I can’t believe very soon things around here are going to be not so quiet!

Oh! I will be closing my baby pool tonight, so get your hunches in if you want to guess! Winner gets a prize!

*For two Fitness (maternity workout apparel) is having a SALE this week, up to 30% off! Be sure to check it out! Their stuff is SO comfy and adorable!

QOTD: Did you read The Maze Runner? Have you seen or do you plan to see the movie? Thoughts? Did your football team win this weekend? I went 1-1 with the Saints and LSU.

A Great Year


It’s no secret that I am a huge football fan. Specifically the LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints. Both my teams lost this week, but we still had an amazing year of football here in Louisiana. We played our hearts out, and I couldn’t be more proud. I have done a few other posts about my beloved teams:

Friday Favorites: Football

The Boys of Fall

Football? Football!

‘Aints No More

Superbowl Baby!

Drew Brees is my Hero


Today my parents, Bobby and I went out to lunch before the big game.




It was fun seeing everyone all decked out in their Saints gear, even all of the employees! Later, my aunt and her friend came over and we all watched the game. Unfortunately, you can’t win a game when you have five turnovers. Such a heartbreaker, I am so sad. I really thought we were going to win. Always next year right? Regardless of the outcome, I am still a always a Saints fan.

QOTD: Who do you think will play in the superbowl?

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Good morning! It’s a good day to be an LSU Tiger! The first half may not have been pretty, but we did it, and are SEC champions! Next stop, BCS championship game. I almost had a heart attack during half time, but they didn’t let me down in the second half. I proudly sported my LSU shirt today at Bobby’s cheer competition. Oh yes, you read that right. I hobbled around with my boot at a cheerleading competition. Lots of little girls and lots of makeup and hair bows!

Not only does Bobby coach tumbling and partner stunting, but he competes on their open squad (coed any age) and they performed today at a competition in town for fun as an exhibition team. They did really really well for hardly ever practicing. Ha! Bobby can do a lot cooler of stunts than some of the ones he did here, but this is just a taste of his capability. He’s really really good!

Bobby is 2nd guy from the right (I zoom in on him in the beginning and several times during the competition while he is doing stunts)

For those that don’t know, Bobby was supposed to play football in college, but after football season his senior year of high school he had to have major stomach surgery and was told he couldn’t play anymore (being hit in the stomach would not be good.) He had some friends who did cheer and we ended up being a natural, and he competed for 5 years in college and coached (and still currently does) for many many years. He’s not the best tumbler, but he is great at partner stunting.

He even got a trophy. Weeeeee!


Sadly, I don’t have a flexible bone in my body, and was taller than the girls he puts up when I was in 5th grade so sadly for my future offspring, cheering is probably NOT in their future. Hopefully they will be all over volleyball and basketball though. Smile


QOTD: Did you play sports in high school or college? Which ones?

**Send me a picture of your outdoor Christmas lights and I will post it closer to Christmas!

Lacing Up


No new news on my foot except it still hurts. I am taking ibuprofen and icing, hopefully after a week or so off I can run on it again. While doing some research on what caused this barrel of fun, I came across several articles suggesting I lace my shoes up differently to help prevent pain and tightness.

The two ways I plan to try out after I get better involve parallel laces, and skipping some of the holes. Runner’s World even has a lacing guide to walk you through it. Hopefully, one of these lacing tricks will help the top of my foot from staying injured (and, not tying my laces too tight, way to go, Heather)

The first is to skip the spaces where you feel tenderness or tightness on your foot


The next is to lace your shoes up with the laces going parallel (straight across) instead of diagonal criss-cross. I didn’t take a picture of this one but the directions are on the Runner’s World guide above.

Another option would be to buy shoes with stretchy laces, or buy some of the laces and put them in your existing shoes.


The Zoots above came with those laces. I have always wanted to buy some of the laces you can put into your shoes (with the lock so you don’t have to tie them) but I never have gotten around to doing it!



Be sure to check out the Runner’s World article, because they talk about a couple of other techniques for lacing your shoes, but they don’t pertain to top of foot pain like I am experiencing.

By the way…..


This girl is really exited we had a great weekend in football. LSU won the BCS championship their game against Bama, and the Saints beat Tampa Bay. I was in a good mood.


I meant to work out today, but between running errands, getting groceries, working, and cooking I just let it slide. I am determined to get at least some abs, stretching, and foam rolling in tomorrow! Foot still hurts…so no running. Boo.

I bought a new comforter set for our master bedroom, so I need to go wash some sheets. I will post pictures of the new stuff soon, I love it!

QOTD: How do you tie your shoes? Any tips or tricks?

Friday Favorites: Football


TGIF again! I am still in St. Louis selling Running Skirts at the Rock n Roll expo. I hope you all have a great weekend! I wanted to leave you with a fun (for me) little Friday Favorites post about my favorite football teams

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you know here on RWS I am obsessed with football. It just so happens that my college team I cheer for (the LSU tigers) have been number one in the nation the past few weeks. I am HOPING this trend continues, and that I didn’t just jinx my poor team.


I will be wearing something purple or gold today while skirt selling for sure! I am so happy Jarrett Lee is getting the chance to play QB again, he deserves it a lot more than Jordan Jefferson (and no I do not condone what he did and am mad at Les Miles for even playing him.)

My other favorite team is of course the New Orleans Saints. We had quite the craptastic game last Sunday, but we play the colts this Sunday night, who haven’t won a game. (Sorry Colts fans, but lets be realistic here.) So I am crossing my fingers we can redeem ourselves!


I am also a big fan of Tim Tebow, and am so proud of him that he was named the new starter for the Broncos, and I hope he does really really well so they will continue to let him play! (Bobby had picked him for his fantasy team and now people are wanting to trade him for Tim, HA!) So, I hope everyone has a fun, football filled weekend. Sadly I won’t get to watch Saturday, but the Saints don’t play until Sunday night so I don’t have to miss it woo hoo!

QOTD: Do you watch football on the weekends? Who is your fantasy team Quarterback, or if you aren’t playing, who would you pick to be your QB?

Fall Brings…


Fall brings lots of excited things folks.  It is one of my favorite times of year. Living in the south, I wait and wait with great anticipation for fall so we can see something other than heat and humidity. Here is a short list of things I look forward to that fall brings.

Fall brings…


Cooler weather. Well into October, we will have temps in the upper 80’s. But to us, this is “cooler weather.” I have worn shorts and a t-shirt on Thanksgiving day before. I only speak the truth, and this one makes me sad. Even though it is still quite warm, the humidity has subsided a bit and made running a little more bearable!


Pumpkin everything. I love pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins (check out my recipe) pumpkin scented candles, and pumpkins on front porches. My yankee candle has been burning in the kitchen and it makes me happy.


Races. While a lot of the country is winding down their race season, we are gearing up for ours! We don’t generally have many races other than 5k’s from May-September. It’s  just too dang hot. Most of my races fall between October and February, unless it’s a destination race.


Boots and sweaters. I love tall boots! They are so fun and sassy and I can’t wait to pull mine out! Granted, I don’t own a ton of sweaters, but they will hopefully be able to come out sometime in November. Sad times I know.


Football. Geaux LSU Tigers and WHO DAT Saints. I spend all day Saturday and Sunday watching football if at all possible. ‘Nuff said.


QOTD: What is your favorite thing that fall brings?

Family Lunch


Good morning! Did everyone enjoy their Labor day weekend? Great news is that now the work week is only 4 days! yahoo! Bobby and I are actually out dealing with some personal stuff this morning, so if you are a fellow prayer warrior, I would SO appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment this morning, it would mean so much to me!

Sunday, my parents braved the weather to come for a visit during our long weekend. The plan was to BBQ and sit outside…yeah….TS Lee had other plans! I cooked a chicken dish and Bobby fried okra, while mom brought her famous mac and cheese. YUM!


my kitchen all ready for fall, and ready for lunch to be cooked!

I let the boys be in charge of the okra while the chicken cooked. The rain was PELTING down, and the wind was wild, so it was nice to have some company during the storm!


And of course, the girls were excited to see grandma and grandpa!

DSC_0341 DSC_0342

They knew something was up while we were running around cleaning in preparation. Their sixth sense just trips me out sometimes! They however were NOT thrilled about going potty in the rain. They definitely gave me the stink eye for that one!

My mom and I both love football, this was not planned!

Uh, dad….you need to learn how to center a photo, mmmkk?

It got really really dark out, but we were nice and cozy inside!


I totally took that picture in between the blinds in the kitchen. But, at least I used my real camera and not my cell phone….I am getting a little less lazy everyday!

We ate lots of yummy food, and I even bought a Saints cookie cake for dessert! They left all too quickly, but it was a nice visit! Plus, now my house is nice and clean, which as I have said before, is the great thing about having company come over!

I didn’t get to workout Monday, we were out of town for the day, but I am picking things back up today! Have a great one and count your blessings!

QOTD: Do you enjoy entertaining/having company come over? Are you a holiday decorator like me? Smile

Gameday and Lee


It’s that time of year again, it’s college football season! I am currently (yes I know I am publishing this post Sunday but I wrote it Saturday night) watching my LSU tigers play Oregon. GEAUX TIGERS! When Bobby and I got to the gym today (more on that tomorrow) College Gameday was on, I was so excited! There is just something about it…even if you aren’t actually WATCHING a game…just having it running in the background screams fall to me. Anyone else with me? Some people just don’t get it…


I can always find a game on with SOMEONE I want to cheer for, and then, to make me even MORE ecstatic, I watch football ALL day Sunday, and then again Monday night. It takes up so much time but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am slightly obsessed. Maybe I should have been a boy? (I don’t do well with snakes and frogs and playing in the mud though, so on second thought…)

2011-09-03204543 2011-09-03204547

In other news, we are currently being pounded by tropical storm Lee. It’s not that windy (trust me I have been through a  LOT worse…hello Katrina!) But this storm is moving so slow, it has been dumping rain for two days, some places should get 20 inches! A couple hours ago, we flipped the channel to the local channel LSU was playing on, and just happened to see we were under a tornado warning, that there was a cell basically on the road outside our house. Awesome. We decided to head downstairs for a little while just to be safe…I hate hate tornado warnings…we live in the county so I don’t think we have sirens out here in the sticks.

This is what it has looked like outside for two days. dreary fun!


My mom sent me this picture of the marina in their neighborhood…yeah…that’s a marina…and that was a parking lot. This was around 3:00 Saturday, and it has been raining since so I am sure it is way worse now unfortunately.


Please keep everyone in coastal MS and LA in your prayers, we really don’t need any flooding around here! Church was already cancelled for tomorrow (Sunday morning) they want everyone to stay inside and off the roads! (But my parents are coming over. hhhmmm….)

had a good workout this morning, but will save that for tomorrow’s post. Have a great Sunday all, stay dry!

QOTD: Any scary tornado or hurricane stories?