Family Time


Sometimes it’s just nice to go home by myself (with the pups) and see my mom and dad. I had somewhere to be in my parents hometown yesterday, so me and the girls drove in for one night. Good for my mental health sometimes. I got to hang out with my parental unit, and they took me to dinner at Longhorns for a good steak. Yum! This steak had white cheddar and bacon on it. Holy yum! It was amazing. (We had a coupon, too which always makes food taste better!)



I look just like her don’t I?

After dinner we did my favorite thing to do in my hometown, get snowballs! I got wedding cake cream. My favorite.

photo (12)

My dad always gets ice cream cream. Oh, and we always fight over who is going to ride shotgun. Like…running through the parking lot to be the first one at the car. Mature adults what?


We sat outside and enjoyed our desserts then headed home for a night of vegging out (and blogging for me!) Today I am going for a run in my parents neighborhood and then mom and I are going shopping before I head back home to enjoy the weekend with Bobby. Sometimes it’s just nice to go home, even if just for 24 hours.

photo (13)

Also, a huge thanks to the folks at Cascadian Farm. They sent me an awesome care package in the mail for being one of their blogger friends, I may or may not have already opened some of these boxes…So so yummy! My favorite is the chocolate chip granola bars. If you haven’t tried these, run…don’t walk to your store and get some!

photo (14)

QOTD: Thoughts on going “home?” Anyone else feel the way i do? Where is home for you?


Ok so today has NOT been a good mental health day for me! We took the 5th grade on a field trip….as a teacher, field trips are very, very, stressful. I had the worst headache by the time we got back. So, I didn’t end up running and put it off till tomorrow. I took a nap when I came home and that helped.
So then I decided to try and tackle my closet. I. got. so. overwhelmed. I did a little but then I had to leave. I started looking around at how much I needed to do nd how I don’t have enough space to put everything, and I had to leave the room! Pathetic! I did take befre shots, so maybe once you see how BAD it is you will understand. I am so embarassed to post these!

AWFUL I know! How did I let it get like that! I may do some more later, but will probably wait till tomorrow. Also I have a 6 mile run planned tomorrow. Next week my plan is to do 2-3 easy runs before the race. It’s so close! I can’t wait!

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