My Go-To Look for Game Day

I am a die hard football fan (shocker, I know). I have posted many times in the past about my love for the game, even when my team isn’t doing so well….like right now. But I think that is what makes a TRUE fan right? My parents both grew up in New Orleans, and I was raised in the area as well. As you can very well guess, I am a tried and true, in my blood, New Orleans Saints fan. Oh, we have had some bad years, but that doesn’t stop me from cheering for my boys in black and gold, or from wearing my favorite Saints gear all over town.

Believe it or not, I don’t always wear running clothes and yoga pants, and that is particularly true on game day.


I remember in the not so distant past when women were forced to wear men’s game day gear, or be forced to shop in the kids section (guilty!) Adorable women’s football gear did not exist, but thankfully that isn’t the case anymore! has a great selection of fan gear, from dressed down, to heading out on the town, to going to a game day party or tailgate. They have a huge stylish women’s selection which I loved browsing through.

new orleans saints

Sometimes we watch the game alone at home (I think I embarrass my husband in public with my screaming and ranting), and sometimes we go to a family members home, a party, or a sports bar. We have been on vacation many times and had to seek out the nearest sports bar just so I could watch the game.

Of course, no girl wants to wear the same outfits over and over, so having a closet full of gear to wear no matter the weather or how dressed up or dressed down the occasion is very important. For instance, the year the Saints won the Super bowl everyone wore their game day gear to church. It was hysterical but also so much fun. I of course dressed up my outfit that day! It’s fun to take things up a notch instead of just wearing jeans and a t-shirt on game day. I love to pair a typically dressed-down shirt with a skirt and heels to jazz things up a bit.

touchdown saints

Another fun thing to do is to take a more decorative or “statement” shirt, and pair it with jeans and heels. I am all about cute wedges! In New Orleans, bling, glitter, and gold are all very important and can be found on a lot of clothing, so an adorable shirt like the one below doesn’t need something fancy on bottom to take away from it, so skinny jeans work great to dress it down a bit.

new orleans

I LOVE the laces on the v-neck of the this shirt, it’s so fun and perfect for game day. What, you don’t think I can grill?

nfl shop


We still have a lot more football to play my friends. So what if the Saints are 0-3, we can still come back, right?


If you are looking for great gear to support your favorite team, be sure to check out the stylish selection for the next game day at

QOTD: What is your favorite thing to wear to watch football? How is your team doing?

Granola, Baby Clothes, and Puppy Antics

I finally feel somewhat in the land of normalcy finally! We got internet Friday evening, so I have been playing catch up with work and still continuing to unpack boxes. We are by no means done, but the house is starting to look more like a home, even though I still have to flip every single light switch to remember which one is which! Today’s post is kind of a hodge podge of updates since I feel like I have been gone for so long and have a lot to share.

Cascadian Farm sent me an amazingly generous box full of their new granola, and Bobby and I have already eaten through several bags. This stuff is good, yall! One of my favorite breakfasts is granola and greek yogurt with fruit like strawberries and blueberries, but sometimes it’s just not filling enough. Enter this new granola that has 10 grams of PROTEIN in it, and it keeps me full a lot longer, plus, well…the flavors taste really, really good. If you are looking for a new breakfast or snack to rotate in (I put some in a ziploc in my purse for on the go!) I highly recommend.

cascadian granola

Flavors are dark chocolate coconut and apple crisp

In addition to doing some catch up with work this weekend, I also did a little shopping. We still have several items we need for the baby (yikes) so I went to Target to scout out some things since I have a couple gift cards, and I absolutely could not pass up this adorable onesie set. Can you blame me? Baby M is going to be all ready for football!

saints onesies


Now I just need LSU outfits and headbands for all!

Speaking of adorable, a couple of people have asked how the girls are adjusting to the new house. It’s funny how quickly dogs find their new “spots” in a house and settle in. We have been all over the place this summer so I am not sure if they just think this is another pit stop or what, but they seem happy.


Bella especially likes that the windows are long enough that she can see out of them and what is going on in the front and back yard. Unfortunately for me this has led to a lot of barking and trying to teach her she does not have to bark at every car that drives down the street. See, at our house house there was a huge park in our front yard THEN the street was beyond that, so poor baby is not used to seeing cars this close to her going by all day. Hopefully she learns. Sassy doesn’t like all the moving about and unpacking, but she is getting more used to things as well. I hope to have some photos of the house for you in the next couple weeks!

Do you eat granola? Favorite kind? Are you a sucker for baby clothes?

ZOOMA Florida Discount and Charity Challenge


I mentioned awhile back that I had the honor of being selected as a race ambassador for the ZOOMA Florida race in January. There is a half and 5k option, and the host hotel is the fabulous Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island! ZOOMA is so awesome, that they wanted to do something for YOU, and for charity.


They came up with an awesome idea that for ONE DAY ONLY, if you register with my special discount code, you will get 10% off registration for either of the Florida races, AND, ZOOMA will donate $10 to one of my favorite charities for that one day, which is October 5th, FRIDAY.

So for example, if ten people register using my promo code tomorrow the 5th, not only will they get 10% off registration, but my charity of choice will get $100! How awesome is that?!?!

So, I’m sure you want to know what charity I decided to choose for the promotion.



I thought about choosing a charity nationally known, but decided to do something a little closer to home, Team Gleason/The Gleason Initiative Foundation.  This charity may not be as well known, but needs more publicity and help.

Steve Gleason used to play in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints, until he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). You may have heard his name or have seen a clip of him blocking a punt at the Saints first home game back in the Superdome after hurricane Katrina.

Even though he was diagnosed with this awful disease, he chose to make the best out of his life. He and his wife decided to have a baby, and then they started Team Gleason, a charity with a mission to show that patients can not only live but thrive after this diagnosis. In doing so, he hopes to inspire others to do the same, and have meaning and purpose in their life. The photo below is from a Saints game last year. Steve had to hold on to Drew to walk out onto the field and lead the crowd in the pre game chant, but he was determined.



He spent much of his career visiting patients at the New Orleans Children’s Hospital, and Gleason, known for his long locks hanging out of this helmet, regularly donated his hair to “Locks for Love”, which provides hair for wigs for children with cancer.

The mission of The Gleason Initiative Foundation is to:
1. Help provide individuals with muscular diseases or injuries with leading edge technology, equipment and services; (so they can live as normal a life as possible)
2. Raise public awareness toward amyotrophic lateral sclerosis “ALS” by providing and documenting extraordinary life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries.

He has done such things as send people with ALS to the Superbowl, he has taken them skydiving, and climbing Mt. Rainier among providing high tech equipment so they can function even after losing muscle control . He believes the diagnosis is not the end and encourages others with ALS to live life to the fullest.

Please help his foundation and mission by registering for the Florida ZOOMA race on October 5th, and $10 of your registration will be donated to Team Gleason for ALS. Below is a GREAT video on Steve if you would like to learn more about him. If you want to get to the “meat” of the video and just hear about his mission and determination, (have a tissue handy) skip to the 5:20 mark on the video.

So please, consider running the ZOOMA Florida race in January, and register TOMORROW, October 5th using my special promo code at checkout:


Want to learn more about the race itself? Check out this post I wrote with all the details. Want even more incentive? Anyone that registers for ZOOMA Florida before 11/4 will get a training care package mailed to them. The training care package will be full of necessary and fun goodies to set you up for success!

Ready to register? Go to the registration page and enter in the promo FLAMB4 to save 10% and give $10 to Team Gleason, on October 5th ONLY. So today, just think about it, set an alarm on your phone, whatever you need to do to remind yourself to enter TOMORROW, and I will see you in Florida!

Thanks for your support!

QOTD: What is your favorite charity to support?

Friday Favorites: Football


TGIF again! I am still in St. Louis selling Running Skirts at the Rock n Roll expo. I hope you all have a great weekend! I wanted to leave you with a fun (for me) little Friday Favorites post about my favorite football teams

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you know here on RWS I am obsessed with football. It just so happens that my college team I cheer for (the LSU tigers) have been number one in the nation the past few weeks. I am HOPING this trend continues, and that I didn’t just jinx my poor team.


I will be wearing something purple or gold today while skirt selling for sure! I am so happy Jarrett Lee is getting the chance to play QB again, he deserves it a lot more than Jordan Jefferson (and no I do not condone what he did and am mad at Les Miles for even playing him.)

My other favorite team is of course the New Orleans Saints. We had quite the craptastic game last Sunday, but we play the colts this Sunday night, who haven’t won a game. (Sorry Colts fans, but lets be realistic here.) So I am crossing my fingers we can redeem ourselves!


I am also a big fan of Tim Tebow, and am so proud of him that he was named the new starter for the Broncos, and I hope he does really really well so they will continue to let him play! (Bobby had picked him for his fantasy team and now people are wanting to trade him for Tim, HA!) So, I hope everyone has a fun, football filled weekend. Sadly I won’t get to watch Saturday, but the Saints don’t play until Sunday night so I don’t have to miss it woo hoo!

QOTD: Do you watch football on the weekends? Who is your fantasy team Quarterback, or if you aren’t playing, who would you pick to be your QB?

The Boys of Fall


If you have known me for any length of time, you know I am a huge football fan. More specifically, the “Bayou Bengals” LSU Tigers, and the “WHO DAT” New Orleans Saints. Growing up in South Louisiana, going to many Saints games, it is just in my blood. Through thick and thin, bags covering our heads, to super bowl champs, I love football. On Sunday, my husband knows better than to to try carry on a conversation with me unless it’s in between the late game and the Sunday night game. It is THAT bad. We rush home from church to catch kickoff, and I refused to go to a Super bowl party when the Saints won 2 years ago because I didn’t want anyone to talk to me, so I could focus on the game. Awful, right? I think I was supposed to be a boy. But I don’t like mud. yuck.


Saturday is all about college Game Day and afternoon naps. There is just something about taking a nap with football on in the background. Oh, and There is ALWAYS someone playing you can cheer for (GO SEC!) When I am in Disney world and one of my teams is playing, you bet I will LEAVE whatever park I am in to go watch the game. On our honeymoon, we watched the Saints in the playoffs with Wishes fireworks going on outside our window. Best. night. ever.

You can bet when I pack my suitcase for my upcoming trip it will have Saints Jerseys and LSU t-shirts for game day, and the days after. I find it hilarious that I like football more than my husband, and he played the dang sport for like 10 years! So you can bet when I found this clip from Ellen, that I just HAD to share it with you guys. I have watched it three times and it puts me into hysterical laughing fits every time.

HILARIOUS! I am so excited to see where the Saints will go this year, and how LSU will do missing our starting quarterback, eekk! Doing ok so far! Check out these past posts I have done on the Saints to see how deep my obsession goes:

Football? Football!

Superbowl Baby!

Drew Brees is my Hero

Aints No More!




I promise we are normal…right…

Bobby refers to Drew Brees as my boyfriend. Seriously. He will ask “so what time does your boyfriend play today?” and I know exactly what he means. Smile I did a review on his book Coming Back Stronger also. I wrote more posts about the Saints, but those are the best ones.  Football is one of the reasons I just love fall. Now if only the weather would drop below 90 degrees…


Last night Bobby and I had to deal with some personal issues I can’t really talk about, so we were to drained to go to the gym so we took the pups on a nice long walk instead. So what if I am taking it easy this week. I could use a good cut back week.

Please please please donate to my raffle! remember I will have 2 winners, all proceeds go to cancer research, and only $5 to enter, plus you can get bonus entries once you donate! Go to my raffle page!

QOTD: Do you prefer college football or pro? What team are you cheering for this year? Any other crazy fans out there like me?

Friday Favorites: Coming Back Stronger


If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with the New Orleans Saints, and I am a huge fan of Drew Brees. This is quite comical to me, because my husband calls him my boyfriend, and is totally jealous of the guy. On Sundays, he will say: “hey Heather, what time does your boyfriend play?” and things of that nature. he jokes about it, but he really is jealous and doesn’t like me to talk about Drew in his presence, which makes me giggle. I like Drew because not only is he a great football player, but he is a strong Christian with great morals and a lot of integrity, which is hard to find in our Tiger Woods and Tony Parker day and age. He and his wife Brittany came to new Orleans after hurricane Katrina, while the city was still in shambles. He felt a calling to come play for the Saints and be a part of a great city and help form a great team. (I get teary eyed just thinking about it all!)

I have been reading the book he wrote after the Saints won the super bowl last year.


I think I started reading this book at just the right time in my life. Not only am I facing sports related adversity with my injuries, but also life adversity. I recently wrote this post about it, in case you missed it.  I highly recommend this book to any athlete. It has some great back story on Drew’s life as well as his two major sports injuries he had to come back from. It also talks about the city of New Orleans and a bit about hurricane Katrina. There is great wisdom in this book, and some one liner tips and quotes I really needed to hear. This is my favorite paragraph of the book so far:

“One of the most significant things I learned during that period of injury and rehab is this: if God leads you to it, He will lead you through it. Everything happens for a reason, and everything is part of His master plan. If you let adversity do it’s work in you, it will make you stronger.(emphasis mine) When you come out on the other side, you just may be amazed at the things God has allowed you to accomplish—things you might not have believed were possible.”

WOW. It’s like a breath of fresh air to me. During this time I am struggling with my injuries, I CANNOT let the adversity overpower me. I can control my attitude, and how I handle the problems I face, and if I learn all I can from the trials I am going through, it will make me stronger. I cannot help but smile!

I am not finished with the book yet, I have a couple more chapters…but I know how it turns out. Smile If Drew can have 11 anchors put in his shoulder and come back to be the super bowl MVP, then I can overcome my injuries and be a better runner than I ever thought possible.

This book is a very easy read, and it has a section in the middle of some great photos of Drew, his family, the city of New Orleans, etc. It is highly motivational and inspirational, so if you are looking for a good comeback story, go pick it up!

I am EXTREMLY sore from the workout video I did yesterday. This just proves my point that JUST running is not going to put me in the best shape of my life. I would think right now, after running a marathon, I would be in great shape. But do a 20 minutes video with some squats and lunges, and nope, I guess I’m not!

QOTD: What is your best tip for facing adversity or injury?

Movin to the beat

Music. I am not a huge music person. I mean, I listen to it in the car, but that’s about it. I don’t have 100 million songs downloaded on my ipod nor do i care to go to 10 concerts a year. I love to sing, but I am more of a thinker when I am alone if that makes sense. Well, I used to run with my husband a lot, but now that he is working two jobs we rarely get to run together, so i need some motivation, something to keep me busy. I would love to get some fun uptempo songs on my ipod, go for a run, and see what happens with my time. So, whata re your favorite songs to run with? Please help me out here!

Last night was awful just AWFUL! I went form happy, to angry, to excited, to freaking out! My blood pressure must have been skyrocketing! Oh, and then i cried at the end of regulation when the Vikings had the ball in FG range. Yes I CRIED! I kept saying it wasn’t fair, we deserved to win, etc. It was so pathetic. Then, I got mad at myself for crying over something so stupid and letting football have it’s magical powers over me! My poor husband asked if I will be like that for the superbowl and i said yes, and now he is fearing for his life! (I tend to yell, a anyone in range, for doing anything…so, word of warning, stay away!)

NFC CHAMPIONS! I am trying to resist the urge to buy NFC champion gear b/c i want SUPERBOWL gear!


For those who don’t know, I am a huge, HUGE New Orleans Saints fan. I was born and raised outside of New Orleans and grew up being a fan and going to games. We actually got to go to a gamewhen we were home for Christmas and I got to take my husband to his first NFL game.
Anyway, they just, minutes ago, stomped the Arizona Cardinals, I mean STOMPED 45-14. I wore my Saints garb today and flew my flag outsie my car. Don’t judge me. Just wanted to give a shout out to my boys. I am so proud of them. FINISH STRONG!

in other news: 100% rain today = no running. boo.