Racin’ For the Seed 5K Recap 2016

On Saturday, I participated in the Racin’ for the Seed 5k. You may remember last year Bobby ran the duathlon portion of the race, and at that time I had no idea there was a separate 5k, so I was excited to get to run it this year!

This race helped raise money for the Mustard Seed, which is the community center for adults with developmental disabilities. We had such a great time last year because they held a great event on top of a great race, so I knew this year would be fun. The race was held in a different location, and unfortunately it has been raining a lot here so it was very muddy.


That morning we had some really chilly weather, and while standing around in 48 degree temps wasn’t fun pre race, I knew it would equal perfect running weather for me. I was nervous about this race because I really wanted to beat my three year old PR, but since I have only been running one day a week, I wasn’t sure if it was possible. The race was chip timed and a small race, so I lined up towards the front but not in the very front.

IMG_4014 (2)

I put my headphones in and started my watch having not warmed up at all. I’m the type that needs a solid mile or more of warming up, so I knew the first mile was going to be rough. We left the park and crossed over the highway into a neighborhood, turned right and immediately started going downhill. All my running buddies know what this means….yes yes, we would have to get back UP the hill at some point to re-enter the park.

I zoned out listening to my music and very much enjoyed that it was a small race because I didn’t have to do any weaving like last weekend at the Crescent City Classic! We went downhill some more, then up and down a couple of small rolling hills. My watch beeped one mile, and that split was an 8:25. A little bit fast for a first mile for me, but honestly I was panicked because I knew I would be slow my last mile because I would be going back uphill.

We made a turn to the left, confirming that we would be making a big loop through the neighborhood, and I just kept on trucking. The interesting thing about this race was that for the 5k portion, the duathlon folks and 5ker’s (like myself) were all running together, and I began hoping they had clear direction on who went what way because I didn’t remember reading anything about a turn off.

Soon we were at two miles, and I could feel myself having a harder time keeping pace. That lap was 8:25, so I was at approximately 17 minutes, giving me over 10.5 minutes until this race wasn’t a PR. I knew I was doing well, but with how I was feeling (getting nauseated from pushing hard) plus not sure what type of hill I would encounter or if the course would be long (I had been very careful to run the tangents the best I could), I wasn’t convinced I could PR.

In that last mile I kept telling myself “only one mile to go” then “only .75 to go” and “you can do anything for half a mile”. I was pretty sure I was going to finish in the upper 26:00’s which made me happy until about mile 2.70 when I got to the uphill. I pushed and pushed as hard as I could but my pace ended up slowing and the third mile was around 9:12.

I crosses back over the highway thinking I should be about to the finish by now according to my watch. I kept a lookout for where I was to turn to end the race, and apparently there was a person yelling telling us which way to go but I didn’t hear him. Thankfully I figured it out on my own and made the turn for the finish line (there was no one directly in front of me going the way I was going so I wasn’t sure!) We ended up finishing in the grass which made me nervous because of my weak ankles so I slowed up a bit, but still managed to cross in 27:13 chip time (my watch said I ran 3.17 miles) which is about a 40 second PR. I was frustrated because I wanted the 26:00’s and was so close and couldn’t stay at 3.10 even running the tangents, but that just leaves me for a goal for next time (and hopefully I can find a flatter course!)


Here is a video of me coming into the finish, and I had no idea those guys were that close behind me!

After I caught my breath and saw Bobby and Emma Kate, we headed over to the animal exhibit that had like last year. Little miss thing was OBSESSED with the ferrets. My theory is because they don’t stay still, kind of like her. Every time I would set her on the ground she would run over to the cage.


She was so cute petting them, we told her to be sweet and love them and she put her head down on it, it was adorable.


IMG_3948 (2)

We also saw Inky the clown who made her a balloon animal that I promptly took away because she tried to eat it.


Also, Frank the camel was back! We had to get a picture since I had one holding EK last year (see below)

c017e921-1189-40e7-bf83-14a831c94b15FullSizeRender (22)

I will have to say this race was excellent in so many ways. Great entertainment for the kids and family (a band played as well) and yall, they had SO MUCH FREE FOOD for the runners! I’m talking pizza, sandwiches, bagels, cookies, cakes, chicken tenders, bananas, PowerAde, chocolate milk, all from local restaurants and bakeries. It was amazing.


We hung around for awards because there were only about 110 people in the 5k, and 26 all together in my age group of 30-39, so I was curious to see how I faired. Turns out, I faired well!

Emma Kate went with me to get my second place award for my age group.


It was really sweet. The adults from the Mustard Seed hand painted mugs for the age group winners, and we each took a photo with our award and one of the “seedsters” as they are called.


Everyone who signed up for the race also got a t-shirt and a coaster hand painted by a seedster as well. So cute!


This is such a great race and I highly recommend it if you are in the Jackson, MS area (the race was in Brandon for those familiar). Everything was GREAT except I prefer flatter races (who doesn’t right?) AND it was a nightmare trying to get out of the park after because the only way out was the way cyclists and runners were coming in and out of as well, so it was a complete mess and we waited forever, so hopefully they will fix that next year, but otherwise I give it two thumbs up!

QOTD: Have you ever gotten a handmade race award? Favorite post race food?

Run for Relief 5k Race Recap

I haven’t run a 5k in a year, and I haven’t PR’ed in a 5k in almost two years. I have been focusing on distance and not speed for many many months, so I was curious as to how I would do. Bobby has been doing a lot of speed workouts since he wasn’t training for the Princess half like I was so I KNEW he would PR, but me….not so sure. We drove down to the race Saturday morning on a beautiful sunny day. The weather was nice but it was rapidly getting warm for the 9:00 start time. We picked up our bibs and race shirts and did about .6 miles of a warm up run before the start. There was a time years ago that I would NEVER dream of warming up for a 5k. I mean, why drain your energy before the race starts, duh! Oh, how much I have learned!


photo 1123




We lined up at the start (Bobby was up ahead of me with the fast folks!) and then we were off and running. I wanted to stat slow and run negative splits, and I am still struggling with not getting caught up in the excitement and starting off too fast. I calmed down after about 4 tenths, but those first tenths were too fast. I was glad we warmed up a bit before the start, I think that helped me as well. I kept my garmin on pace instead of distance or time, and tried to stay around 9. The first mile evened out with y fast start and slower second half, and I was on to mile two. I picked up the pace, finally warmed up, and was running in the 8’s. I saw Bobby going back the other way and gave him a high five. I was surprised at how good I felt, and was happy to make it to the turn around.


Mile 1.5-2.5 felt pretty good. I passed the water stop without stopping, and kept cruising along, glancing at my pace which was going anywhere between an 8:20 and an 8:50. I hit 2.5 and started to get very warm. I was ready for this to be over, so I switched my Garmin over to distance so I could count down the tenths. I think this was my mistake because although I told myself pace didn’t matter because I was giving it all I had, I don’t think that was the case. I think I accidentally slowed down in that last half mile, but what can you do. I made it to the final turn/three mile marker and saw the finish line. I kicked it in and went pretty fast, further solidifying the fact that I wasn’t going fast enough that last half mile. I crossed in 27:52, a new PR! I was happy to PR, but mad at myself for slowing down at the end.




I grabbed some Powerade and met up with Bobby, who also PRed, running a 23:19! He has worked really hard to improve his speed, I was super proud of him.






Thanks to my KT Tape I didn’t have any calf issues. Hooray! Yes, yes I like to match my tape to my outfits. Sassy, I know!



After everyone finished, we headed over to the awards ceremony. Apparently I got 5th in my age group out of 18, not too shabby. This was a military race so there were a LOT of very fit and in shape guys and gals running this one.




I enjoyed this race, it went through a quiet neighborhood so lots of houses to look at to keep my mind occupied. They had volunteers giving directions at all the turns, and had a water stop at the halfway point. The awards were nice, and they had donuts, bananas, and water/PowerAde after the race. It started on time and I would definitely run it again! I even really like the race shirt, very neutral and nice.


photo (20)


I can’t believe I have PR’ed in three different distances in 3 months. Now I think I need to find a 10k so I can make it 4 in four months!


QOTD: runners, did you race this weekend? If you didn’t or aren’t a runner, how was the weather where you live this weekend?

Accidental PR


Good morning! I am in a great mood this morning. Not only is it the weekend, but I did something kind of crazy yesterday…I accidentally set a half marathon PR while running a training run for the runDisney Princess half! I was not even trying to or expecting it, so you can imagine my surprise.

I REALLY didn’t feel like running yesterday, and even let the Twitter world know about it.


I forced myself out the door, with my only goal being to start off slow. I typically start out way to fast then bonk around mile ten (or get calf cramps!) so I knew I wanted to stay between 10:00 and 10:10 for the first six miles.

I was pleased after six to see that I ran a 1:01, which was faster than I ran my six miler on Wednesday. The run Wednesday seemed SO HARD and this one felt great, so I was happy with my effort so far. I guzzled some Gatorade and took gel, not looking forward to seven more miles. I zones out, no music the whole run, and let my mind wander. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of mile 8, and running a 9:20 pace and it surprisingly felt good. I thought surely it was a fluke and wouldn’t last, so I kept on going.

To my total surprise, I was keeping the pace, this is nuts! At mile 9 I did some math and realized I could run a half marathon PR! I of course started paying more attention, and the time ticket by as I continued to run in the 9:00’s. Not going to lie, the last two miles were hard and my pace suffered a bit going back to 10:00, but I knew I was almost done. At that point, I knew I would PR but just didn’t  know by how much.

I gave it my all in the last half mile, and stopped at 13.1 with a time of 2:11:39,  a nearly four minute PR! I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t stop smiling.

photo 212

This was exactly the confidence booster I needed after a rough past few races and a rough week of training runs. I love these kinds of fun surprises, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I was exhausted, but my body held up on me. No calf cramps (just some tightness) and just a little hip pain towards the end. I know it’s not an “official” race time, but it counts to me. Smile

photo 65

Post run runners high

QOTD: Have you ever accidentally PR’ed without even trying?

Nutri Hut 5k 2011


Another Monday in May! Where is this month going?!? It’s already halfway over! Not that I’m complaining, it just means closer to vaca time for me! Catching up from the weekend?

Friday, I did a Friday flashback post of what I was doing a year ago today. WOW things sure are different in my life now!

Saturday, I talked about the importance of incorporating rest days into your schedule. Do it folks, you will be glad you did!

Ok, so on Saturday Bobby and I ran the first annual Nutri Hut 5k. Surprisingly, the humidity was low. It was warm and sunny though, as the race didn’t start till 9:00. boo!


ready to rock and roll! By the way, the puppy is always in my pictures because she literally follows me around ALL DAY. If you feel friendless and want something that thinks you are the bomb.com and will be at your side no matter what, get a poodle. seriously.

So we got to the race early since we were not exactly sure where it was. We got our bib’s and shirts, and went potty before warming up and stretching a bit. My Sunday school teacher’s wife was running this race as her first 5k, which was cool to watch (by the way she rocked it! 32 something or other I believe?)


I have no idea who this girl is. She got in the way of my picture. how rude.

So we lined up for the race, Bobby wanted to get in the front but I really didn’t, there were some fast and serious looking guys up there, so I started a few seconds back, and soon we were off! The flyer said it was a fast and flat course, well…I would LOVE to know the definition of “flat” for some people, because we turned the first corner and were face to face with a giant INTERSTATE OVERPASS! No lie, I kind of freaked out. I REALLY wanted to run a sub 28:00, and almost wanted to give up knowing we would have to go up and over this thing TWICE. I talked myself down however, and decided to take the hill at a moderate pace. I had started out too fast (in the upper 7:00 range) so knew I would still be ok time wise for mile one if I just took it nice and steady, not pushing TOO hard. I slowed a bit, and as we got up, a guy passes me….pushing a stroller…with a sleeping baby in it. WOW did I feel slow! I kind of laughed to myself and kept going.

The next few tenth’s were nice because they were in the shade of some trees going through a neighborhood aahhhh, shade! We got to the water stop which I declined. I knew it was an out and back and decided to wait and stop to grab a sip on my way back when I knew I would want to walk for a few seconds and catch my breath. My Garmin chirped one mile, 8:49. Even WITH the giant hill, I was in good shape. I passed up an athletic looking guy at this point so that boosted my confidence.

  Soon enough, the two lead guys came flying by the other way neck and neck. I wished I could be at the end to see them battle it out! I could see the turn around, and Bobby was just hitting it. I was only about a minute behind him, if that. We high fived as we passed each other, I was still feeling pretty good. When I could see the water stop coming up, I picked up the pace for a second because I knew I would be walking soon. I grabbed the water, drank two sips, and dumped the rest on my head. I was starting to get quite warm! I went back through the shaded area and started to get REALLY tired. I could see the bridge up ahead of me, and that further exhausted me, just seeing it, knowing I had to go up it again. I tried to fight mentally, thinking of anything else. I thought of all the people and children with cancer, going through chemotherapy. If they could do that, I could run another .60 miles. I walked for about ten seconds of the base of the bridge, then powered up that baby. OH MY GOSH the wind. I didn’t feel it at ALL the first time, but going BACK, it was blowing right at me, and I felt like I was fighting SO HARD not only to go up hill but against the dumb wind. That made me try to go faster just to get OUT of it and back down the hill. I finally made it stopped for about 7 seconds to catch my breath. I could SEE the finish line. I still had about .30 to go, and I was running out of gas. At the last turn, a girl passed me, I was so mad! So I passed her back!!! We got in the final stretch and she started SPRINTING like she was running the 100 meter dash. She left WAY to much in the tank, and no way I could catch her so I let her go and prayed she wasn’t in my age group!


you can see me in my red skirt wwaayyy back  there, with speedy gonzales sprinting ahead of me.


I was hurting, just wanted to be DONE with the “I’m going to throw up” feeling.


not sure why, but it looks like I am power walking here? I was running pretty good, I promise!



Weeee I’m done!!!!

Official times are not up, but my Garmin said 28:15. I am happy with it considered it’s a one minute PR.(not quite 100 people raced.) I was frustrated, however, because if it was not for the bridge twice, a sub 28 would be MINE! I was 15 seconds away, and I know those bridges slowed me down way more than 15 seconds!!! Oh well, I still am proud. Bobby ran a 24:28, and we can’t remember if that is a PR for him or not, ha! He did awesome!

We got some water, I watched Sarah run it in, and then we saw they had free massages, yes! I hopped up on the table and told of my IT band woes. Bobby got a massage, too.


Honestly, she wasn’t great and didn’t rub hard enough. Oh well, it was free. We waited around for awards, and I was quite surprised when I heard my name called for 2nd in my age category!!! YAY!


They took pictures with 1-3rd in each category, (the 1st place girl in my category had already left, I would have gladly taken her medal ha!) All in all, good race. my only complaint is the bridge. The coast is a very flat area, so it’s frustrating they couldn’t find 1.55 miles of flat road for us to run an out and back on.

It was almost 11 by now, and so we drove to the next shopping center for some Mexican from my favorite place! I changed into our race shirts, and I thought they were really cute.

DSC_2715 DSC_2716

Bobby ran so well!


don’t ask. I have no idea.


BAHAHA I love the back. So funny! We ate, we came home, we walked the dogs for 20 minutes, and did some yard work (Hello, my second workout of the day!) And now I have another medal to add to my collection!


Sorry that was long winded, thanks for reading and all the support I got on Twitter and Facebook after I posted that I placed!

QOTD: Did you race this weekend? If not what it your next race or fitness workout if not a race?