8 Tips for Running in the Rain

Update: This post originally appeared in August of 2011 and has been updated for October 2018.

I have run several races in the rain, including the inaugural Rock ‘n Roll Providence half marathon, where there were torrential downpours the entire race. I definitely did some things wrong in that race in regards to running in the rain, but I learned some lessons and tricks to help you survive a rainy run.

8 tips for running in the rain

Remember, it’s just rain. It won’t kill you, so go running anyway! (Unless there is lightning or a tornado…then you are on your own!)

8 Tips for running in the rain:

1.) Wear a hat. This will help keep your head drier and help to keep water drops from pelting you in the face. Not getting water all in your face will make it not so bad.

2.) Waterproof your phone/iPod. No, you don’t have to have some expensive special case, a ziplock bag will do! I kept my phone in my Ziploc the whole race and it was fine afterward! Also, I could still type on the touch screen through the bag.

3.) Body Glide.  Even if you don’t normally chafe or blister, use Body Glide anyway. I don’t normally chafe badly but I did under ONE arm and on the outside of the leg  where the pocket was I kept my phone in. I heard people saying they usually don’t get blisters but because of squishy shoes, they did during this race.

4.) Wear moisture wicking fabric/clothing. Honestly, you should be doing this ANYWAY, but it will help keep you from chafing more than cotton will, and it will keep you more dry.

5.) Dress warmly. The rain will most likely make it a few degrees cooler than you anticipated, so take that into consideration when planning your race day outfit.

6.) Get out of your wet clothes ASAP! Prior to the race, use the gear check if there is one available, or run back to your hotel to shower and change, but don’t stay in your wet clothes! You need to dry off and get the chill out of your body.

7.) A garbage bag makes a great poncho. Seriously. Been there done that. Even if you don’t run in it, it can at least keep you dry while you wait for the race to start.

8.) Evaluate and possibly change your expectation. If you were thinking you were going to PR in said rainy day weather you still can, but don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t. There are other things to consider besides the actual rain that can slow you down. For instance, in Providence, at times it was raining so hard the drains in the streets couldn’t keep up with it, so there was standing water RUSHING over the street knocking your feet out from under you. Also, there were puddles everywhere and I couldn’t tell how deep they were, which could have caused me to twist an ankle. I treaded a lot more lightly than usual because of this. There were also several steep downhills I was afraid of slipping on in my wet slippery shoes. Take precautions and watch your footing. There will be other races! Think of it as an experience, and as a “mental PR!”

tips for running in the rain

QOTD: Do you have any other rainy day running tips?

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Gameday and Lee


It’s that time of year again, it’s college football season! I am currently (yes I know I am publishing this post Sunday but I wrote it Saturday night) watching my LSU tigers play Oregon. GEAUX TIGERS! When Bobby and I got to the gym today (more on that tomorrow) College Gameday was on, I was so excited! There is just something about it…even if you aren’t actually WATCHING a game…just having it running in the background screams fall to me. Anyone else with me? Some people just don’t get it…


I can always find a game on with SOMEONE I want to cheer for, and then, to make me even MORE ecstatic, I watch football ALL day Sunday, and then again Monday night. It takes up so much time but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am slightly obsessed. Maybe I should have been a boy? (I don’t do well with snakes and frogs and playing in the mud though, so on second thought…)

2011-09-03204543 2011-09-03204547

In other news, we are currently being pounded by tropical storm Lee. It’s not that windy (trust me I have been through a  LOT worse…hello Katrina!) But this storm is moving so slow, it has been dumping rain for two days, some places should get 20 inches! A couple hours ago, we flipped the channel to the local channel LSU was playing on, and just happened to see we were under a tornado warning, that there was a cell basically on the road outside our house. Awesome. We decided to head downstairs for a little while just to be safe…I hate hate tornado warnings…we live in the county so I don’t think we have sirens out here in the sticks.

This is what it has looked like outside for two days. dreary fun!


My mom sent me this picture of the marina in their neighborhood…yeah…that’s a marina…and that was a parking lot. This was around 3:00 Saturday, and it has been raining since so I am sure it is way worse now unfortunately.


Please keep everyone in coastal MS and LA in your prayers, we really don’t need any flooding around here! Church was already cancelled for tomorrow (Sunday morning) they want everyone to stay inside and off the roads! (But my parents are coming over. hhhmmm….)

had a good workout this morning, but will save that for tomorrow’s post. Have a great Sunday all, stay dry!

QOTD: Any scary tornado or hurricane stories?

Providence Rock ‘N’ Roll half Marathon


Howdy from Mississippi! I am FINALLY home! More on that later. I have pictures and fun stores to share with you from the expo etc, but I figured I would just start with the half marathon/recap for the actual race and then backtrack ok? OK! Here we go!

Michelle and I didn’t get finished packing up boxes until 11:00 pm Saturday night. I don’t think I fell asleep till close to 12:00. My alarm went off at 5:45, and I did NOT want to get out of bed. My legs were THROBBING from working the expo and being on my feet all day long for three days, and I was suffering from a very severe lack of sleep. We crawled out of bed and got dressed for the race.


I opened the curtain….and it was pouring. Not raining, POURING! Are you KIDDING ME?!? Well….what could we do? We got dressed to head out to the course.


I stood by the window so you could see the rain.


We were not paying attention to the time and I look up and it’s 6:55, and ya…the race starts at 7. whoops! We start hauling butt through the hotel and ran UP the hill to the corrals. Before Michelle headed to hers, we found someone to take a pic for us. (I had my phone in a ziploc bag so some pics are blurry.)


I headed to my corral to find that it is full and people are standing on the outside. Um. this will not do for Heather. I find a spot where I could stand if I could just get over the big white gate…So I fling one leg over and ask some random guy about my age if I can borrow his shoulder to hold on to so I can climb over. He gave me this strange “you-are-a-crazy-woman” look but I did it anyway. I mean, help a sister out dude!

Well, come to find out, all the rushing was for nothing. The race was TWENTY MINUTES LATE! I was starting to get nervous because I was cutting it close to make my flight as it was.


and then, if it was possible, the rain got harder. look at all the people behind me, don’t they look miserable?


The race finally started, and we were off! After a couple tenths, we hit our first hill. Oh. My. Gosh. This southern girl is used to flat running. a small incline in my neighborhood is considered a hill to me. At this point I knew it was going to be a long race. Not to mention the fact that the road was PACKED the first 3 miles so I had to do a lot of weaving.


I kept up with the 2:15 pace group for the first three miles but them had to let them go. Looking back it was so dumb of me to think I could hang with them with NO training and expo legs. These are the things I had going against me:

-expo legs. 3 days of walking/standing ALL DAY, lifting heavy boxes, etc. Never hurt so bad, even after my full marathon. It was so uncomfortable and I had dead legs race morning.

-lack of training. Since my injury issues in February I have taken 6 weeks off then run 3-4 miles 2-4 times a week. Since April I have done 2 five milers, a 6 miler, and a 10 milers. Since APRIL. That is IT. ya…

-hills and rain. I know most courses won’t have everything Ideal…but come on people. It was monsooning. I described it was “Katrina rain” because that’s how hard it was raining! And yeah…this girl doesn’t run many hills, esp. ones with HUGE pot holes making my knees scream.

It’s funny how at first everyone was trying to avoid puddles and then it was just raining so hard it really didn’t matter. I started sloshing through puddles, I literally couldn’t get any more wet.

When we hit mile three I knew I was in for a mentally challenging race. It felt like I had been running forever, and I was already ready to be done. I decided to take up a run 3 walk 1 ratio just for my sanity. I had to keep telling myself “one foot in front of the other, just put one foot in front of the other.”


Oh, not to mention there were maybe 4 bands along the whole course…how exciting….and hardly any spectators. I thrive on spectators, so this made it even harder. BUT, I am so thankful for the volunteers handing out water, and the cheerleaders along the course as well!  So up and down the hills we kept going….with rain pelting us in the face, some of the streets were so flooded water was rushing over the top…it was bad. It was really really miserable and bad. I wanted to cry. I wanted to quit. I felt dumb for thinking I could run well after only “training” with 3 and 4 mile runs after working my first big expo.

Not to mention…I forgot my IT band strap in the room and my hip and knee started KILLING me around mile 6 or 7 and didn’t let up the rest of the time. THAT added to the joy of this race. Wringing out my skirt every couple of miles was fun, too. ha.

The rain seemed to get harder if at all possible…I was chaffing in places I NEVER chafe, and then the wind picked up and between that and the water rushing down I was being blown off the road in parts! If you want to see just how hard it was raining, check this out:

Race Day Photos

I got to about mile 10 or so and I hear someone yell my name, it was Becky! I actually saw her a couple times, as well as some other great blogger spectators and runners, and it was so great and encouraging to have people shouting my name and cheering for me! The last mile was really rough, I was so over it and wanted to be done.I almost cried a few times…..

We turned the last corner, thrilled to almost be there…only to encounter the biggest freaking hill…OH MY GOSH. Finish line FAIL! What sick and twisted RnR people chose the TOP of a huge hill as the end of the race? I was ANGRY at that point, went through the shoot, got my medal, water and banana and hurried back to the hotel room so I could shower and not miss my flight. I was so nauseated and in pain, I have never been so ready to be done.

I ran a 2:35, 15 minutes off my PR (which was also run injured) So…I’m not sure how to take that. I had a LOT of things going against me, but I FINISHED and I think I gained a lot of mental strength along the way!

I can honestly say running that race sucked way more than my full marathon. I just didn’t care after awhile. Sure I still tried but I didn’t bust my butt to run as fast as possible. I didn’t see the point, especially since I was injured and miserable. Why add to it right? I am so glad I ran, as Michelle said, it was a “mental PR” and I learned a LOT of lessons about myself, my training, and racing from this one! It definitely showed me I still have a LOT of work to do to get where I need to be and that my IT band is still not healed. Even though it was fine on my 10 miler last week, I think it was all the lifting, twisting, etc. of the expo that did it.


ssooo…here is my takeaway:

-the city was really cute and I enjoyed it greatly. Everyone was really friendly

-The hilly course was not so fun.

-the race starting 20 minutes late was even less fun

-The expo exhibitors were not so happy b/c we were told 15l had registered but it was right around 6k…so much much smaller RnR race than normal ones.

-I thought there were not enough water stops and I didn’t like how you could only have cytomax (which is gross anyway at every other station.

-The medal was really cute. I am all about glitter. Smile

before and after…it’s hard to tell, but I am literally drenched.

DSC_0199 DSC_0200

My clothes are still wringing out wet after being in my suitcase…yeah…laundry is a must tomorrow! Ok, so what’s next? Smile

QOTD: Have you ever raced in the rain? How did it change your plans?

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No Regrets


HHHHIIII! I am happy today! I was afraid that when I woke up, my knee would be in some serious pain from going up and over a huge hilly bridge twice, totaling 6.75 miles (the farthest I have run since the Mardi Gras half in February!) I did wake up in pain….but it was my quads and calves that were SO SORE and not my knee! SCORE! Nevertheless, I am going to stretch and foam roll like crazy. I don’t want to get right back to where I was a couple weeks ago!

2011-07-13 12.58.51

As sunshine and rainbows as this post sounds, I have to be honest and say the run almost didn’t happen, and the run itself was hard and miserable. Let’s rewind. A couple days ago I told Bobby I was going to head to the beach Tuesday morning to do a long run. He said he wanted to go too, and for me to wait until that evening. As much as I wanted to get the run over with in the morning, having a running buddy made me decide to wait for him.

Well I had all day to talk myself out of running, and I almost did. When husband got home, I asked if we were running, secretly hoping he would say he was too tired, which he didn’t. Rats. We ate dinner, then I checked the radar….rain. Could have bailed again, but said maybe the rain would cool things off? THEN Bobby wanted to just run around the small neighborhood we live in to which I said no, because I knew I would get bored and not go as far as I wanted. So we got in the car and drove 20 minutes to the nicer beach area and the big bride from THIS POST. The closer we got…the harder it rained. We sat in the car in the parking lot debating what to do…but we forced ourselves out of the car and into the rain.


rain rain go away!

The first two miles it rained on us pretty hard so we kept jokingly referring to ourselves as “hardcore” and any other runners we saw as well. Sloshing through the puddles, we made it back to the car and took a GU and some Gatorade before heading up the bridge. The rain finally stopped, and when we got to the other side it was dark, well…not really, because we were running in front of the brightly lit up casinos along the beach.

2011-07-26 20.14.56

We ran a little past the bridges then back up over it. The way back going up the hill was so miserable. I just wanted to be DONE. I was tired, thirsty, and soaking wet. My muscles were aching from the hills, and I desperately wanted to quit, but I kept running. We made it back to the car and called it a day. I wanted to run between 7-8 miles, and we made it 6.75, good enough for my first long run back after injury, and I didn’t want to push it.

On the way home in the car, I told the husband that I was so glad we ran. That I had been dreading the run ALL DAY but now that I was done I had NO regrets. BUT, I know if I hadn’t gone on the run, I would have had a ton of regrets. The saying is so true, you won’t regret running, but you may regret not going. Next time I am dreading a run, I will do my best to remember the feeling of accomplishment I have after I am finished. Maybe it will help me get out the door.

QOTD: How do you psych yourself up to get out the door? Any tricks you can share?

The rain brings the sun

So last night was interesting to say the least. Bobby made me get in the hall bathroom (no windows) with the puppies, laptop (directv went out) anf flashlight radio. I eventually got out into the hall but we wanted the puppies to stay in the bathroom so we blocked them off with a huge pack of toliet paper lol! They were whining and crying and so confused.

we finally went to bed and more storms and hail came at 12:00 so we were up again for about an hour but didn’t feel the need to hide this time, we were just under a tornado watch, no more warning.

SO with that lovely evening, it brought a BEAUTIFUL day today. sunny and 73! but still a tease. (refer to “what a tease” post) So today i felt conflicted. Bobby and i are running tomorrow, and I ran yesterday, so I was going to take today off. So I came home, walked the dogs, did some hand weights and leg exercises and then sat down to watch tv. After sitting for a few minutes…I started to feel guilty for not being outside running! So after much inward deliberation, I laced up my shoes and was outside again. I just did a quick 2 miles but it was something and I feel better and like I didn’t “waste” the pretty day.

here is today, looks much better than yesterday!

**I also added more pics to my photos section and will continue to add more so stay tuned!